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The New Autonomia Operaia - back to the Catholic roots

"........Abbé Pierre, OFM Cap, GOQ (born Henri Marie Joseph Grouès;[1] 5 August 1912 – 22 January 2007) was a French Catholic priest, member of the Resistance during World War II, and deputy of the Popular Republican Movement (MRP)..........."

 Above image - The most famous theoretical father of Autonomia Operaia, Toni Negri.

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I believe this is in connection with the argument of the previous post, a very delicate matter the involvement in Italy of hight institutional powers with terrorism, (Red Brigades or Fascist terrorism), to not talk about the involvement of Catholic church & Jesuits with the 'revolutionaries' of the past three four decades.

Just only writing this text, without URLs, without pictures (I ll add them after) it causes problems with the Edit board of Blogger. Understood their methods? Living in Italy is like to feel hostage of a Terrorist Force. You (they make you) feel surrounded by their eyes which are the eyes of the common neighbor, in your district, in job, everywhere you find a person which is a spiritual militian of a whatsoever ideological perversion (Communism, Fascism, etc.) and woks as a volunteer in to suppress any form of Christendom. Living in this city is like ("like"???) to live in a city possessed by Satan. Well, but Satan knows well, I have surrended to Jesus Christ the Lord and my Savior, forever.

The previous post:

above image - Ugo Tognazzi 

".......Ugo Tognazzi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈuɡo toɲˈɲattsi]; 23 March 1922 - 27 October 1990) was an Italian film, TV, and theatre actor, director, and screenwriter........".

"......The students' rag-like spirit of Ugo Tognazzi peaked twenty years later when, in 1979, took part in one of the most sensational media jokes in Italian history: he agreed to be photographed handcuffed by fake policemen. It was a hoax set up by satirical weekly Il Male (The Evil). Three fake editions of the Il Giorno, La Stampa, Paese Sera [6] [7] "came out" with headlines announcing the arrest of the plaintiff, as the head ("grand old man") of the infamous Red Brigades.

Justifying the college prank said that at a time like this, he only claimed "the right to mock." In fact, the joke occurred after the raid of the "case April 7," in which the press drummed on the "hidden leaders" of the Red Brigades who had simulated the dissolution of "workers' power" [= Potere Operaio] to continue under the banner of "Workers' Autonomy" [= Autonomia Operaia] in the activity of flanking of subversion, which is why the title of Il Male with the old satirical joke, he added: "wanted Vianello [another actor friend of Tognazzi], the couple pretended to dissolve the days of One two three [a comic series]."

 The fake edition of the daily "Il Giorno" with the satirical fake discovery of the "true brain" behind the Red Brigades terrorist group.
Potere Operaio revolutionary movement was dissolved and the baton was moved in the hands of  Autonomia Operaia who was accused by prosecutor Calogero ("7 April case" judiciary process) to be the hidden supporter of Red Brigade terrorism:

"....Calogero on that occasion, in his capacity as deputy prosecutor in Padua, he authorized the arrest of prominent leaders of the Workers' Autonomy, including Toni Negri (Milan), Emilio Vesce (Padua) and Oreste Scalzone in Rome.

The hypothesis of the court (the so-called "theorem Calogero") was that leaders and activists of Autonomia Operaia "were the organizational brain of a proposed armed insurrection against the state power '[2]. 
Calogero was working also on Hyperion circle, [notice in the following ABE post the hunger strike of the priest in the cathedral of Turin - another Vaudoise connection]......

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Red Brigades and Hyperion: Vatican and Jesuit terrorist subversion?

...... but a providential leak of reserved info destroyed the inquiry:

 Calogero got wind of the involvement of the school Hyperion (Paris) in the activity of BR, but a leak made no fruitful investigation. [4]

Judge Pietro Calogero discovers evidence implying the involvement of the school in the activity of BR, but a providential escape of news published by Corriere della Sera, controlled by P2, defeats the upcoming search of the office of the school by the judiciary.

Therefore P2, Licio Gelli etc. supporting Red Brigades terrorism.

Well, the judge/prosecutor Calogero, why he was so stirred up against the Autonomia Operaia? Do you remember the previous post above mentioned where i told you about Red Brigades and other not-parliamenntary "revolutionary" movements, far left wing grops, as the enemy #1 of Partito Comunista Italiano? But  Calogero was considered "near" the Partito Comunista Italiano:

[OK i cannot access the sites, i believe they are blocking them]

teorema Calogero | Polvere da sparo
07/apr/2013 - Posts about teorema Calogero written by baruda. ... stata gestita e sostenuta da un giudice, Calogero, considerato 'vicino' al Partito Comunista. [= considered 'near' the Communist Party]

Partito Comunista Italiano | Polvere da sparo
07/apr/2013 - Posts about Partito Comunista Italiano written by baruda. ... e sostenuta da un giudice, Calogero, considerato 'vicino' al Partito Comunista.
[= considered 'near' the Communist Party]

"..... Word of Pietro Calogero, Attorney General of the Republic of Venice, the magistrate of April 7, the blitz in Political Science [university departmenet], the arrest of Toni Negri and the dismantling of what was defined as organised Workers' Autonomy [Autonomia Operaia]. There is not only the detailed reconstruction of the investigation, the defense of a research method, the black hole of Hypérion, the language school in Paris suspected of being the central CIA who exercised "control over characters and non-formal routes left-wing terrorism in Italy in order to adapt the policy to contain the advance of the strongest communist party in the West ', on which Calogero failed to investigate the way for a just leaked to the press, "probably orchestrated by the Italian secret services."
CIA? Catholics In Action? Was the Abbe Pierre a member of the CIA? or CIA was a tool of Catholics In Action? You had noticed that every time a Catholic priest appears on the stage, immediately from the backstage or from the audience it starts the loud noise of the accuses against the "USA".... Deception?

 Ok, as regard  the Abbe Pierre I already exposed the matter in those old posts in ABE blog (see above link). Let's come back to the Autonomia Operaia and Ugo Tognazzi.

As before exposed the joke of the satirical radical left wing magazine Il Male (= The Evil) ,  it consisted in to mocking of the work of investigation of the judge Calogero. It was like if a satirical magazine a day would fake the cover of the Financial Times with the false scoop that behind the crack of Lehman Brothers and the sequent world economical-financial crisis there was the Hollywood actor Robin Williams as mastermind. Therefore the Il Male/The Evil was collaborating in to protect the Autonomia Operaia in that moment accused to be fully involved in the terrorism of the Red Brigades. There were some masterminds of the terrorism in Italy and they had not to appear even not as suspicious ones. As pertain the Autonomia Operaia and his most important theoretical leader, Toni Negri, there were clear who were the true spiritual origins, but as they were so much absurd for the common naive mind of the average Italian mind, in such a way they had to remain. Toni Negri was a son of the Roman Catholic Social Doctrine in one of the most "white" (popish, Catholic) regions of Italy, the region Veneto bordering the region Trentino Alto Adige with her city Trento, both  in Northern Italy, in the Alp area.....:

Above image - Toni Negri
 "....The origins.
Autonomia Operaia based his thought on the ideological foundations of the working man [i.e. of the workers], that is a modern reinterpretation of Marxist thought, insisting on the concept of the autonomy of class and anti-authoritarianism. This line of thought had already been developed in the workers' power by what was then one of the main leaders of the Autonomia Operaia Toni Negri. Negri in a paper, after  the period when he was a  Member of Parliament, addressed the Catholic world and the DC*  describing the Autonomy [= Autonomia Operaia]:
"[...] a movement of Catholics [...] the Italian Solidarność, a tool against the alleged hegemony of Communist [i.e. of the Partito Comunista Italiano] labor movement ".
 *DC = Democrazia Cristiana party, the party of the Vatican in Italy.
The Old One behind the Red Brigades and the Communism in general was the Catholic theology and her daughter, the Social Doctrine, under the control of the Jesuit General Superior:

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First May, the feast of the Vatican pillage of heretics?

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