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Beware of 13th September [upgraded with YELLOW & WHITE colors]


Under the "X" there's the scheme of a post I had no time to complete. Pls, give a look to the chromatic mix of the convention of Democratic party in the city of Bologna:

 Translation of the first part of the article at:

"........Renzi Festival closes dem: "With the new Europe Pd. No lessons from the technicians of the First Republic"
07 settembre 2014
 Final meeting of the Prime Minister in Bologna: "We seen as a hope for the continent. Did not give up to half a centimeter." On Friday, the new secretary: "Group unit, stop vetoes in revenge. Whoever tries aspects of 2017." On the bonus from 80 euro: "An idea of civilization and social justice." Tribute to Napolitano: "Against him campaign indecent"

 BOLOGNA - A Pd seen as "a hope in all of Europe." Who is able to capitalize on an "creepy" election result to mark a turning point in the "sign of the growth in the whole continent." Matteo Renzi choose the European dimension to close the National Day of Unity. It also sends a warning on the home front: "Do not give up to half a centimeter. Technicians do not accept lessons from the First Republic." And 'This is the policy note on the day of the premier in Bologna. That color is white shirts of the four leaders of the European left that accompany the President of the Council and above the stage in a debate about the new lady CFSP, Federica Mogherini. In order of appearance: Achim Posts (Secretary of the German Social Democratic Party), Diederik Samsom (leader of the Dutch Labour Party), Pedro Sanchez (new star of the Spanish Socialist Party) and Manuel Valls, French premier. With their kids Renzi - before lunch in the stand of the party -sigliamo the covenant of tortellini. Axis programmatic and generational, with jokes about football. And just cast protocol, with Sanchez and Valls who speak in Italian..................."

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Enrico Letta first victim of Nueva Italia...


A comment I posted under my: 

 Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Omobogbe did NOT want to enlist in Israel [the "35" connection]

 avlesSeptember 5, 2014 at 4:56 AM

Look, this morning I discovered that the tunnel I usually run to go to the job will be closed for "mainteinance" on 9, 10 and 11 September. Before to enter in it, half kilometres outside, I met a check point of military police Carabineers, the ones dovoted to VIRGO FIDELIS. They were on the opposite lane checking for suspect cars going in my opposite direction. One agent hearing my scooter approaching turned the head to me. Don't know if to check if I noticed their presence or only for an unaware psychological gesture.

This night a boy of 17 (seventeen) year old has been killed by a CARABINEER in Naples, because he didn't stop at a check point. At the end of this month it will happen an exceptional strike of ALL public workers as well civil Policemen and MILITARY Carabineers....

Carabineers were created on 13 July 2014 by the same Savoj king putted at the throne by Wien Council of Metternich. He continued the previous persecutions of Jews and Reformed Vaudoises. Italy is a Catholic TERRORIST state.

Very delicate moment in the Italian and Eurasian life - beware of a what could happen in the next strike:

SEVEN years ago I wrote about the coming militarization of Italy

Above image - 15 June 2007, the top of the first post in the thread: 
Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At Work In Italy? 

How not to share the same worries of the Police agents, both civil as well military ones?
"......Blocking public salaries
Police unions: ready to strike

"The first time in history" for the unions of police, firefighters and COCER Interforce in response to the block. Renzi: "I ​​will receive the agents, but no blackmail ".
Editorial Online

September 4, 2014 
General strike "by the end of September," "protest actions" in Italy and "a widespread awareness-raising activities," the public sector about the risks to which it is exposed . It is the 'package' of initiatives announced by the unions of the police and the fire brigade and the Cocer Joint (Army, Navy, Air Force, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza) "if it was to be renovated the blocking roof for the [increase of] remuneration [wages, salary]". '"For the first time in the history of our Republic - stress [labor] unions and the Cocer [which is a sort of labor union of the military] - we are forced to declare a general strike" of the security sector, defense and public assistance, " [having]verified the total closure of the government to listen to the needs of women and men in uniform. "The announcement comes after a meeting of police unions and Cocer Interforze who gathered on Thursday to take stock of the situation after the declaration of the Minister Marianna Madia on the continuation of the block contract.....

The answer: "Lock already in Def, nothing new"

A tough stance which, in the evening, comes the government's response. On the one hand the premier Matteo Renzi, who, as we learn, communicate a willingness to meet agents but "not accept blackmail." "We are the only country - have stressed the Prime Minister talking to her staff- who has five police forces. If you want to discuss, we are ready to do so, on the whole. But we do not touch the salary or the job of anyone. However, in a moment of crisis for everyone, go on strike because they do not give you the increase when there are millions of unemployed people is unfair. "


The criminalization of the 'usual suspects'

On the part of the police unions and the military threat is strong and the statement released very hard. "When we have chosen to serve the country, to ensure Defense, Security and Public Assistance - emphasize the unions - we were aware that he had undertaken a mission devoted to his total dedication to the homeland and its citizens with difficult conditions for lack of means and resources. What I certainly did not realize is that those who have been honored by the people to represent the Italian democratic institutions at the highest level, he did not even have the gratitude to those who, for a little more than 1300 euro per month, are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country. "
 Well this statement was expressed yesterday by concerned labor councils of both civil (State Police) as well military (Carabineers, etc.) . Police forces, civil and military ones are going to perform an exceptional strike in the end of September, searching the solidarity of the rest of the Italian society. But some hours after those words, what does happen in the city of Naples?

17 years boy killed by a Carabineer in Naples. To protest police cars destroyed

September 5, 2014
The young man was on board a scooter along with two other people in the neighborhood Trajan: it is now a wanted fugitive and a 18 year old with a history. The driver did not stop and I was born a chase. He was accidentally killed from the gun of one of the soldiers. The victim's brother: "He had no license and insurance." The mother: "Did they see that it was a baby?"

    Just a coincidence? After two weeks Federico Lionelli allegedly murdered an Ukrainian colf and some days after I exposed that murder as a very suspicious one?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Omobogbe did NOT want to enlist in Israel [the "35" connection] 

Above image -  Saturday, June 7, 2014
13th September, Jesuit pope near Trieste to launch a message on the RED LINE.

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