Monday, November 7, 2016

My Wife Kidnapped By Italian Authorities.

Tuesday, December 06 , 2016

My wife is still in the Philippines, the delay caused by the embassy is more than one month. The embassy's attachè, accused continually my wife to be a liar (Job, 1:6-7). These accusation is typical of a dictatorial state, a rough state. The Italian Institutions works exactly like the "scafisti", who are the ones driving the  boats filled with immigrants and pointing their kalashnikovs in the face of mothers with children if they insists to embark but have no the money.
In all the attachè caused us not only more than one month of delay, but a loss between 500 and 1000 Euro due to the refusal of recognize the truth of the Philippine's authorities documents.  For us that sum of money is a lot, and we are strangled by the increasing costs due to the refusal of the embassy.
The attachè sent the documents in Trieste city office hall but there are blocked because in the relation she wrote that the divorce of my wife is not valid, and in the city hall of Trieste they blocked the process of transcription waiting further documents which will imply further delay and further expenses.
And till now I have no attorney.
Now we are presented as "liars" in front of every office of the Italian Administration.

I have not voted at the referendum in Italy, I don't vote any party. I have not rights in Italy, and from a side this comfort me. I am like an Israelite in Egypt captivity, the Italian state is only the new Pharaoh.
Earthquakes, economical crisis, floods, etc., Italian are persevering in their abominations and don't recognize all these as plagues of the wrath of God. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 [edited]


Hello, I have already contacted two law firms but they refuse to treat my case. I hope that you know how to give me aid. The Embassy of Italy after having requested an impossible document (see letter below) at the end [finally] sent the documents to the municipality of Trieste for the transcription of our marriage (see details in the letter). But now everything is locked in the municipality of Trieste. Why? Maybe because that impossible (illegal) document is still missing? No, it not deals with that document. The lady at the office told me that .... "For me the documents are all in order, the transcription could be done very well, if it were not for the embassy report which accompanied the emailed documents, with which the embassy expresses the opinion that the previous marriage still exists "(!!!!!). For the Philippine authorities my wife is regularly divorced and then married to myself, as it is appears from the Philippine state civil archives.
Please, could you tell to me if you also do not want to consider this case. So I can continue to search and find a lawyer who is willing to follow our problems.
Sincerely greeting

I just sent this mail  (two hours ago) through a web messanger to an attorney company of Italy. To have a quick answer (just a "pair of hour"), I paid 47 Euro by Paypal. After two hours I am still waiting a call or a mail.

To tell the truth, this is the fourth lawyer company or single one I try to contact, not the third. The first one, was of the city of Trieste. I intended to use him both for our marriage's problems, as well for the problems of mobbing on my working place against my person.

In September I booked an appointment with him about the mobbing problems. After I informed the administration about the mobbing problems. I had no answer for about a week from the administration. In the meanwhile I had the talk with this attorney of Trieste, about my problems of mobbing. Less than half an hour after I leaved the office of the attorney I received a mail just from one of the entities I tried to defend myself from contacting and talking with that attorney. My enemies and my attorney are friends.

Well, after having paid him 145 Euro for nothing, I decided that it was better to find another one. I contacted in October an attorney company on the web, taking care that they are not of Trieste. The attorney, after I paid his company 25 Euro by Paypal, gave me a scheme of a letter to write to the embassy in order to ask the release of the documents to the Italian municipality of Trieste (see below the English translation), in order to register our Marriage Contract in the local city hall.

I sent this letter on 1st November.  A pair of day after, I sent the letter back to the attorney, to ask him if it is a good letter or lacking in some parts. The reply I received was astounding: He told me that he "was of no use for us,.... and that we have to try to get the visa as per touristic use, not for familiar joining".... Appalling. You do the marriage IN the Philippines  JUST because to get a tourist visa for your future wife to be married in Italy, it is simply an impossible mission (at least if you don't know anyone of the embassy or government). Well, Attorney #2 abandoned me. Then nothing happened till the seventh of November when I called the embassy and the attachè replied to me with another refusal. Then I wrote the post, the first part you see below. The day after the documents suddenly appeared in the city hall of Trieste.

(And Attorney #3? Well, the case solved very quickly. I filled the web form to ask help, describing our problems very generally, without details. After three weeks I am still waiting a reply....[I checked and checked the dustbin & spam archive, sorry, no trace of a reply]).

Well, Attorney #1, 2 and 3 are gone. As soon on 8th november previous week I had the news that the documents arrived in my city hall, I went there. BUT. But immediately after I had a talk with the employee of the city hall of Trieste, I understood that the Italian embassy of Manila tried to sow destruction also in Italy. The employee with whom I talked told me that "there are some problems". She asked me my phone number and I leaved hoping to hear a call with a more detailed description of the "problems". This morning, after a week when no one called me, I decided to go to the same marriage office of the Trieste city hall. Another employee, a well-hearted person, explained to me the problems: The documents were accompanied by a report in which the embassy's clerck was telling the colleagues in Trieste that – at the opposite of any kind of legal documental evidence, the previous marriage of my wife is still valid. For the Embassy's attachè, my wife is in bigamy. I explained the real problem to the employee, who knew anything about, and she was amazed by the absurdity of the problem. " "For me the documents are all in order, the transcription could be done very well, if it were not for the embassy report”. The stop to the registration of our Marriage Contract in the city hall of Trieste, was not due to a problem of documents. Even the certification of the previous marriage, has on the side annotated the annulment/divorce, exactly as happen in Italy. The problem is the report of the embassy, which still work against me and my wife, with a true sort of kidnapping of my wife away from her legal husband, Edoardo Roncelli. 

If you go in the Philippines and you question the central archive of the Philippines Statistical Authority, you find my name as the full legal husband of my wife Luz. The Italian Embassy continues to work against us, notwithstanding the letter I sent to them, to the Italian Foreign Ministry and to an attorney's human right association.

Therefore I already tried THREE attorneys. Who refused to deal with my case. I am still waiting the response from the FOURTH one, a response which should have been already sent in my mailbox (till now mute and silent) or by phone call (no calling me till now). I paid 47 Euro just for this quick service.

12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 2 Timothy 3:12
 Saturday, November 12, 2016

On Tuesday 8 november, the Marriage Contract together with other documents, arrived in the city Hall of Trieste from the Italian embassy. Now is under proceeding for registration
I will cancel this post only when my wife will be here with me, and of course when we'll be sure that Satan will not have found any other trick to oppose to our wedding , which is by God's will.

Monday, November 7, 2016
 I am constrained to re-open this blog to denounce what is happening to me and my wife.
We married on 13th July, 2016, our Marriage Contract (MR) regularly registered in the city hall of Davao city.
But problems arosen at the Italian Embassy. I expected such problems as a revenge against my person for my activity as blogger.
We produced, as required, the Red Ribbon by DFA on the MC, which has been recognized by the Philippine Statistic Authority. Indeed if questioned through one of the many centers where to ask certificates, documents, etc.,  I, Edoardo C. Roncelli, appear in the central system of the Philippines archives as legal husband of my wife, Luz O. Roncelli.
The Red Ribboned MC, by DFA, as required by the Italian Embassy of Manila, in order to get the transcription in Italy of the Marriage Contract:

Above image - our Red Ribboned MC. I darkened the names of the officers implied in the issue of this document. But our names and serial numbers are perfectly visible. If you, reader, are an officer of the Philippines state, you can check in your law computational system and find out this document, of course, as true one.

So, what is the problem? The problem is that the Italian Embassy (I don't name the particular employee involved as the person is part of the embassy's staff and the true responsible are her superiors),  is asking a document which cannot be issued by the legal system of Philippines.

The divorce/annulment from the previous marriage was obtained in a Shari'a court of the ARMM district of Mindanao, a choice of the attorney, probably to shorten the time of achievement of the decree, but an ironical fact, as people obtained annulment decree in three months, we only after one year and half  therefore my wife and the previous husband had to sign and affidavit that they were converted to Islam, in order to get the "quick" divorce in an Islamic court near Davao.
As the ARMM system which is autonomous in the Philippines, and the central authorities are separated, the annotation of the annulment decree cannot be obtained on the Certificate of No Marriage of my wife. But the Italian Embassy now is asking just this document, which is not among the one requested by the Italian law, but a document which is requested "at the discretion". Are they asking "at the discretion" because they know that it is impossible to issue it  in the Philippines? Therefore an illegal document?

On 30 June 2016 we reached the offices of PSA in Manila, Quezon city, where the officer released to my wife a document certifying the separation between the two legal computational system and therefore the legal impossibility to obtain  a CENOMAR when the decree of annulment/divorce has been issued by a Shari'a court of the ARMM district of Mindanao. 
Notwithstanding that, the central authorities of PSA, recognize full legal value to that decree of divorce, indeed I am now in the Philippines as full legal husband of my wife. If not, I could have never legally married my wife, and they could have had never issued the Red Ribbon of DFA,  which is an endorsement of the Foreign Department of Philippines to the MC, enabling  MC for international use.

Above image - the officer of PSA certifies the impossibility to put the annotation of annulment decree on the CENOMAR, when the decree is issued by a Shari'a court , because both systems are separated.
"It is advised that you need to present the copy of the divorce decree obtained from
the Shari'a court along with the CENOMAR
" simply means that when in the Italian Embassy they ask you the "impossible" document, instead of that, you show to them a CENOMAR without annotation, and at the same time,  the decree of annulment/divorce whose data had to be annotated on the CENOMAR.

The Italian Embassy, as per phone call I had with the attachè in Makati,  this morning (local hour of Trieste about 4pm and 30)  told me that they understand that sentence "It is advised that you need to present the copy of the divorce decree obtained from the Shari'a court along with the CENOMAR" as referred to the Philippines authorities, not to them, the Embassy of Italy. They believe my wife has to present CENOMAR & decree at the same PSA office which issued this clarification!!!

This is absurd, because already in June they clearly told my wife to present both CENOMAR and decree of annulment to the Italian Embassy, and also this month of October, after my wife came back to the same PSA office, they told her the same. Indeed my wife came back in the PSA office with the CENOMAR and the decree of annulment, but they turned her again to the embassy!!!

Therefore the Italian Embassy is asking an impossible document. My wife is implicitly invited to corrupt someone in the Philippines. It is like they asking you the certificate of ownership of your house with, on the side of it, the annotation of your scholar degree, diploma, etc. of your entire life. Evidently no country in this world can issue legally such a document. But you can ask it if you don't want someone to get what the law guarantee for him: "Only after you bring to me a piece of cheese from the Moon, I will give you your birth certificate!!!".

Note: the Embassy's attachè questioned the documents my wife presented to her, at the Embassy's counter in Salcedo street, Makati, because of the "not complete reliability" of the Philippines bureaucracy. Strange, if the Red Ribbon of DFA is just a sort of 'clerck's signature', why the Italian Embassy & Italian law ask it in order to obtain the transcription of the MC (Marriage Contract) in Italy???.... If the certificate of PSA affirming the impossibility of annotation on CENOMAR, is "not so reliable", pls, tell me why a CENOMAR with annotation, magically, becomes "reliable" for the Italian Embassy????......

My wife is now desperate and depressed. She is in a town near Manila since a month (beginning October), achieving nothing from the Italian Embassy. The scheduled flight to come in Italy, booked on 28 November, is now lost. She want to go back in Davao, and she think we'll never live together.

Probably the guys behind this plot, are the ones who don't like the image you see on the upper part of this blog (Francis & Kirill hugging, with Donatists, Paulicians, Vaudoises, and Luke's verses). But I married my wife Luz in Christ, not in the Woman of the Seven Hills. And I don't betray the bride of Christ for the Harlot of Rome. My God protect me from these devilish people.

Below see the letter I sent to the Italian Embassy and the Foreign Italian Ministry , on 1st November 2016 - (further upgrade of this post could arrive next):


At the Italian Embassy

6/F Zeta II Bldg. 191 Salcedo St.,

Legaspi Village, Makati City

tel. 0063 (0)2 892 4531 / 4532 / 4533 / 4534

fax: 0063 (0)2 817 1436

Anticipated by email: ,

and for information:

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Piazzale della Farnesina, 1

00135 Roma

Anticipated by email: ,


[FORENSIC UNION FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS] - c/o Palazzo di Giustizia Piazza Cavour  Roma (00193)

Anticipated by email:

Manila, 31 October 2016
Attachments: 5

Hereby, the undersigned Luz Otakan Roncelli born in XXXXXXXXXXXX Philippines, XXXXXXXX, passport nr. XXXXXXXXXX, issued XXXXXXXXX, valid until XXXXXXXXXX, calls for the urgent release of the Transcription of the Marriage Contract in Italy and Visa for family reunification by virtue of marriage whose documentation is attached, celebrated July 13, 2016 with Mr. Edoardo Roncelli, born in Trieste XXXXXXXXXXXX, Italian citizen, passport nr. XXXXXXXXXXX, issued XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

The request is urgent because of the trip, non-refundable, booked with departure of the flight for the day November 28, 2016 and for the protracted release operations for reasons which are not imputable the writers/undersigned (Edoardo and Luz O. Roncelli) and even to mistakes by the translations office in the Italian Embassy in Salcedo street, Makati, Manila, mistranslations of the original Marriage Contract, whose translation was corrected twice. In addition to my wife Luz O. Roncelli, for the purpose of transcription in Italy, it has been requested, at the Italian Embassy site in Manila Salcedo Street, sixth floor, to present a document that the Philippines authorities can not issue ( CENOMAR with side annotation of the decree of annulment / divorce of the previous marriage, when the decree was issued by a Shari'a Circuit Court in Muslim law in the autonomous jurisdiction - ARMM - island of Mindanao), because, as certified by their the same official in charge with a special document (see attached scanning IMG_0002), both computer storage systems, the Shari'a Circuit Court of ARMM Mindanao and the central one of the National Statistic Office / PSA, are not in communication, are computationally and legally separated. To this end already, in the last June 2016, my wife Luz O. Roncelli, accompanied by me, was forced to travel to the offices dell'NSO / PSA in Manila, to be issued with the aforementioned official document from the officer in charge, document which legally certifies that the document required at the Italian Embassy door in Salcedo street, sixth floor, can not be issued by the Philippine authorities.

At the Italian Embassy it has already been submitted all the documentation that the law necessarily expects to be forwarded, namely the Marriage Contract with Red Ribbon of the DFA - Department of Foreign Affairs, plus other documents required at the discretion of the employee at the consular door.
As this document (Cenomar with side record of the annulment/divorce decree issued by the Shari'a Circuit Court in Muslim law in Cotabato City, ARMM autonomous jurisdiction in the island of Mindanao, decreeing Judge: XXXXXXXXXXXX, see attachment IMG), requested from the office of the Italian Embassy in Manila, can not be lawfully issued by the Philippine authorities, such a request:
1) not only could constitute abuse of office (art. 323 Crime Law) because the request can not be reasonably and legally fulfilled and contradicts the provisions of Italian law as necessary for registration of foreign Marriage Contract in Italy whose documentation demand, has been widely provided, but:
2) causes a potential economic and moral damage stretching, if not making it impossible, family reunification and the normal married life as guaranteed not only by the Italian legislation, but also by the international human rights framework, overloading the undersigned spouses Edoardo and Luz O. Roncelli with further economic damage due to the protracted release of the Visa and related expenses (see the flight booked with Visa Booking, scheduled departure to Italy November 28, 2016, when my wife must attend to more bureaucracy in order to leave the country, businness that are now being delayed of at least two weeks), not to mention that:
3) a request for a document which is not legally obtainable from Philippine jurisdiction, requested by the office in charge of the Italian Embassy and by the psychological pressure of the categorical refusal to issue the Visa and the transcript of the Contract of Marriage in Italy, can be configured as an implicit invitation, or tacit incitement turned to my wife and by that consular office at the Embassy, for the purpose of obtaining an illegal document in her own foreign country of residence, and then a sort of invitation which is not expressed but implied and aimed at my my wife, to commit an act of corruption with the Philippines authorities, perhaps most serious of a hypothetical attempted bribery against the Italian State (art. 322 Criminal Code), as in a context of international relations, the Italian presence on foreign soil would look bad, especially taking into account that the hypothetical illegal act of corruption would be related to a delicate situation of the domestic policy of the Philippine state. In fact, as it is known from the chronicles, recent bloody events of the separatist Islamic terrorism have happened just in Davao City, in whose city hall (town) we registered our marriage, engaging the special law jurisdiction in Muslim Mindanao ARMM, which is independent from the central one just because of sensitive internal issues of political and religious matters.
We are sure of the reasonableness of the Italian Authority, and are confident in a rapid solution of this problem and a quick transcription of the marriage contract between Edoardo Roncelli and Luz Otakan Roncelli in the Civil State Office of Trieste and the resulting issuance of Visa for family reunion with my wife , Luz O. Roncelli, respecting the time of booking of her flight.
Yours sincerely.

Luz O. Roncelli

Edoardo Roncelli
Attachments / attachments: 5 (five)
IMG previous Marriage Contract (18 May 1991) with annotation of annulment decree of April 23, 2015, Judge XXXXXXXXXXXXXX the 1st Shari'a Circuit Court, 5th Shari 'ah District, Cotabato City, case XXXXXXXXXXXX.
IMG_0001 certification of previous annulled marriage, and of the marriage contracted by my wife with myself.
IMG_0002 certificate issued by the competent PSA Office certifying the legal impossibility of issuing the CENOMAR with lateral record of the cancellation decree when issued by a Shari'ah Court of the autonomous / separate jurisdiction of Mindanao - ARMM.
IMG_0003 marriage certificate contracted by the undersigned Edoardo Roncelli and Luz O. Roncelli July 13, 2016 in Dumoy Toril, Davao City, Mindanao (Philippines).