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Israel of the Alps: 1700 years of persecutions


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Anyway it is a tremendous argument, the continue persecution of Christians of this country, Italy.
When the 2WW finished, the just-built political seat of the Synagogue of Satan, the Vatican [Lateran Treaty], needed to erase from the perception of the masses the religious question of the overwhelming power and arrogance of Catholicism in the society. For this purpose Stalin was allowed to conquer the entire Eastern Europe, in order to build a new threat with which to hide the Vatican arrogance: Red sand in the eyes of the people.

One of the most important political goals of the Satanic Jesuits in Italy, was to spread  the Communist, atheist, materialist philosophy and ideology in the society and in the culture. 
Here you have the reason why after the 2WW the country was not cleansed by the Fascists who remained inside the highest institutions as well in the army and in the police: because the predominance of the Marxism and Gramsci was not an "effect" of the Cold War, but a lucid scheme of the Jesuits, and an highly Fascistic police was the insurance that Marxism would have filled only the culture.

Marxist' philosophy considers the religion a disguise of the "bourgeois' exploitation". A veil with which to hide the economical interest. Marxists call it an "over-structure" of the relation between social and economical classes. Therefore for the Marxism the "religion" can exist only where there's a clear economical interest. Communist (Marxists) consider the Protestantism the most fitted "deception" of the capitalist exploitation, and defend the Catholicism as belonging to an "ancient surpassed feudal society". Therefore for the Marxists there would not exist a strong Christian "movement" (= church) in the Middle Age, outside the Catholic church and with many characteristics as the Protestant Reformation, which Communists believe appeared only as "precursor" of the hated bourgeois class.

For Communists there's only a model of man, the one who think only to earn money and adapt his/her religious convictions to appease the source of the earnings. Clearly, Vaudoises, Patarenti, Novatians, Donatists, Albigenses, Cathari, Anabaptists, etc., were simply the denial of the Marxist's philosophy. They were Christians who preferred to die or to be expropriated instead to accept the church of Satan, the Catholic church. They were the complete denial of any kind of modern concept of the humans, based on the selfishness and interest. For this reason the best way to destroy their presence as spiritual heritage in the culture of a society (Italian society) is to fill it with the Marxist Dioxin, no more or less than the US. Air Force, obeying to cardinal Spellman, filled the Vietnam rice fields with it in order to starve the Viet Cong (and they called the Dioxin "Agent Orange"). 

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"...religion is the mathematics of the poor in spirit"

Communists and Marxists, therefore, will ever fight to death in order to deny the existence of the Perpetuity of the church of Christ since the Apostolic age, consisting in those many denominations (Vaudoises etc.), 

Any perception of the Christianity as a church continually existed outside the organized powers of states, armies, polices, and only by the will of GOd, since the Itala Bible, and outside the Catholic church, must be destroyed in the Italian universities, in the schools, in the culture, everywhere, by the hands of the intellectual mercenaries of the Society of "Jesus" (of Satan).

This is why Catholicism is the first responsible of the spreading of Communism (and tons of Gnosticism) in the Italian society, in the culture, university, etc. because the Jesuits' motto is always: "Better Communists than Vaoudoises", "better Marxists than Christians".

As indeed the Italian society brilliantly demonstrates, being nowadays a bunch of pagans and, with the economical crisis, a creepy host of savage haters of God.


And Moses took the bones of Joseph with him: 
for he had straitly sworn the children of Israel, saying, 
God will surely visit you; and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you.
 Exodus 13:19

*   *   *

Above image - The mole Antonelliana: "....The building was conceived and constructed as a synagogue. The Jewish community of Turin had enjoyed full civil rights since 1848, and at the time the construction of the synagogue began, Turin was the capital of the new Italian state, a position it held only from 1860 to 1864.....(......)....The relationship between Antonelli and the Jewish community was not happy. He proposed a series of modifications which raised the final height to 167.5 meters, over 46 meters higher than the dome in the original design. Such changes, in addition to greater costs and construction time than were originally anticipated, did not please the Jewish community and construction was halted in 1869, with a provisional roof.....(....).... In 1876, the Jewish community, which had spent 692,000 lire for a building that was still far from finished, announced that it was withdrawing from the project. The people of Turin, who had watched the synagogue rise skyward, demanded that the city take over the project, which it did. An exchange was arranged between the Jewish community and the city of Turin for a piece of land on which a handsome Moorish Revival synagogue was quickly built.

Above image - The Museo Egizio - Turin

".....The Museo Egizio is a museum in Turin, Italy, specialising in Egyptian archaeology and anthropology. It houses the world's second largest collections of Egyptian antiquities after Cairo. In 2006 it received 554,911 visitors.[1].....
In 1824, King Charles Felix acquired the material from the Drovetti collection (5,268 pieces, including 100 statues, 170 papyri, stelae, mummies, and other items), that the French General Consul, Bernardino Drovetti, had built during his stay in Egypt. In the same year, Jean-François Champollion used the huge Turin collection of papyri to test his breakthroughs in deciphering the hieroglyphic writing.......".

Turin is the head city of Piedmont.

Jean-François Champollion (23 December 1790 – 4 March 1832) was a French scholar, philologist and orientalist, decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Champollion published the first translation of the Rosetta Stone hieroglyphs in 1822, showing that the Egyptian writing system was a combination of phonetic and ideographic signs.


There's no doubt why about the foundation of the Egyptian Museum in the city of Turin, in front of the Israel of the Alps. It is Satan giving a warning: "You have me not killed in the Red Sea, and I will take you again prisoners".

This is consequential after you ascertain that the Christianity is simply the branches of the wild olive tree grafted in the God's olive tree, the holy promise done by God to Abraham. And once you become grafted there, the best proof is the persecution you start to be at the center of. Vaudoises knew something about.

Also the pope bears the two keys of Janus and Cybele and of the Pharaoh. And the Vatican flag, is white and yellow, therefore Silver and Gold, the colors related to the two keys which, in Gnosticism,  represent in-carnation and  de-carnation:

".....Egyptologists are in the dark about her name and don't seem to understand that she was called this way, because there are actually two portals both to and from the Netherworld for the Ba to descend into the physical plane (Silver Gate) and ascend from the physical plane (Golden Gate)...." [excerpt quoted in:]

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Millennium pope - hellgate ( pt 2 )

The title of the book "Israel of the Alps" [see link on right side of this blog] therefore renders the true spiritual concept. As the Hebrews and the gospel of the Old Testament were not originated from the Egyptian culture, but were existing well before it, from the origin of the world in the Eden, similarly the true church of Christ didn't originate from a dissident branch from within the Catholic church, but was existing well before the foundation of it, as the true church of Christ from the Apostolic age to our days:

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Carcasses and the word of God.

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Anabaptist bread-With Catholic leaven 2: Rockefeller by Association

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