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The Holocaust Denial Hoax


“In the year 1213, the Christian army of eight hundred horse and one
thousand foot, near Toulouse, being divided into three corps, in honor of
the Holy Trinity, the first under the command of Simon, count of
Montfort, the second commanded by the Lord Bishop of Toulouse, and
the third by the Lord Bishop of Cominge, attacked the army of the
heretics, consisting of an hundred thousand fighting men, and defeated
them. The Catholics lost about a hundred men, but of the Albigenses, two and thirty thousand were either killed or drowned in the river Garonne.”19
This they call the battle of Murat,20 and they add, that after this victory
many of the surviving heretics fled into the valleys of Piedmont, where
their descendants resided, till two hundred years after, when Huss revived
the same heresy in Bohemia, and Luther in Germany, about a hundred
years after him. The explanation of all this miracle is, that the cities and
towns that were attacked by the crusaders were peopled with mechanics,
manufacturers, and husbandmen of the kind described by the inquisitors—
an industrious and virtuous people, who took no oaths, objected to wars
of every kind, and refused to shed the blood of a fellow-creature, even in
defense of their own lives...."
by William Jones]

 Where were buried all those murdered Christians?

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Above image - "The cemetery is that dirt patch in the middle of the red circle. Now, to be fair, some of the bodies were stored in the charnel houses that circle the dirt field. But the majority were in the ground.". [for the related article go the original page from which this excerpt has been taken].

Holocaust Denial Hoax and the persecutions of  Cathars/Paulicians/Vaudoises are  linked by an underground invisible thread. 
But this topic will be explained in a next post. For the moment give a look how the Holocaust Denial Hoax is exposed  [text filled with "s***", "my a**", etc., anyway the exposition is effective and destroyer of the Denial Hoax]:
The “impossibility” argument regarding the Reinhardt camps covers three main points:
1) “You can’t mass-poison people with gas, especially carbon monoxide. It can’t be done.”
2) “In Treblinka’s final year, it’s impossible to have exhumed and burned hundreds of thousands of bodies. Can’t be DONE, man.”
3) “Treblinka couldn’t have held such large mass graves. It was way too small.”
I’ll tackle those cow-pies of stupidity one at a time, and then I’m through with this idiotic answering of denier clowns.
1) OF COURSE you can gas people en masse with carbon monoxide. Along with the roughly 5,200 accidental (i.e., non-homicidal) deaths in the U.S. from carbon monoxide poisoning between 2000 and 2010 (source: CDC), and tons of routine cases in which multiple people succumb at once in rooms that are not hermetically sealed – two Mormon missionaries on August 24 in Taipei, three family members in Ontario on March 17, three people dead in Jefferson County, MO, on August 29, a little girl killed in Syracuse, her brother critically injured, on September 3, three people killed in Boone, PA, in January and June, two dozen people seriously injured in Scranton on August 26, etc. etc. – one need only look at the horrific Turkey mine disaster in May of this year in which nearly 300 miners were killed by carbon monoxide in the worst mining disaster in Turkey’s history.
And that was accidental.
Yes, you can kill people en masse with carbon monoxide. It happens even when no intent to kill is present.
Moving on…
2) and 3) “Treblinka couldn’t hold that many bodies, and even if it DID, you couldn’t exhume ‘em and dispose of ‘em in just a year.” Horseshit. One need only look at the number of bodies crammed into the famed “Cemetery of the Holy Innocents” (Cimetiere des Saints-Innocents) in Paris. To make a long story short, over hundreds of years, the local church had been making a tidy profit by dumping millions of bodies in a very, very small plot. However, rather than decomposing, the tightly-packed bodies remained largely intact (this is something the Al Gore “ban plastic bags ‘cuz they don’t decompose” crowd never mentions; oxygen is needed for decomposition. And many modern landfills – by design – and the Innocents cemetery – by stupidity – packed the earth too tightly to allow decomposition).
The cemetery was smack in the middle of Paris, and eventually bodies began exploding into people’s basements. In the 1780s, the order was given to exhume and transfer every single body to the catacombs. The generally-accepted number of bodies exhumed from the Cemetery of the Innocents is two million. It took between twelve and fifteen months, using 1780s “technology:” hand-held shovels, horses and carriages, and candlelight, as the work was only done at night (so as to not disturb local commerce and morale).
Additionally, due to the inability to decompose, a large number of the bodies had transformed into what became known as “fat mummies.” Usually, the fat was burned off before transport to the catacombs, but according to an 1825 issue of Scientific American, sometimes the fat was extracted and sold to be used for soap and candles.
So, using 1780s equipment, working only at night by candlelight, and with the added burden of removing the fat before transport, the French managed to exhume, de-flesh, and re-inter two million bodies in the space of between twelve and fifteen months. But the Nazis, working 24-hours a day with 20th Century technology and a force of slave laborers couldn’t exhume over 700,000 bodies within a year?
Physical impossibility my ass. It’s totally possible.  ....".

Etc. etc., continue to read about the picture at the top of this post:

...and reported in a comment here - blog Holocaust Controversies :
And here you have the denial of existence of Christians outside the "Christian" Catholic church from the Apostolic age since the beginning of Reformation Age (are you starting to put in connections both denial intellectual/ideological streams? Anyway the development of the parallelism and complimentarity will leave you a bit surprised. Wait one of the next posts):

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Jesuits and Presbyterian: down with Cathars!

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