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"...he wanted to enlist in Israel...."[Guilty by Association in Rome]


 35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.
Matthew chapter 23 KJB

 *   *   *
 These are the typical methods of Hamas (of Jesuits). If Jews don't perform the "blood rite" as wanted by the Nazi-Islamic propaganda, an opportune war will be created where every effort will be done in order to expose the Arab children to the Israeli bombs and therefore to get the dreamed accusation of "blood rite". Translated in a Western context, those phylosophical principle of terrorism are working as implemented by the Massacre of Utoya. I.e. if you say something they don't like, they create an ideological sosia (double) of you, a double  who will slaughter in the most cruel way innocents, possibly "in the name" of your faith. With the Stiliyanov's words: Guilty by Association.

Have a nice lecture.


An act of institutional terrorism aimed to my person?



 The man was found in confusional state near the butchered corpse of an Ukrainian colf.

He went immediately killed by policemen and now HE CANNOT DEFEND HIMSELF. 


 After my very deep depressive crisis I remained in sporadic talks with two psychologists of the Italian public health service.

Are they psychologically profiling me for the  ITALIAN INTELLIGENCE/CARABINEERS/EUROGENDFOR ?

They will nevermore see me. End. Closed. 
As I don't like knives and I don't usually kill people, even if often i get angry for what happens around me,   they thought well to create a social/psychological double of my person, a double to be then sacrificed on the media after having murdered (MAYBE BY HANDS OF OTHER ASSASSINS?) an innocent Ukrainian?

I tell you now a story which is very personal but frames Italian intelligence, Carabineers, Public Health System, etc., to not talk about the filthy Catholic church. Approx. in 1990 I got a strong delusion with a woman which was my first love affair. Also that time I got depressed and in the depth of desperation I presented my self to the Police Station of San Sabba (Commissariato) putting an old knife on the table of the Police Office and choreographically threatening a spectacular act (suicide). I got only fined for the possession of the knife which had a blade little more long than the allowed one. I repeat: in never liked knives, I simply possessed one of those knives you buy in the touristic location of the mountain and it is used in the camping activity.

I thanks God because after telling this I feel more free, a little piece of my life. After having met Jesus Christ the Lord I said bye bye to depression. It was two years ago the first time and definitively the other year. But of me you know the truth. But you'll never know the truth about those true assassins, I mean the ones who  truly murdered the Ukrainian colf in Rome to then frame a dead psychiatric ill person who now cannot defend himself from a rain of anti-Semitic slander.

So did they think well to create my social/psychological DOUBLE using ALL THE INFORMATION THEY GATHERED ON ME in my life????.....

I know your methods. The next Guilty by Association assassination you will perform maybe will consist in another double of me,  in my city, attacking with a knife a Slovenian Catholic priest, screaming loud inconsistent words against the Jesuits and against the "Slovenian clerics".

Also the blood of an innocent Ukrainian may fall on you for the eternity:
 35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.
Matthew chapter 23 KJB

Interview with John Ciallella, where took home in Federico 
Leonelli: "During the period in which it was my host, from 26
June has never left home. He spent 23 hours out of 24 in its closed
room, an outbuilding in the basement next to the laundry "


 "He wanted to go to Israel and make war on the Palestinians." in the story
John Ciallella, the owner of the villa that by the end of the Eur
June hosted Frederick Leonelli, read the profile of a man
disturbed, a boy severely tried by the loss of his girlfriend
and with a series of inclinations least bizarre. "One day I
train seen in the garden - remember Ciallella - and it was strange
pirouettes, a kind of acrobatic gymnastics. He hoisted himself on his arms and
then fell back on his feet. And in his hand was a knife. When he realized
that I was watching, he hid like a thief. And then
There was this strange religious drift ... ".

* What do you mean? *
"During the period in which it was my host, starting from June 26, it is not
never left home. He spent 23 hours out of 24 in his room, a
annex in the basement next to the laundry. "

* In those days spent in solitary thing did he do? *
"He devoted himself to religion. Ten years ago, when I first met him at
work, did not believe in anything. He was totally atheist. But in recent months
claimed to have discovered the alleged Jewish origins. He had begun to
study the Torah, the Talmud and once it stopped even talking
of the Old Testament with me. Then he returned to surf the internet and to
see dozens upon dozens of movies. At night he watched the video of the
Rabbis blaring and informed about what is happening in the
Gaza Strip. "

* How do you see that? *
"No idea, I'll explain what he said. Told me that he had
* met the rabbi of Rome *

 to be ready to join the Israeli army against Hamas and
terrorists armed with missiles. From words to deeds had passed, but two
times he was denied a visa. He showed me the passport with the
stamps of denial. He also went to talk to the consulate
Israeli. He wanted to enlist at all costs. "

* E Federico had always been so? *
"No, after the girl's death has had a huge meltdown. Prima
left his home in Portugal, Madeira and returned to Rome
by the mother who in the meantime had had a stroke and was facing
a long coma. Then he told me that his family had
practically repudiated. She said that her sister had taken possession
the house on Via Pigafetta, that he had been forced to move
first by his father and then to rent a room in an apartment
Students at Piazza Bologna. Then his father would refuse to
continue to pay him money in the checking account. "

* At that point he decided to ask for his help. *
"Yes. Known him for 10 years, since we worked together on a
Internet project. Then I lost sight of. Then it reappeared with
this whole story and asked me to host it. He said he would
was a temporary thing. At best, until the beginning of September. and then
would move. "

* The rent paid? *
"No, the only job he has done in nearly two months was cut
the lawn. He did it in August. Then it was closed again in
room, in those 30 square meters, surrounded by his energy drink. a
apartment, completely independent from the rest of the house. I had
also proposed to go to my other house in the countryside near
Frosinone. Oksana, however, had a room in the house and he was with us
November. "

* They knew each other? Maybe Federico felt something for your maid. *
"No, he did not enter almost never at home. And if you think that the few times
who did were my children, I shudder. But the track
passionate is excluded. He was taken to Israel, from a point of saying
have suffered from family, from his father who had reduced
misery. You must have seen something strange, perhaps on his way to
dress, her boots. You might have seen him train. he was
set with everything about the military, perhaps because
of his father. At that point he would have reacted in that way. "

* Oksana had never said anything about Frederick? *
"He wrote me a text message Saturday night at 21.30:" I'm afraid of Frederick. "But
I read only the next morning. A few hours later I started
Call of friends. I thought it was a joke. Then I read on the internet,
an acquaintance of mine assured me that it was my house and I
had a shock. The police called me and said that the victim had
hair blacks. I thought it was her sister, saw the
resentment he felt towards her. But it was Oksana. it was
blonde, poor thing, but his hair was soaked with blood. "

* Your villa is now impounded. She was able to return home?
What did you see? *
"I will return before

a week or ten days. I just went to my room to
get clothes accompanied by a policeman. There was no
type of track in the house. It must have happened all out, because I
saw the blood on the steps in the garden. Nothing inside. He did not enter. "


  *   *   *

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Simply to destroy the innocence (part one)

Strange, horrible murders, the silent coupe d'etat of Carabineers army, the Saturnalia exoterism and the Jesuit -V atican not conventional psychological crusade to eradicate the western civilization in the Apennine Peninsula. THIS is the true Italy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

......and now it starts the Roman Catholic lynching.

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"After Italy’s EU presidency began on July 1...".


  1. "incidents" of this kind have increased exponentially since the jesuits took firmer control (last year). This is the most disgusting kind of threatening and religious mafia character slaughter. Destroy physically and psychologically. Destroy body and name. . . . But they cannot kill the soul. And they can never take away the truth....

    1. I feel sorry but this act of psychiatric terrorism, is aimed to people like you and me, to crimininlize and isolate in a society which is for itself already a pagan cage for Christianns, built with brick of human flesh.

      Since the coupe in Vatican where Jesuits putted their colonel on the throne, Bergoglio SJ, we already had: 1) little before the murder via cancer of Hugo Chavez, 2) Ukrainian war, 3) Syrian war instead to end deepened and gave birth to ISIS terrorism, 4) Boko Haram in Nigeria, 5) two civil aircraft downed .... This is the JESUITS, children of Hell, to whom the Paul's verses perfectly fit:

      Romans 3:15-17King James Version (KJV)

      15 Their feet are swift to shed blood:

      16 Destruction and misery are in their ways:

      17 And the way of peace have they not known:

  2. avlesSeptember 2, 2014 at 7:11 AM

    "...Frederick Leonelli, family: "The psychiatrist told him to suspend the drugs"
    In particular, the report is the Messenger, that the family of the murderer of Oksana Martseniuk had sought the intervention of social services to refer to the 35-year-tso that villa in Rome Eur killed the maid. A request always rejected. In addition, the doctor who was treating said that the "medicine could create hallucinations." Sister: "I forgive those who killed him"........

    The family knew the dangers of Frederick, Il Messaggero reported yet. Precisely for this reason, parents and sister had tried to help the boy Hefty and full of tattoos that he was no longer himself from a brain aneurysm when he had killed his partner, with whom he had shared 17 years of life. On more than one occasion, when the house became violent, the family had called social services to ask for a trattamentosanitario required. A request but has always been rejected: Federico conditions were not considered "serious enough."......
    Details that now have the flavor of remorse. For a massacre that could have been avoided, perhaps. But now there's only time to conduct surveys, investigations, autopsies on the two bodies. That performed on the body of Frederick Leonelli - Institute of Forensic Medicine Polyclinic of Tor Vergata - found that the 35 year-old was hit by two bullets in the chest. While the analysis of what remains of Oksana Martseniuk (38 years old) will be conducted Wednesday, August 27. At the moment the corpse of 38 year-old Ukrainian was seen by John Arcudi, director of forensic medicine at the University Roman: "" I've never seen such a thing. ""