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Shoebat the Catholic slanderer of Christ

15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.
[Revelation, 2:15]

*   *   *

"....But the wolves in the time of Christ were the type that accused Him of being demonic when He healed the blind and was when Christ gave us the simplest golden rule yardstick on how we know God from Devil: “If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself” (Matthew 12:26) that good fruit is what a saint will produce and a wolf won’t. How difficult is this to comprehend?....".

 Mr. Shoebat think Russia is Christ? Putin? A regime of serial killers? Who assassinated journalitsts and civilians in Tchechenia? This is "Christ"? Shoebat is mocking Jesus, he is a blasphemer and a perfect candidate for Antichrist's assistant. 
Islam murdered the Paulicians (together with his Murderous-since-the-beginning Catholic and Orthodox church) exactly telling them: "if you are Christ, you will rise three days after your death", purposely miss-interpretating the concept of having Christ within and of walking with Christ,  a teaching the Paulicians held from the gospel of Paul.
Shoebat here is doing exactly the same dragging the reader in the path of eternal damnation as he will believe that Russia is incarnation of Christ. Exactly as his beloved tens of "Christian" churches, from the Coptic one to the Orthodox one of which he boasts to have granted "eternal salvation".
Oh, talking about salvation he said: "Catholics Who Died Defending The Jews During Nazism Are ALL GOING TO HELL". 
It is the same to say: "Catholics Who Died In Car Accidents Cause Ice On Asphalt Are ALL GOING TO HELL".
Do you think that God, when is calling to the Judgement, gives importance how you are dying?

Shoebat does, because he is Catholic and therefore believing in the works as way of salvation he believe that if you CHOSE the way you die you can be saved. 
"Dead & Saved in Action".
And if for example God chose to make to die an heretic Catholic, who all the life long blasphemed the unrepeatable sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Lord, attending the mass and the blasphemous sacrament of the Eucharist, purposely pumping up his blasphemous proud concept of self-righteousness cultivated all life long with the eating of the wafer he believed given to him by God in order to have a  shortcut to the solution of the problems of Justice in the world? Yes because the Catholic church is a MATERIAL organization which claim to save souls with an "industrial" process, the fabrication and administration of little pieces of wafer. Boasting the power of the MATERIAL world on the invisible, spiritual one. All the life long that Catholic has been hurt by those "Protestants" and "Bible believer" and their pessimism they claimed coming from the Christian view of a world that has been declared UN-RIGHTEOUS at his basis, because this world is simply the REFLEX of our un-righteousness, an un-rigtheousness  we cannot repair with our hands, even if we eat 24 hours per day only wafers, till we get an urgent hospitalization [but a pessimism keenly exploited by the Propaganda Dept. of the Inquisition which sewed  a straitjacket called "Manicheanism" in order to paralyze all the vivacity of the genuine Paulician/Cathar/Vaudoise spirituality coming from the genuine Christian vision of the world]. And that Catholic hated those "Bible believers" because they were showing him in that outside world, a reign of un-righteousness, simply the image of the continue failure of his attempt to get a self-salvation based on some rituals coming from heathen ancient Egypt. Soon our poor Catholic developed a strong ideological passion and the consequent fanaticism of the "political militant" which, typical of both Catholic as well not-believers, pushes the poor victim in a vicious circle of continue political and ideological activity desperately trying to correct that mirror called "reality", because the ugly images there appearing as creepy ghosts are believed to be product of some faults of the mirror, but really the mirror is perfect because is a Creation of God, therefore those creepy images are a genuine faithful reflex of the creepy substance of his Catholic heart.
If Jesus Christ declared  the Law and the works of the Law as finished once for all, God chose to make die that Catholic just in his sins. That Catholic was trying to save the Jew NOT cause his life in danger, but because that Jews was representing the works by the Law, declared finished by Jesus Christ, but blasphemously resuscitated by Catholicism and his system of salvation through works by (Catholic) Law (rituals). But in fact if "God was not able to save a Jew, a Catholic work of salvation is needed to repair the fault of God". Wasn't that the last thought of our poor Catholic before to give the ghost?

Let's go back to Russia miraculously turned in "Christ". Did those Muslim "cast out Satan" when butchering Paulicians? Yes, because if a Catholic can be saved when dying in order to save a Jew, those Paulicians for the same reason were sent to Hell when dying by the sword of an Orthodox or a Muslim. Muslims were murdering Paulicians in the exact same way his (of Shoebat) beloved Catholic and Orthodox church did, "casting out Satan" with the massacre and rape also of Paulician/Cathar women and children.  Yes, the WORKS OF BLOOD of the Roman Catholic Apostolic church, and her sinister sister, the Orthodox one. Works inspired by Satan, whispering in the ears of popes in Rome and Byzantium that they have been chosen in order to "repair" that mirror called "reality" or "world". 

“Follow the hatred” and the “slandered” and it is only there you will find Christ. This is what Christ basically said when He said “blessed are you when they say all kinds of slander against you”.

....says Shoebat. Spitting his Catholic poison on the graves of MILLIONS of Christians murdered by the Whore of Rome, his beloved church. Shoebat is simply that executioner of the pope who, after having cutted the throat of the 80th Reformed Vaudoise there in Calabria in 1561, he spits on the dying victim because a splash of blood of the victim hit his eye: "you dirty heretic, how dare you!".

Shoebat is playing with the words because he read the Scriptures with the eyes of Satan. Russia is not casting out any spirit from any human body and will never do that. Shoebat is consciously miss-interpreting the Scriptures. Russia of Putin will do the job of Satan. In the Crusades many are sent to Hell after the death, and this is what Satan wants. Doing a Crusade is not "casting out spirits", but just the opposite. To kill a person before he/she could free him/herself from the spirits within and to surrender to Christ. The Dialectic of Satan with  which Mr Shoebat is comfortably at ease giving to things and events the name of their spiritual opposite.

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