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“The Morality of Violence and Demonstrations” [double faced Jesuits]


    Double faced Jesuits, supporting the revolution and supporting the counter-revolution. At the end - did the looted money of Philippines end in Jesuits' bags? It is consequential in the Jesuits' mind to fight Philippines, the country which has the higher percentage of NOT Catholic believers among Christians in Asia.  Fighting it with increasing economic crisis to weak and destroy any form of resistance against the slow absorption within the Marxist (increasingly Catholic aligned) China economy. Marxist China is the giant freezer to keep frozen 1,5 billion souls that have to be coocked in the pot of popery. Therefore it is care of the Jesuits to avoid any Protestant/Vaudois "infection". Keeping a strong religious "hygiene" in the surrounding of China....

"The future of the church is in Asia and Africa", said SJ Adolf Nicholas.


Imelda Marcos, the CIA, and the Pope: A Secret History

by Greg Rushford
from Newsbreak

 This article is based upon formerly secret documents that were declassified without fanfare and published by the U.S. Department of State in 2006, but apparently gathered the proverbial dust on the shelves since then — unnoticed until now by prying journalistic eyes.

Although it was reported at the time that Mrs. Marcos had had a private audience with Pope Paul VI earlier in Sept., 1970, what was said behind the closed doors, to my best knowledge, has never before been reported. Richard Helms’ minutes of his Sept. 22 meeting in the Madison’s presidential suite give the gist of how the First Lady reported the meeting to the CIA. According to Helms’ notes, Mrs. Marcos’s papal visit “was not for the purpose of piety but to persuade him to make his visit to the Philippines in the third week of November, which would be after the election, to prevent the Catholic church in the Philippines from using his visit to further its political ambitions.

 Marcos and the Jesuit ‘Subversives’
February 19, 2010
By Amadis Ma. Guerrero
First published in Graphic, March 18, 1970, p. 6-7.
“Absolute obedience” was the command on which Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus more than four centuries ago. Today the word “obedience” is rarely uttered when young Jesuits get together. Their ranks include protest marchers, draft-card burners, bishop-baiters and jailbirds. The community of 8,000 American Jesuits is caught in profound internal ferment …
— from the Atlantic Magazine, November, 1969
THE HEADLINE in the afternoon daily caught one’s startled eye: Marcos Tags Jesuits on Revolt, and the reader’s instinctive reaction was that the President was giving the SJs more credit than they deserved.
“President Marcos today accused the Jesuits of inciting revolution in the Philippines,” the report began, bylined by a veteran Malacañang reporter. “Mr. Marcos hurled the accusation during a conference with newsmen this morning (March 2), adding that he will not countenance the ‘continued acts of rebellion’ by the religious order.’ The story was substantially duplicated in the other afternoon paper, and its lead was even more dramatic: Marcos declared today an open war against the Jesuits…
The Malacañang ploy however backfired, and reaction set in favor of the Jesuits. The following morning the Palace issued a blanket denial of the reports. Its tone was typically self-serving and innocucus:
“The President believes that the Jesuits in the Philippines are fully aware of the separation between the church and the state and will not risk being publicly condemned for interference in the affairs of government.”
Two leading Jesuit officials immediately took up the cudgels for their order. The reaction of Fr. Horacio de la Costa, provincial superior of the Society, was a model of understatement: “If the President has been correctly reported as saying what he did, I would like to state, with all due respect, that he must have been misinformed …
“As for interfering with the affairs of the state, I would simply say that those of us who are Filipinos believe that, as citizens of a free country, we have the right, and occasionally the duty, to speak our minds on what we believe to be the state of the nation, and how we believe that state can be improved to provide justice and a better life for all.”
The rejoinder of Fr. Pacifico Ortiz, Ateneo president, was more blunt: “It would be a tragedy which could bring us even nearer to revolution if no persons or institutions in this land could speak the truth about the state of the nation as he sees it without being branded as inciters of revolution.
“If we have come to such a pass, as indeed this accusation of the President might lead us to believe, then thought-control and fascism are just around the corner.”
An original impression of newsmen was that the President’s remarks had been printed in one of those “onion skin press releases.” In the trade, this means that a reporter’s contacts give him some “background” material, printed on onion-skin paper, “not for attribution.” The real story, however, subsequently filtered out to the press. Marcos had let down his guard, and revealed his feelings during an informal afternoon chat with newsmen while playing golf at the Palace greens.
The radicals were understandably annoyed, feeling that the President had conferred on the Jesuits a badge of honor reserved exclusively for their own militant groups. Those who know the Jesuits well were amused: very flattering really, but we haven’t reached that stage yet and we probably never will, unless we’re driven to it.
There may be one or two far-out radicals among the SJs, but the truth is that most of them have come out for peaceful reforms. And if only for this reason, they constitute no immediate, violent threat to men like Ferdinand E. Marcos.
Why FM Dislikes the Jesuits
The Jesuits for years now have been crying out for reforms, warning that the alternative would be a bloody revolution. This call naturally has not endeared them to the One in Power (and we do not mean the other world), it being a reflection on his Administration.
—A pamphlet by Fr. Vitaliano Gorospe, SJ, entitled “The Morality of Violence and Demonstrations,” which stated that violence on the part of the exploited masses is justifiable as a last resort. Now this may cause concern to those in the Establishment (particularly to those who may have been warned by their seeresses that they will be assassinated by a young man in the guise of a priest), but it is old hat really. It is inscribed in the Catechism books, and even Pope Paul — hardly a revolutionary — is not against it.

Ok, read it for yourself the rest of the long article.  Lets go to the year......:


 Looking Back

Marcos, Jesuits, and martial law

By |

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Marcos undertook an abbreviated form of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola during Holy Week 1972. In Mirador, the Jesuit retreat house in Baguio, Marcos grappled with the idea of martial law and asked God for a sign. On March 28, 1972, he scribbled:
“I came in at about 8.20 for the meditation which started at 8.15 am. Late because I had to settle several matters before I could go on retreat, one of which was the wish of the children to go back to Manila inasmuch as they had nothing to do since none of their crowd had as yet come up… Imelda was upset by the restlessness of the children.
“Somehow, this and other problems that have arisen in the past month have made my retreat more urgent. I have to think out the plans that I have drawn up. This includes: the report on increased subversion, the arson, the acts of terrorism in the Metropolitan area, the continued shipment of arms for the subversives, their recruitment and training and the renewed activities of the front organizations. And we have had to review the eventual use of the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus and even the proclamation of martial law.
“So I talk to God in my retreat, asking for guidance, knowing that he sees me as I am—a man with strengths and weaknesses. I keep no secret from him as he has watched me in my nakedness.
“More than the reading and the thinking it is this quiet and continuous conversation with God that I attain.
“I have just come from the chapel where I prayed fervently that He may be with me always.”
The next day, March 29, 1972, Marcos listed:
“1. Decision to make: Subversions, the media. 2. List down the countries with which we have an unfavorable trade balance. Organize the exporters to make special efforts to export to them. Start out with Australia. 3. Assign special salas or courts for cases of anti-graft, corruption, malversation, dishonesty of government officials.
4. M[anila] I[international] A[irport]. Kearns visit, April 4-6. Include new International Airport. 5. Post Office-Appt. Tanabe.
“My own Spiritual Exercise. I asked the Lord for a sign. And he has given it. In the meditation this morning the following thoughts were brought out.
“My job is too heavy. But your will not mine be done.
“The permissiveness of society must be balanced by authoritativeness. The two poles must be given weight and equal importance.
“Then in the Exercise—is it for the glory of God that there be authoritativeness? Yes for we return order where there is chaos.
Fr. Ferriols spoke of recognizing the Relative of the Absolute and the Absolute in the Relative. As well as need for competence.
“Spiritual Exercises on the Specific Problem of Martial Law. There are certain themes that one must be sensitive to. Thus relativity. Food is good. But meat not always good. Thus, if one has had an appendectomy, meat is not good. This is the relative value of meat. Nor is cyanide to be taken at all. This is the absolute value of certain things to be taken. So I conclude that freedom is not always good. There may be periods in a country’s life when it is like meat. For the time being it must be curtailed or denied.
“And the permissiveness of our society has spawned the many evils that will wreck our Republic. It must now be balanced with authoritativeness and that is martial law. However, I put as a condition the occurrence of massive terrorism which would alarm the people as well as the authorities.
“And the discussion on authoritativeness to balance permissiveness comes incidentally in answer to some inquiry as to the problem of parents over teenaged children. The Father spoke of the problem of the Ateneo, where in the 1960s, the authoritativeness of the decade was balanced by the Ateneo with permissiveness by the Ateneo administration. And now the K[abataang] M[akabayan]s who profess attention and ‘nagwawala’ nothing is evil or immoral. This has resulted in disorder in the mission to train and give competence in chemistry, economics, engineering, etc. which even the KMs with their avowed desire for a new society would need.
“So Father [Jose] Cruz, our former retreat master, has instituted authoritativeness which has made him unpopular but may have saved the Ateneo.
“But that this should be talked about when not in the subject of the meditation. This is the sign that I have asked of God.”
Did God give Marcos a sign for the imposition of martial law, or was it a wrong number? History should give us an answer.
* * *
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Who Is Padre Ferriols?

by Pamela Joy Mariano-Capistrano
Roque J. Ferriols, S.J.  (full name: Roque Angel Jamias Ferriols)  |  Roque Ferriols, S.J. has left his mark on several generations of philosophy students from the Ateneo de Manila University. Fondly known as "Padre Roque" to later generations of students, Ferriols can be credited with almost single-handedly promoting the teaching of philosophy in Filipino. More important and more lasting, however, is his determination to impart the necessity of pagmumuni-muni--of genuine thinking on one's situation, to his students. He has taught--and still continues to teach--at the Ateneo de Manila for more than 40 years....(...). 
Etc etc you can take the pleasure to better know the sophisticated Jesuits in the original bio:

So we are now in the eighties:


Philippines Being Ransacked By Jesuits And Vatican

Philippines Being Ransacked By Jesuits And Vatican, According To Foreign Freedom Fighter
It's a question of freedom or fascism and Bobby Limeta of the Philippines says the U.S. is the only barrier remaining in the world.
14 Jun 2006

The looting of the Philippines is underway in “full force” by the Jesuit Order, according to foreign freedom fighter Bobby G. Limeta, as he claims the devious Catholic order of militaristic priests are the real culprits behind the New World Order.

“I'm a Filipino and I'm not an American, but I'm deeply concerned that the last barrier of freedom the world now enjoys is the United States,” said Limeta this week from his home in the Philippines, adding he hopes information he has collected about the Jesuits provides a warning to Americans.

“I've discovered the diabolic works of the Jesuits since 1990. The more the Americans will be confused about Jesuits & Zionist Jews issues, the better for the Jesuits. As they smile to the Americans for they have already eaten up the foundation of America "United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

“Even our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal the greatest of all Malayan Race, knows the Jesuits well and he did not mentioned Zionist Jews. Now, I never wonder why, if there are Filipino traitors working for the Jesuits-Vatican like Fr. Diaz and Marcos, there's also American traitors like Ronald Reagan who recognized the sovereign state of Vatican. I'm angry at Ronald Reagan as the Jesuits murdered my favorite American President Abraham Lincoln and my favorite hero Dr. Jose Rizal. But they are not murdered by Zionist Jews.”

As Limeta watches his country being infiltrated by traitors working together with the Vatican, he wants Americans to listen to what is going on in his country, as well as begin understanding the “real story” of the Vatican in order to protect the liberties remaining in America.

“I have a picture of Adolf Hitler taken 1997 at the age of 107 or 108 in Santiago, Chile. Hitler has Parkinson's disease. And his favorite pastime is painting "Pastel" and always murmuring to himself and sometimes he's even scolding himself for what he had done to the millions of people killed during WWII,” said Limeta.

“His wife, Eva Braun,” just died on 1972. I and Ernesto Pinero Suarez , a Chilean, knew this matter long time ago. And I'm keeping this picture in a safe location where only I know where it is located. The couple escaped via “Vatican Ratline”s and the couple carried gold with them.

Limeta went on to explain how the Jesuits have influenced and infiltrated his country for the benefit of the elite and to the detriment of the common man. He claims the same thing is happening in America but the people are “blinded from the truth” and a well orchestrated disinformation campaign has been protecting the Jesuits and Vatican using their fascist influence to destroy America.

“The Jesuits owned first class schools and universities in the Philippines and teaching Liberation Theology under curriculum 141 Immersion Program, the Zionist Jew are not teaching it,” added Limeta.

“The Jesuit's Opus Dei and Vatican are the culprits in the looting of our Philippine Gold (a gold different from Yamashita's looted Asia's Gold). The culprits OSS/CIA Agent Col. Severino Santa Romana a.k.a. Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz (Jesuit's Opus Dei) and Vatican's cohorts Ferdinand E. Marcos.

“President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo studied in Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (Jesuit's Georgetown University) and his religious adviser is Fr. Romeo "Archie" Intengan, S.J. And somteimes they have secret meeting at the Jesuit's house in Quezon City.

“GMA's national security adviser "Norberto Gonzales" is my pin-pointed Jesuit Temporal coadjutor. He's a close friend of Fr. Archie. And our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal's confessors are Jesuits before he was executed by firing squad. Zionist Jews are not with Rizal. It means, the Jesuits are everywhere and the Zionist Jews.

Limeta went on to explain why he feels the Jesuits and the Vatican are the real culprits of the New World Order, using the Zionist Jews as scapegoats to deflect attention.

“When you analyze the geographic locations of Vatican in Rome it is within seven mountains, exactly what the book of Revelations said. Jerusalem is not,” added Limeta. “Also it mentioned in the Bible that the anti-christ will be a preacher from a religious order and not the Zionist Jew.

“Why are there Jesuit defectors like Alberto Rivera and others, but I haven't heard a Zionist Jew defectors? Why is the head of the grand tip of masonry the Jesuit Black Pope and not a superior Zionist? For every group or organization there shall be a leader to have direction and perform leadership function. If there isn't a leader, it will only scatter. Is there a Zionist Jew leader to cover all Zionist Jew affairs throughout the world if any?

“Why are Popes murdered by the Jesuits and not the Zionist Jew. David Yallop did not point his accusations against the Zionist Jews but he point his finger at Cardinal Jean Villot (P2 Lodge member).”

For more informative articles, go to

Greg Szymanski
See also on the theme:
"......Cardinal Sin is pictured in these documents as traitor to the Filipino people. Cardinal Sin, Cory Aquino's boss.

[color=red]Lastly, Bro. Eric I will entrusted to you the actual photos of the documents in Acrobat PDF Files in 10 Parts implicating the Marcos Gold & Billions was placed by Marcos before his death (last will - testimony) and I believed in the possessions of the Jesuits-Vatican better know as VATICAN TRUST written by Marcos himself. I now realized that Imelda Marcos doesn't keep Marcos Gold & Billions but rather the Vatican Trust.[/color]
  Jesuits transferred Marcos Gold & Billions of Dollars to the Vatican Treasury. The JESUIT ORDER - MASTER OF EVASION AND CONSPIRACIES
Updated July 25, 2014 

[I don't share the 13 Bloodline theory conspiracy]

Give a look to the scheme applied to Philippines:

This story appears to demonstrate that Syria and Iran is a panic attack and the biggest distraction smoke screen of all : The global story that we should really be focused on is not about war in Syria at all, there is not a cat in hells chance of WW3 , from a global financial standpoint of what is happening behind the scenes right now: On the other side of the world The Philippines is digging up Black Gold under orders from the Chinese and It is all related to the New Financial System called The Global Financial Reset concerning the Global Collateral accounts:
The mainstream media should be pouring hundreds if not thousands of reporters over to the Philippines on this matter but sadly, once again it is left to us truth seekers and lightworkers to bring the information out in trickle feed, so here is the joining of the dots for you.
"......The Philippines ( and their people ) have been kept in perpetual poverty if by design : One can see clearly that the people have been usurped by a collaboration of evil in the US, Vatican and the Global financial elite ; Not only did the fortune amassed by Ferdinand Marco, get to the projects for the people it was intended, the truth is more sinister it was locked away from the real recipients which created a total abundant in the lack of wealth. Suddenly a few families are allowed to build the most advanced city in the world (as in Makati City ) and just around the corner in Manila Bay, Pollution tops the agenda with Oil leaks, man-made Typhoons (which occur sometimes twice weekly) and people starve in a poverty that has some rivaling to do. 
See also:

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ISIS, Philippines


And now the 'revolutionary' Jesuits are in the House of Representatives:

 "Fr. Patrick J. Conroy, S.J., (born October 31, 1950) is a Jesuit priest who is serving as the 60th Chaplain of the House of Representatives. His selection was announced by the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives on May 6, 2011,[1] and he was sworn in as the new House Chaplain May 25, 2011,[2] following a unanimous vote by the House.[3] Conroy delivered his first prayer as House Chaplain on May 26, 2011.[4]

Thursday, May 1, 2014

First May, the feast of the Vatican pillage of heretics?


  1. What timing!

    Just the day before yesterday I purchased a book with this information about the Vatican political manipulation of the Philippines:

    1. I hope it can help to expose better the geo-political and geo-religious goals of Jesuits as regard Marxist China and South East Asia. After Philippines I see Australia as the most important obstacle in their scheme.

    2. Just see the efforts in to convince the public that doc Rizal, killed by Jesuits' plot as believe Bobby Limeta, before execution came back in the arms of Mother 'church', the Catholic church. Even if we assume he really wrote the declaration of retraction from any previous denial of Catholic faith ["I retract with all my heart whatever in my words, writings, publications and conduct have been contrary to my character as a son of the Catholic Church."], the enorumous effort in to exhibit it betray the true question behind the Philippines' question, the Counter Reformation in order to wipe away the Protestant/Vaudoises germs from around China, to be Catholicized...:

    3. ".....She flew to Italy where she had a private audience with Pope Paul VI. In that meeting, the First Lady vented her frustrations with internal political opposition from the Catholic Church in Manila, specially, she complained, from the liberal Jesuits........".

      Notice on how we are in the highest peak of the anti-Communist crusade with the Viet-nam quagmire but Imelda Marcos didn't fly to Washington DC (the alleged anti-Communist capital city of the world), it seems she bypassed C.I.A. and went directly to Rome. Isn't this an admission of the real power of the Jesuits? Above all other powers in the world?


    excerpts from:

    "............“…there is only one God, the Father—not the Son and more so not the Holy Spirit….It [Trinity] is not found in the Holy Scriptures or the Bible…” -anyone who owns a Bible and can read will be able to easily disprove these false statements of Iglesia Ni Cristo. You are commanded to search the scripture. You are also commanded to study to show thyself approved that you need not be ashamed. You are also commanded to test the spirits of those who would be your teachers. The membership of Iglesia Ni Cristo fail miserably on all accounts.
    This is what the Scriptures say if they would bother to look:
    God the Father gave all things to his coequal, Jesus Christ:

    John 5:22 For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:
    ALL things were made by THE WORD and the WORD is the SON and “without him was not any thing made that was made.” So to say that he (Jesus) who made all things was made when John 1:3 says that nothing that was made was made without him MAKES Iglesia Ni Cristo (and the Mormons) false teachers. Jesus Christ was a party to his own incarnation into this world. 1 John 5:7 states that the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost are one. All three are God and God has no beginning and no end. As Timothy said, it is a mystery. This means that God reveals it to his own and conceals it from the tares who stumble.
    The Iglesia Ni Cristo logo is the most heavily occult device that I have observed so far.
    Many bloggers and others have pointed out the masonic compass and square that are present in the center of the logo:
    However, you will notice that within the Iglesia Ni Cristo logo there is a scale attached to the top of the compass and between the arms of the compass there is a lamb resting atop a book of what looks like several scrolls. These objects provide a definitive and unquestionable connection between this logo and the Scottish Rite 17th Degree “Knight of the East and West”:
    17th Degree – “Knight of the East and West”“The jewel is a heptagonal (seven-sided) medal, half gold and half silver or mother of pearl. These two colors are emblems of the sun and moon, themselves symbols of the Egyptian deities Osiris and Isis, who represent the generative and productive powers of nature, illustrated in Masonic Symbolism by the columns Jachin and Boaz as the active and passive forces manifested in nature (Morals and Dogma, p. 202).
    There is really no denying that the Iglesia Ni Cristo logo is taken directly from the 17th Degree: This also reveals that Iglesia Ni Cristo has a hidden agenda that involves the Antichrist and the end times. They picked the 17th Degree for a reason. The sacred word of the 17th Degree is Abaddon whom Revelation 9:11 tells us is Apollyon, the destroyer. That is what all of this is about. All of the 911, Freemason, false church cult business boils down to Antichrist. ..."