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The Paulicians as Part of the Baptist Folkway [from web page]

 "....So, were the Paulicians part of a remnant of grace existing outside the Catholic/Eastern Orthodox religion during the dark millennium? Yes, they seem to have been. We should understand that God’s Word teaches that Christians will be a remnant in the world. Just as God reserved for Himself a remnant in Old Testament Israel during a time of even the deepest apostasy, so also does God call out people unto Himself who serve as His witnesses in this present age. Paul wrote under inspiration,

”Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.” (Romans 11:5)....."
The Paulicians - What Were They?

 I was not aware about the existence of this short but very interesting study which resembles another one, the excellent "THE WALDENSES WERE INDEPENDENT BAPTISTS", especially for what pertains the logical and spiritual conclusions. 
 All that confirms not only the Orthodox-Gnostic crusade against the Paulicians, the Cathars of the Middle East who were simply Christians who kept themselves as much as possible adherent to and inspired by the genuine doctrine of Jesus Christ as transmitted by the Apostle Paul, but also the consequent restless war on the same Paul's gospel, a war which continues today and whose benefits are for the attorneys of Satan, Byzantine as well Roman one.
----> by Christo Stiliyanov:

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The sarcophagus of paulicanism

  Tuesday, November 25, 2014
"Down with Paul!" - Gnostic slandering against Paulicians


  1. And this is the precise reason why bulgaria is hit with the economic and ideological weapons of the catho-gnostics much worse than our neighbours. We were one of the biggest conduits of the faith from greece and mala-asia (turkey) to northern europe. There is now no trace of biblical christianity outside the three-four baptist families whom I know and who are mostly working with the turkish and gypsy minority. The antichrist has been griven green light to ravage and desolate this country spiritually after hundreds of years of revivals.

    1. Of course! see from THE AGES DIGITAL LIBRARY
      by William Jones

      "........(.....)...Sometimes they received their name from their manners, as
      “Catharists,” (Puritans) and from the foreign country whence it was
      presumed they had been expelled, they were called “Bulgarians” or
      Bougres......(.....)....But the blood of the martyrs again became the seed of the
      church; and in Bulgaria, Croatia, Dalmatia, and Hungary, churches were
      planted, which flourished throughout the thirteenth century, and which are
      said to have owed their rise chiefly to the labors of one Bartholomew, a
      native of Carcassone, a city not far distant from Toulouse, in the south of
      France, and which may be not improperly termed the metropolis of the
      Albigenses.[of course after the original Bogomiles-Paulicians were persecuted in Bulgaria and Dalmatia, Istria etc.]....(.....)....We are further informed by Reinerius Saccho, that in his time, the
      Waldenses had their churches at Constantinople and Philadelphia, in
      Sclavonia, Bulgaria, and Diagonitia. Yignier reports, that after the
      persecution of Picardy, they dispersed themselves into Livonia and
      Sarmatin. And, it is added by Matthew Paris, that they had spread
      themselves as far as Croatia and Dalmatia, where their profession prevailed
      to that degree, that they had won over several (Catholic) bishops to their
      party.[probably Reinerius Saccho was labelling Paulicians as Waldenses or probably there were already religious contact between them a sort of collaboration like among different Baptist congregations]...."