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Poverty and pauperism today as social tool for the modern Jesuits' [Satan's] crusades.

Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; 
neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment:.." 
[Exodus 23:2, KJB]

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 Above image - "Expression of militants Workers' Autonomy [Autonomia Operaia] "with three fingers raised" in the form of a P38 pistol."; the caption refers to another picture, but it fits 100% also for this one.

For Autonomia Operaia/Autonomy Workers see:



 Above images - 1 pope "P38" Francis SJ; 2 Meridiana airline company & Harlot of the pope; 3 the logo of Leoncavallo Communist illegally occupied center in MILANO for 39 years; 4 Arnaldo da Brescia, the symbol of what Jesuits want to destroy using the radical left wing mob ("Centri Sociali").

It is happening again. In the mid of seventies the Communist Party (PCI) in Italy was allured by the promises of power coming from sectors of the popish Democrazia Cristiana party. A great compromise was in sight in order for the Communist party to become a "responsable" force of government of the Capitalist society. At the same time the Jesuits launched against the Communist party the terrorism of Red Brigades. "Launched" because the Red Terrorists were framing the legal communists of the PCI who were constrained now to abandon the most possible any "revolutionary" ambition, in order to be not accused to be the occult backers of the Red Terrorism. This provoked a great retreat of the Communist party from the front of the radicalims in the society. As reaction the discontent of the society had no more a true representative in a well organized party (PCI), but was abandoned only to himself, in anarchy. Very quickly not-parliamenntary formation acquired the control of the protesting society, and they were mostly  pursuing a true revolutionary violent change of regime. Autonomia Operaia was the most important of such not-parliamentary, Communist revolutionary forces. Their slogan was "not with the Red Brigades, but also not with the State" (= with PCI as "responsible" force of government of Italy). From that point on, the civil and young society definitively was separated by the the PCI and was left alone, abandoned. Once this task was fulfilled, the PCI lost great part of control on the society for the sake of Democrazia Cristiana and Socialist Party, the not-parliamentary forces received a kick in their assess and went dismissed,  and the new generations were ready to fall in the pawns of the Berlusconi's apostate, anti-Christian and staunchly Catholic edonism. 

The path for the dismission of the Cold War was so built also in Italy.

Today history is repeating herself. Why prime minister Matteo Renzi, advised 'spiritually' by Fr. Enrico Deidda SJ, elected leader of the greatest leftist party (Democratic Party) in which the former Communist party is the most important pillar, is acting at the opposite of what should be a traditional (though only apparent and hypocrite) leftist policy? The reason is simple. Considering also the due differences, we are in the same condition of the seventies. Matteo Renzi must keep blocked the entire Democratic Party in a right wing policy because the discontent in the society must have no representatives in the parliament except some minor formations, and must explode un-controlled in the society. Stay sure that this explosion which is happening under your eyes will further destroy the credibility of Democratic Party. In the seventies what happened was a prelude for the end of the Cold War. Now we are seeing a prelude for the end of the Europe as we are knowing it. The New Generations must be trained by the Jesuits to become the true members of the true CIA, or CATHOLICS IN ACTIONS, to give the last deadly blow to an Europe based on the predominance of Northern Protestant led countries, and to give birth to a new Europe, based on the predominance of the Southern Catholic Confederates (the southern Catholic European countries) and in strict spiritual and religious alliance with the Eastern Roman Empire of Putin (Putin's Russia). 
The question of Douglas Willinger has now a plausible answer:
The slogans against Merkel are the daily 'bread' of the modern members of Autonomia  Operaia.

Going back to the roots of the Jesuits' criminal political pragmatism.

In 1487 the pope gathered a bunch of criminal, assassins, thieves and desperadoes alluring them with the plenty of the wealth of the "heretics", aka the Vaudoises of the Alps. Promising them total absolution from every sin (except the 'sin' of disobedience to the pope) and of every crime (except the 'crime' to rebel against the pope's will), they were guaranteed that they could have held every possession and wealth and estate they would have been able to grasp from every Vaudoise Christian they had assassinated.

This was the First Wave of Counter Reformation. As the number of criminals and desperados ready to do obey the order of Satan via his Jesuit worldly intermediation was insufficient to carry out the papal crusades against the Christians Vaudoises, Reformers, Anabaptist, Evangelicals,  etc., Jesuits needed of a system to increase their number. Therefore they decided to start the beginning of the s.c. "modern" world otherwise known as Second Wave of Counter Reformation. The Society of "Jesus" (but namely of Satan) would have been remained in the background and the dirty job would have carried out by the "modern" ideologies and by the puppets on whose brain such ideological software would have been installed (Marx, Nietzsche, Darwin, Julius Evola, etc.). To that purpose, in order to enormously increase the number of criminals and desperado in the secular society, the Vatican and the Jesuits equipped themselves with the powerful weapon of the economical and financial control in order to use it to cause severe famines and economical crisis which would have been transformed the great part of targeted civil society in the desired bunch of wicked criminals, disposed to commit every crime for the sake of the pope's dreams.  If you want to reduce the equation to the lesser terms getting rid of the deceptions, this is the religious core of the modern question of the poverty and of the distribution of the wealth in the world: to do no more or less what the pope tried to do in the 1487 crusade and many times before.

This is why the Jesuits and their lay cronies are today in the first line in every country always plotting and sabotaging every attempt of political and economical reformation of the secular systems. When they cannot do that directly the taks is assigned to the 'radicals' (radical right wing, Marxist-Leninists, etc. inspired politicians). Catholic and popish Italy is the marvelous example in front of the eyes of all the world. For this purpose the Jesuits uses the cunning tactic consisting in the proposal of absurd and extremely hurting Reformist policies in the parliaments and governments by them controlled via their puppets as for example the prime minister Matteo Renzi, an habitue of the spiritual exercises of the Jesuits (Fr. Enrico Deidda SJ). The Jesuitical purpose is to stir up the most radical left and right politicians in an opposition to the proposed reforms and with the intention to give further legitimation to the ideology of the "violent Revolution" change of society. 

Here, you have all confirmed:

Sunday, June 15, 2008
A Buried Standard

Therefore  it had to be Brescia, the city of Arnold of Brescia/Arnaldo da Brescia, the city chosen to inaugurate the month of November's clashes in the Italian streets. Riots and unrest must assume a very powerful Counter Reformation significance:


"........November 3, 2014
Brescia, boos and protests for Renzi. Clashes between self and the police: two wounded (loop)
Whistles, protests and slogans welcomed the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, in Brescia. On a couple of occasions, there were also clashes when social centers have tried to get around the security cordon: agents have rejected the advance with a charge and with the use of smoke. From the parade, loaded a couple of times by the police, they started throwing smoke bombs, eggs and some stone. By the demonstrators - some two hundred according to a first estimate - have risen repeated slogans against Matteo Renzi and, in general, against the labor policies. A policeman and a police officer, to whom the protesters tried to tear the defensive shield, were injured in scuffles, they have a prognosis of twenty, seven days respectively....".


Below: how Renzi today scientifically fired the revolutionary mob and the far left wing of the labor union CGIL, with a provoking speech, tailored to fire the belly of the squatters and other nostalgic of P 38 and Autonomia Operaia - we are again in the "Years of Lead"? (the lead of bullets):

"November 3, 2014 
There is a plan to divide the labor between employers and workers. The work is not political battleground. You can not take advantage of the pain of off workers, the unemployed, precarious. "

So the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi addressed the audience of industrial entrepreneurs in  Brescia, gathered in the assembly of the
local Confederation .

"If we lost two decades - said the Chairman of the Board - is because it is designed with demonstrations and protests to divide Italy in two," but "there is no double Italy, workers and employers: there an Italy one and indivisible and that Italy will not allow anyone to get off the war of words and not only linked to the world of work. "

Just the moment, however, we feel the urgent need for reform: "It is an opportunity open mind blowing, not seize it would be a serious mistake. If we do what we can, Italy the next few years will be the locomotive in Europe. But you have to have the courage to say it will be finished by the time the now or never. This is the sense of urgency that drives me and my government. "

Then Renzi hit back at those who have criticized recently: "We were a bunch of kids with no experience, no future. In three months we have stopped being children we have become an expression of the strong powers. We have become lonely men in charge. But there is a man in command, there are people asking to change forever. "

The presence of the Prime Minister was challenged by the social center 'Warehouse 47'. After the first attempt to break through to get as close as possible to the Palazzoli, the company that hosts the meeting of industry where there is also the prime minister, dismissed by the police, there was an attempt to compass the building. From the parade throwing eggs, smoke bombs and even some stone to the agents, who continue, even with blows of clubs, to prevent the march to approach the building.

      Some days before, end of October, only little after the proposal of beatification of the protector of Ustasa card. Montini: the pope openly blesses Communist "anti-Nazi" squatters ("social center") of Leoncavallo [and declares his Gnosticism praising the Theory of Evolution]. Notice: Leoncavallo Social Center is of MILANO. Only some tens of kilometers from Milano there's the city of BRESCIA:

The Pope called, Leoncavallo replies meeting at the Vatican

The spokesman of the historic social center of Milan: "An honor, Francis is a magnet"

Giambattista Anastasio

Milan, October 28, 2014 - Yet another miracle of Pope Francis, further proof that Leoncavallo, after 39 years lived dangerously between barricades, squatting, clashes with security forces and institutions, it is not the original one. Two separate but carried far away. Two curves that will lead to a historic meeting: this morning the "Mothers of Leoncavallo," the association which has always been the soul of the community center known more and noisy of Italy, will be received at the Vatican by Bergoglio.

  No private audience. At the side of the delegation of Via Watteau there will, in fact, representatives of hundreds of popular movements, many of them from South America, almost all born on the occasion of the first great social forum, what in 2001 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, developed the first manifesto against the distorted effects of globalization. Movements that combine temporary workers and farm laborers, natives and immigrants. To want the assizes was just Bergoglio, through the "Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace." The Pope called, Leoncavallo answers. Unprecedented: never  militants of Leoncavallo had crossed the threshold of St. Peter.

"The honor is all ours - pulled Daniele Farina, historical spokesman of Leonka [Leoncavallo] and now deputy of [party] Sel [Communist party, Sel stands for Sinistra Ecologia Libertà] - but please no sensationalism: the Pope has given a twist to the Church, has a different sensitivity towards the past." During the meeting we will talk about the need to give rights to those who still do not have them, migrants who struggles to find a living, "issues on which the Leoncavallo and movements in Porto Alegre are at the forefront not from [only] today." A dialogue between sensitivity [which] suddenly [are] close . "Pope Francis - said Farina - is sensitive to the problems of Latin America and the global South for obvious reasons. It opened in these worlds. It is a magnet. "And to think that only in August, in Milan, the center-right opposition was ready to promise to transform the classroom the City Council in Vietnam as soon as he landed on the desks the resolution by which the council led by Giuliano Pisapia intends to adjusts the community center. Nothing is never equal to itself. Prejudices excluded....".

".....The words of Pope Francis meeting with the basic movements Leoncavallo "at times seemed a lot more to the left than to the parties that they should be in their DNA." "Do not worry too much, Leoncavallo did not convert," they assured by the historic social center in Milan that he has heard "welcome" message Bergoglio. "We had the feeling of living in a world turned upside down - added - but the surprise, we learned, is part of our walk wondering."

The spirit in which the 'leonka' went to the Vatican is the same one that sent a delegation to Porto Alegre in 2002. "We realized that in that continent the languages ​​of change were two: that of the left, and that of social Catholicism. That global network of relationships that are opposed to globalization has continued to exist, to communicate and to fight in the great opportunities in the local and global meetings, even when the spotlight was turned off, so we did, and so our friends on other continents. "

Of course the Social Center Leoncavallo "didn't convert". Does a prostitute when she hires herself to the customer "convert" to eternal love for his customer? Absolutely NOT, because it is just for this precise reason, she receives the money from the sinful customer. Leoncavallo, Communists, revolutionaries, etc. receive their wage in the money of the popish and Jesuits' legitimization (absolution) of existence. No more or less than their predecessor in 1487.

Here is a pair of pictures of the "mothers of Leoncavallo" ("Mamme del Leoncavallo") holding "anti-Fascists" banners. The association was born from the necessity of organize the mothers whose sons were victims of Fascists, or police brutality or simply of jobs' accidents in the seventies:

For the Social Center (squatters, Communists etc.) see [notice how the occupied Social Center exhibit the signs of the struggle for the legalization of Marijuana; but this is another task for the radical left wing. To the 'revolutionaries'  is assigned the monopoly of every opposition against the prohibition for Cannabis. Jesuits  give to different substances different social significance in order to pursue in the society the Pharmacological Counter Reformation] :

 For the "Mothers of Leoncavallo" and the female symbolical figure see:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
The pope and his harlot: Meridiana.

...and as regard card. Montini the Rat-liner blessed in the same month by pope Francis SJ, see:

Saturday, November 1, 2014
cardinal Montini, the Rat-liner


  1. and for the cherry of the cake :

    Notorious 'Arbeit macht frei' gate stolen from Dachau death camp

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Thieves have stolen the iron gate to Dachau concentration camp bearing the Nazi slogan "Arbeit macht frei" (work sets you free measuring 190 by 95), the director of the memorial site in southern Germany and local police said on Monday.

    In December 2009 the "Arbeit macht frei" sign was stolen from the entry gate of the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Poland, by a Swedish man with far-right ties.


    Ever since the waldenses and pesky monks presence in Europe nobody likes being saved by works anymore(Mary-Diana is sad) the works salvation gate limited by 190 - 95 centimeters (theses) oops gate removed.

    1. I posted your comment also under

      .... as i believe deeply in connection with the events of the clashes with Nazis attacking the Islamic presence in Cologne, ancient 'hotbed' of Vaudoise Christians.