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"Father dall'Oglio is a prisoner with the two Italian" [& with JAMES FOLEY]

   “The journey of jihad taught us not to easily trust people 
outside our denomination, 
no matter how much they claim to support the jihad. 
Lying and treachery are basic traits among those people.”  
Therefore, suspicion hovered around the priest, especially when he insisted on meeting the leaders of ISIS. " 

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 Above image - Paolo Dall'Oglio SJ
Above image - "Vanessa and Greta abducted, the Arab press: "They're fine, Italy has treated the ransom"" - 21 August 2014

 And the news of September 15, 2014:

"....Syrian sources "Father dall'Oglio is a prisoner with the two Italian»
The Jesuit kidnapped would be in the hands of Iraqi jihadists. He says the Syrian intellectual Michel Kilo. In the same prison you would find the cooperating Greta and Vanessa.

Lorenzo Cremonesi our correspondent in Erbil

ERBIL - "Father Paul dall'Oglio is alive and well. It is placed in a prison near the Syrian town of Raqqa and controlled by Iraqi militants of the Islamic State. In the same prison may be other Western hostages, including two Italian aid workers [two young women] kidnapped recently. "It supports the 74 year old Michel Kilo, a prominent intellectual Damascene that since the early seventies is one of the strongest voices among the leftist opposition to the Syrian dictatorship. (.....).

[If they murdered him immediately why they still wait to boast the murder of an alleged "enemy of Islam", a "false friend" of the Jihadi cause???]

Which information has on father Dall'Oglio ?
(....) "For many months he was locked up in the palace of the governorate of Raqqa, where jihadists have their headquarters. With him were many other Western captives, I also believe James Foley, the first American journalists beheaded. "

 Now where would dall'Oglio?
"Now tell me is in a different prison. His captors Iraqi jihadists would be less reliable than the previous, more dangerous than those of Syrian Raqqa. With him, not in the same cell, there may be also the two Italian ".
(......) The Italian military participation in the new American-led coalition against the Islamic State introduces a political element. It is one thing to send civilian aid, another ship weapons. We have just seen with the beheading of English. The jihadists blackmail and punish the countries that are allied against them. "

[A spectacular execution of a Jesuit would transform in martyr the Jesuit order and his evil mission in the world for the sake of Satan: the extirpation of the Christendom. At the same time it would be the casus belli for an open opposition to the "Western world" leaders, USA & Israel, who would be blamed as "Jewish and Protestant" powers who sought a revenge on an "pious", "humble" "servant" of  Christ and the pope, the Jesuit Dall'Oglio.]

But what do you think of the possible Allied operations in Syria? It is true that now there are more 'secular' brigades between the rebel groups?
(......)  On the contrary, I am convinced that, at a time when Americans begin to really bomb, militants of the New Free Syrian Army and the Islamic not-extremist formations will return en masse to fight for the freedom of the country. Now do you not see them, are caught between the anvil and the hammer of the Islamic State of the regime's repression. ....

[Therefore the ISIS is simply bringing water to the mill of the butcher Assad. The only way to legitimize Catho-Islamic butcher Assad (member of Roman Catholic sub-order of the Constantinian order Francis I) is to ideologically oppose to him a more visible form of butchery (Jihadists, ISIS, etc.) , and to present it as "enemy" of Assad. Just keep in mind the 'safe-conduct', the 'free-passport' given by Assad's regime to the Jihaidsts letting them to leave a destroyed Homs without to bomb them. In a tv news of Italian RAI public broadcast company, it was marked that ALL the churches of Homs went bombed EXCEPT the Jesuits' church.... From this dialectic opposition every crime and assassination of Assad is pardoned in the name of the "most evil essence" of ISIS. All that worked the same when the Bush' invasion of Iraq in 2003 with that following blodshed among civilians, was the perfect emotional curtain to hide the butchery of the Monster at the Kremlin, Putin, in Chechenia and in Russia (PUTINTIME)].

 It should hold their nose and accept Bashar Assad as an ally in order to beat the Islamic State?
"Absolutely not. Assad is a criminal, a murderer of his people, who did not hesitate to take advantage and give strength to jihadist terrorists and cutthroats in order to criminalize the entire patriotic movement of opposition to the regime. Assad is not a partner. Must go. With him there is no compromise possible. "
September 15, 2014 | 08:22

James Foley:

"Foley was a native of Rochester, New Hampshire.[6] He was the oldest of five children born to John and Diane Foley.[8] He was a Catholic.[9][10]
"Mr. Foley's commitment to his work was informed by his faith, friends said. He came from a deeply Roman Catholic family and saying the rosary and praying with a fellow hostage, Clare Morgana Gillis, helped him get though is captivity in Libya." - quoted in:

See also:

      The two Italian young women kidnapped in Syria:

[comment in: ]


'Tell the truth about Syria' says kidnapped girl's relative
'Tell the truth about Syria' says kidnapped girl's relative
TWO Italian aid workers missing since August 1
07 August, 15:54
(ANSAmed) - ROME, AUGUST 7 - A close family member of Greta Ramelli, one of the TWO Italian female aid workers taken hostage in Syria, spoke to journalists at the family home in Gavirate on Thursday. The man (possibly her brother) said he could not discuss the case of the two Lombard girls, who had been in Syria since July 28 for a humanitarian project. He did, however, address the many reporters gathered outside the home and say that ''if you want to help Vanessa and Greta, talk about what is happening in Syria and why the country is in this situation''.

      Ohhhhhh look what happened on 16th September,  the day after the news about kidnapped Jesuit priest Paolo Dall'Oglio claimed still alive and presumibly a companion of another illustrious hostage, the same (now r.i.p.) James Foley....:

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

House Speaker John A. Boehner on Tuesday reiterated his support for President Obama’s request to arm and train Syrian rebels but said there’s more to be done to ultimately destroy the Islamic State terrorist group....
“I frankly think the president’s request is a sound one. I think there’s a lot more that we need to be doing, but there’s no reason for us not to do what the president asked us to do,” the Ohio Republican said.


Mr. Boehner added that if the ultimate goal is to destroy the terrorist group, which is also known as ISIS or ISIL, “we’ve got to do more than train a few folks in Syria and train a few folks in Iraq and dropping bombs.”

      The news was quoted in the Stiliyanov's post where i re-direct you to take knowledge about the Jesuit background of House Speaker John A. Boehner:

сряда, 17 септември 2014 г.
Speaker of the house of Loyola 
"The jihadists blackmail and punish the countries that are allied against them. "

     Just what Jesuits need for the Asian summit in Milan in next October - an America, externally "Jewish and Protestant" (internally Catholic and Jesuit), deeply trapped in a new Middle East butchery  and exposed to all the world as the "mastemind" of the conflicts in Middle East   -  Was Jesuit Dall'Oglio really trying to cheat the Jihadists?.... Or are they collaborating?

".....The Il Fatto Quotidiano daily, however, shared some of the concern about ties with Russia saying that Mogherini "has never changed course from the Rome-Moscow axis".
"The Americans know that while Italy's heart... has historically been with Washington, the wallet is in Moscow," it said.
The paper pointed out that Italy was slow to condemn Russia's creeping invasion of Crimea in March saying: "Federica got her timing wrong".
It said the minister had also made the "mistake" during her visit to Moscow of inviting Putin to the Asia-Europe meeting in Milan in October -- a summit between EU member states and ASEAN partners held every two years."

   "...His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI , Bishop of Rome,
Supreme Primate of The Holy Roman Empire.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )"
- in:

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Giulio Terzi, knight of Roman Sacred Empire, and ITALIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: " The solution of the crisis gripping Syria cannot be else than political" [under SJ Dall'Oglio suggestion?]

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Paolo Dall'Oglio S.J: Production Stills/ Making Of and Candids. [*]

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