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Bach's wife [Gnostic Front/Jesutism attacking the Reformation]


"Behind every great man there's a great woman"

[adopted as a feminist slogan]

  "17This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, 
that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind," 

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Above image - did really Martin Luther hammer his 95 Thesis at the Wittenberg Cathedral's door or the event has been fabricated  in order to infiltrate the figure of the Reformer with the microchips of Gnosticism? The Cathedral and the door are powerful female symbols, the womb and the female genital organ. Did gnosticism find also for doc. Martin Luther the perfect wife,  SOPHIA?
Reformation Day is a religious holiday celebrated on October 31, alongside All Hallows' Eve, in remembrance of the Reformation, particularly by Lutheran and some Reformed church communities. It is a civic holiday in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as in Slovenia (since the Reformation contributed profoundly to that nation's cultural development, although Slovenes are mainly Roman Catholics). It has also been a national holiday in Chile since 2009.[1]
According to Philipp Melanchthon, writing in 1546, Luther "wrote theses on indulgences and posted them on the church of All Saints on 31 October 1517", an event now seen as sparking the Protestant Reformation.[6] Some scholars have questioned Melanchthon's account, since he did not move to Wittenberg until a year later and no contemporaneous evidence exists for Luther's posting of the theses.[7].......
The parish order for the New Church in Regensburg states that the Reformation of the city is to be observed the first Sunday after October 15, every year. This document may be from 1567, however the dating is uncertain.[citation needed] The 1569 church order in Pomerania states that the Reformation was to be observed on St. Martin's Day, which falls on November 11. The hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, celebrated throughout the Protestant areas of Germany, was observed from October 31 to November 1, 1617, but a standard annual observance began much later, sometime after the two hundredth anniversary commemoration in 1717..........."
[= Masonry Foundation Day - another Gnostic mocking against the Reformation]

    Below article: beside the origin of all, at the age of the Babel's Tower (Cush, Nimrod & Semiramis), here there's a further confirmation of Stiliyanov's research about Sophia/Gnosis/Samaritan/Simon as true origin of Catholicism. Final completion of the work: by Origen.....:

"...Did Bach’s wife write his finest works?

Martin Jarvis, professor of music at Charles Darwin University in Australia, claims some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best-loved works were actually written by his wife 


10:00PM BST 25 Oct 2014


Forensic analysis of some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best-loved works proves they were actually written by his wife, an academic has claimed.
Martin Jarvis, professor of music at Charles Darwin University in Australia, argues that Anna Magdalena, Bach’s second wife, was actually the composer of some of his major works, including the Cello Suites. 
(........) blah blah blah
Anna Magdalena Bach, born in 1701, was Bach’s second wife, an accomplished singer and known copyist. The pair married in 1721.
According to Prof Jarvis, they could actually have met as early as 1713, after he found handwriting matching hers on documents from the period.
Many of her papers are said to have been destroyed after her death, leaving little trace of her legacy.  [....OH - really????]
Prof Jarvis, from Wales, said people felt threatened and embarrassed by his revelation, as well as being “frightened of ridicule” if they publicly back him.
The documentary, entitled Written by Mrs Bach, argues that Anna wrote the Cello Suites, the aria from the Goldberg Variations, and even the first prelude of the Well-tempered Clavier: Book I.
Ms Harralson said: “I think she is the author. The evidence is more in her favour than it is in Bach’s.”

Charles Darwin University:

 From a comment of Christo Stiliyanov in

But for the despicable gnostics, there is no fear of death, neither the judgement day. They all think its a video game (matrix), where they get "restarted" again and again until they figure out how to defeat God and go to heaven. Students of Origen, who introduced gnosticism, egyptian mysteries and greek philosophy into the church.
Joseph W. Trigg has aptly remarked that "[t]he fall, for Origen, did not impair an already existing material world but brought it into existence. The material world for him is God's provision for rational creatures who have failed to abide with God." [49] Rather than being a prison in which souls are unjustly contained, as the Gnostics insisted, or a mere shadow or image of the pure intelligible realm, as the Platonists believed, the cosmos, for Origen, is a realm distinctly tailored to (and by) the existential situation of free rational beings. However, far from being a neutral realm, the cosmos is a tool - the most powerful tool - of divine pedagogy;.....".

      Evolutionism and the Marx_Hegel Gnostic doctrine of the history 'evolving' through the war between economical social classes (dialectic materialism) are true legitimate Catholic daughters of Origen's Gnosticism. They are that 'divine pedagogy' traced back to Origen.

Where else did we see something that could allegorically resemble the Bach's "hidden secret" revealed just-in-time for the Reformation Day?

  Wednesday, October 22, 2014
The pope and his harlot: Meridiana.
The lover of the Pope

Female demon that is claimed was loving the chief scholar and mathematician Gerbert of Aurillac, who would become the "millennium Pope" because he held the pontificate between 999 and 1003 under the name of Sylvester II.

During the four years in which the wise presided over the church, struggling with fervor and unsuccessfully against the growing simony that annihilated the institution, [Meridiana] accompanied him and remained his succubus and also attempted to defeat the spirit merchants.

The legend says that her love and respect for him were so intense, that she gave up immortality to follow him to the grave, and to rest on a side of the coffin containing the remains of Sylvester, in the Roman basilica of St. John Lateran.

From time to time, as a sign or testimony that no one has been able to interpret, from the common grave of the lovers emerges a kind of sweat....."

 петък, 3 октомври 2014 г.

Now the sect of the Samaritan Simon, from whom all the heresies took their origin, was composed of the following materials.
He took round with him a certain Helen, a hired prostitute from the Phoenician city Tyre, after he had purchased her freedom, saying that she was the first conception (or Thought) of his Mind, the Mother of All, by whom in the beginning he conceived in his Mind the making of the Angels and Archangels. That this Thought, leaping forth from him, and knowing what was the will of her Father, descended to the lower regions and generated the Angels and Powers, by whom also he said this world was made. And after she had generated them, she was detained by them through envy, for they did not wish to be thought to be the progeny of any other. As for himself, he was entirely unknown by them; and it was his Thought that was made prisoner by the Powers and Angels that has been emanated by her. And she suffered every kind of indignity at their hands, to prevent her reäscending to her Father, even to being imprisoned in the human body and transmigrating into other female bodies, as from one vessel into another.[7] She also was in that Helen, on whose account the Trojan War arose; wherefore also Stesichorus[8] was deprived of his sight when he spake evil of her in his poems; and that afterwards when he repented and wrote what is called a recantation, in which he sang her praises, he recovered his sight. So she, transmigrating from body to body , and thereby also continually undergoing indignity, last of all even stood for hire in a brothel; and she was the "lost sheep."  (You can see who is going to repair this great indignity)
3. Wherefore also he himself had come, to take her away for the first time, and free her from her bonds, and also to guarantee salvation to men by his "knowledge."........... ...................... For as the Angels were mismanaging the world, since each of them desired the sovereignty, he had come to set matters right; and that he had descended, transforming himself and being made like to the Powers and Principalities and Angels; so that he appeared to men as a man, although he was not a man; and was thought to have suffered in Judæa, although he did not really suffer.........".
 [Edited post 31 Oct 2014, three hours later after publishing it: added Stiliyanov's The muse(s) of Jeromepost: ]

"......Jerome's enemies found that his denunciations of clerical indulgence and advocacy of self-denial were odd when they considered his close relationship with Paula.[8] An amorous relationship between Jerome and Paula was suggested as having occurred.[9]
Paula helped Jerome in his translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. The work was done at her suggestion, and she provided the reference works necessary for the undertaking. Being versed in Hebrew, she edited Jerome's manuscripts. She and her daughter Eustochium copied the work for circulation.[10]......" [Wikipedia on S. Paula]

петък, 31 октомври 2014 г.
The muse(s) of Jerome

On the theme "Sophia"/Gnosticism I warmly suggest to you the blog of Christo Stiliyanov:



  1. "behind every man...", the "inspiration" of every man is a woman, a MUSE

    That is the gnostic teaching of the holy spirit being FEMALE[sophia],inSPIRING men

    The Muses (Ancient Greek: Μοῦσαι Mousai; perhaps from the o-grade of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- "think")[1] in Greek mythology, poetry and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts.

    According to Pausanias in the later 2nd century AD,[2] there were THREE ORIGINAL MUSES, worshiped on Mount Helicon in Boeotia.

    The Library of ALEXANDRIA and its circle of scholars formed around a mousaion ("MUSEUM" or shrine of the Muses) close to the tomb of Alexander the Great. Many Enlightenment figures sought to re-establish a "Cult of the Muses" in the 18th century. A famous Masonic lodge in pre-Revolutionary Paris was called Les Neuf Soeurs ("the nine sisters", that is, the nine Muses) - Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Danton, and other influential Enlightenment figures attended it

  2. What do we have HERE?!?!?:

    Saint Paula

    Saint Paula or "Saint Paula of Rome" (347–404)[4] was an ancient Roman saint and early Desert Mother

    Jerome's enemies found that his denunciations of clerical indulgence and advocacy of self-denial were odd when they considered his close relationship with Paula.[8] An amorous relationship between Jerome and Paula was suggested as having occurred.[9]

    PAULA HELPED JEROME IN HIS TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. The work was done at her suggestion, and she provided the reference works necessary for the undertaking. Being versed in Hebrew, she edited Jerome's manuscripts. She and her daughter Eustochium copied the work for circulation.[10]

    1. I think there's all clear. I would add that when Martin Luther allegedly hammered the 95 Thesis or, more right interpretation, when he developed them, he was still in the celibate, but, cause the doctrinal brutal opposition, he DIVORCED from the previous 'wife', the church of Rome, with whom he was 'married' when consecrated priest/monk, therefore HE WAS WITHOUT 'WOMAN' when he brought to life the 95 Thesis, who have no else origin if not in the faith in Jesus Christ the Lord and in no metaphorical, gnostic, satanic 'woman'.

      I edited the post adding your:

      петък, 31 октомври 2014 г.
      The muse(s) of Jerome

    2. Think about this. In the days of Wittenberg U. the "church door" acted as a bulletin board. That is common knowledge. When scholars wished to debate amongst themselves, the church door at the university was the medium of communication, like a postal service.

      There was no postal service at that time. You had to hire a courier, if you wanted a letter delivered to a select person(s). [like Luther did send a copy to the Archbishop, Albert of Mainz, and the bishop of Brandenburg.]

      It is logical to assume that Luther did indeed nail his "95 points of discussion" to the church door at Wittenberg U. This was not at first a challenge to the church of Rome. It was simply a civil request for answers.

      We don't need anymore physical evidence (eyewitnesses, photo, whatever) than we need to understand that the American founders, and other literates understood "national born citizen" (via "Law of Nations") at the time of the composition of the U.S. Constitution.

    3. Yes, I imagined that soon or later someone would have done such observation. But I believe it is not a matter if that was common way to spread communication etc. the fact is that THAT fact was chosen allegedly cause the powerful symbolism. Who cares if ALL the students etc. were hammering there their communications? If it was so COMMON probably there could have been many other events more important to constitute an irreversible break in the Luther's career and theology, but they could have been with lesser allegorical significance (fore example a stormy discussion in a commission in a council etc.).

      The cathedral is the FEMININE womb representing Sophia/Gnosis/Muses from where allegedly it arrives the 'insipiration' for the Luther's thesis. - this is the Gnostic truth behind the Catholic obsessive worshipping of the 'mother' of God (recycled in ecology with "mother Earth", then you have many other "mothers"). At the opposite: if this was the common way to spread, was maybe because the hidden occult Gnostic symbolism? ("you have no true idea to communicate if not 'born' from the womb of the cathedral/Sophia"). Here give a look to the second author (as regard importance, the first was Origen) of the corrupted Roman Catholic 'Bible' ----->