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Three Italian Nuns Slaughtered [Catholic Suprematist Terrorism?]

 "...Mr Peres asked Pope Francis to head a parallel United Nations 
called the “United Religions” 
to counter religious extremism in the world today.....".
[By on Thursday, 4 September 2014]

 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
[2 Corinthians 2:11]

08 settembre 2014

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Pls consider both  questions:
"Embracing Orthodox Christianity as a force to unite these now divided Slavic lands and also their own fractured movement, the rebels, fortified recently by an influx of weapons and soldiers from Russia, used their period in power here purging Slovyansk of rival Christian denominations.
They seized the Good News Church, a large evangelical complex, moving in Russian icons and replacing Protestant services with Orthodox ones".

     If you still have doubts about what 's growing in the Jesuits' pot give a look to this news [excerpt above], reported by Douglas Willinger in:

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Double-Header Eagle Religious Dynamics in Eastern 'Ukraine'

     And confront it with Christo Stiliyanov's discover about the true religious content of the social networks among Russophiles and secessionists. WW3 or Third Thirty Years' War?

"+ Valeryi Philipenko In eastern Ukraine, Orthodox soldiers who are struggling with evil spirits Baptist, located in Kiev!

Baptists = Protestants and Protestants after the Inquisition burned thousands of "witches" and "wizards". If you map all (written, officially known) places burnings, the majority of them will be in Switzerland and Germany, part of France, part of Spain, and very few in Italy. These comrades - the founders of Protestantism, Calvin, Luther, etc., is prohibited colored (!) Clothing, jewelry - any, festivities for the holidays, except for church singing, except the church paintings, books other than the Bible, shorter THIS IS TALIBAN Christianity."
събота, 19 юли 2014 г.
Guilty by association - Are you a part of a SECT[CULT]? (pt 8)

To confuse the souls and minds meanwhile the 3rd 30 Years War is going on,  all you need is the Jesuits need of Catholic martyrdom:

Italian nuns killed in Burundi convent attack


The motive for the killings is not yet known. Police in the city are said to be hunting a man who was seen leaving the convent with a knife in his hand.
The nuns - named as Lucia Pulici and Olga Raschietti - belonged to the Xaverian Catholic order, according to Italian news agency, Ansa.
Their deaths were announced by the Diocese of Parma in Italy.
In 2011, a Croatian nun and an Italian aid worker were killed in a botched robbery in northern Burundi.
Burundi is one of the world's poorest nations, with an economy that depends heavily on tea and coffee exports.
It has been struggling to overcome the legacy of a 12-year civil war between rival ethnic groups...."

Friday, September 5, 2014
ISIS a tool for the Catholic world dominance.

Have they to kill exactly three women? And as they hadn't a third one, after two nuns in the convent went slaughtered, they searched for a third victim in order to complete a ritual assassination?

08 settembre 2014
08 settembre 2014
Killed at two different times
Burundi Three Italian nuns killed brutally. You hunt for killer
According to rumors of the local police Pulici Sister Lucia and Sister Olga Raschietti would have been slaughtered. The news of the killing of Sister Bernadette Boggian, the first given in the preview Gr1 later confirmed by the foreign ministry comes at a later time. It investigates the motive of the killings

08 settembre 2014

Sunday afternoons are attacked and killed in their convent, Sister Lucia, 75 years old and Sister Olga, 80; according to rumors the local police would have been slaughtered. One of them was also hit with a stone. Then comes the news, given a preview of the Gr1, a third victim, the missionary Bernadette Boggian. Speaking of Gr1 Sister Josephine had spoken of a third religosa killed in an episode later in the night. Dynamic upheld by the Foreign Ministry: Sister Bernadette was killed after the murder of the other two. -

  See more at:

    They news appeared the day after the triumphal end of the Democratic Party in Bologna with Yellow & White colors.....:

Friday, September 5, 2014
Beware of 13th September [upgraded with YELLOW & WHITE colors]

 вторник, 26 август 2014 г.
Virgin "Sophia" - Mystery Babylon

by Douglas Willinger:

Friday, September 5, 2014
Letter from Barry Chamish September 5, 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Sophia [Rome] and her three popish whores.

   Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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