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Jesuits' ISIS circus never stop [Rumiz-Dall'Oglio-Il Piccolo connection]

 Recently I have been in correspondence with a guy which seems to play the role of the one "agreeing with my opinions", about the Jesuits. 
Frankly, I believe they are only using a bait to psychically destroy me. 

Pay attention you, Catholics, atheists, Jesuits, pagans, satanists, etc. You are only an instrument of Satan. I even don't care about the evil you have done to me since last five, six years, but you have to repent for your blasphemy and mockery of the Lord, elsewhere you will end forever in the Hell, where the fire never shall be quenched [Mark 9:43:48].

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Do you remember how they used my web image for two years with a theatrical pieces built on it, to try to destroy my image making a mockery out of it ?

Happened again??

"ISIS" attacked a server of an Internet Radio of my city, the city of Trieste:

".......ITALY - November 8, 2014!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/detail_558/image.jpg

Attacked the website of the radio of Trieste, Radio Punto Zero [= Point Zero] under attack hackers. On the website written in praise of ISIS
Hackers have targeted the radio of Trieste, which has overshadowed the site. The Diogos investigates the origin of the attack. A technician: "Our portal is managed by US [organization]"
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  November 8 2014Attacco hackers at the site of Ground Zero Radio Radio Trieste in its place appeared the words "Hacked by Team System Dz" and "I love you Isis" in English and Arabic. There are pictures of war, destroyed houses and a sentence against "the US, Israel and allies of the infidels." They continually speak a word in Arabic.
".......The prosecutor of Trieste was immediately informed and Prosecutor Carlo Mastelloni instructed Digos [political police]  and Postal Police to initiate investigations, started with the translation of from both languages  written and repeated with a male voice. The answer came quickly: words in praise of jihad and sharia. "The Islamic state is coming" was written and, next to the symbol of the Isis, "The only god is Allah. Muhammad is his prophet "and " is in progress the implementation of Sharia. ".........."

       This is true Jesuitical, anti-Christian meta-terrorism!!! Take the external image, feature, individuality of the victim and make out of it a character who will play your storyboard to present it to the large public as "dangerous enemy of the humanity" ["Christians are enemies of the humanity" was the common opinion in the Imperial Rome at the age of Nero - see Tacito]. There's no need of old-style propaganda to destroy particular individual targets, just create a sosia which will profess the same faith (mostly Christian and solidly anti-Catholic), then put in his hands a gun and let him kill dozens of innocents, this is the best way to kill his faith. Or make him to play the role of "psychopatic", every faith he could have will suddenly become a "fruit of mind insanity". Don't worry so why JESUIT-ISIS chose MY city to do a cyber-attack for propaganda. Ask it to Fr. Paolo Dall'Oglio, consuellor of ISIS since Summer 2013:

Sunday, December 16, 2012
"Asperger's Syndrome"
 Thursday, February 03, 2011
Your Clothes. Give them to me.


 Printed/issued the new book of Paolo dall'Oglio, the review is of Rumiz
December 3, 2011

It will be in bookstores on December 5 La sete di Ismaele (= The thirst of Ishmael) (Gabrielli, 2011, pp. 144, 13), the book containing the articles published by the Jesuit Paul dall'Oglio in Peoples [a paper] since 2007 in the address book of the same name. We publish here the preface assigned to a pen of exception, that of the writer Paolo Rumiz: a testimony full of admiration for the Christians of the East. Find out how to get the volume free or discount

 Who is Rumiz? A journalist of my city, writing in the daily of my city, the daily Il Piccolo di Trieste....:
"..........Paul Rumiz (Trieste, December 20, 1947) is an Italian journalist and writer.

Special Envoy of the Il Piccolo of Trieste and later columnist for the Republic, since 1986, following the events of the Balkan and Danube; during the breakup of Yugoslavia following the front lines before the conflict in Croatia and then in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In November 2001 he was sent to Islamabad and then to Kabul, to document the US attack on Afghanistan.

Oh what a shock! Dall'Oglio SJ & Rumiz together about Sirya in my city.....:

 Syria - the breath of the spirit
Meeting with Father Paul dall'Oglio, Ivo Saglietti and Paolo Rumiz
Moderator Paul Ghezzi
Tuesday, August 28
16.00 Urban Center in Rovereto (Via Rosmini, 58)


Wednesday, September 17, 2014
"Father dall'Oglio is a prisoner with the two Italian" [& with JAMES FOLEY]


  1. Where did those parody images come from? This is the first time I have seen them.

    1. here:

      Thursday, February 03, 2011
      Your Clothes. Give them to me.

    2. I told about also in Adriatische gegenrformation etc. blog

    3. The character of the piece was a Slovenian Communist, with my the same shirt, and as I have a white Vespa scooter also my copy of the theatrical piece has a scooter Vespa and he wants to kidnap the pope who comes in the area to inaugurate a terminal for gas. He was warmly involved with the rights of Slovenes (like I was in that blog) and against the pope (as i expose the Vatican etc.), he had also a radio station which is listened only by few nostalgic (another parallel with my blog which is listened/read only by "few people").

      The Slovenian people here after having seeing the theatrical piece, if they had also encountered me personally and or my blogs would have immediately linked my person with the one of Stanko in the theatrical piece.

      Boris Kobal and Gojmir Lesnjak Gojc and Tamara Matevs are resp. the first a Slovene of Trieste the other two of beyond border, Slovenia. The last two are more Communist, but you can quite read in the local newspaper of near Slovenia "Primorske Novice" how much Communist partisans' stories of war and the recalling of Italian Fascist persecuiton also of Catholic priests for using not the Italian language are two sides of the same medal. Catholic or Communist there's no difference now among the Slovenes and the Catholic church has completely absorbed all the historical heritage.

      Therefore this was an example of Maoist/pedagogical theater aimed to "educate" the people to hate/isolate the "enemy", i.e. myself. They know well me dont worry, here there's a total Mafia with the Slovenes, sustained by the Catholic curia.

      On the other side, the Italian side i am object of low level harrassment since many years in my job but I cannot speak (at least for now) about that because I can be accused and lose job very fast. Living in a CATHOLIC country, especially ITALY, is to live in a psychiatric terrorist gulag.

      It continues also today, the difference respect the previous years is they taught to smile more in my face and hide carefully their intentions towards me.

  2. If interested a day when you have nothing else to do (at least for me now I have more pressing issues, because now it more important the connection Rumiz-Dall'Oglio/Jesuits-Il Piccolo daily) you can read here a description of the theatrical Slovenian piece mocking my public figure:

    1. We are small fry, but still worth a little resources to produce terror (jesuits are the true terrorists) and dissuade from delving deeper.

      Such "Dead flies...." (Eccl 10:1) like us are annoying, when they, in the 20th and especially 21st centuries have the bulk of humanity duped, in total ignorance regarding their subversive plans.

      It is like finally getting a hold on a new ferrari and you find a piece of droppings on the hood.

    2. Yes, their continue attacks and harrassment (for now in a LOW LEVEL intensity, in order that the surrounding people don't perceive anything) is a perfect fulfillment of Luke 6:22 [KJB]:

      " 22Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.".

      To which of course the counter-altar is dedicated to their disgusting search of approvation of the majorythy of an humanity destined to Hell:

      "26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." [Luke 6:26].

  3. Then as I went robbed of my image/dresses (see shirt) I found an ironic sarcastic parallel with Scharzenegger Terminator's episode of the pub:

  4. That shirt is actually a reversed version of yours; your grid is red, his is black.

  5. So far I have been spared such attention. Even by The UnHived Mind, which quietly dropped their link to CCR sometime last month but have never written about me, as done with sy EJP or Thomas Richards.