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S. Francis. "S" for "Satanist".



TODAY'S CELEBRATIONS fall 75 years after the proclamation of St. Francis and St. Catherine of Siena, by Pope Pius XII, primary patrons of Italy; for that, with the 2005 Act, officially became the "Day of peace, brotherhood and dialogue between members of different cultures and religions." The premier Matteo Renzi, along with Stefania Giannini, Minister of Education, attended the mass in the upper Basilica presided over by Cardinal Agostino Vallini, vicar of the Holy Father for the city of Rome, with the assistance of Cardinal Attilio Nicora, Papal Legate to Basilicas in Assisi, and with the participation of well-hundred twenty-three bishops and priests. The Mass was preceded by The acceptance of the authority of his father Mauro Gambetti, Keeper of the Sacred Convent. During the celebration of the Eucharist in the Upper Basilica, Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome, has lit the votive lamp of Italian Municipalities. On behalf of the Lazio many civil and religious authorities, and 5 thousand pilgrims. Given the influx of visitors and considered the capacity of the Basilica of San Francesco, a large screen was placed outside the building sacred to allow everyone present, from the lawn in front of the upper church to attend the ceremonies.

AFTER the premier Renzi, the Loggia del Sacro Convento overlooking the lower square of St. Francis, gives the "message to Italy." In addition to the prime minister, are planned interventions Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region, Bishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, the city's mayor seraphic Claudio Ricci, Father Marco Tasca, Minister General of the Conventual. Renzi will also visit the tomb of St. Francis and then have lunch with the friars of the Sacro Convento. In the afternoon, at 16, in the Lower Basilica, you will then Vespers presided over by Monsignor Gino Reali, Bishop of Porto-Santa Rufina, regional delegate for the pilgrimage to Assisi. At the end there is a long line up to the Basilica Superiore Italy for the blessing imparted with the autograph of the blessing of St. Francis. Occasion will be distributed olive branches and will run the Canticle of the Creatures.

YESTERDAY MEANWHILE, in Santa Maria degli Angeli were held ceremonies in remembrance of the Transit of St. Francis in the morning Mass presided by Brother 'Claudio Durighetto, Minister Provincial of the Friars Minor and Umbria, in the evening, the first vespers, officiated by Monsignor Delio Lucarelli, Bishop of Rieti. Margherita Coletta Caruso has served as Frate Jacoba, the Roman noblewoman who attended St. Francis dying cloth offering the heron, the candles, the incense and mostaccioli. Margherita Coletta then received recognition 'Silver Rose Frate Jacoba 2014' for his efforts on behalf of children in several countries.....".
"......The wolf of Gubbio was a wolf that, according to the Fioretti di San Francesco,[1] terrorized the city of Gubbio until it was tamed by St. Francis of Assisi acting on behalf of God. The story is one of many in Christian narrative that depict holy persons exerting influence over animals and nature, a motif common to hagiography.......
According to tradition, Gubbio gave the wolf an honorable burial and later built the Church of Saint Francis of the Peace at the site. (!!!!!!) During renovations in 1872, the skeleton of a large wolf, apparently several centuries old, was found under a slab near the church wall and then reburied inside.[2]

  "......Since Satanism stands for acceptance of Man as an animal, there have often been creators in many past cultures who embraced this insight and explored it in the context of their society, thus we seek out these artisitic and philosophical expressions and see them to be the roots of our current awareness.
As you can see, there are no elements of Devil worship in the Church of Satan. Such practices are looked upon as being Christian heresies; believing in the dualistic Christian world view of “God vs. the Devil” and choosing to side with the Prince of Darkness. Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. To the Satanist, he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates. 
Man is an animal, and must go back to acting like one—not soiling his own lair as only twisted humans do....................."
[Notice the dialectical trick of Satan: to let his puppets to declare they are "god of themselves" in order to refuse the Lord. Satans doesn't pretend direct worship if not in the form of a denial of God and an exaltation of the proper body, the new house of Satan]

[The Satanic Bible is a collection of essays, observations, and rituals published by Anton LaVey in 1969. It contains the core principles of LaVeyan Satanism, and is considered the foundation of its philosophy and dogma.[1]]
The prologue to The Satanic Bible begins by discussing the concept of gods, good and evil, and human nature. It includes the Nine Satanic Statements:

  1. Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!
  2. Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams!
  3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit!
  4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!
  5. Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!
  6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires!
  7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all!
  8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!
  9. Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years![41]

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. [Matthew 7:15 (KJV)]

"[14:46:17] Roncelli Edoardo: BECAUSE HE WAS GIVING OPPOSITE MESSAGE OF JESUS WHEN JESUS SAID THIS: 15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
[14:47:57] Roncelli Edoardo:"
If you cannot openly deny what told by Jesus, just deny that all the wolves are bad guys.

 Above image - ".......The Führer (Poglavnik) Pavelic in the military boots beloved of fascist leaders
is surrounded by Franciscans. “Upon the establishment of the Ustasha Regime
[led by Pavelic] individual Franciscan priests deserted their vocations and
incited attacks on Serb and Roma settlements, tortured, killed and expropriated
their victims in dozens of villages in Croatia and Bosnia. [...] OFM [the Franciscans]
did not actively seek out and punish most priests associated with the Ustasha
during the Second World War despite knowledge of their activities.” [6]
And the Vatican did nothing..........".

".......Miroslav Filipović (5 June 1915 – 1946), also known as Tomislav Filipović and Tomislav Filipović-Majstorović, was a Croatian Nazi collaborator and a convicted war criminal. During World War II in Yugoslavia, he participated in mass murder of Serbs and other non-Croats by the Croatian Ustaše regime, particularly in the Jasenovac concentration camp. His actions in the camp earned him the nickname The Devil of Jasenovac.[1] Initially a Roman Catholic military chaplain of the Franciscan Order, Filipovic was expelled from the Franciscan Order before the war had ended,[2] but not excommunicated by the Catholic Church.[3][4] During the war, Filipović was convicted of war crimes by a German military court, and after the defeat of the Ustaše, a Yugoslav civil court had him hanged..........".
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Ustasha was Roman Catholic ISIS

  ".....Hieronymus had at his disposal all the still existing scriptures about the teachings of Jesus available at that time. He knew very well, for instance, that Jesus ate no meat and also taught that one should love the animals and not kill them.....
The Jesuit abstention from meat was Absolute Law­ways a thorn in the side of the church.

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Universelles Leben: worshipping LEGION through 'vegetarianism'?


  1. You can look at current pope Francis as the "beastmaster", spiritual dominator, same way old St Francis tamed wild animals and spiritually speaking, muslims etc. Recall how Nimrod was the hunter, but in the same manner, (according to jewish apocrypha/tradition) tamed wild beasts with apparent ease. In other words he made "peace" between men and fallen creation. Like we have discussed before (from Hislop)exploited the inner and outer demons/fears of mankind. Only this time these beasts/demons/tribulations are caused by the Beast himself. He really does cast out devils by the prince of the devils! HE is the king of the beasts!

    Also, this ties in with the urbanisation (feudalisation), that perfectly satanic system that was developed in the middle ages and if you transduce this principle to worlwide panhistorical scale, you get the roman catholic superempire that will be the haven for those who fear the destruction of the body more than they fear the destruction of the soul. In other words you get to eat on the table of nimrod and his god-hating buddies or you get killed.

    1. Nimrod means "subduer of the Leopard" or similar animal. God protected the righteous from the savage side of the creation and from the evil side of the men; the fallen creation had precisely this task, to offer a trial of FAITH to the ones believing in the Lord. Nimrod, guy of Satan, simply offered a "bypass", a safe-conduit in order to avoid the dangers of the fallen creation (and even the most gruesome sides of human evilness) asking in exchange the very 'little' taxation consisting in to deny the FAITH. Psychanalisis and various gnosticism simply bypassed the spiritual sphere and smuggled their fake explanation based on "psychic repression in exchange of civilization".

      Today we are facing new kind of wild beasts: the Jesuits and their cronies. Their existence today stands to the true faithful Christian (especially the modern Vaudoises), no more or less than the wild beast of wilderness were standing in front of the first descendents of godly Noah. Let's strenghten our faith in the Lord.

    2. Upgrading the verse of our Lord for our modern time (a sort of Matthew 7:15 Ver. 2):

      " Beware of false prophets, which come to you in evangelical's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening Jesuits."

    3. Also the photo-collage, instead the wolf's face inside sheep's clogthing, the face of Ignacio de Loyola.

  2. Hh yes, and same way chrysostom vouched for "good serpent", francis did for the "good wolf" , yeah right.... implying that if physical wolves and serpents are timid and innocent, "spiritual" ones are so too, or even don't exist at all!


    Syria conflict: Jihadist rebels abduct Franciscan friar

    1. 'saint' Francis and Islam:

      Francis’s e
      arly life experiences were similar to that of the Prophet Muhammad.Both men were raised in privilege which they renounced for the sake of justice and fidelity toGod despite harsh criticism from friends and family. This similarity made it possible for Francisto see Muslims through a lens different from the more clouded lenses of other Catholics. At thetime of the Fifth Crusade, the attitude towards and knowledge of Muslims was limited andstereotypical.
      Francis journeyed to Egypt expecting to find martyrdom and evil men who needed to beconverted to Christianity in order to be saved from hell and damnation. And yet he left Egyptrespectful of Muslims to the point that he encouraged Christians to emulate them in prayer and prostration, and to join Muslims and others in service to all people despite their differentreligions. In his writings, Francis specifically instructed his followers not to try and convertMuslims or other non-Christians. Having experienced Muslim prayers while in Egypt hedeclared to his followers that: "You should manifest such honour to the Lord among the peopleentrusted to you that every evening an announcement be made by a town crier or some other signal that praise and thanks may be given by all people to the all-powerful Lord God." And
      the mention of His name you must adore Him with fear and reverence, prostrate on the ground sothat in word and deed you may give witness to his voice and bring everyone to know that there isno one who is all-powerful but Him."
      While Francis’s intent
      ions were noble, his own brothers began to turn against him whilehe was still alive. Instead of remaining in Egypt a while longer at the request of the Sultan,Francis had to leave early to take care of an insurrection and power struggle going on within hisorder that led to his resignation as leader. Many of his brothers did not agree with the radicalnature of the poverty of the Franciscan Rule and petitioned others to overthrow Francis as leader.Many of the brothers
      also did not appreciate Francis’s pe
      aceful dialogue with the Sultan and

      Cathy HamptonPage 8 of 22immediately began to rewrite the history even as it was being written. We will never know thetrue story of what Francis learned from Malik al-Kamil other than the fact that the truth has beenaltered over the centuries to meet the needs of the Franciscan order as it struggled for survivalagainst the intransigence of the Spiritual Franciscans who fought to remain true to the original
      vision of Francis’s Rule and Testament.
      To the extent that Francis was transformed by hisencounter with Malik al-Kamil, one wonders from the distance of the 21
      century if Francis had,in fact, converted to Islam, especially given the mystical nature of his writings on creation whichwere not edited to the extent that his
      Earlier Rule
      were altered over the centuries,as reflected in the multiple manuscript versions of his writings.

    2. " And yet he left Egypt RESPECTFUL of Muslims to the point that he ENCOURAGED Christians to EMULATE them in PRAYER and PROSTRATION , and to JOIN MUSLIMS and others in service to all people DESPITE their DIFFERENT religions."

      Meanwhile they were burning Vaudoises in the Alps and throughout all Central Europe.
      Of course our 'pooooor' Franciscans kidnapped are only 'victim' of the "bad guys", the 'wrong' Islam, friend of the Protestants and Baptists (modern Vaudoises), not of the 'rightful' Islam of Iran and Putin's empire.

      Eternal damnation on 'saint' Francis, another wolf of Hell.