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cardinal Montini, the Rat-liner


Barry Chamish on beatification of pope Paul VI:

[I don't share the abortionist view of course. 
See also Douglas Willinger's:
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Vatican Bank Claims Holocaust Litigation - October 16, 2014].

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                                    THE VATICAN'S  NAZI SAINT
                                   by Barry Chamish

 The Vatican just called a gathering of church higher-ups to approve the promotion of Pope Paul the Sixth to sainthood. Of course, he had to do something miraculous to earn the title, and
a cockamamie crock was found to fit the bill. Apparently, before he died a pregnant woman sought his undivided wisdom in a worldly dilemma. Her fetus was found to be defective and her
baby would be born severely retarded. Her doctors recommended an abortion and thus she sought papal advice. Since the church is opposed to all abortion no matter what the circumstances, he told
her to have the child. And miracle of saintly miracles, she had the baby and today he is a mentally unchallenged teenager.
          And for that you get to be Saint Paul? How many mothers got the same advice, took it, and gave birth to much more unhappy stories? For whatever reasons I don't comprehend, whether
philosophical or personal, the Vatican's bishops are deeply divided over uplifting Paul to sainthood.
         So who better to provide answers was chief counsel of the Holocaust Victims Group, suing the Vatican for compensation, Dr. Jonathan Levy? What he told me was a far more disturbing reason for the schism than being reported. We all know of the Papal-nazi history beginning with war pope Pius and I had hoped ending with Pope Benedict who enjoyed Hitler Youth so much, he volunteered for the Wermacht. Being a nazi was no impediment to a papal post. It was practically a qualification.
         Then why is the Vatican covering up one little known historical fact about Pope Paul the 6th. He was in charge of the Vatican ratlines which saved the lives of tens of thousands of middle to
upper ranking Nazis after the war. After speaking with Dr. Levy by phone, I had him on my radio show. You MUST hear what he reveals. You have only a week to hear us at:

         Here is the thrust of  Dr. Levy's allegations:                                             

Pope Paul VI Beatification Overshadowed by Involvement in Nazi Ratline
Rome: On October 19, 2014, Paul VI (Monsignor Montini) in a solemn ceremony at the Vatican is to be beatified which is the first step to sainthood  A miracle, the curing of an unborn baby’s illness, has been attributed to Paul VI.  However, Holocaust Victims and their families from Eastern Europe who are locked in a decade’s long legal dispute with the Vatican over looted assets from the Second World War, question the saintliness of the man who as Vatican Secretary of State supervised the infamous Vatican ratline funded with Holocaust era loot.
The Vatican Ratline was a post war system of escape routes for Nazis fleeing Europe at the end of the Second World War.The Vatican version was centered at the Croatian Confraternity of Saint Jerome located in Rome at Via Tomacelli 132 just a block away from the Tiber River bridge and next to the sprawling Tomb of Augustus. 
The so called “Golden Priest” Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic, the Apostolic Vistator for Croatian matters, was the chief conductor of the Vatican ratline whose beneficiaries included major war criminals like Croatian mass murderer Ante Pavelic who escaped to Argentina in 1947 despite being responsible for the deaths of 500,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Other ratline escapees included the Nazi war criminals Klaus Barbie, Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichman.
The funds that ran the Vatican ratline were obtained from the treasuries of defeated Axis allies like Croatia, Hungary, and Romania and often contained victim loot transformed into Church property through a complex scheme involving deposits at the Vatican Bank.  Since 1998, the Holocaust victims have been seeking an accounting from the Vatican which has so far successfully resisted on grounds of sovereign immunity a long running lawsuit in the United States, a more recent EU Commission inquiry and direct claims lodged with the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy.
Declassified documents obtained by Holocaust Victims’ attorneys link Paul VI, then Vatican Secretary of State, to Draganovic and Pavelic. Former US Special Agent, William Gowen, who investigated the Vatican ratline in Rome 1946-1947, testified that Draganovic was supervised by Montini and that Draganovic boasted of a clandestine ten truck convoy of looted gold and valuables that pulled into St. Peter’s Square in 1946 right under the nose of the Allied authorities. The Holocaust Victim group is seeking an accounting and restitution of the looted assets used to fund the ratline. 
The Holocaust Victims’ lawyers have now released the transcripts of the entire Gowen deposition in hopes of bringing attention to the case. According to lead counsel, Dr. Jonathan Levy: “The real miracle is how the Vatican made countless millions in victim loot and major Nazi war criminals disappear with apparent impunity.  The Vatican must open its archives once for all.”
William Gowen who as a young Army CIC Special Agent fluent in Italian infiltrated the ratline and almost captured Pavelic at San Girolamo in 1947, endured four days of cross examination by Vatican attorneys in 2005 and 2006 and never wavered from his position.  The deposition in its entirety is now available.
William E W Gowen, Deposition December 12, 2005 Volume I Alperin v. Vatican Bank
Declassified Document on Montini’s Meetings with Pavelic
 For more information contact:
Dr. Jonathan Levy, Legal Representative for Holocaust Victims Group
+1 202-318-2406**
      While I had attorney Jonathan Levy on the phone, I sought his advice for Eric Phelps who had just been legally threatened for having the audacity to put a decade plus old
article of mine on his website. I read the threat to him, part of which stated:

Dr. Gabriel Lansky, Vienna, Austria;
We hereby inform you that we represent the legal interests of Dr. Grigory Luchansky. Your article available on    contains false allegations against our client ie he "appears on a CIA list of members of the Russian mafia."
...Your assertions, from a legal point of view, can be qualified as serious damage to reputation and simultaneous defamation of character...
should you not immediately remove the content at issue (you) provide us with many possibilities to initiate criminal, civil and well as
media-related proceedings against you...The Media Act provides for the legally enforceable right of reply, with which media owners can be ordered by the court to retract untrue
statements and pay a fine to those affected.

     Levy reacted quickly. "There is no Media Act in America, but Austria has one. In America writers and publishers are protected on two fronts. The first is Sullivan vs The New York Times
which, in 1964, ruled that all media are immune from liability claims unless proven to be intentionally reckless. This ruling backs the First Amendment which protects free speech. If after over ten years Luchansky is attacking Eric's site, something you don't know about is going on. By using thuggish deceit to scare him, he's doing Eric a big favor. And you too. I know your work and would assume
you were responsibly reporting."
    I assured Levy that every fact, quote and reference was accurate. And the writing would hold up in court.
    "Good. I'd love to see Luchansky waste his time proving your article is negligent in an American court. Whatever his real motives are, I don't think that would benefit them."
    Here's the relevant section of my suddenly rediscovered article:   

NATAN OF THE MAFIAAppeal To The Attorney General, Babel et al:

In the courtroom Sharansky categorically denied receiving $100,000 from Grigory Luchansky, while the latter confirmed under oath to giving Sharansky the money and gave the bank account number Sharansky asked the money be transferred to.Affidavit of Grigori Luchansky, Presented To Jerusalem District Court

I have met Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky about five times in Israel and abroad. Mr. Sharansky asked me for a contribution and I agreed to contribute the sum to an association whose account was in Bank Hapoalim.Haaretz, Akiva Eldar, 14/3/02

Kutzenov added that Luchansky complained to him that, "Sharansky promised to help get him a passport, got money, but did nothing. Later in 1996, I asked Sharansky why he didn't help Luchansky. Sharansky said he can't help him since Luchansky appears in first place on a CIA list of members of the Russian mafia."

Either Luchansky signed a false affidavit or Sharansky committed perjury.
Haaretz 12.3/04

Gavriella's car was discovered after he went to Grigori Lerner's office where he met with Sofa Landver, formerly a Labor Party member of the Knesset. Lerner was convicted on three attempts to bribe elected officials...His arrest in 1997 dragged a parade of politicians to the National Unit For Serious And International Crime Investigations including Natan Sharansky, who received a $100,000 contribution from Lerner, and Labour MK Shimon Peres, who had promoted the career of Sofa Landver from being his Russian teacher to being a Knesset member...From, How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Robert I. Friedman, Liberty Books

One politician already ensnared in the web of organized crime is Russian-born Natan Sharansky...Sharansky has publicly admitted that his party has accepted contributions from NORDEX president Grigori Luchansky. Officials from the US Congress, the State Department, and the CIA pleaded with Sharansky to sever his ties to Luchansky. Says Winer, "We told him about Luchansky's MO: bribery, influence peddling and that he was a bridge between governments and organized crime."
Sharansky simply refused.
In March, 2004, Sharansky took personal responsibility for securing the release of Jonathan Pollard, and wangled a law giving him 4.5 million shekels a year until Pollard's release. Pollard was not amused. On March 11.04 Pollard wrote Sharansky:

I am stunned that you have authored a bill that legislates political lassitude and financial corruption. As head of the committee to secure my release, it was your job to know about this law and do exactly that - secure my release - not provide additional funds for your office.Jerusalem Post 12/5/04 - Zelda Harris

I was in Moscow in 1977 when Sharansky was arrested and was partly responsible for bringing out legal documents to be used in his campaign for freedom. Now I feel it is time to say it like it is: I do not believe Sharansky was a sincere human rights activist. He used the platform to gain stardom at a time when Western eyes were focused on the Soviet Union. Once he got here, his lack of support from olim who had been his former compatriots showed what he really was: a self-seeker.


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