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Jerusalgrad - 4 - the "CIA-training" of ISIS, a diversion to hide...

 "...Israeli govt vetoes arms sale to Ukraine
"....Sep 15 2014 - 9:15pm
A proposed sale of Israeli weapons including drones to Ukraine has been blocked for fear of antagonising Russia, Channel Two television reported on Monday.
The broadcaster said a Ukrainian delegation had visited Israel with a view to acquiring military hardware including drones to use against pro-Russian separatists.
Monday’s television report said the ministry concluded that the sale risked causing anger in Russia and could provoke Moscow to sell more arms to Syria and Iran, the Jewish state’s arch-enemy.

"Risked to cause anger"? Really? Isn't "Moscow" already upset for the alleged support to the Syrian rebels by USA and Israel?... Or someone likes to work with imagination? Isn't  maybe, I repeat: maybe, all that "help" to the Syrian rebels (largely claimed as "pure truth" by the anti-Zionist and anti-USA propaganda in the Western world), done in order to cheat the same helpless Syrian opposition??... You don't need to wait the purchase of drones by Kiev in order to see the rage of Putin if you are seriously aiding the rebels against Putin's colony, the Syria of Assad.

Maybe I was right when I told you that ISIS has the role  to present Mr. Bashar al-Assad (member of an Italian Roman Catholic religious order) as the  "ONLY DEFENSE OF ISRAEL AGAINST JIHADISTS".

I told it many times before, for example:

".....Jews and Christians must support Assad (Putin = Eastern Roman empire) and the best way is to fill Syria with Jihadists eating the hearts of their enemies. Full Babylonian psychological warfare.

Notice from the date of the article mentioned in the above post,  on how the first cases of Jihadists performing spectacular acts of cannibalism began to be spread in the media in Spring 2013, one year before the annexation of Crimea - and the related Israel betrayal of USA ally diplomacy ---> for the ones with short memory:
"...Israel did not show up for the vote on March 27 in which a majority of UN member states called on all states and international organizations not to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea." excerpt from an article quoted at the bottom of the following post....:
Saturday, April 19, 2014
"US 'surprised' Israel did NOT support UN vote on Ukraine's territorial integrity" [link]

Well, probably the fruits of that Israel pro-Putin abstain from voting against the annexation of Crimea in April were such ones:

"...Hezbollah Talks Big but Bows Out of the Gaza War

The Gaza War
by Jamie Dettmer
Hamas is increasingly isolated in the region as it fights its ferocious war against Israel. In the old days Hezbollah might have helped—but not now.
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah made a phone call to Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal on Monday and vowed to support “the resistance in Gaza in any way necessary.” Then Nasrallah, whose fame has spread far and wide over the years as the head of the Iranian-backed Lebanese “Party of God,” called Palestinians Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Salah to talk about maintaining close diplomatic ties in the fight against Israel.
But here’s the real message from Nasrallah: Hamas, you’re on your own.
Etc. etc. etc....
From the Daily Beast in:

Yes, these were definitely the fruits of the Israeli pro-Putin abstain at the UN in April 2014. The fruits of an clear and direct help to Israel in the war against Hama$, keeping blocked the other anti-Israeli threat, Hezbollah, from intervening against Israel in support of Hamas. Now maybe we can begin to understand why Jewish US diplomats who were a total failure in to avoid the previous bloody war Israel-Hamas are suspected to having taken fat bribes from Qatar, the most important sponsor of Hama$ and in good relation with Iran, the paradise-country of all the Holocaust deniers in the world, and the happy sponsor of Hezbollah....:

"....Martin Indyk, the man who ran John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, whose failure in turn set off this summer’s bloody Gaza War, cashed a $14.8 million check from Qatar.
Find it in...:
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Dear "truthsayers", where you were when I told this already [at least] four years ago?

Well, it is more clear the role of the Catholic agent Barack "the President" Obama (for the Catholic credentials of Barack Obama, see the link in the following post), a President openly exhibiting ideological Islamic pose, in the role of promoting a weak US policy of support to Israel, in order to leave no other alternative to Israel if not to end up in the Putin's (pope Francis SJ?) paws:

Monday, July 21, 2014
The annexion of Egypt to IRAN [= Eastern RC empire South. Province]
 And now a link to my Jerusalgrad #3, where you can perceive how the same Jews of Israel and of all the world have been cheated in to believe Ukraine a nest of "Nazi butcherer of Israelite", meanwhile Putin's Russia a "Jewish paradise":

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Jerusalgrad - III ["shut down under Mr. Yanukovych"]

It makes useful a little trip in Stiliyanov's blog, visiting the real Putin's Russia which claims to be the "heir of the Auschwitz' liberators":

сряда, 22 октомври 2014 г.
From Russia with jew-hate
Well, the post is finished and we are back at the starting point of it, or the question if the "CIA & Mossad" support of ISIS is real or is a cardboard choreography built to hide the Great Merging between the two Catholicism (Rome and Byzantium) and to continue to cheat the Sunni populations assassinated by Assad and his Iranian cronies. I find it no strange because I am since the beginning of the Putin's aggression against Ukraine ruminating how much Israel is definitively (even if secretly) on the Kremlin's side of the story. Now it's time to end the silence on it.
Well, decide for yourself, if Barry Chamish quoted by The Unhived Mind about "CIA & ISIS",  is on the path of the Unification of the Two Eurasian Catholicism:

ISIS, the U.S. and Israel by Barry Chamish
by Barry Chamish
It has been almost a year since, relying on sources I trusted,I reported that US Special Forces were running a camp in the northern Jordanian town of Iswafa, to train, fund and equip forces to supposedly bring down the Assad regime in Syria,with covert Israeli military co-ordination and obvious Jordanian co-operation. These troops made their way from Syria to Turkey and in a miracle of military tactical genius, were transformed into ISIS, which in a mere three years captured half of Syria and Iraq.
And even better, with some well publicized decapitations, brought the US back to the Middle East to fight the beheading beasts. In short, the US, with Israeli help, created their own worst enemies. And Russia now agrees.
***Mossad transferring ‘spying experience’ to the leadership of ISIS, as Israeli military advisers assist the terrorists, claims the aide.
A senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Israel’s Mossad of training Islamic State (aka ISIS) terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria, Iran’s Press TV reports.
Alexander Prokhanov told the state-controlled news outlet that Mossad is also likely to have transferred some of its “spying experience” to the leadership of ISIS, even as Israeli military advisers assisted the terrorists in other ways.
Prokhanov said ISIS is a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East.
“ISIS is a tool at the hands of the United States. They tell the Europeans that if we (the Americans) do not intervene, ISIS will cause you harm,” he said. In fact, however, he added, Iran and Russia are the main targets of ISIS terror.
“They launched their first terror attack against us just a few days back in Chechnya,” he said, stressing that the ISIS ideology has got nothing to do with the Islam practiced in Iran and some other Muslim countries in the Middle East region.
Prokhanov said the United States and Israel are one and the same when it comes to supporting a terror organization like the ISIS.***
Clearly, it’s not good for one’s longterm survival to reveal what Putin indubitably has come to accept as truth. An Israeli intelligence source, Debka, opened the ugly lid a few months ago and suddenly were shut down to “update” their website for a three weeks. The upgrading was extended and now Debka is, at best, a touch and go operation.
***This appeared to contradict a fact which Israel has kept very dark:
The Syrian rebel offensive to wrest Quneitra would have stood no chance without Israel’s aid – not just in medical care for their injured, but also in limited supplies of arms, intelligence and food. Israel acted as a member, along with the US and Jordan, of a support system for rebel groups fighting in southern Syria. Their efforts are coordinated through a war-room which the Pentagon established last year near Amman. The US, Jordanian and Israeli officers manning the facility determine in consultation which rebel factions are provided with reinforcements from the special training camps run for Syrian rebels in Jordan, and which will receive arms.***

To those “rational” minds who insist their Jewish leaders would never
assist in the formation of the bloodthirsty foes dedicated to their final demise…
no matter how much it pains you, recall the connivance between the Nazis and
the Labor Zionist founders of Israel:
***We now jump to 1933. Less than 1% of the German Jews support Zionism. Many tried to escape
from Naziism by boat to Latin and North American ports but the international diplomatic order was to turn them back. Any German Jew who rejected Palestine as his shelter would be shipped back to his death.

By 1934, the majority of German Jews got the message and turned to the only Jewish organization
allowed by the Nazis, the Labour Zionists. For confirmation of the conspiracy between them and Hitler’s thugs
read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, Perfidy by Ben Hecht or The Scared And The Doomed by Jacob Nurenberger.
The deal cut worked like this. The German Jews would first be indoctrinated into Bolshevism in Labour Zionism camps and then, with British approval, transferred to Palestine.Most were there by the time the British issued the White Paper banning further Jewish immigration. The Labour Zionists got the Jews they wanted, and let the millions of religious Jews and other non-Frankists perish in Europe without any struggle for their survival.***

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To remind you of what you’re missing:
Sharon murder. Me explaining in Hebrew:

Etc.  etc.
URL of original TUM post:



    One concerned Russian actions in Chechnya which were criticized by the U.S. and European countries. But Israel, understanding that Russia’s struggle against terrorists was comparable to its own struggle against Palestinian terrorists, and observing that Putin recognized the need to combat terrorism and extremism, refrained from criticism. The Islamist terrorist attack on the school in Beslan in September 2004 that killed hundreds of schoolchildren was particularly meaningful. Though Putin favors a Palestinian right to self-determination, he did not approve a unilateral declaration of independence.


    Putin's vassals hate Israel with a passion, and israel recognizes Russia as an ally (to restrain Iran, Syria and Lebanon?). If Israel is pulling the strings, why aren't they changing the power balance in the middle east in their favor? And why aren't they deposing the pro-islamic Obama gov? The truthseekers are imbecils.

    Ramzan Kadyrov has expressed condolences to the victims of Israeli attacks on Palestinians and emphasized that the USA and Europe were turning a blind eye on this policy of “state terrorism.”

    1. Just wait some minutes, another post - Jerusalgrad 5 - is coming. Short and conclusive

    2. Well it s finished the post, here you have it, i go a little rest doing other things, between threats and intimidation, and all this work on PC I am stressed, my head is blowing:

      Friday, December 12, 2014
      Jerusalgrad - 5 - hide the agreement?

    3. I remember you posted an year ago or little less also an URL of an article about an historical visit of Putin in Israel, i believe about the same years of the agreement, a visit played on the chord of the Russian Jews immigrates in Israel. How many atheist Communist agents of KGB later FSB among those immigrates?

    4. "emphasized that the USA and Europe were turning a blind eye on this policy of “state terrorism.”"
      Yes, exactly for this, green light to Putin, meanwhile the Friends of Palestine in the Western world were blaming Israel AND praising Putin... really a very miserable humanity.

  2. Chief supporter of ISIS, HAMAS etc the greatest welcomer of Jesuit educators/gnostics?
    Georgetown students in Washington, DC can take a junior year abroad to study at their sister institution in Qatar, and Georgetown students enrolled in Qatar also are able to study at their U.S. campus.

    Asked why Qatar, a Muslim country, chose a Jesuit school to join its flagship campus, the dean explained, “Georgetown is an institution that takes religion seriously. We have lively debates between Muslims, Catholics, and at least one Mormon and Baha’i. They go into [their required] theology classes together and emerge unscathed. Georgetown’s Jesuit traditions of service and cross-cultural understanding and its mission of educating citizen leaders is just what Qatar wanted.”

    "Education City is the best thing ever for women in Qatar," said Dana Ahdad, a 2004 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth and a graphic designer who works for Al Jazeera television's new children's channel, headquartered in Education City. "Before Education City, higher education for women was not much of an option.

    "Now, more women are becoming convinced bit by bit that they can have their own achievements."

    Few subjects are taboo on the Education City campus. Ryan Maher, a Jesuit priest on the faculty at the Georgetown foreign service school, is teaching an introductory-level theology course on "The Problem of God."

    "So many conflicts in the world today are rooted in faith and religion," Maher said. "We thought students would be hesitant to discuss these issues and may even get angry. But I've found them to be unbelievably open."

    Other cross-cultural initiatives include a course at Carnegie Mellon on U.S.-Arab relations that links students in Qatar to its Pittsburgh campus by an Internet simulcast.

    Education City has no trouble attracting students. More than 600 applied for 60 spaces in this year's engineering programs at Texas A&M. At Virginia Commonwealth, 40 students were selected from 170 applicants.

    A recently introduced cross-registration system enables students at each university to take courses at the others, so offering what Charles Thorpe, dean of the Carnegie Mellon school, described as "an education that is unrivaled in the world."

    In addition to serving as associate dean, Maher is a professorial lecturer in theology and Catholic studies at Georgetown University. He previously served as the director of Catholic studies and was the founding faculty member of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service campus in Doha, Qatar. In the Middle East, he taught theology to the school’s predominantly Muslim student body. -

    One jesuit in Qatar (but 10000 coadjutors?)

    "Qatar is more extremist than Saudi Arabia which helps put the following in perspective. One wonders whether the good father isn’t part of Qatar’s Islamist campaign in the sense that having “one” Jesuit helps ameliorate the perception that Qatar is really as bad as it is."

    And the other ecumenical state of Lebanon, hosting hezbollah and the much praised by shoebat christian militias is controlled via:

    Saint Joseph University (French: Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, USJ) is a private Catholic research university in Beirut, Lebanon, founded in 1875 by the Jesuits.[2] It ranks as the best[3] to second best[4] university in Lebanon, subsequently among the top academic institutions in all of the Middle East.

    1. Yes this argument deserves to be developed - after you noticed to me the importance of Qatar in the relations with the Vatican I deepened the argument and Qatar was also a seat of early Christendom, Nestorian one, and Nestorians affirmed the " rejection of the long-used title of Theotokos, "Mother of God", for Mary" ------>

      Doing post on geo-political geo-religious matter are very stressing from a spiritual point of view as you continually infringe the teaching of chapter 14 of Romans. After another conclusive short post I want consecrate myself with posts about Paulicians, Manicheism, the Bible, etc.

  3. Lebanon and Qatar blessed by Rome as the starting points for the future respectively shia and sunni evangelizations?

    In March 2014, a group of Lebanese nuns seized by militants in the historic Syria town of Maaloula were released with the help of Qatari mediation. Doha’s efforts were also pivotal in the October 2013 release of nine Lebanese pilgrims who were held for more than a year in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

    Analysts and journalists said Qatar’s most recent intervention to help free the Lebanese soldiers came in line with its “ambitious” objective to become a key regional player and was using its wealth and connections with militant groups to do so.

    “First, Qatar has ties with the Islamist, jihadist factions that are active in Syria and it has relations with the Lebanese army, Lebanese sides and its ties with Hezbollah are not bad and thus it can play this role [of mediation],” Hazem al-Amin, a Beirut-based journalist for al-Hayat newspaper told Al Arabiya News Saturday.

    How the Maaloula nuns were freed

    Shortly before midnight yesterday [March 9], the suffering of the 13 Maaloula nuns and their three aides ended with their being freed. Another kidnapping file in Syria was closed. It was a case similar to that of the kidnapped Lebanese in Azaz in terms of battlefield pressure, which tightened the noose around the kidnappers, the role played by the Lebanese General Security Directorate and regional mediators and the details of the exchange deal. So the next question is what about the kidnapped bishops [Youhanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi]?

    1. Pls understand now cannot read the comments as need to shut the PC and rest eyes etc.

    2. bro, dont worry, i just put some confirming things i find, you can comment anytime you want, you are the one with a full-time job, not me spare your eyes and energy