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Omobogbe did NOT want to enlist in Israel [the "35" connection]

Above image - 35 years old [assassinated?] Federico Leonelli.

Machete in Jesi, passers
they were taking the "selfie"
The young African man who sowed panic in the city had already been arrested 4 times in the last 8 months. He yelled: "I'll kill you all Italians." But it has attracted the curious
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2 settembre 2014 | 14:55


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 There were also fifty onlookers, some of whom have not disdained "selfie", while the police and the police were blocking Precious Omobogbe, 25 years, the Nigerian who on Monday night for a little less than two hours threatened passersby with two machetes, sowing terror in Jesi (Ancona), chased by the Carabineers and the police. The man was finally captured and arrested thanks to the courage of the captain Mauro Epifani, commander of Jesi, which is reckless on the twenty-five years after convincing him to put down the weapon by the blade of 35 cm but was injured slightly to one side by a stroke of the blade.

 Two other soldiers were bruised in the scuffle with a photographer Omobogbe that said, "Come, let me show his head (the captain; ed)." During his escape he screamed in the throes of a fit, "Italian, I'll kill you all", so to local press reports.
Between January and August had been arrested and released four times already in Bologna, Pistoia, Moat Vico and Jesi, where, on August 11, had threatened ex-girlfriend with a knife and assaulting a Carabineer officer. Even Omobogbe was wounded in the left leg, struck by a ricocheting bullet fired to the ground by an agent for the purpose of warning...."

Monday, September 1, 2014
"...he wanted to enlist in Israel...."[Guilty by Association in Rome]
      This is the [low intensity terrorist?] state you are living in,  in Italy.
       No warning bullets for Federico. Neither wounding bullets. Only a shot directly in the heart. By a Policeman, belonging to the State Police, not Carabineers gendarmery [=EUROGENDFOR].

     They had to kill Federico Federico Leonelli? To make him guilty for a murder maybe he never did??...:

".....Frederick Leonelli, the killer of Eur [Eur is a district of Rome] went to Israel and was rejected. The coroner: "He cut the victim's head after killing her" (PHOTO)

Published: 27/08/2014 16:33 EDT Updated: 08/27/2014 16:33 EDT

Federico Leonelli, the man who beheaded a woman in Rome in the EUR district, tried to enter Israel at Ben Gurion Airport but was refused by the authorities who barred him from entering the country for 5 years. So precise Amit Zarouk, spokesperson of the Embassy of Israel, concerning the killer's desire to enlist in the Israeli army.

Meanwhile, after the autopsy, details emerge on the murder of Oksana Martseniuk, the maid who was in the house of the massacre. Leonelli wanted to tear the body of his victim and discard it. In fact, the killer had already prepared Buston of garbage to hide the corpse.

The woman then she was already dead when the killer cut her head. The body of the victim according to the findings, it would have been reached by a forty stab wounds........."
 "ROME, THE NOVEL OF THE BEHEADED WOMAN . The master of the house, "Leonelli wanted to go to fight in Gaza"
 Posted by Katia Impellicceri August 26, 2014.
(......) The assumptions because of the murderous rampage killing spree might have been triggered also by the fear of being sent away from the villa where he was staying for two months after the discovery of a small arsenal of knives that he had, and that the man probably would have purchased, together to military clothing, on a website of Israel....."
     Was the Ukrainian victim beheaded by someone else than Federico Leonelli [then hypothetically murdered in order to shut his mouth], as precise emotional planning, in order to associate Israel (and USA) as morally guilty with the ISIS' bloody exhibition of severed heads?....
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
The Catholic Fire and the coming Kristallnacht of Nero

".......Rome August 25, 2014
Woman beheaded in Eur, Frederick Leonelli and passion for knives
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Genoa - could have been started out of the house on Via Burma, in the Eur district of Rome, in front of the tavern, the attack that brought the 35-year old Frederick Leonelli to behead to kill the 38 year old maid Ukrainian Oksana Martseniuk: the idea has caught on this morning, after the discovery of a pool of blood in front of the door that leads into the room, and seems to lose consistency to that of attempted rape, focusing more on a fight for other reasons: for those investigating an attempted rape would be done inside the house.

Other traces of blood still visible along the corridor, would have you believe that the woman was then dragged into the basement.

In addition, it was found that Saturday, the day before he was brutally killed, the Martseniuk would have send a text message to the employer (ie the owner of the house) indicating that Leonelli tinkered often with knives for hunting or fishing underwater: the investigators did not exclude the possibility that it may have been precisely the cause of the murderous madness of man.

[WHO did really sent that cell phone text messages??? Now the woman is dead and cannot confirm....].

As already emerged last night, Leonelli was a guest for a couple of months in the villa for two years work because he was colleague of the owner, as he computer expert; the mother of the killer, who was later killed by police, is a teacher, his father a colonel of Finance.

This morning, just talking about the colleague, the landlord would have told investigators that "I never expected such a thing: I had not suspicions about him when I hosted and left alone in my house."

What is certain is that the investigation team of the Mobile Police, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor, "will continue - how did you know from a note of the Rome police - to acquire additional information needed to clarify each element of the story: from the investigations carried out so far showed that Leonelli lived for some time in the home of via Burma as a guest of the owner of the house, when absent,whom  he had known years ago for work. Between the murderer and the victim at the time, was in the past does not seem to be any kind of relationship. "

Meanwhile, the house has obviously been impounded: inside and outside will also be conducted ballistic tests to determine the trajectory of the bullets and clarify with certainty the times when Leonelli was shot by officers rushed to the scene, called by some neighbors ; according to what has been so far reconstructed, the man would have been suddenly popped out brandishing a sort of bloody cleaver, running towards the fire brigade and police. That, as reiterated the police were "forced to explode gunshot fire against the 35 year-old to defend against blows addressed to them." Other reconstructions, however, it is clear that the agents would Leonelli shot while trying to escape in a car, as shown by the bullet holes on the windshield of the car.
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Yes, it seems Federico had to keep forever shut the mouth:

by DagoSpia -  25 ago 2014 20:55
There it should be deepened also the manner of the killing of the killer. The officers shot the man when, after getting off, first with the fire department and later with the police, brandishing a cleaver was shot while trying to escape in the car ...

    Maybe I still conserve an old issue of Venerdì di Repubblica, where it was stated that a conspicuous amount of new policemen entering the CIVIL State Policer are former volunteers of the ground Army.... I remember they talked about the problem of a sort of "psychological conversion" of such new policemen who were coming from an environment where the training is appropriate for a military context not a civil context, for a context where usually first you shot then you ask (the corpse) the ID card .

      Is this the control by MILITARY Carabineers [= member/pillar of EUROGENDFOR] inside the CIVIL State Police? Filling it with many former military Rambo, former elite corps volunteers???..... 

      So many times, in such a country, when I ride my Vespa  and I meet a truck traveling on the opposite lane, I ask myself if the driver will or not suddenly turn the heavy vehicle towards me.


"Haven't Russian developed the technology obtaining first true invisible to radar interceptor, the SU-35? "

Is this the fighter who downed MH17?

Russian stealth researchers have developed materials and techniques that can reduce the head-on radar cross-section (RCS) of a Sukhoi Su-35 fighter by an order of magnitude, halving the range at which hostile radars can detect it. The research group - working with Sukhoi, but based at the Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetics (ITAE) at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow - has performed more than 100 hours of testing on a reduced-RCS Su-35 and has also experimented with the use of plasmas - ionized gases - to reduce RCS. ................." ]

Some further comments from FB page Avles Beluskes:

about an hour ago · Edited · Like
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Avles Beluskes Did Lockheed build PURPOSELY a failed fighter jet??? (F35)
41 minutes ago · Edited · Like
Avles Beluskes And in Italy? Jesuit advised Prime Minister Matteo Renzi inaugurates new highway whose name is..... A 35. Day of the news: Mercoledì, 23 luglio 2014 . Just 34 YEARS before, on 18 July 1980 wreckage of a MIG 23 was found in Calabria region near Ustica aircrash.... ----->
BreBeMi, Matteo Renzi taglia il nastro della nuova autostrada
Matteo Renzi è al casello di Fara Olivana, in provincia di Bergamo, per l'inaugurazione dell'A35 Brebemi. Maroni: "Adesso il premier defiscalizzi la Pedemontana". IL VIDEO DI...
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["...  MilanoItalia
BreBeMi, Matteo Renzi cuts the ribbon on the new highway
The premier in the province of Bergamo, for the inauguration of A35 [= new highway] Brebemi.Durante blessing the joke "Today is S.Brigida patroness of Europe? Hopefully give us a hand." VIDEO OF THE BUSINESS OF THE EVENT
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 11:44:00

The premier took part in the blessing of the new A35 and when the parishioner [priest] recalled that on 23 July it is remembered Saint Brigida patroness of Europe he blurts out the joke "On Europe we hope she [= Saint Brigida] gives us a hand" Once the speeches stops to talk with people and collects the call for greater safety on the part of a family of Pietro  Raccagni, who was killed during a robbery at Pontoglio on July 4. ]


Avles Beluskes [SEE ABOVE QUOTED ARTICLE] ... "....The premier in the province of Bergamo, for the inauguration of A35 Brebemi.Durante blessing the joke "TODAY IS S. BRIGIDA SAINT PATRON OF EUROPE? Hopefully give us a hand." THE VIDEO OF THE EVENT BUSINESS
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 11:44:00......"
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Avles Beluskes ....and who is FOREIGN minister of Renzi 's govt? SHE is Federica Mogherini, now also EUROPEAN foreign minister and PRO-PUTIN.... TAKE NOTE OF THE DAY OF THE NEWS, THE DAY BEFORE MH17 TRAGEDY ----->
Socialists back Mogherini for EU foreign affairs chief
Socialist Prime Ministers are meeting today (16 July) to give their support for Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini to become the next EU foreign affairs chief, ahead of an EU summit where at least four Eastern European countries are expected to object to her candidacy.
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Avles Beluskes
Control-avles-blogs: "After Italy’s EU presidency began on July 1...".
The italian connection. Definitely, italy is well prepared and ready for the messainic age. . . on the side of the Roman empire.Man, she has been busy the last few days. . . .Again this "lady" with the "bad guys" Turkey. Like a cheap soap opera from the bosphorus. Is she a prompter for the new puppe…
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above two  comments in:
 Sunday, July 27, 2014

...and now: Putin's Summer surprise.

 Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From Dingle Bay to the Strait of Bering... [Russia and America sharing the same fate?]

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A programmed career? [since 1997]



    A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after police officers found a woman who had reportedly been beheaded in broad daylight in the back garden of a home in a London suburb.

    The victim, named by police as Palmira Silva, 82, was found at an address on Nightingale Road, Edmonton, north London, just after 1pm on Thursday.

    Police said they were called at 1.07pm to reports of a man armed with a knife who was attacking either a cat or a dog. "On arrival they found a woman, no further details at this stage, collapsed in a garden area. She was pronounced dead at the scene."

    Officers said the woman's next of kin had been notified, adding that detectives believe she was of Italian descent.

    1.07....... Italian woman......vatican attacking itself '17

    By the way, I'm 25 years old....

    1. Look, this morning I discovered that the tunnel I usually run to go to the job will be closed for "mainteinance" on 9, 10 and 11 September. Before to enter in it, half kilometres outside, I met a check point of military police Carabineers, the ones dovoted to VIRGO FIDELIS. They were on the opposite lane checking for suspect cars going in my opposite direction. One agent hearing my scooter approaching turned the head to me. Don't know if to check if I noticed their presence or only for an unaware psychological gesture.

      This night a boy of 17 (seventeen) year old has been killed by a CARABINEER in Naples, because he didn't stop at a check point. At the end of this month it will happen an exceptional strike of ALL public workers as well civil Policemen and MILITARY Carabineers....

      Carabineers were created on 13 July 2014 by the same Savoj king putted at the throne by Wien Council of Metternich. He continued the previous persecutions of Jews and Reformed Vaudoises. Italy is a Catholic TERRORIST state.

    2. Sorry i post again forgot the decisive piece inside the previous comment:

      avlesSeptember 5, 2014 at 5:10 AM

      "......By the way, I'm 25 years old...........".

      Who knows? Anyway I marked that "25" due to:

      ".......Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash - Moscow
      Published time: July 21, 2014 12:59
      Edited time: July 22, 2014 15:03
      Get short URL..........."

      "......Target ISIS: First batch of Russian fighter jets arrives in Iraq
      Published time: June 29, 2014 00:25
      Edited time: June 30, 2014 12:54 ........."

      The Russian fighters supplied with to Iraq are again SU-25 Froogfoot - see excerpt of the above quoted article:

      "......The first delivery of Russian Sukhoi fighter jets arrived in Iraq on Saturday, the country’s Defense Ministry said. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is hoping the jets will make a key difference in the fight against ISIS.

      The Iraqi Ministry of Defense on Sunday confirmed receiving five Su-25 fighter jets in accordance with the deal with Moscow. The jets were delivered by a Russian An-124 transport plane in a dismantled state, and are expected to be set up and become operational within 3-4 days.

    3. This is what is happening to me now exactly at the local hour 14:20... an excerpt of a text message i tried to send to my mate:

      ".....SORRY MY LOVE, i tried to call you viber immediately after you called me exactly at your hour 08:20 PM, but 1) when you answered with viber i heard only noise 2) i cannot send message with viber, they appear as not arrived 3) i tried to call both your cell phones with skype but it didn't work 4) i tried to call your old cell phone with my old cell phone but it didn't work 5) I tried to call your new smartphone and again it didn't work... sorry i remain on skype and wait your call my love............"

      I believe I am targeted.

    4. avlesSeptember 5, 2014 at 10:49 AM

      "....05 settembre 2014
      17 years boy killed by Carabineers in Naples. To protest police cars destroyed. The military investigation for manslaughter
      The young man was on board a scooter along with two other people in the neighborhood Trajan: it is now a wanted fugitive and a 18 year old with a history. The driver did not stop and I was born a chase. The party would accidentally shot from the gun of one of the soldiers. The victim's brother: "He had no license and insurance." The mother: "I saw that it was a baby?". The policeman investigated for manslaughter........"

      It happened this night, some hours after the prime minister Matteo Renzi labelled the refuse by Police and military representatives of government offers as regard the level of salary and wages of the military and police forces and the threat of a general strike of military and police forces at end of September as "unacceptable blackmail".