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Catholic priest 'threatened by Mafia' [Vatican using Mafia]

Milan, 13 Dec. 2009:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Lady of War flying over the Vatican peninsula?

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  Don Ciotti leader of anti-mafia "threatened" by Mafia boss Toto Rina, from the prison:

 "Sunday, August 31, 2014 16:28 - News Report: Mafia, Don Ciotti Riina threat of prison: "He looks like Father Puglisi, we could kill him ...
In an interception Toto Riina threatens from the  prison Don Luigi Ciotti, founder of Libera, in the front line against the Mafia. "This priest and the press and a figure resembling Father Puglisi, we could well kill him." Don Ciotti said: "For me, the efforts against the mafia has always been an act of fidelity to the Gospel, to his denunciation of injustice and violence, to his stand on the side of the victims, the poor, the excluded. Upon his call a 'hunger and thirst for righteousness' which must be lived on from here, from this world. "".

      Remember that this is not simply a "self-martyrdom", but Roman Catholicism in this country uses Mafia and Criminality to press the civil society under the suffocating control of the "anti-Mafia" organization which is in the hands of the Vatican and is headed by the priest don Ciotti:
 "..... Luigi Ciotti, born in Pieve di Cadore (province of Belluno) on September 10, 1945, is an Italian priest belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Turin, deeply involved in the fight against illegality and organized crime such as Mafia.....".

    Turin is the head city of the region Piedmont, the region which is one of the most important for the history of the Vaudoises. Keep in mind that the  parents of the acutal Pontifex Maximus, vicar of Baal, Jesuit Bergoglio, are from Piedmont:

"Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Flores,[30] a barrio of Buenos Aires. He was the eldest[31] of five children of Mario José Bergoglio, an Italian immigrant accountant[32] born in Portacomaro (Province of Asti) in Italy's Piedmont region, and his wife Regina María Sívori,[33] a housewife born in Buenos Aires to a family of northern Italian (Piedmontese-Genoese) origin."

      Don Ciotti, this impious priest of Baal,  has too a mind of Mafioso and such threat aimed to him and coming  from Mafia  boss Totò Rina is truly a message launched to all the country: 
 "Only Catholicism is against the Mafia, and the ones who are against us are with the Mafia".....:
   Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia: guilty by association

     Mafia and Vatican and Jesuits working all together where the Mafiosi are the "raging wolves" used by the Catholic priests to push the civil society inside the cage of the  Roman Catholic dictatorial social control.

    Probably there's scheduled a spectacular act of aggression, a murder, a bomb attack, maybe from alleged "Islamic terrorists" as well alleged "Mafia forces" against Catholic symbolic locations or even high prelates if not the same Pontifex Maximus Bergoglio SJ. Not so far from reality to imagine also a planned involvement of an abundant number of "innocent civilians" in order to have much blood from the common people to be mixed with some blood of the Catholic priests and therefore to join with a satanic ritual of blood both cleric as well lay society, exactly in the opposite direction of the Vaudoises aka ancient Independent Baptists, where the pastors were chosen by the flock of faithful.
Vatican Addresses Report Saying Pope Francis Is An ISIS Target
The Vatican is speaking out against a claim that Pope Francis is a target of the Islamic State militant group, otherwise known as ISIS.
In an article published Monday, Italy's Il Tempo newspaper reported that the pope is a target of ISIS. The paper, citing an unnamed Italian intelligence source, states the pope -- who is considered the "bearer of false truths" by the group -- is "in the crosshairs of ISIS" and that the extremist group plans to "raise the level of confrontation" by attacking Italy and greater Europe.

"Rush O Muslims to your state. It is your state. Syria is not for Syrians and Iraq is not for Iraqis. The land is for the Muslims, all Muslims," he said in an audio recording posted online and reported by the Telegraph. "This is my advice to you. If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills."

 Article reported by C. Stiliyanov in his:

четвъртък, 28 август 2014 г.
The ascent of the Antichrist - 2017

       Catholicism, which is the Blasphemy of Babylon, after having militarily defeated all the worldly religious enemies, discovered that cannot defeat the Last Enemy, Jesus Christ the Lord, at the opposite, she is destined to be destroyed by Him, and for this reason is persecuted by the ghost of the millions of saints murdered to satiate her filthy thirsty of blood, ghosts which Jesus Christ the Lord send as images in their creepy perverted minds. As anticipation of the Damnation of Hell which awaits don Ciotti and his boss the Jesuits, they try to alleviate the sensation of all that Christian blood with a pathetic theater of self-victimization which maybe will evolve in future even in some planned choreographed massacres, but will not avoid an end which is word of God and written once and for all in the Book.  

     Roman Catholicism always used, uses and will use till the day will be wiped away by the Lord, also criminals and outlaws to slain the saints: 

".... In 1487 the pope recruited some 36,000 men to crush the Waldensians "like venomous snakes." 18,000 regular troops plus a similar number of criminals and desperados assembled to slaughter the Waldensians in their Alps, village by village. These criminals would be,.....
absolved from all ecclesiastical pains and penalties, general and particular; it released all who joined the crusade from any oaths they might have taken; it legitimatised their title to any property they might have illegally acquired; and promised remission of all their sins to such as should kill any heretic. It annulled all contracts made in favour of Vaudois, ordered their domestics to abandon them, forbade all persons to give them any aid whatever, and empowered all persons to take possession of their property."26
        Yea you know don Ciotti, criminals and Mafiosi are only your buddies, but also between comrades sometimes there are disagreements....

     See a critical moment, fitted for a choreographed act of terrorism, the next big media event involving the Antichrist pope Francis SJ, near my city:

Saturday, June 7, 2014
13th September, Jesuit pope near Trieste to launch a message on the RED LINE.


  1. An attack at the Red line makes sense, especially if WW III is about commence.....

    Fellow mobsters nicknamed him The Beast (La Belva) due to his violent nature.

    "strangely" this guy was also famous for his TERRORIST BOMBINGS, also desecrating the pure [satanic] holiday of christmas.

    beast + explosives = islam (as Shoebat is saying)?

    Sublime psychological indoctrination?

  2. More auto-martyrdom, an "anti-zionist" british MP

    George Galloway 'beaten over Israel comments'

    Pro-Palestinian British MP attacked in London street by man said to have been shouting about the Holocaust.

    "George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him," his spokesman said.

    "It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust."

    A Metropolitan police spokesman said a suspect was found a short time later and arrested.

  3. In the same vein:

    Iván Velázquez Caballero (alias EL TALIBAN) is a former Mexican drug lord of the criminal group known as Los Zetas. The government of Mexico listed Velázquez Caballero in 2009 as one of its 37 most-wanted drug lords and was offering up to $30 million pesos, the equivalent of over $2.5 million USD, for information leading to his capture


    “He told me that he had met a rabbi in Rome and was ready to join the Israeli army against Hamas and terrorists armed with missiles,” Ciallella told La Repubblica.

    Leonelli had been an atheist when the pair worked together in the IT sector a decade ago, although had recently discovered his Jewish heritage and immersed himself in religious texts.

    “He started to study the Torah, the Talmud and once he stopped to speak about the Old Testament with me.

    “Then he searched on the internet and saw dozens and dozens of videos. At night he watched films by rabbis at full volume which informed him of what was happening in the Gaza strip,” Ciallella said.


    1. avlesSeptember 1, 2014 at 10:41 AM

      "........Христо СтилияновSeptember 1, 2014 at 6:12 AM"

      If i try to access that URL, it opens a page where it is written:


      You haven't authorization for this area

      Go to Repubblica Roma's Home Page..........".

      Of course I know what happened. It happened one among tens of things which are perfectly described by your GUILY BY ASSOCIATION and this only in Italy, such many that then I dont follow no one because it is impossible. It OPEN FULL TOTAL RELIGIOUS WAR NOW.

    2. I didn't know about the RABBI.... they want I DONT get in knoweledge of it?

      I'll do a post now.

    3. AH ok it was only wrong copying the address...

  5. And look at the knight of Columbus in USA, devoted to the figure of Alojze Stepinac,....

    ".......For the coming Vatican inquisition in the United States the Knights of Columbus's Police force will play an instrumental role. The Blue Mass is the banner they organize under and gain strength in the Police officer's dedication to their K of C leaders.

    The Knights of Columbus Is a Catholic Men's organization founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, in New Haven, Connecticut. Today, more than a century later, the Knights of Columbus has become the largest lay organization in the Catholic Church (Est. 1.6 Million Members).

    Jack T. Chick tells us the following about the Knights of Columbus in his 1983 book Smokescreens: “The legions of Rome are awesome. More than one million practicing Catholics make up the ranks of the Knights of Columbus. They are fraternally pledged to the ideal of bringing America under papal rule. They are powerful, wealthy, [and] loyal.”........"

  6. "........Христо СтилияновSeptember 1, 2014 at 6:12 AM"

    If i try to access that URL, it opens a page where it is written:


    You haven't authorization for this area

    Go to Repubblica Roma's Home Page..........".

    Of course I know what happened. It happened one among tens of things which are perfectly described by your GUILY BY ASSOCIATION and this only in Italy, such many that then I dont follow no one because it is impossible. It OPEN FULL TOTAL RELIGIOUS WAR NOW.