Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"From the face of the serpent"

 "...And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia." Passing over the corpse of....[the woman - chapt. 12 Revelation]?...:"...
Quoted in "Answers To Your Bible Version Questions" by David W. Daniels
 "....Here's an important fact cited by Jonathan Edwards: "Some of the popish writers themselves own, that this people [Waldenses or, more correctly, Vaudoises] never submitted to the church of Rome. One of the popish writers, speaking of the Waldenses, says, The heresy of the Waldenses is the oldest heresy in the world. It is supposed that they first betook themselves from the severity of the heathen persecutions which existed before Constantine the Great. And thus the woman fled into the wilderness from the face of the serpent" (The works of Jonathan Edwards Vol. 4, Work of Redemption., Period 3, From Christ's Resurrection to the End of the World, Part 4, p. 229.)".

 14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
Revelation chapter 12 KJV

 Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sophia [Rome] and her three popish whores. 


"Typical scum what many Baptist are. This is the essence of baptism (by the way the American sect), robbery, murder, theft. But in general it is called-creation of dirty deeds behind Jesus Christ."....(....)

These comrades - the founders of Protestantism, Calvin, Luther, etc., is prohibited colored (!) Clothing, jewelry - any, festivities for the holidays, except for church singing, except the church paintings, books other than the Bible, shorter THIS IS TALIBAN Christianity."
Quoted by C. Stiliyanov in:
събота, 19 юли 2014 г.
Guilty by association - Are you a part of a SECT[CULT]? (pt 8)

"The time will come when the Russian race will go down to the Jews, where there will be war, and will swim a 3 year-old calf. .

Quoted by C. Stiliyanov in his:

понеделник, 30 юни 2014 г.
Jesuitical Masonry in Russia and the revival of the Eastern Roman empire

Thursday, May 15, 2014

World wide anti-Baptist (and anti-Protestant) strategy unifies Marxist China and Ukrainian low intensity war. 



  1. "And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia."

    Sorry, can't understand, can you give some additional context?

    ...... I don't have money now, but i will order this when I can


    The Jesuits were situated in Russia during the end of the 18 and the beginning of the 19 century, when they were "supressed". The "marian slaves" say that the seeds for the conversion of Russia have been sown 200 years ago......

    1. "And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia."? It was from the interview of Marine Le Pen by RIA-NOVOSTI i quoted in that post.

      Original French words: "l'Europe pourrait tout à fait aller jusqu'à la Russie."

      English: "Europe could well go to Russia.".
      German: "Europa könnte nach Russland zu gehen.".
      Italian: "Europa potrebbe andare in Russia.".

      This is by Google translator and are practically identical and equal in three languages, we can take the English one for all: Europe could well go to Russia.

      It is implied the allusion to Europe as the "woman fleeding in the wilderness". Russia = the wilderness, the "earth" "hiding" the "woman" (EU = Western Roman Catholic Empire).... If this is the case, the Ukrainian Baptists and Protestants and every other Orthodox or Catholic entity in Eastern Europe and Russia and refusing to bow down to this Satanic Catholic reversal of the true significance of Revelation chapter 12, will be annihilated.

      In a broader sense it is the end of the 1054 Schism which, to be realized, must crush the true church of Jesus Christ.

      Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova, have not only been eliminated as dangerous source of exposure for the Eastern Roman Empire (Putin's Russia), but because also a Satanic ritual, killng women as symbolical way to carnalize the attempt to kill the true church of Jesus Christ the Lord. At least this is what I believe to see in it.

    2. "And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia."? It was from the interview of Marine Le Pen by RIA-NOVOSTI i quoted in that post.

      -----> http://fr.ria.ru/discussion/20130619/198580766.html

      I quoted here
      --------> http://control-avles-blogs.blogspot.it/2014/08/sophia-rome-and-her-three-whores.html

    3. here, in spirituallysmart.com, i think you probably already heard about:

      "......Mary’s Stars on the European Flag Study No. 226

      On December 8, 1955, on the Catholic “Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mary Our Co-redeemer,” the European Ministers’ delegates officially adopted the European flag, twelve stars on a blue background, designed by Arsene Heitz, who, today, is an octogenarian artist in Strasbourg.

      Recently Heitz revealed to a French magazine the reason for his inspiration. According to the artist, he thought of the twelve stars in a circle on a blue background, exactly the way it is represented in traditional iconography of this image of the Immaculate Conception. A devotee of the Virgin Mary, Heitz never misses praying a daily Rosary. Heitz noticed the words of the Apocalypse, “And there appeared a great wonder in Heaven; a woman clothed with sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars,” Revelation 12:1. As a devout Catholic, he applies this to Mary, whom Catholics worship.

      The European Union’s flag consists of twelve stars, inspired by the halo of twelve stars that appear around the Madonna in Catholic pictures of her. And, that is how a profoundly religious symbol came to be the official European Union flag........".


    4. "...... I don't have money now, but i will order this when I can

      Good idea, I m too curious about their 'revelations'.

    5. Thanks, i figured it would be something along those lines, but man thats sinister.... Today, in the russian "3rd Rome" website there was an article denouncing democracy as a "doctrine straight out of hell", the specific quote was by one of the "Novorussia rebels".


      Stasi agents working as high level representatives for Russia.......Nothing is changed. This Euro-Russian vision is already part reality.

    6. I forgot to give what I believe are Marine Le Pen's words: "And at that time, Europe could very well go to Russia."

      Europe of the pope, the FALSE church of Christ, will falsely fled in Russia ("Wilderness"), to crush the remnants of the true church of Christ ("heretics"), true church also symbolically represented by those courageous women murdered by Putin's Mafia, and others.

    7. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Charles_de_Gaulle

      " Yes, it is Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, it is Europe, it is the whole of Europe, that will decide the fate of the world. "

    8. avlesSeptember 2, 2014 at 5:32 AM

      "Thanks, i figured it would be something along those lines, but man thats sinister.... "

      Ah it also your 'guilty' these my ruminations, it is also your very much important exposition of Fatima and the Catholicization of Russia & China to see that.

    9. Yes! They replace the characters, but do not touch the narrative. To give themselves prophetic credibility. This was the migration eastward that Adolfo mentioned, to then return to the west and south with an iron fist. Their dragon is the USA (actually christianity). Their "earth" is Russia and China.

      14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

      The eagles (roman army -> romanist satanic orthodox and chinese armies) that carry "Gandalf"and co closer and closer to the "holy" mountain.

    10. avlesSeptember 2, 2014 at 5:35 AM

      " Yes, it is Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, it is Europe, it is the whole of Europe, that will decide the fate of the world. "

      I still conserve a page of an issue of 2012 local newspaper of Slovenia, Primorske Novice, where it is presented a book about a Serbian general of Austrian army (very loyal to Austrian crown) and where they say how France helped very much the development of army industry and military of Serbia, before WW1, a sort of instigating dreams of conquest and ambition. Jesuit France has still to be studied in a deeper mode.

    11. "Yes! They replace the characters, but do not touch the narrative."

      Even if you dont see i clicked "like!" for your comment. Yes, just see the Federica Mogherini the new EU foreign minister, she could represent the fake woman/church of Revelation 12, fleeing/watching to Russia/wilderness etc. She is friend of Putin, and is the typical target included in the Anders Breivik's manual - she is Islamo-Marxist girl:

      ".....Federica Mogherini....
      .......She attended the Sapienza University of Rome, where she studied political science and graduated defending a dissertation in political philosophy about the relationship between religion and politics in ISLAM,.....(......).....A member of the Italian COMMUNIST Youth Federation since the 1988, in 1996 she joined the Youth Left after the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party and its transformation into a social-democratic party......"

    12. "Their dragon is the USA (actually christianity). Their "earth" is Russia and China."

      May I do some suppositions about the symbol which represented the casted out Dragon?.......

      What could the more represent a Dragon cast out FROM THE SKY if not *that* TU-154M???...

      The Telegraph: Smolensk air disaster 'was caused by mystery explosion'
      Polish MP claims in report that Lech Kaczynski, the president of Poland, was assassinated by an explosion on the plane.
      Source: The Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/poland/10758863/Smolensk-air-disaster-was-caused-by-mystery-explosion.html
      Reported in: http://smolenskcrash.eu/news-98-the-telegraph-smolensk-air-disaster-39was-caused-by-mystery-explosion39.html

      Well, if you say "America", I answer this:

      "...Mr. Kaczynski and his brother struggled at the top. They frequently put Poland on a collision course with its EUROPEAN UNION partners and RUSSIA, while polarizing voters at home with a shift to the right.
      Poland joined the European Union in 2004, but Mr. Kaczynski often PREFERRED dealing with the UNITED STATES...."
      [from New York Times necrology about the death (murder) of Lech Kaczynzky in the Smolensk 10 April 2010 aircrash - article by me quoted in: http://control-avles-blogs.blogspot.it/2014/04/anders-breivik-and-lithuanian-political.html ]

    13. Very, very interesting .....the sedevacantist Catholics (which are by the way the more Fatimist) say that we are living in the final days of the Dragon which will culminate with great tribulation at Rome(especially since the removal of the tridentine mass by Vatican 2). Islamists also believe they are living in the end times and that Dajjal is soon to appear bodily ( it is on the treshold of morphing from the USA to the Israel world order ).

      As for the two churches and prophecy, you can see a very disturbing tendency. Time doesnt allow for me to discuss this more deeply now, but the removal of antichrist to the future by the dispensationalists has practically made them unarmed, WHEREAS the so called "church militant" - the harlot is sharpening her teeth by the minute - both spiritually and physically. Dispensationalism has also robbed the church from her PRESENT glory, her prophetic significance and the power of the word against the antichrist. The illusory haven of the USA and the relative peace there has caused american christians to look for prophetic fulfillment far away, where they want them (in the middle east) and where they control all the conditions.

      After I read Lacunza's book (jesuit who pretended to be a jew and through his book promulgated futurist dispensationalism in Britain) and a more thorough study of the book of Isaiah....I'm now more careful as not to ascribe too little or too great a value to both church and israel.


      This is the guy who edited and published lacunza's book

      He took part in the Argentine Wars of Independence and created the Flag of Argentina. He is regarded as one of the main Libertadores of the country.

    14. General Belgrano???...

      Interesting, before i posted at Douglas Willinger's blog a comment with the word "Gotcha!". This word is connected with Belgrano...:

      "......The ARA General Belgrano was an Argentine Navy light cruiser in service from 1951 until 1982. Previously named USS Phoenix, she saw action in the Pacific theatre of World War II before being sold to Argentina. The vessel was the second to have been named after the Argentine founding father Manuel Belgrano (1770–1820). The first vessel was a 7,069-ton armoured cruiser completed in 1899.

      After almost 31 years of service, she was sunk during the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de Malvinas or Guerra del Atlántico Sur) by the Royal Navy submarine Conqueror with the loss of 323 lives. Losses from the Belgrano totalled just over half of Argentine deaths in the war......(.....)....At no time during the Falklands conflict did either the United Kingdom or Argentina declare war against the other country. Combat was confined to the area around and on the islands themselves. The Belgrano was sunk outside the 200-nautical-mile (370 km) total exclusion zone around the Falklands, delimited by the UK. Through a message passed via the Swiss Embassy in Buenos Aires to the Argentine government on 23 April, the UK made clear that it no longer considered the 200-mile (370 km) exclusion zone as the limit of its military action. .....".


    15. I forgot to mention the author of the excerpted piece, Jonathan Edwards, and the First Awakening where he played "critical role", I believe a confirmation of the genuineness of his statement about the ancient, practically apostolic origin of Vaudoises:

      "........Jonathan Edwards (October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758) was a Christian preacher, philosopher, and theologian. Edwards "is widely acknowledged to be America's most important and original philosophical theologian," and one of America's greatest intellectuals.[3][4] Edwards's theological work is broad in scope, but he was rooted in Reformed theology, the metaphysics of theological determinism, and the Puritan heritage. Recent studies have emphasized how thoroughly Edwards grounded his life's work on conceptions of beauty, harmony, and ethical fittingness, and how central The Enlightenment was to his mindset.[5] Edwards played a critical role in shaping the First Great Awakening, and oversaw some of the first revivals in 1733–35 at his church in Northampton, Massachusetts.[6][7]......."


      "..........The Great Awakening (called by historians the "First Great Awakening") was an evangelical and revitalization movement that swept Protestant Europe and British America, and especially the American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s, leaving a permanent impact on American Protestantism. It resulted from powerful preaching that gave listeners a sense of deep personal revelation of their need of salvation by Jesus Christ. Pulling away from ritual, ceremony, sacramentalism and hierarchy, the Great Awakening made Christianity intensely personal to the average person by fostering a deep sense of spiritual conviction and redemption, and by encouraging introspection and a commitment to a new standard of personal morality.[1].............."


  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Politkovskaya

    Killed on Put-In's 54th birthday- October 7, 2006

    1. Yes, I remember the dogs barking "it's the present of British Services!" meaning with it .... What hypocrites they are! Instead, wasn't a present from some Russian Mafia bosses to their chief Putin?... He was really nervous at those times:

      ".....Putin: " the Mafia - Italian, instead of Russian "

      Clauses about a mafia

      Exchange of retorts in occasion of human rights with other leaders at the European summit.
      Al'berto D'Ardjenio (Alberto D'Argenio), on October, 25th 2006........(......)......."


  3. I write for a local forum where no one other writes in Italian language. Basically the same arguments of course. I decided to put also here some my ruminations in Italian language [title of blog upgrtaded, no more six years after, but on 17 September it eight years after]: