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"Don't demonize Putin" [a way how LSE spreads pro-Putin propaganda?]

 Henry Kissinger once declared that “Putin’s demonisation is not a policy, but an alibi for the absence of one”. However authoritative the source of this recommendation, the collective fixation with the Russian President has reached new heights during the ongoing geopolitical crisis in the Ukraine.
[by Roberto Orsi - see below Article]

Kissinger is advisor to the pope and knight of Malta:

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[Partially I agree with papal knight Henry Kissinger. In the sense that the problem is not Putin but, as you can see below, the problem is the Vatican and the Jesuits, the forces of End Time evil, who are propping & using Putin. Here lays the reason why they have to appear as the most vile enemies of  the KGB/FSB president of Russia, one of their best guy in the world in this historical moment.]

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  1. Here the "unhived" MIND supporting "mother" Russia (Sophia):

Notably, London School of Economics supports Putin... Is the UHM LSE tool?

Above comments under:

Translating from an Italian site, we know about an Italian Phd doctor....

......"In recent weeks, much has circulated online news that the London School of Economics (LSE), the prestigious British university specializing in economics and social sciences, has provided the "collapse" of Italy within ten years, of which "will not remain nothing "as a result of an economic catastrophe, political and demographic imminent. Many sites have taken the view, attributed to "Roberto Orsi of the London School of Economics", and those items were shared tens of thousands of times on social networks.

In fact there has been no catastrophic prediction made by the LSE on Italy, or from any other research group that is part of the same university. It is a personal analysis - based on real data but tones and interpretations strongly catastrophic - hosted on one of the many blogs hosted by the website of the LSE, whose author is a researcher who is not part of the university. The fact that the "news" was taken from the blog of Beppe Grillo probably really helped its spread in the Italian media.

Roberto Orsi, the author of the article taken several times in recent weeks, is 33 years old, graduated in law at Turin and has a PhD in international relations at the LSE (here an interview in September 2011 on the Italians on the run, in which recounts his experience of studying and working abroad). A few months ago is part of a research institute of the University of Tokyo (the Policy Alternatives Research Institute) as an adjunct professor. He works at the Euro Crisis blog in the Press, which aims to analyze "The politics of public discourse in Europe", that "the policy of public discourse in Europe" in relation to the current economic crisis."

Roberto Orsi so received his Phd at LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (LSE), and work for a project of the same LSE, the Project Euro Crisis in the Press:

He published an article defending Putin, on the site of the London School of Economics where is based the above mentioned project. Therefore we can argue that such is the system used by the London School of Economics to brainwash the people about the crisis, using former fellow-students working for some projects about how the economical crisis is seen in the information media?

We may conclude, rather, that London School of Economics exploits the economical crisis in order to push Putin as the 'savior' man in a Western world where the political instability and the absence of true political leader is pursued in order to create in the people the thirsty for a "strong man". Just for coincidence there's ready Putin as a spiritual drink for the thirsty masses!
 Roberto Orsi here in his post gives a marvelous example on how what is plainly and openly blamed is simply the true secret goal of the same mourner. Such a typical dissociation between openly declared goals (the opposition against the "demonization" of Putin) and the covert, secret full compliance with the opposite of the same goals (i.e. the demonization of Putin by the highest powers in Western world as a means of a sanctification of him among the masses hit by the crisis of the Western world) talks loudly of the typical "mental reserve" of the Jesuits. But Putin must acquire emotional support among Westerners hit by the economical crisis because Catholicism of Rome and of Byzantium/Moscow have to end the 1054 Schism. 

Above image - Sardinia, 2003: Silvio Berlusconi and his buddy, Putin. Legendary are the trips of Silvio Berlusconi to his friend Putin, for feasts and to have fun in Putin's dacia. But maybe also in the role of covert Vatican's ambassador....

"The month before the historical agreement in Rome between Medvedev and Benedict XVI, Silvio Berlusconi made two mysterious trip in Moscow, around which the press in Italy was kept not informed. To prepare the sequent possible secret concordat between Vatican and Kremlin? (3rd Dec. 2009). In any case ten days after, on 13th Dec 2009, Constanine knight Berlusconi was 'attacked' with a souvenir model of the Milan sanctuary of the Madonna,....."
[Of course I don't share anymore the premises on whom i based this post of mine,  the perversion of the sexual theories of doc Wilhelm Reich, but the info there to find is still valid] 

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Big Enlargement in Eurasia - enlarging Saharasia to the Western world

See also how they betrayed Ukraine:

Sunday, April 13, 2014
"Guilty conscience: How Britain betrayed Ukraine"

Monday, March 10, 2014
The spy who came - II

The forces of Satan are advancing in the world, leaving only a remnant of faithful to the Lord.


A Few Reflections on the Demonisation of Putin
Roberto Orsi
By Roberto Orsi


  1. I was thinking that while this east-west standoff thing is going on, they still need these bridges of friendship - a few dissident analysts, journalists, politicians here and there ( even the french and spanish(!) volunteer rebels in novorussia, all this to maintain the possibility of reapproachment and all these are usually the "alternative voice" that we know is heard much more among the simple masses.



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