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The open confession of Catholic heresy of Walid Shoebat - II


On your pope and on everyone of you who bow down to that god of flesh in Rome,  the blood of Cathars, Vaudoises, Patarenes, Paulicians, Bogomiles,etc. (the perpetual church of the New Testament),  you murdered to build with their burned flesh your Synagogue of Satan in Rome,  is a witness of your wickedness and is falling also on you.


Even when you look at the Jews, they have Orthodox and Reformed. When you examine the "Reformed" theology, Moses ends up not hearing the voice of God and the Red sea never really parted, I call this Deformed theology.
When it comes to the Protestant, my dilemma is this with many (not all) who say they do not follow Luther or Calvin, but Christ, when reality is, they mostly follow Luther and Calvin, anyone but Christ. 

Catholics follow an idole of flesh called "the pope" and uses Christ as a justifier of any Scriptural perversion

They view the Bible from the prism of the written interpretations instead of reading the Scripture for what it says. 

Scriptures says that idols are Satanic, for this reason Satan built one idol  not out of rock but of flesh and called it  "the pope" in order to bypass the 2. Commandment.

I get so tired of hearing this infused, diffused, election, reformed, deformed ... Tulip shmoolip,
I was even searching for all the jargon they use, so I googled a few words to find them and the fist link was a blog that announced me as a heretic:

I don't believe you find my blog just for a case but YOU wanted exactly to find my blog, because behind you there's the Whore of Revelation.

And why was I announced as heretic? Here, they supposedly have my "confession" as a "heretic" titled "The open confession of Catholic heresy of Walid Shoebat" and what is in this supposed confession? Here it is:
"..........What about the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Byzantine Church … and then we have Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian … all these who suffered the yoke of Islam or Nazism (or even both), have what Mr. White considers “heretical views,” in which he would consider non-negotiable to enter heaven!?"
So the slandering bolgster concludes: "Here we have the open confession with that "heretical views". For the Roman Catholic church the "good works" no matter for what reason are done, are sufficient to go in Heaven, even if you are a staunch denier of God. Even quite the works without faith, just only the faith in works." The "work work work" is so repeated as if its the sound of a duck "quack quack quack".
But notice my supposed "confession" doesn't even mention the word "Catholic".
In other words, in these slandering tongues, the Coptic Church, Ethiopian Church, Chaldean, Byzantine Church … and then we have Eastern Orthodox; Russian, Estonian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Cypriot, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Moldavian, Ukranian are all DAMNED, regardless if they suffered Islam's persecutions and Nazi persecutions for their faith.

 Exactly. I am slandering Satan's and his devices. And you and your Jesuit pope are only the tongue of Satan.

Taking alive Adolf Hitler and torture him is not a way to save his soul. ALL those denomination are leading people to damnation, no more or less you are doing with your blog of political Catholicism. The duty of the Christians is to tell this truth paying it even with his/her life.  In fact you are again gong against the Scriptures where Jesus says: "44Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. "
Therefore for your Satan dialectic devices you can quite be not ready at the hour the Son of man cometh, you can be fornicator, robber, drunkard, murderer, etc. but if the Son of man cometh at the guise of an SS you are saved?
Jesus say about your hour, not if your hour comes with an assassination, with a car accident, with a stroke, with a gas chamber. You transform the word of God in chatting in pub, Mr Shoebat.

You don t understand the Scriptures, Mr Shoebat, you are only interested  in the political Catholicism, in to drag all those denomination you boast to have justified in the eyes of God, under the cup of the Whore in Rome. You are a crusader and you are not interested about Islam but to destroy the Christians who surrendered to Christ and don't bow down to that house of spiritual wickedness which is the Catholic church. May God be witness of my words.

To say that they are only against "Catholic" is a lie. They are against anyone who is of an apostolic succession. Period.

I am ready to take on my shoulder all the hate you are stirring among all those denominations. My denominations have been exterminated by your bloody Catholic church. All those denominations of our days you are quoting are pleasantly drinking from the cup filleth with the blood of the saints slain by  the Whore - the Catholic church. The adherents of those churches will chose if to surrender to Christ as did the Vaudoises, Patareni, Paulicians, etc. or to be condemned to the eternal damnation.

 They are no different than the Nazi, any smudge with a Jewish gene and off you go to the crematoria. Likewise with these, any smudge with apostolic succession and off you go to the furnace.

Catholic church was worst than Nazi as Nazi at least had not the hypocrite justification to do what they did in the name of Christ but at least they created their own religion.
Furnaces and Holocaust have been engineered by the Roman Catholic Apostolic church namely Wladimir Ledochowsky SJ the greatest among the Roman General - today an unknown person.

 So we wrote the slanderer saying that "I do not believe that salvation by works can take anyone to heaven. Salvation is through the grace of God. How anyone can extrapolate this from my statement above is mind boggling. So they tell me that the devil corrupted the Church which added works and so we needed a reformation which sprung up when someone said “faith alone”, but was it only Martin Luther who added the word “alone” with the word “faith” in the same phrase, or was it used way before Martin Luther arrived to the scene
 Satan can boast to be a follower of Jesus too. But if you challenge him as a liar he then exposes his true identity. The Catholic monk Martin Luther simply put at the light of the day how Satan through his church of Rome was using James. To justify the works without faith.
  by Origen (1) Hilary (2), Basil (3), Ambrosiaster (4), “sola fide justificati sunt dono Dei,” through faith alone they are justified by a gift of God; John Chrysostom (5) Cyril of Alexandria (6), Bernard and Theophylact (7) that man “is justified by faith alone” (8).
 These men, human being, said many things, for example there's even the certainity that Origen was believing to be a Christian, a follower of Christ. But his belief doesn't make out of him a believer, no more or less than a man believing to have faith but this is not true, when he perform works with that faith his works are false works, Mr Shoebat: "show me your faith! and i will show my works!". Faith is invisible to men's eyes, but works are very much visible to men's vanity.
The difference was that these were pro-James while Luther was vehemently anti-James: “Only the papists accept James on account of the righteousness of works, but my opinion is that it is not the writing of an apostle. Someday I will use James to fire my stove.” (9)"
And what did this slanderer say? 

And you what have you to say, defender of the greatest organization for the religious assassination on earth, the Catholic church?
Frankly Mr Shoebat, i believe  behind you there are hidden those who want to close my blog. Isn't it true Mr Shoebat?

Here it is:
"Salvation by works was always present in the Catholic church and declarations of the right doctrine (faith-alone) was only an opportunism in order to not fire the opposition of true Christians.
No more or less than the declaration of Trinitarianism, an opportunistic move of the early Catholicism to not fire the Trinitarians Vaudoises, etc.
 The doctrine of salvation by works is present with the canonization as 'saint' of the archangel Michael whose work of "judgement" (in substitution of Jesus Christ the Lord) is replied by the priest. Confession and "absolution" is the definitive proof that the Catholic church blasphemes God Father and the Son pretending to save humans from eternal damnation. Of course in this case the priest in order to absolve requires works as being a priest a human being he cannot inquire nor judge another human soul but only human works."
In other words, the Catholic added "Grace Alone" as a conspiracy.
Catholic church is a conspiracy in herself. From the beginning till her destruction by Jesus Christ our Lord.
 And then the priest does "works" is condemned. Absolute insanity. They write what they write without a shred of evidence. 

The fact they wanted to put doc Martin Luther at the stake is the evidence. Catholicism is based on a lie starting from the pretense that the Apostle Peter was the "fist bishop" of Rome.
They are "Catholic", therefore they are "liars". Every time I quote a historian who is Catholic, no matter how great his reputation is, he is automatically a "liar".

No, because the Catholic monk doc Martin Luther was sincere. It is not my guilty but the one of your murderous assassin Roman Catholic Apostolic church if all the Catholic who were not liar have ben put at the stake or murdered in many world conflicts as for example the WW2 where the most modern and not loyal to the pope Catholics have been purposely sent to death by Jesuit-linked dictatorships.

They are walking-living slandering juke-boxes. And dare you expose them, it is then that a hail of comments come raining at you as "lacking love and humility" and they paint you as "attacking" when in reality you are defending. 

I am proud you define me as "slanderer". The same did the murderous friars, monks, cardinals, Jesuits, popes, nuns, priests, deacons, of your church, the Synagogue of Satan when they wanted to murder and torture the "slanderer", or Vaudoises, Patareni, Cathari, Albigenses, Bogomiles etc. which I consider the brother to whose martyrdom I bow down in eternal remembrance of the Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
They then paint you as anti-Protestants when some of my best friends are Protestants who do not think like them.
Also Adolf Hitler boasted to have had some Jewish friends.
As I wrote before: "They fill up libraries of useless theological jargon. I read the Bible, I never knew until I entered the Church where they told me that salvation is so simple to comprehend since it was all about grace, yet then they showed me a Bible which they compartmentalized and neatly sectioned into subjects, as if we had a Bible chapter called “Imputed righteousness,” and another titled “Imparted Righteousness,” then “Infused Righteousness,” and a prophet who wrote an entire thesis on “Justification and Sanctification,” yet another who argued all the point on “Total Depravity,” “Unconditional Election,” “Limited Atonement,” “Irresistible Grace,” “The Five Points of Calvinism,” “doctrine of perspicuity,” “Covenant theology,” “God's transcendence,” and “substitutionary atonement” while the poor sinner who stands on a street corner is singing “all I need is love”. 

“All I need is love”? Mr Shoebat, give a look here of a jargon you don't know about:
" 32For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them." [Luke 6:32]

 The anti-legalism I found created hair-splitting jargon, which takes a legalist lawyer to unravel."
 Your  "holy" bloody church murdered all the Patarenes, Vaudoises, Albigenses, Cathars, who were spaking the words of God as they were from the Scripture, but not before to have slandered them as "manicheans", "dualists", "adoptionists", a Catholic slander, a Continuing Assassinating those martyrs exactly as did your Great Pharisee, pope Francis SJ, worshipper of heathen idols as the first thing he did after being appointed Pontifex Maximus was to praise the Madonna, aka the Whore.

Go figure.
But is this my crime? That I do not adhere to complicated jargon and that Faith Alone is what was taught by the very churches I mentioned above in my quote who do not have the name "Catholic"?

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