Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jeffrey Silverman: How CIA is Working to Help Assad [and Putin]


Can you believe this? Gas Cannon created in Georgia and used freely in Syria under the eyes of everyone "in order to frame Assad's Regime". 

Or those Gas Cannons were used to frame USA? Take some chemical expert, send them in Georgia and make some gas, let it to be 'discovered' by a sort of free-lance journalists and then publicize the news in the web, just in time for the war of Putin on Ukraine, therefore to keep down the moral of US citizens and all the Western world opinion, helping the unification of Catholicism with Orthodoxy.

Read only this piece to convince you about the CIA (= Catholics In Action) operative agent Jeffrey Silverman :

Silverman continued, “I learned back in 2004 about the Bechtel National Project bio storage facility in Georgia from US Defense contractors, including Turkish ones. They were working at the lab facility being constructed near Tbilisi airport. I then started deeply investigating the facility with Georgian and Norwegian journalists.  My first questions were, why near the airport and why in Georgia?
Silverman talked also about the Russians and said that they are certain that the Georgians and their friends, NATO, are doing something here that is not allowed under bio weapons treaties. He added, “It is public knowledge that both the US and UK have biological research projects in Georgia. They are pretending as if they are conducting civilian research. The Russians are already using allegations of bio weapons production against the Americans in the game being played over Syria, and the “false flag operation” in which the Syrian government [was accused of using] chemical weapons and killing 500 civilians.

 You can continue for yourself to read the article which smells of a well elaborated fraud in order to help Assad's regime to gain support in the world presenting it as "victim" of USA  and this by  Catholic Jesuit forces within USA. 

As regard that "Norwegian" you can see it well in:

  Sunday, April 27, 2014
The 'Warsaw' Pact died. Who will substitute him? N.A.T.O.



    1. This is other Catholic-Orthodox Eurasian deception. Jesuit fabricated deceptions.

    2. Disease in Brazil is to push further Catholics in the north, in still Protestant USA. This is why the disease hit Brazil. The Inquisition war of the Catholic church together the Orthodox one, for the next slaughter of Protestants and Baptists.
      Learn religious history before to learn biology.