Sunday, November 23, 2014


 ....the brooker of Moloch:

The 5-pointed star of Hama$:

1) take care that no a single EURO or $ is invested in shelters for civilians

2) take care that the mainstream information system of the world is present in Gaza

3) provoke the Israeli Defense forces with Kassam Missiles

4) drag the fire in densely populated areas in order to increase the probability to obtain a massacre of children

5) show to the cameramen and journalists of all the world there invited the rests of massacred children

SAY "Stop the Massacre In Gaza" (University of Toronto Students) TO NOT SAY "Stop Hama$"???


Result: the Western world, dismayed by apocalyptic scenes of butchery, open the bank accounts and send to Hama$ millions of Euros and Dollars. 
Hama$ then with that money buys new rockets to fire on Israel and to ignite a new reaction and a new massacre.

Hama$ says that Israel "purposely" targets kindergardens.  In this way Hama$ demonstrates that they ARE aware their children are massacred and that they ADMIT they are doing nothing to save them, because if you know your enemy wants to murder your children the first thing you do you put in shelters your kids, but "no more butchered kids - no more money from the Western world". 

This is Hama$.

I was right in my posts on Avles Beluskes Exposed years ago. Those Arab children must be murdered also because with their warm blood the hate of the anti-Israeli "pacifists" can be fired throughout all the world. I named them: Pacif(asc)ists.
[Meanwhile the Jesuits are scratching their hands hoping to see the entire world stirred up against Israel, constrained to deliver Jerusalem to the Vatican sovereignity ("UN")]

But this is the business of Hama$. This is the business of Moloch:

"...Palestinian economists estimate that the number of Palestinians who earned more than $1 million from the tunnels’ economy ranges from 1,000 to 1,200 individuals. However, the number of Gaza inhabitants who may be identified as “millionaires,” is about half that.(.......) 
 Later, after Mohammad Morsi’s fall in Egypt, by July 2013 Qatar has transferred another amount of $350 million and later on another $100 million donation was received. In these cases, the money was received by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Originally a refugee from Al Shati refugee camp near Gaza, Haniyah today is worth at least $4 million—and some portion of the funds he received have been used to buy land and houses which are registered in the names of his family members.....(.....)....
Another reason why public criticism may be rare is that the consequences can be severe: During Protective Edge, 20 people were shot in public in Gaza after summary trials in which they were accused of being “collaborators with the enemy.” Needless to say, the precise nature of their “collaboration” was murky. Gazans who did demonstrate against the Hamas leadership were also beaten, shot, and in some cases, executed. Corruption in the Palestinian territories still prevails.
 ....etc. etc.

Friday, July 25, 2014
"Nowhere to run" [Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, YOU are accusing yourself].


  1. 'Pacifascist' is an absolutely correct characterization of much of the 'Gaza' movement: they are pro mass murder and anti free speech-pro censorship- i busted some of these types this September at CCR:

    1. Yes, that type fits exactly, they are in great part leftists, in order to hide the connection Arafat with his uncle muftì of Jerusalem:

      I - great Muftì Al Husseini

      In Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini attended a Qur'anic school (kuttub), and Ottoman government secondary school (rüshidiyye) where he learnt Turkish, and a Catholic secondary school run by French missionaries, the Catholic Frères, where he learnt French.[13]

      In September, the French decided to organize his transfer to an Arab country. Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Yemen were considered and diplomatic contacts were made with their authorities and with the Arab League.[181]
      On 29 May, al-Husseini left France on a TWA flight for Cairo using a fake Syrian passport. It took more than 12 days for the French Foreign Minister to realize he had fled, and the British were not able to arrest him in Egypt.[181]
      On 12 August 1947, al-Husseini wrote to French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault, thanking him for French behavior towards him and suggesting that France continue this policy to increase its prestige in the eyes of all Muslims. In September, a delegation of the Arab Higher Committee went to Paris and proposed that Arabs would adopt a neutral position on the North African question in exchange of France's support in the Palestinian question.[181]


    2. "..... Above image - the cover of the book "Icon of Evil". [See References].
      "...... Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, is Arafat's “hero”
      Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin | Augustus 05 2002 | Itamar Marcus
      Posted on lunedì 5 agosto 2002 20:50:10 by knighthawk
      In an interview this week Arafat called the Arab leader and Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, “our hero”. Arafat referred to “our hero Al Husseini" as a symbol of withstanding world pressure,......."

      Friday, November 16, 2012