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On Shoebat, Putin and Barry Chamish.

> What a farce....:

 Above image - the article from which comes this picture,
 has been already quoted in my ".... and now Putin's Summer surprise" [link below]
 Above image - Shoebat

 ".....shoebat saw your comments on MALAYSIA? ? ? ? ? - so he wrote an article on SINGAPORE?"
No he didn't write this after only two days, but they were ALREADY alarmed even before my FIRST Jerusalgrad, this last article (ghost-written or ghost-inspired by a Jesuit?) of Shoebat only proves what they feared when I started to involve ISRAEL in the Ukrainian crisis already in MARCH 2014 with the first Jerusalgrad, or "VELCOME TO JERUSALGRAD by Barry Chamish". They smelled the danger I could arrive where I arrived with my recent posts about GRU-controlled "Chechen" terrorism and especially debunking the hoax of an Israel ally of the "anti-Putin" Western world, a damn hoax as in my blog have openly and clearly demonstrated to all the ones who have "eyes to see and ears to hear" (Jerusalgrad #4, 5, 6 and 6 and 1/2). I want to publish a Jerusalgrad #7 which exist as draft in my account and they surely knows already the content (as minimum I believe they can hack my posts when I am not logged in blogger so they knows my intentions in advance). Shoebat is an arrogant Catholic hooligan, on the account of his beloved "Putin's Russia" there's the assassination of the same person who was higly estimated by the same Jews in all the world and was assassinated by European Union, by Putin's Russia and with the opportunistic consent of that Israel the same the pope want s to Catholicize: Lech Kaczinski. The POLITICAL CATHOLICISM of Shoebat can exist today only thanks to that mass assasination in Smlensk, April 2010.....
I believe that Israel has cheated the same Jews and the Protestants. Now that the Jesuits had simply purchased Israel. I believe now that since 2010 Barry Chamish knew the truth but kept in silence, diverting the attention on other issues. How is possible he doesn't see what happens with Israel in good relation with Russia, Israel stabbing at the back the USA "ally" in the vote in UN in March 2014? He knows well and he cheated. Now Christians are really alone. Jews have been fooled and stay sure when Catholics & Orthodoxies will start to butcher the last Christians, the Jews will surely not die for them/us. "Why to die for Danzig?".....(...)..."

By Shoebat - last entry (check and compare the dates: the tongue of Shoebat... hits on the painful tooth?):

".....Singapore a secret bond with Israel

By on December 17, 2014 in General 



    The New Holocaust has started and the DOORS of EUROPE and United States are closing
    By Shoebat Foundation on December 17, 2014 in General

    Keith Davies Executive Director of Rescue Christians

    I was on the phone today with
    a fellow Jew who also happens to be a liberal who runs an organization called Global Village which operates mainly out of BULGARIA [see Jesus-Partisans-on-the-Balkans] saves the lives of Middle Eastern refugees and has saved about 1200 people over the last few years. Yankel is a very wealthy man with a net worth in the multiple millions, he was one of the developers of the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. He uses only his own money to save Christian and non-Christian refugees, does not request funds from foundations or the public, and he burns through millions of dollars each month trying to save people....."

    Yankel Barry who is that guy? I searched on the web but not many pregnant info.
    In English Wikipedia the result was:
    "Did you mean: yankee barry

    The page "Yankel Barry" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered."

    Probably Jesuits would stage a pogrom of Jews in Ukraine soon in order to give to Putin the alibi for the aggression to Ukraine. Jesuits hates to death the Jews of Ukraine because they simple told that the true enemy is Putin, not the "Nazis" of Kiev:

    1. "..... Mr. Kolomoysky, the new governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, derided Rabbi Lazar’s support for Mr. Putin as Kremlin-orchestrated propaganda. Russia, he said in an interview, has put pressure on Jewish leaders to fall into line with Moscow’s contention that Ukraine’s government was toppled in a fascist coup. “Unlike in Russia, Ukraine’s Jewish community is not a lever of the state,” he said.
      Mr. Kolomoysky, a Russian speaker who has both Israeli and Ukrainian passports, scoffed at the Kremlin’s pledges to protect Jews, Russian-speakers and other minorities. “We can protect ourselves. We don’t need any protection from Russia,” he said. “There is no fascism here. It does not exist.”
      Anti-Semitism is experienced in daily life, he said, but gets no support or encouragement from the state, unlike in Russia, where the security services have tolerated and at times nurtured neo-Nazi nationalist groups with openly anti-Semitic agendas. Russia’s state-run news media regularly air the views of Aleksandr A. Prokhanov, the editor of the Zaftra newspaper, a notorious platform for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories....."


    2. Therefore the Jesuits needs now of an anti-Jewish pogrom in Ukraine or somewhere, in Eastern Europe. Shoebat's last article could announce it, a sort of psychological introduction. Beware of provocations.



    "....2011 was
    ry's first visit to Bulgaria. Since then,
    Barry has spearheaded a Syrian refugee mission
    here to help those affected by the crisis
    the philanthropist has
    a house near the
    for 30 plus
    children from Arab
    countries, as well
    s their
    also funds the cost of 70
    orphans from Syria
    in a hotel in Nova Zagora Banya.
    Key persons in his foundation our spouses,
    Dr. Zdravko Georgiev and Kristiana Vulcheva
    two of the six Bulgarian
    medics tried in Libya
    unfair trials
    regarding the
    AIDS epidemic among children in Benghazi.......".

    1. Yankel Barry - in contact with Gaddafi:

      "....Mr. Barry, why and how did you choose your f
      oundation to work precisely in Bulgaria?
      Your country means a lot to me.
      It has a long history
      with my family
      1978 was the first
      time I was in Libya and met with its
      leader Muammar Gaddafi.
      I was there
      in 2006 as a
      of the "People against Tobacco
      40 countries judged
      American to
      Among them was Libya.
      the matter with General Abdul Rahman,
      one of the fathers of the revolution.
      I was staying in one of
      the luxury hotels in T
      ripoli, a
      nd the day
      before I left, I overheard
      people in the lobby
      five Christian nurses and a Palestinian
      Until then
      I knew nothing about the case.
      I heard they
      were sentenced to death and that
      would soon be
      I ha
      d lunch with Saif al
      the son of Muammar Gaddafi and the
      president of the "Gaddafi."
      I asked him where
      the nurses were from
      and he told me they were from

      during the Second World War,
      two of my relative
      My mother is from the town
      It no longer exists, but
      on the
      where Belarus in today.
      Shortly before the invasion of the Germans, my grandmother,
      grandfather, and
      my mother mana
      ged to immigrate to Canada.
      Germans wiped out the town,
      having killed all the Jews there.
      Among them my grandfather,
      my uncles and other relatives were
      buried alive, only killed
      because they were Jews!..."

    2. "......-
      You are a Jew, but helping children from Arab countries.
      Do you know the bias here is
      towards re
      Bulgarians do not hate anyone.
      Bulgaria is incredibly unique country and that's why I'm
      Bulgarians have always defended not only Jews
      but other oppressed people
      as well

    3. "........I told them that t
      his will bring them peace, and
      show the world that
      Bulgarians have big hearts.
      lthough they
      were persecuted in
      Libyan prison,
      ey still want to help the Muslims.
      t will be very good for them;

    4. And now it ARRIVES THE BLESSING FOR ASSAD... (isn't ISIS working for Assad?):

      "....And now I

      tell you about a big problem that nobody talks
      about, a
      nd it is that the Syrian rebels
      NO ARMY of
      Bashar al
      Assad and insurgents.
      They aren’t given
      the right to choose
      whether to convert to Islam or be killed.
      know of two cases for certain
      in which the rebels cut off
      the heads of two fathers and played football with them in front of their children.
      And here is the big

      Yankel Barry talks the same as mons. Audo SJ:

      "...."...The international community is exaggerating the crisis in Syria which has been staged mainly by outsiders,.." (by Caldean Bishop of Aleppo, SJ Antoine Audo)

      Yanke, shares the same name as Chamish, Barry, but they are on the same line of thought. Christians now are really alone. Thanks ISIS now Israel has accepted Putin's Russia and his fellow buddies, Syria and Iran, and Norway is a curtain to hide that. Catholics of Rome and Byzantium will merges under the pope of Rome and Israel will be a privileged region under the emperor of Rome - the pope. But for the true Christians, woe. Orthodox emperor in a single shot assassinated 100,000 Paulicians, and I don't believe the next Holocaust of Christians will touch very much withing the heart of the New Israel.

    5. "...We
      know of two cases for certain
      in which the rebels cut off
      the heads of two fathers and played football with them in front of their children...." [Yankel Barry]
      ".... ".....Jews and Christians must support Assad (Putin = Eastern Roman empire) and the best way is to fill Syria with Jihadists eating the hearts of their enemies. Full Babylonian psychological warfare.
      31 mins · Like ......."

    6. Notice how News that Matters' ivarfjeld is followed by Shoebat's Catholic propaganda which wants to create a New Holocaust to force Israeli definitively within Putin's Russia:

      "The Norwegian Government is proud it has “normalized” the relations with the Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood..... (....)....The problem with “normalizing”of the relationship with the Hamas, is that this “political Islamic movement” is founded on a charter that demands a SECOND HOLOCAUST. All Muslims are called to kill all Jews, and destroy the state of Israel.""

      See also:

      ".....The Holocaust- the mass sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning several million of them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history........"


      He is the founder and CEO of VitaPro Foods, a company that makes textured vegetable protein for use as a meat substitute and an apple pectin product called ProPectin,[3] and is the founder of the charity Global Village Champions Foundation.

      Barry wrote the song "Christmas Time Again" that was performed by Engelbert Humperdinck on his 1977 album Christmas Tyme.[11]

      Barry founded and heads a charity called Global Village Champions Foundation.[4] The charity is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States, with net assets of about US$11,500 and gross receipts of about US$250,000 for 2012.[17] The foundation, which is funded by the profits from his VitaPro food business,[18] is said to have spent more than US$1 million feeding and housing Syrian refugees in Bulgaria since 2012

      After Barry's involvement in disaster relief in the Philippines, his charity work has also received support from Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao

      Jewish Schindler rescues Iranian Christians, Syrians and Iraqis

      A CHRISTIAN Iranian family, rescued by Canadian Jewish Philanthropist Yank Barry, stands outside a church in Bulgaria . (photo credit:Courtesy)

      The Canadian-Jewish philanthropist Yank Barry, dubbed the Jewish Schindler, moved closer to his goal of rescuing 1,200 refugees from the war-torn Middle East, the same number of Jews that Oskar Schindler saved during the Holocaust.

      Bulgaria is the first point of European entry for many Middle East refugees escaping wars and persecution. Iranian Christians face widespread persecution in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

      Salehi, his two brothers, parents, and cousin fled to Bulgaria because they could not practice their Christian faith in Iran.

      The family fled the northeastern city of Esfarayen, which has a population of just over 50,000. Omid’s father worked as a driver and mechanic in Esfarayen.


      Rich Jews are from now exhibiting their servilitude to the future masters of the middle east - the revived roman catholic empire.

  3. of possible interest - Yank Barry connections to organized crime :

    1. excerpt:

      "...Some of the photographs were taken at a villa where Yank held his party, and one of the photographs was taken at the Crystal Palace casino, where the gang headed on one of the three nights. The manager of the Crystal Palace casino, a man named Douglas Payne, was, at the time of the party, another principal with NorMexSteel (soon to be known as Biochem Solutions). The below photograph, at the Crystal Palace, you have already seen:
      Bah Ynak and Koz 300x199 The Worlds Greatest Con (Chapter 3): Organized Crime, A Pump and Dump Fraud, and the Charity that Earned Yank Barry Three Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize

      Yank Barry and Cosimo Commisso, a top boss of the Italian Mafia in Canada


  4. the article is very long, this is the 1st page

    1. From a comment in shoebat's blog

      The supposed leader of Islamic State supporters in Israel told Channel 10 News on Wednesday he believed the group would one day rule Israel, and said Jews would only be allowed to remain under Islamic caliphate rule if they adhered to the Islamic way of life.