Monday, December 15, 2014

Jerusalgrad - 6 and 1/2 - Norway-Russia agreement.


Well before to talk about the Triangle I want talk about my internet situation. I would have entitled this post just for this reason "Luke 8:17 - part 3:  the Triangle ". 
I called the operator center of my new provider (since March 2014), i.e. Wind company. The operator checked the connections with the online procedure, and found it ALL OK. He told me that the problem is within my home. "Ask an electrician to check your telephone socket". I marveled. No one touched it since years. Maybe a rat bited the cable? Difficult, no rats in our house since five years ago when at the evening one tried to enter in home (yes, a middle-class typical district the mine, but filled of rats. I find it very Biblical...). Well, I 'll ask a technician to check the telephon sockets. I m curious to see how are working the invisible rats. Of intelligence?

The trinagle. This is the new post which dragged my attention:

"...15.09.2010 // Norway and Russia signed the treaty on maritime delimitation and cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean in Murmansk September 15. It was signed by Foreign Ministers Jonas Gahr Støre and Sergei Lavrov in the presence of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and President Dmitry Medvedev......

Friday, December 12, 2014
Jerusalgrad - 5 - hide the agreement?

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  1. Just look at one of his comments:

    Dear Todd.

    Shalom, and love in Jesus.

    You wrote:

    He’s aligning Russia with some other strong economies.

    My reply:

    Both Russia and Israel looks eastwards. They both face groving stupidity in the West, and outright hostility. Russia and Israel see that both China and India are more liberal and friendly than London and Washington D.C. Strangely enough. Putin was in New Delhi a couple of days ago, and signed an agreement of building 12 new nuclar power plants.

    ….While Germany is about to close down its nuclear power plants, and gets more addicted to Russian oil and gass…. What a mad world….

    1. Yes this is of course also the effect of Obama administration, anti-Israeli administration, of Jesuit founded CFR, etc., BUT the military agreement was of Sept 2010 BEFORE the Arab Spring THEREFORE Israeli's government KNEW it well what was doing, doing that in a covert way, seeking to 'justify' that at the eyes of the cheated Jews and Israel-friendly Christians with the excuse of "Obama friend of Islam" etc.

      As regard the Ruble's fall it could well be only a sort of instigation to cement the BRIC's countries under the direction of the BLACK POPO' war to Catholicize Eurasia & USA.

      As regard nuclear implants look what they 've done in China by USA, ivarfjeld,, this guy knows that very well but don't like to tell that:

      Wednesday, October 03, 2012
      CHINA and JAPAN supplying IRAN with AMERICAN nuclear technology? [Antony Sutton was anti Vatican-II-Council-principles ]

    2. BTW; today the internet connection are working as they newly implanted and I with a new computer. Did the 'rats' repaired the telephone socket they gnawed since last week? I was going to bring this PC to shop today, now all is OK...

    3. Anyway you told me about Danemark not so friendly with Russia (and I imgine Norway) about Arctic Circle. Here a fresh news:

      15 December 2014 Last updated at 17:50 GMT
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      Denmark challenges Russia and Canada over North Pole

      "Denmark has presented a claim to the UN, arguing that the area surrounding the North Pole is connected to the continental shelf of Greenland, a Danish autonomous territory.

      Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said it was a "historic and important milestone" for Denmark.

      Canada and Russia have already asserted their own sovereignty over the energy-rich Arctic territory."

      Well, Canada for me is also orbiting in the Russian zone, I believe that also Canada is opposing Russia, but only in order to confuse and make it to seem Russia as 'isolated'.

      Here another form of expression of unpleasant stand of Danemark:

      Interest in the Smolensk crash is rapidly growing in Denmark
      Danish Master of Science Mech. Eng. Glenn Arthur Jørgensen was for the third time invited by the Danish National Broadcasting Radio "Radio 24-7" to give an update regarding the Smolensk Crash.

    4. This is why ivarfjeld of News that Matters decisively seems to be not interested in the Smolensk 2010 air crash??
      Lech Kaczionski was enemy of Putin, and died falling in the trap built by Putin & Tusk (= Putin & EU),... You reported of Noregian ships to be built at Gdansk and I believe this is the Norway recompence to Tusk' Poland for having collaborated to the murder of Lech Kaczinski, who was also not friendly toward EU. Lech Kaczinski understood that EU & Putin's Russia were quartering the East Europe from Baltic sea to Black Sea, but had not the religious origin of this murderous geo-politic. .... He had simply "to go". If he could have renewed the Commonwealth, he would have found as ally only USA or Australia for example, and maybe also a Germany who would have teamed up in order to put pressure on the old WWII borders (decided by SJ W. Ledochowsky Assassination Jesuit Team)..... Therefore his manichean view of EU (= bad) and Putin (= good) is very useful to HIDE the EU/Putin New Ribentropp-Molotov Pact announcing the end of 1054 Schism.... And if you noticed, the Catholicization of Eurasia is presented as the "defender of Israel" as Russia "liberated Auschwitz" (but Putin's Iran? Isn't Holocaust denier?) , all that perfectly marry Shoebat's propaganda.

    5. HA - they had also military agreement... see the buffonade, exactly like the one of Russian's Migs intercepted by Norvegian's F16 (i believe in agreement between Oslo & Moscow):

      Norway not to RESUME military cooperation with Russia until late 2015
      December 12, 21:39 UTC+3
      "......“The National Joint Headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces will preserve its contacts with the Northern Fleet for the purpose of guaranteeing security of all parties in northern sea areas and preserve stability and predictability in a region which is closest to us,” the Norwegian Defense Ministry said......."

      "will preserve its contacts" hahahah

    6. Worth to be the subject of a new post......:

      "....Norway Suspends Political Contact With Russia, Prime Minister Says

      By Anna Dolgov
      Nov. 24 2014 17:19
      Last edited 17:21

      Solberg told that Norway would be recalling its military experts "who were working with Russia on strengthening trust," and has canceled joint war games that had been planned between the two countries.

      "All of this is because of the situation in Ukraine," she said.

      Past military cooperation between Russia and Norway included "regular meetings" between top defense officials and two large-scale annual exercises involving the countries' Navy forces, according to the NATO-Russia Council website.

      The largest Russian-Norwegian exercise, Pomor, has been held every year since 1994 and sees the countries' naval and air forces practice anti-terrorism measures, search and rescue operations and their response to environmental disasters, the site said....."


      Russia that matters?

  2. surely, they are in bed. Look what small gifts for the friends of Putin:

    Norway has discovered reserves of 1.9 billion barrels of oil and gas under the Barents Sea in an area Russia ceded in 2010.

    Well, what can be said but if Russia decides to enter finland or the baltics, Norway will be very silent (as always), a cheap, dirty scandinavian traitor (and its not to the EU, but to Russia)

    The Norwegian government did not allow officers or under-officers to volunteer for the war in Finland out of fear that that would aggravate the Germans (they wanted to remain neutral at all costs). Of the 725 Norwegians that volunteered to fight for Finland, only 125 made to the relatively tranquil Salla front and that just three weeks before the war ended. None of the volunteers were killed or wounded.

    One of the main reasons that Franco-British plan, Operation Avon Head, to send troops to Finland never materialized was that Norway WOULD NOT ALLOW THEM to use their ports and territory for troops transfer. They explicitly threatened to fire upon any ship that came near Trondheim or Narvik on that mission

    1. Here always from RT, knight of Malta, advisor of the pope Herny Kissinger, propping of course Putin:

      "Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has given a chilling assessment of a new geopolitical situation taking shape amid the Ukrainian crisis, warning of a possible new Cold War and calling the West’s approach to the crisis a “fatal mistake.”

      The 91-year-old diplomat characterized the tense relations as exhibiting the danger of “another Cold War.” "


      "The Soviet attack outraged Americans, with some businesses refusing to sell supplies to the Soviet regime. Responding to a call from a manufacturer who refused to sell to the aggressor, the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce compared his objections to "[refusing] to sell to a man because he beats his wife".[25]"

  3. Neighbourly asymmetry Norway and Russia 1814 – 2014

    1814-2014 , wonder where i've seen that bicentennial

    The editors have invited well-known and well-reputed researchers to collaborate in describing and analyzing the historical relations between the two countries - from both a Norwegian and a Russian point of view. In order to facilitate the scholarly dialogue and to increase the awareness about the importance of the different topics, the project organizes yearly conferences and workshops, where the contributors can meet and exchange ideas and expertise.

    Jens Petter Nielsen, Editor Volume I

    As the editor of the volume, Jens Petter Nielsen, professor at the History Department, University of Tromsø, will be responsible for the overall contents. With his broad experience in the field of Norwegian-Russian relations he will cover a great deal of the topics and take care of the wholeness of the book.

    Sven G Holtsmark, Editor Volume II

    Between "russophobia" and "bridge-building": the Norwegian government and the Soviet Union, 1940-1945

    Sven G. Holtsmark, Institutt for forsvarsstudier (Norway)

    1. In the above quoted page - 1814/1917:

      "The first volume of this work will cover the period from 1814, when new Norway emerged as a separate political entity, distinct from Denmark, through the nineteenth century up to 1917, when Tsarist Russia crumbled. "


    The Russia of the Tsar and North Norway. "The Russian Danger" Revisited

    Jens Petter Nielsen


    Major changes in Russia will, as he claims, happen from 2014 – 2016 and will be associated with large earthquakes. The “third wave” will come in 2017 and will last until 2020, and Globa said he is very afraid of it. The world will recover from the crisis, which will be named as “the second great depression”, at the end of 2020. In 30 post-crisis years, by 2050, Russia will go through rebirth. In 2020 or 2021, a powerful new person, called “rider on a white horse”, will take over the power. He will not rule for a long time, but will leave a tremendous mark.

    Astrologer Pavel Globa tells Russian viewers the rouble troubles are written in the stars

    All of this will end by 2020 “thanks to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn”, Mr Globa tells viewers, although he’s uneasy when the LifeNews hosts remind him that he once predicted a possible third world war in 2014

    1. Yea, conjunction of Cush and Nimrod, or the double popes or the double Catholicism, Rome and Bizantium...

      Here Lavrov pushing for the End of the Schism 1054, :

      "......The NATO military alliance is not Moscow’s enemy, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov told French media that suggested the opposite. Lavrov also expressed disappointment over the fact that Russia had OVERSTIMATED EU’s INDEPENDENCE from the US.

      Read More at © InSerbia News........"

      Open invite for the Unified Eurasian Catholic empire?

    2. It is just a hint to prepare the minds. The acutal "fulfillment" (because it is a fulfillment of a catholc prophecy, which is not a prophecy but a plan (ha-ha) will be after the east and west catholicizm - understand europe and russia- have realized their mistake, at the time when islam will already be the greatest threat on the doors.

    3. this is the same sentiment our textbooks in bulgaria shovel down our throats, that "only united we could have defeated the Ottoman empire, the fragmentation of the bulgarian kingdom was the biggest mistake". Of course thats what the catholics have shoved down the throats of the protestants and will shove in the throat of even the baptists in USA.

    4. what happened in the old testament when a good king went to war with a BAD (the worst) king?

      Just replace in the future crusade Ahab = catholicizm Jehoshaphat=protestants

      2 Chronicles 18:3

      And Ahab king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat king of Judah, Wilt thou go with me to Ramothgilead? And he answered him, I am as thou art, and my people as thy people; and we will be with thee in the war.


      2 Chronicles 19:

      1 And Jehoshaphat the king of Judah returned to his house in peace to Jerusalem.
      2 And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

    5. "Of course thats what the catholics have shoved down the throats of the protestants and will shove in the throat of even the baptists in USA."

      "what happened in the old testament when a good king went to war with a BAD (the worst) king? - Just replace in the future crusade Ahab = catholicizm Jehoshaphat=protestants - 2 Chronicles 18:3 "

      Perfect bro.They did it with Weimar Germany, there was the Bolshevik threat, here the Islamic threat. There Hitler's agit-prop, here Shoebat prop. But this was told even by a Eric John Phelps, only today no one dares to tell that anymore. Anti-Jesuiters are practically the same as anti-Zionists, anti-USA etc.

  6. Here you have another smoking gun about the importance of Israeli-Russian 2010 military agreement and the consequent nearly "stab at the back" to USA, well before Obama would deploy fully his anti-Israeli politic.
    Malaysia DOESN'T recognize officially the existence of Israel but the economical agreement with an Islamic country who officially DENIES Israel seems to not disturb Israel...:

    ".....The report said the lack of diplomatic relations and hostility to Israel didn’t stop several Islamic nations from (quiet) trade.

    The Times of Israel reported that in the winter of 2013, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak stepped across the Egyptian border at Rafah and made a rare visit by a head of government to Hamas-ruled Gaza.

    Najib, whose country does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, had told reporters then: “We believe in the struggle of the Palestinian people. They have been suppressed and oppressed for so long.”

    It was crystal clear which side he was on. Yet all that time, his country was importing more and more Israeli products, but not talking about it much, certainly not in Gaza.

    Official data published by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) tells of a booming, but very discreet, trade relationship that is blossoming between the two countries, despite a hawkish prime minister in Jerusalem and Najib’s Islamist and proudly pro-Palestinian government in Kuala Lumpur......"

    Malaysia was (is?) not aligned country therefore with a favorable link with USRR and today with Putin's Russia of course:

    "....Since Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in 1985, relations between Russia and Malaysia have improved significantly. Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad met Gorbachev several times. In 2002, Mahathir made his visit to Moscow. He stated that Russia could be a rival to the United States and Israel and he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and his opposition to Western interference in other sovereign states....."

    Increasing economical trade between Israel & Malaysia? Isn't this maybe the effect in to have turned the back to "Protestant" USA and fell in the paws of Putin who now open the markets of his allies for Israel as "award"?....

    Can you perceive now why this guy, ivarfjeld , is exhibiting an enormous anti-Vatican, anti-Catholic pose? Sometimes alternated with some attacks to the same Orthodox Catholicism? Isn't only a curtain to hide the complete absorption of Israel in the Big Enlargement, the End of the Schism? In the Unified Super-Catholic Eurasian empire???... Now it more clear why so "anti-Vaticanism".... This man, meanwhile talks with a "protestant" style, covers the anti-Protestant Big Enlargement of which his country of origin is today a gear...

    Now I understand better why Vatican & Malaysia recognized mutually just only FOUR DAYS before the UTOYA MASSACRE in NORWAY...:

    ".....18 JULY 2011 Last updated at 15:13
    Malaysia establishes diplomatic ties with Vatican........"

    Sunday, July 27, 2014
    ...and now: Putin's Summer surprise.

    1. yes, recount the speeches of Imrain Hosein,the kuala lumpur based Sheikh with a sizeable following, with his visit to Dugin, a conference that underlined the importance of the destruction of israel in both islamic and orthodox eschatology (or lets say thinking). At this same conference was confirmed the necessity to remove neoottoman Turkey to open the road to israel. And while the Sheikh praised orthodoxy, he never mentioned anything bad about catholicism, neither did dugin, only about "zionist-friendly" americans. After israel and the middle east are taken those "zionist" protestant crusaders will find themselves stabbed in the back one way or another by the reunified empire.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what does "god protects israel" mean in the future context? All those dispensationalist websites ive send you - all the baptist are watching the country of israel with pink glasses waiting Christ to come and kill the beheaders. But the truth is that the pope himself protects israel. A twisting of

    1:74 That he would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear,
    75 In holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life.

    The pope wants the jews to SERVE HIM.
    Of course the jews didnt realise the enemy N1 back at the time of Christ was sin. Now, are only muslims the enemies? From the beheadings and entrails-eaters it would seem so. So the biggest wolf will be let in to protect the flock.

    A leopard snatches its prey and hides in in the branches of a tree to keep it from other predators. Yes, the jesuits and the pope protect keep it for desert. Doesn't antichrist want to devour the jews spiritually like those romans slaughtered them in 70? Are his weapons only physical .... or does he want total spiritual destruction to prevent their turning to the Lord. What is the purpose of catholicizm if not to destroy the soul by the biggest weapon of Satan - the fear of physical death?