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Dear "truthsayers", where you were when I told this already [at least] four years ago?

     Maybe counting the Euros [Dollars] Putin was giving you through the cursed Western World fiscal heavens?

Praising Iran? And Putin?  Meanwhile a friend of Iran today is financing the US' foreign politic?

Diverting the attention with Israel, Rotschild, with the farce of a "New American Century"? Purposely developed to throw sand in the eyes of the "alternativniks"?.... 

Meanwhile Norway, Iran, Russia, Qatar (see References) are building a cartel for the control of gas and oil and a  geo-political and geo-religious world alliance?

Meanwhile today Ukraine must be destroyed to be devoured by the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire?

Meanwhile today Great Britain must be quartered (Scotland referendum) to be devoured by the Great Catholic Ireland of the Jesuits?
 Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader, is escorted by his bodyguards as he walks past journalists following a meeting in Damascus, Jan. 20, 2007.  (photo by LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty Images)

"...Iran, Qatar recast regional 'resistance' alliance

TEHRAN, Iran — Last week, Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, a close ally of Tehran, visited the Qatari capital of Doha to meet his ally and comrade Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas, according to sources close to Shalah.

Posted March 17, 2014
 Summary The dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar is playing out within the context of Iran’s improved ties with Doha, Qatar’s rethink of its Syria policy and Tehran’s initiatives to expand its influence with Palestinian factions.

A senior Hamas official who met with Al-Monitor in Tehran last week confirmed that the visit is indeed on the agenda. He asserted, “Our relationship with Iran is back as it was, and maybe better. Enemies who are betting on the end of the resistance bloc should know that this bloc is getting bigger and stronger, from North Africa to Tehran....”

"....Qatar and Iran share close ties and membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).  Despite its close ties to Iran, Qatar is also an ally of the United States, hosting U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters in Doha.[1]
 Unlike fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar has refrained from directly criticizing Iran’s interference during Bahrain’s Shi’a uprising in 2011, and even held several high-level meetings with Iranian officials to discuss security and economic agreements during the period in which the uprisings occurred.

See also:

 Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Therefore no problem, full confirmation:

 "How Peace Negotiator Martin Indyk Cashed a Big, Fat $14.8 Million Check From Qatar

One Middle Eastern nation does indeed pay to influence U.S. foreign policy. Hint: It’s not Israel.

 [from news online: Tablet - a new read on Jewish life]
......There is also the fact that the first 10 paragraphs of the Times piece are devoted to that highly controversial global actor, Norway, and its attempts to purchase the favors of The Center for Global Development, which I confess I’d never heard of before, although I live in Washington and attend think-tank events once or twice a week.
 Martin Indyk, the man who ran John Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, whose failure in turn set off this summer’s bloody Gaza War, cashed a $14.8 million check from Qatar. Yes, you heard that right: In his capacity as vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at the prestigious Brookings Institution, Martin Indyk took an enormous sum of money from a foreign government that, in addition to its well-documented role as a funder of Sunni terror outfits throughout the Middle East, is the main patron of Hamas—which happens to be the mortal enemy of both the State of Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party.
At least the Times might have asked Indyk a few follow-up questions, like: Did he cash the check from Qatar before signing on to lead the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians? Did the check clear while he was in Jerusalem, or Ramallah? Or did the Qatari money land in the Brookings account only after Indyk gave interviews and speeches blaming the Israelis for his failure? We’ll never know now. But whichever way it happened looks pretty awful.
Certainly Jerusalem has good reason to be wary of an American diplomat who is also, or intermittently, a highly paid employee of Qatar’s ruling family. Among other things, Qatar hosts Hamas’ political chief Khaled Meshaal, the man calling the shots in Hamas’ war against the Jewish state. Moreover, Doha is currently Hamas’ chief financial backer—which means that while Qatar isn’t itself launching missiles on Israeli towns, Hamas wouldn’t be able to do so without Qatari cash.
Another fact buried deep inside the Times piece is that Israelthe country usually portrayed as the octopus whose tentacles control all foreign policy debate in Americaranks exactly 56th in foreign donations to Washington think tanks. The Israeli government isn’t writing checks or buying dinner because—it doesn’t have to. The curious paradox is that a country that has the widespread support of rich and poor Americans alike—from big urban Jewish donors to tens of millions of heartland Christian voters—is accused of somehow improperly influencing American policy. While a country like Qatar, whose behavior is routinely so vile, and so openly anti-American, that it has no choice but to buy influence—and perhaps individual policymakers—gets off scot free among the opinion-shapers.....".

.......etc. etc. etc. you can continue for yourself on the original page:

How Peace Negotiator Martin Indyk Cashed a Big, Fat $14.8 Million Check From Qatar

One Middle Eastern nation does indeed pay to influence U.S. foreign policy. Hint: It’s not Israel.


and quoted in:
 18 September 2014, 10:10

Russia and Vatican to hold art exhibition on Biblical themes


According to Shvydkoy, the exhibition will open in 2016, when Protestants celebrate Martin Luther 500 anniversary [2017?], "who brought Christianity to a new schism." 

Four Years Ago, in 2010:
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrating the end of the schism with Iranian SA300

".....On 7th and 8th May Benedict XVI will visit the Aquileia/Oglej city seat of the ancient patriarchate. The 're-unification' of Rome with the Schismatic churches of East is just a matter of implicit (and secret) fact. It only needs to be announced at the world, but for this task it would require still some wars, some massacres, some economical catastrophes (and other kind of catastrophes) in order to prepare the world for the "happy news"....".

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Art of Devouring (Eastern Schsmatics?)


".....Lockerbie (Scottish Gaelic: Locarbaidh[1]) is a town in Dumfries and Galloway, south-western Scotland......"
 ".....Pan Am Flight 103 (involved in the Lockerbie bombing) was a Pan Am transatlantic flight from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York City that was destroyed by a terrorist bomb on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew on board.[1] Large sections of the aircraft crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 11 more people on the ground......"
         Reading the links in the new Douglas Willinger's post I got into a very interesting news, a sort of shadow of MH370 and MH17 and LOCKERBIE'S Massacre, over the skies of Great Britain - follow the sequence of the links, one contained in the other:

 [PS: no, Putin is not upset, like Ukraine, they are just preparing destruction of the Great Britain of the King James Bible for the sake of Great Catholic Ireland of the Jesuits. - From the Dingle Bay To The Strait Of Bering].

An RAF Typhoon fighter was scrambled to escort a passenger plane into Manchester Airport after the crew received a threat about a "device" on board.
In what turned out to be a suspected hoax, Greater Manchester Police launched a "full emergency" response as officers did not "know how genuine this threat is".
The plane involved was a Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300 with 282 people on board and the RAF plane was a Typhoon from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire....".

Libya is a great producer of natural gas.... Libya-Qatar-Norway connection, remember that the bombers of Pan Am 103 were masterminded by a Libyan guy....

Muammar Gaddafi admitted Libya's responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing and paid compensation to the victims' families in 2003, though he maintained that he never personally gave the order for the attack.[2] On 22 February 2011, during the Libyan civil war, former Minister of Justice Mustafa Abdul Jalil stated in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen that Muammar Gaddafi had personally ordered the bombing.[51] Jalil claimed to possess "documents that prove [his allegations] and [that he is] ready to hand them over to the international criminal court."[52]
In December 2013, it was revealed that the original prime suspects in the bombing had been the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC). A flood of warnings immediately preceding the disaster had included one that read: ‘team of Palestinians not associated with PLO intends to attack US targets in Europe. Time frame is present. Targets specified are Pan Am Airlines and US military bases.’ Five weeks before this warning, Ahmed Jibril’s right-hand man, Haffez Dalkamoni, had been arrested in Frankfurt with a known bomb-maker, Marwen Khreesat. "Later US intelligence officials confirmed that members of the group had been monitoring Pan Am’s facilities at Frankfurt airport. On Dalkamoni’s account bombs made by Khreesat were at large somewhere." [53] A deep cover CIA agent was told by up to 15 high-level Syrian officials that the Syria-based group was involved, and officials interacted with the PFLP-GC’s leader, Ahmed Jibril, "on a constant basis".[54] In 2014 an Iranian ex-spy asserted that Iran ordered the attack.[55] The Iranian foreign ministry swiftly denied any involvement.[56]

"...OSLO, May 13 (Reuters) - The solution to Libya's bloody uprising must be based on political action and not only military might, Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday.

Read this excerpt in:

...and may have a nice sleep after reading:

19 April, 12:15

NATOs next Secretary General Stoltenberg is responsible person - President Putin

...excerpt quoted in:
Sunday, April 27, 2014
The 'Warsaw' Pact died. Who will substitute him? N.A.T.O.



    From May 12, 2010
    Bishop Bernard Fellay on the Rosary Crusade & doctrinal talks
    19,142,065 rosaries from traditional Catholics worldwide!

    Ever since Pope Benedict was elected and the new Russian Orthodox Patriarch was since chosen, there is an obvious mutual thaw in relations for the better? The Russian Orthodox Patriarch even published a book of the Pope's writings to disseminate to his lay faithful!

    How do you read this? Is this related to the Third Secret of Fatima?

    I personally believe there is something on the move in Russia. There definitely does seem to be something moving in Russia. There is something in the air.

    How far and how deep? I do not know.

    But, there are many things that show there is a revival of religion in Russia.

    Pope Francis Awards Qatari Ambassador Vatican Official Medal

    Qatar and the Vatican were among the most vocal in expressing concern over articles related to sexual education and reproductive rights. Conservative groups ranging from the mid-west of the United States to the Gulf emirates applauded the alliance, proclaiming that Qatar, the Holy See, and Indonesia “have come together to demand renewed focus on the family.”

    Reactions to this unlikely alliance between Catholic and Muslim conservatives, however, were overwhelmingly critical. One women’s rights group asked, “Why is Qatar working with the Vatican to derail women’s rights at the UN?”


    The Vatican, April 05 (QNA) - Visiting UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations HE Nassir bin Abdulaziz Al-Nasser has met here with the Vatican Pope Francis.

    Discussions during the meeting dealt with issues related to dialogue among cultures and religions and the role played by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in promoting understanding between cultures as well as brokerage of soft power diplomacy to resolve ethnic, religious or cultural conflicts.

    The overall situation in the Middle East, particularly the humanitarian situation in Syria, the Palestinian issue and the Ukrainian crisis, in addition to a number of international humanitarian issues of common interest were also discussed during the meeting.

    April 05, 18 days before the Fatah-Hamas agreement.......

    And this was 2 years ago

    This guy has an impressive CV.....

    During his office at the United Nations, Al-Nasser has served as chairman of the delegation of Group of 77 and China, Vice-President of the General Assembly in 2002, and President of the Security Council in December 2006.[2]

    He was appointed as High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations of the United Nations by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on 28 September 2012

    In June 2011 he was elected to serve as President of the General Assembly for its 66th session, beginning 13 September 2011..........13 september 2011 (2 weeks after FSA was established)

    He also added that he was "deeply committed" to working with every member state to "build bridges for a united global partnership" citing "strong collaboration and consensus-building [as...] essential for successfully moving forward the Assembly's agenda [in] this session.

    1. A lot of vital info hidden here, now I have to go when back I read it

  3. Qatar definetely a popish nest in the ME....

    It is the first church built in the country since the Muslim conquests in the 7th century.[4][5]..........................................................

  4. "I personally believe there is something on the move in Russia. There definitely does seem to be something moving in Russia. There is something in the air."

    Putin's Surprise?


    Friday, September 19, 2014
    Putin Upset About Failure of Scotland Independence?


    "....The Tupolev Tu-95 (Russian: Туполев Ту-95; NATO reporting name: "Bear") is a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform. First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 entered service with the Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040.[1] A development of the bomber for maritime patrol is designated Tu-142....." [WIKIPEDIA]

    "......The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences (original Latin: Disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum) were written by Martin Luther in 1517 and are widely regarded as the initial catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. The disputation protests against clerical abuses, especially nepotism, simony, usury, pluralism, and the sale of indulgences........" [wikipedia]

    "...Prussia, the first Protestant Power in Germany, is the main support of German Protestantism, as, according to Moufang, France and Austria are the main supports of Catholicism. It is plain, therefore, that Austria and France were to give help against Prussia. The winged words of Cardinal Wiseman, which he uttered about 1850, that THE DECISIVE BATTLE AGAINST PROTESTANTISM WOULD BE FOUGHT ON THE SANDS OF THE MARK OF BRANDENBURG, have thus their political sense"



    expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040 ........ 1945+95

    --------------------- 1945+95=2040

    This is mind boggling

    1. 1945+95=2040
      Yes, surely they have something in mind. Also the "35" of Lockheed F-35 and Sukhoi SU-35 (and the new ITALIAN Highway A35) could be an hint to the 2035.

  6. also consider this

    In a series of nuclear surface tests that were carried out by the Soviet Union in the early through mid 1960s, a modified Tu-95 carried and dropped the AN602 device named TSAR BOMBA, in 1961, which was the largest and most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated.

    October 30, 1961.....

    1. In other words jesuitical theatre 2017 = the enemy of the enemy becomes the friend (Pilate and Herod, Orthodoxy and Romanism) at the time of the death of the ghosts (helloween) of the reformation, caught by the "ghostbusters" of the jesuits. With a celebration in the halls of the Kremlin and the art gallery of Moscow. And some time later, perhaps after the second 95 year plan or earlier, the Tsar "bomb" appears.

    2. Other incredible hypocrisy and brainwash in the Western world. I discovered the author of the engines of TU 95 (I already knew it I was in youth much interested in military planes of after WW2).

      There are only attacks to USA for Project Paper-clip but also URSS employed German engineers:


    ST PETERSBURG, Russia, May 23 (Reuters) - Sovereign wealth funds in China and Qatar on Friday signalled their increased commitment to Russia, boosting Moscow's hopes of strengthening ties with Asia and the Middle East as relations with the West deteriorate.

    Major sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia have invested in Russian businesses and backed its state-funded private equity fund, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). By contrast, U.S. financial investors in the country remain few.


    China eyes deeper defense relationship with Qatar

    Qatar’s armed forces signed contracts for QR87 billion (US$23.89 billion) worth of military hardware during the show, including tanks, helicopters, warships and artillery.

    1. China's eyes here since 2011 - when Slovenia & China signed MILITARY agreement. With the actual crisis it is a child's game to purchase Slovenian intelligence to increase the technological niveau of China, at the expenses of the Western world, cradle of Reformation and historical seat of Vaudoises/Baptists (independent):

      Monday, August 15, 2011
      T minus 25 days: China creates military schools for Slovenia [= NATO]

  9. Speaking of truthsayer or truthseekers- NOTHING on his blog about our recent conversation, nor any correction to his "hacked" link list- still with CCR delisted and no addition of any of the Avle blogs. Every link that I have checked on his link list so far is pro Putin disfo.

    1. I wonder how many such sites, blogs, forums are around, NO one remember today Chechenia, the Moscow apartments bombing, tens of Russian journalists and opponents murdered, and the clear signal that the Putin's cronies in Russia were AWARE of the incoming 911 attack [this is very serious] - due maybe to the millions of Euro and Dollars coming from the crime in Russia? I would investigate all the ones like this popish deceiver:

    2. It is ok, they know about the eye-pyramid on the dollar, the hand signs of obama and the eating habits of clinton.

    3. " Speaking of truthsayer or truthseekers- NOTHING on his blog about our recent conversation, nor any correction to his "hacked" link list- still with CCR delisted and no addition of any of the Avle blogs. Every link that I have checked on his link list so far is pro Putin disfo."

      The funny thing is this guy is preoccupied with racial issues and praises Russia, and yet russians are probably the most racist and xenophobic demographic in the world. They also have the worst social problems - mass alcoholism, drug addiction, inequality, corruption, xenophobia, religious intolerance, prostitution, lack of freedom of speech etc. . . You cannot walk two blocks in Moscow and be safe, if you are black.

  10. google search vladimir putin+illuminati

    vladimir putin illuminati

    Some google results for cheap "comedy"

    Malaysia Airlines plane crash conspiracy theories: 'Vladmir Putin was intended target' plus Illuminati rumours

    Vladimir Putin and family murdered and replaced by impostors


    Putin Was An Illuminati Puppet, But Kicked The Illuminati

    PressTV - Putin puts fear of God in New World Order: Barrett

    Will the Illuminati Attack Russia?

    Russia’s Vladimir Putin Vows To Defend Christianity From NWO Genocide: World Leaders Should Unite To End Anti-Christian Persecution!

    Illuminati Targeted Putin's Presidential Plane To Start WW3

    Ben Fulford: Desperate Sabbatean mafia tries to bribe Putin

    1. Just check this (i posted the comment under )

      Would know how much money has been put in motion to present a serial killer as the "knight savior" of the unification between West and East churches (of Satan):

      avlesSeptember 11, 2014 at 4:38 AM

      Just take note about Continuing Putintime:

      Since late October 2012 Gail has abandoned her King James only position, after Jesus Christ Himself confronted her about this. In dire need of a teacher to help her reorient to a more correct position, she scoured the Internet to find a teacher to assist her in this. King James only people and other enemies of TRUTH have vilified her, stealing private, nude video photos meant only to encourage and love her men, posting these stolen videos and photos publicly to shame her. But Gail remains true to Jesus, retaining HIS STAND ON THE SCRIPTURES. By the way, Gail made her nude dildo photos/videos in January 2012, when she worshipped the King James Bible. Her men requested that she use their Christmas present (a dildo that approximates Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin's penises) and to send them the videos (for their private collection)--PART ONE, PART TWO. Gail rarely uses the dildo, though it helped her make a good movie. Gail's ecstatic about her 2012 Christmas present from her men, an expensive parallel Bible that Jesus Christ Himself delivered to her doorstep. A rabid Bible reader, Gail will DEVOUR this present.
      UPDATE: Due to my influence, God has made inroads into Russia, Vladimir Putin, FOX News, the Jesuits and some Roman Catholics, and other organizations or people criticized by the writers/speakers below as evil or Satanic. Therefore, we work with these organizations (who have hearts for God) in our fight against evil and corruption.

  11. Replies
    1. With it seems they are scraping the bottom of the barrel gathering every madness in the Western world which can be useful to present Putin as the "Savior of the world/church": Alien, Rotschild, Illuminati, Marxists, Fascists, etc. there's no limit to the enlist in the propaganda Putin army.