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Jerusalgrad 6 and 3/4 - Falling in the arms of Putin


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It is quite that the "Islamic threat" would play a greter role in to distract the attention away from the Catholicization of USA - "be terrified by Muslims/to not see the priests":

Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political Party

"........Islamofascism: With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc............."

Here you have already some of the Catholic establishment preparing the American people - you cannot handle Jewish people without to having before well cooked the American one:

 Putin, The Defender Of Christians Against Muslims   

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An excellent article on Breibart came out showing how Putin is defending the persecuted Christians. Here is the article as follows:
Frequently cited as an old Arabic saying, this oft-quoted phrase more likely came out of India, in a 4th century treatise on military strategy written in Sanskrit. But whatever its origin, it reflects a universal human phenomenon: in desperate times, a friend is one willing to stand with you against your enemy, regardless of that friend’s own history or former inclinations.
A post Sunday in The Daily Beast, titled “Iraq’s Christians See Putin as Savior,” points up the calamitous situation of the followers of Jesus in what is now Iraq, under siege from the Islamist militant group known as ISIS. In droves, Christians have been fleeing the first major city to fall to ISIS, Mosul, and the irony is thick on the ground....".

Nineveh Diary


Iraq’s Christians See Putin As Savior

Reeling from regional developments and disillusioned with the West, some Iraqi Christians are looking to Russia for support.....".

But how many times I told you before about ISIS as simply a tool to make appear the poison "Putin" as a "medicine"? If you don't mind Avles Beluskes Exposed, in this new blog it at least since May 2014....:

".....Jews and Christians must support Assad (Putin = Eastern Roman empire) and the best way is to fill Syria with Jihadists eating the hearts of their enemies. Full Babylonian psychological warfare.

What the Daily Beast' journalist forgot to tell you in that article is the fact that not only "Christians" (= mostly Catholics) are looking forward for Putin (and Assad) as their "liberator", but, as definitively demonstrated in my Jerusalgrad #4, #5, #6 and #6 and 1/2, also the Jews are pulled in the corner whose walls are plenty of ISIS' graffiti, written with the blood. Far away Putin with the tanks waits to squeeze those walls and "freed" the Jews. A such psychiatric warfare you have already seen.... In Warsaw:

Lack of outside support during the Warsaw Uprising

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From August 4 the Western Allies begun supporting the Warsaw Uprising with airdrops of munitions and other supplies. Initially the air raids were carried out mostly by 1586 Polish Flight of the PAF stationed in Bari and Brindisi in Italy flying Liberators, Halifaxes and Dakotas. Later on at the insistence of the Polish government-in-exile they were joined by the Liberators of 2 Wing - 31 and 34 Squadrons of the SAAF based at Foggia in Southern Italy, and Halifaxes, flown by 148 and 178 Squadrons of the RAF. The drops continued until September 21, delivering a total of 104 tons of supplies.
The Soviet Union did not give permission to the Allies for use of its airports for those supply operations and thus the planes were forced to use bases in the United Kingdom and Italy which reduced their carrying weight and number of sorties.[4] The Allies specific request for the use of landing strips made on 20 August was denied by Stalin on 22 August (he referred to the resistance as 'a handful of criminals').
Research into the lack of support of the Warsaw Uprising is (according to historians such as Norman Davies) currently very difficult due to lack of access to archives. For records relating to the period, currently both the United Kingdom archives and Russian archives (where the majority of Soviet archives are kept) remain mostly closed to the public. Further complicating the matter is the United Kingdom's claim that they accidentally destroyed the archives of the Polish Government in Exile.[13]
Well, Jews, you are now in "good hands" with Putin. And with Shoebat's mastermind, the Jesuit pope. A mouse in a trap. If you want to check the true reason for the Lack of Support to Warsaw's Uprising, give a look to the D. Willinger's blog, there's plenty of proofs and evidences about....:
Not satisfied? Look here one of the illustrious victims of the 'liberator' of Auschwitz - Stalin -  a certain general Sikorski ---> Shifting Poland to west massacring Polish people for the Jesuits' Oder Neisse border, will maybe in the future also Israel shifted out of Jerusalem???...

It is significant that Eric John Phelps always blamed the Caliphate as creation of 14th Amendment Fascist USA and Jesuit CIA, and always blamed an invasion of USA by Russia & China.  An hypothesis: his fall from the credibility between  many "anti-Jesuiters" could have been programmed or exploited in order to make rise the star of Putin among them? The mass psychology usually uses the trick in to initially describe a guy as negative but then, exploiting an apparent bad fame of his detractors, the same guy can turn at the end of the  spectactle as "good" guy.

Well, the moment Putin (Jesuits) shall decide, together with China, to invade, pardon, ONLY to threaten an invasion of USA, not only the "rat" Israel will be too much busy - in order to realize that the boat is sinking - with the pieces of Chinese cheese given in her mouth....:

Bennett Signs Chinese 'Water City' Agreement
Economy Minister in Shaoguan promotes Israeli business in Chinese market, says he misses Israel.

By Hillel Fendel
First Publish: 11/27/2014, 9:51 PM
Israeli-Chinese trade relations are growing impressively, expected to reach around $12.5 billion for the year 2014.
Bennett used his page to invite additional Israeli companies in any field that "want to break into China’s market or Asia in general, to contact our Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy."....".

.... but also the "rat" USA will discover unpleasantly that his nuclear deterrent is - if not fully KO, on the way to be seriously compromised. Would you engage a super-power like Putin's Russia plenty of new nuclear missiles then? I doubt it..... Yes, Putin does not even need to materially send tanks in Alaska or California. Because you - Americans-  are already on the path to become "Russian Federation's state", a province of the Roman Catholic Eurasian Empire all along the Northern emisphere:
Air Force Leaders Admit Nuclear Problems, But Will Fixes Work?

 Associated Press | Dec 21, 2014 | by Robert Burns

WASHINGTON -- Faced with one of its biggest challenges in years — repairing a troubled nuclear missile corps — the Air Force has taken an important first step by admitting, after years of denial, that its problems run deep and wide.....".
Subscribing to this view, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Nov. 14 that the Pentagon would make top-to-bottom changes — more than 100 in all — in how the nuclear force is managed and operated. He said the Pentagon would spend up to $10 billion more over six years to improve the force. Ten days later Hagel announced his resignation, leaving questions about follow-through.
Michelle Spencer, for one, documented it in a little-noticed research paper she wrote for the Air Force in 2012. Her study team found examples of Air Force decisions to deemphasize nuclear training and education. ...."

Decisions on Upgrading Nuclear Arsenals Will Wait for Next Defense Secretary's Attention
    By Rachel Oswald  
    Roll Call Staff
    Dec. 2, 2014, 2:23 p.m.
Or try this and keep in mind - I assure you because in my youth I read much magazines about aerospace matter, especially about Air Forces of USA and USSR -  that the moral destruction of a military force is the principal step in the fall of the country that military force is defending. In the early '80 such magazines were reporting about the serious problem of alcoholism between the crews of the Russian Strategic Air Forces. Now its the turn of USA:
Nuclear missile launch officer charged in drug probe
Published December 02, 2014
Associated Press
America now is divide by the Second Racial War, meanwhile Russia is united & strong under Putin's iron fist. He who hath eyes to see .....

Yes my darlings, this is the brutal reality. C'mon, run now to find consolation in the conspiracy-dream of the "CIA's backed ISIS" anti-Jesuiter/anti-Zionist propaganda.  Go and read Sputnik, the Putin's propaganda agency in the Western world. 
Am I a militaristic fanatic? Absolutely not. As regard myself Air Force nukes can rotten forever and the Minuteman missiles be dismantled. What I don't tolerate is the hypocrisy of the ones who continues to blame the "militaristic" USA meanwhile the military forces of USA are going to be dismantled.  Are the same who are praising a serial killer at the power in the Kremlin. True Russian Minutemen are all under some feet of soil, with a Made In Putin's hole in the skull. Or hidden in their houses.

".....Dave Hodges
March 20, 2014 .....   ----> Conclusion:

The United States is facing an emboldened Putin. The following scenario is emerging as to what the world is going to see as far as the commencement of WW III. The Russians will invade Ukraine. Putin will first try to bribe the nations of Eastern Europe with promises of cheap gas to bring these countries under the control of the Russians without firing a shot. Failing this objective, Putin will annex said countries by rolling in Russian tanks. When any of these countries fight back, WW III will commence. The United States only real viable option will be to open a second front in Syria. This will be followed by an attack upon Alaska by Russian forces who have already prepositioned assets in Alaska right under the eye of the Obama administration.

It is at this point, that the Chinese intentions will be known. Until now, China has been playing both sides of the fence. However, this is about to end. The moment that the US attacks Syria, the Chinese will play their hand and a depleted American force will be overwhelmed.
 Excerpt from: Putin’s Plans to Seize Eastern Europe and Alaska

      Anyway don't be depressed but trust in God. And remember the most important thing: no Minuteman missile no army can defend you from the Final Judgement. Faith in Jesus Christ and the Lord  and the words of God are your only and true weapon for the eternal salvation.

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Putin/KGB in contact with Vatican since USSR age?

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Jerusalgrad - 6 and 1/2 - Norway-Russia agreement.


  1. How Roman Catholic influenced Jewry promotes China - Roman Catholicism will be the first religion of Chine so also Jews must eat Chinese for Christmas?

    Why Eating Chinese Food on Christmas Is a Sacred Tradition for American Jews

    Brooklyn’s hip Mile End deli modernizes the traditional meal once again
    By Marc Tracy|December 25, 2012 7:00 AM|Comments: 0

    So take a guess what Mile End is serving on Christmas Day. That’s right: Chinese food.

    Titled a “traditional Jewish Christmas,” the prix fixe—served to two seatings on Christmas Eve and four on Christmas Day and made right in the kitchen......
    The Hebrew year is 5774 and the Chinese year is 4710. That must mean, the joke goes, that against all odds the Jews went without Chinese food for 1,064 years. In fact, Jewish love for Chinese food is neither hallucinated nor arbitrary. It is very real and very determined, and it originates roughly a century ago, in a place about four miles away from Mile End: the Lower East Side of Manhattan.....
    The predominant groups in the area were Eastern European Jews, Italians, and Chinese. According to Matthew Goodman, author of Jewish Food: The World at Table, Italian cuisine and especially Italian restaurants, with their Christian iconography, held little appeal for Jews. But the Chinese restaurants had NO VIRGIN MARYS......

    1. From The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop:

      " Asia, as Cybele and Deoius; in Pagan Rome, as Fortuna and Jupiter-puer, or Jupiter, the boy; in Greece, as Ceres, the Great Mother, with the babe at her breast, or as Irene, the goddess of Peace, with the boy Plutus in her arms; and even in Thibet, in CHINA, and Japan, the Jesuit missionaries were astronished to find the counterpart of MADONNA*** and her child as devoutly worshipped as in Papal Rome itself; Shing Moo, the Holy Mother in CHINA, being represented with a child in her arms, and a glory around her, exactly as if a Roman Catholic artist had been employed to set her up. ****
      **** CRABB'S Mythology. Gutzlaff thought that Shing Moo must have been borrowed from a Popish source; and there can be no doubt, that in the individual case to which he refers, the Pagan and the Christian stories had been amalgamated. But Sir. J. F. Davis shows that the CHINESE of Canton find such an analogy between their own Pagan goddess Kuanyin and the POPISH MADONNA, that, in conversing with Europeans, they frequently call either of them indifferently by the same title. DAVIS' China. The first Jesuit missionaries to CHINA also wrote home to Europe, that they found mention in the CHINESE sacred books--books unequivocally Pagan--of a MOTHER and CHILD, very similar to their own MADONNA and child at home...."