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ISIS taking orders from the Jesuits - 2

 "Month of August
The month of August (Latin: Augustus) is named after Augustus; until his time it was called Sextilis (named so because it had been the sixth month of the original Roman calendar and the Latin word for six is sex). ...
According to a senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, Sextilis was renamed to honor Augustus because several of the most significant events in his rise to power, culminating in the fall of Alexandria, fell in that month.
[Wikipedia on Augustus Roman emperor]

26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; 
how shall then his kingdom stand?

Matthew 12:26King James Version (KJV)

 *   *   *

    Keep attention, it is years I warned that Satanism will hit himself in order to conquer the world with the "martyrdom" of Catholics and with the consequent criminalization of the children of God (anti-Catholic "fundamentalists"). It is happening now and there's no restrain to the Jesuit Order in to implement religious massacres of Catholics with faked "fundamentalist" forces.

Iraqi Yazidis stranded on isolated mountaintop begin to die of thirst

August 5


Stranded on a barren mountaintop, thousands of minority Iraqis are faced with a bleak choice: descend and risk slaughter at the hands of the encircled Sunni extremists or sit tight and risk dying of thirst.
Humanitarian agencies said Tuesday that between 10,000 and 40,000 civilians remain trapped on Mount Sinjar since being driven out of surrounding villages and the town of Sinjar two days earlier. But the mountain that had looked like a refuge is becoming a graveyard for their children.
Unable to dig deep into the rocky mountainside, displaced families said they have buried young and elderly victims of the harsh conditions in shallow graves, their bodies covered with stones. Iraqi government planes attempted to airdrop bottled water to the mountain on Monday night but reached few of those marooned.
“There are children dying on the mountain, on the roads,” said Marzio Babille, the Iraq representative for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). “There is no water, there is no vegetation, they are completely cut off and surrounded by Islamic State. It’s a disaster, a total disaster.”
Most of those who fled Sinjar are from the minority Yazidi sect, which melds parts of ancient Zoroastrianism with Christianity and Islam. They are considered by the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State to be devil worshippers and apostates.....".

    Also here the word of God are so marvelously explained with the dramatic facts happening now. Jesuit Order, who worships the same Satan of the Zoroastrianism, could be not sensible when followers of their satanic cult are in a danger? 

  Saturday, July 5, 2014
 ISIS taking orders from the Jesuits via Father Paolo Dall'Oglio S.J.? 

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Guilty by association - back to the middle ages (pt 9)

    As by the Lord Christ Jesus affirmed, Satan cannot cast out Satan, but he can forces his human servants to sacrifice their children, who are mostly clean from the sin and therefore are an offense for Satan ...:

 ".... in the 12th year before our age, he [emperor Augustus] was visited by Herod king of Jews...."
 Sunday, July 13, 2014
Obsessed with the Flood 8 - two millenniums long bridge

     If the children of a society devoted to the Satanism of Zoroastrianism  are dying now, this is only a sacrifice performed using Jesuit's ISIS. 

"........"An entire religion is being exterminated from the face of the earth," Vian Dakhil, a Yazidi MP in Iraq, said in a tearful floor speech, begging for the world to save them..........".


     You are lucky, Vian Dakhil. In 1561 there were no drones no international forces to save those Vaudoises of Calabria, slaughtered like pigs by the spiritual ancestor of the same one, the Chaldean Pontifex Maximus pope Francis SJ, who now is ordering international aid to help you:

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"88" or Roman Catholic Cutthroaters. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia: guilty by association

"........Sextilis was renamed to honor Augustus because several of the most significant events in his rise to power, culminating in the fall of Alexandria, fell in that month.........."

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hypatia: ...and heathenism changed forever.


  1. Really if you look at what the ISIS say - that the yazidis are worshippers of Satan (and more obvious ones than catholics). The Wikipedia article is, in short, saying that it is better to be a Satanist, than a fundamentalist:

    Persecution of Yazidis has continued in their home communities within the borders of modern Iraq, under both Saddam Hussein and FUNDAMENTALIST Sunni Muslim revolutionaries.[18]

    Tawûsê Melek is often identified by Muslims and Christians with Shaitan (Satan). Yazidis, however, believe Tawûsê Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen angel. They are forbidden from speaking the name Shaitan. They also hold that the source of evil is in the heart and spirit of humans themselves, not in Tawûsê Melek. The active forces in their religion are Tawûsê Melek and Sheik Adî.[


    Basically a satanic gnostic (thea sophia) sect. What the masons and (some or all) of the Roman Catholics believe.


    Children are baptized at birth...........

    Treatment of Yazidis was exceptionally harsh during the rule of the OTTOMAN Empire during the 18th and the first half of 19th century


    Indeed, we are expecting the new Orthodox Lord protector of satanic syncretic pagan religions

    1. yes it is exactly like you told once, they have no more enemies, they create a fake one to transform Satan in a martyr, "Saint Satan".

      Because the Pontifex Maximus (Roman Emperor or actual pope) comes from there - even pagan ancient REPUBLICAN Rome was a "fundamentalist" power, but these Satanists broke the resistance and their 'holy' whoredom became the rule of Rome:

      ".....It is admitted on all hands that the Romans derived their knowledge of augury, which occupied so prominent a place in every public transaction in which they engaged, chiefly from the Tuscans, that is, the people of Etruria, and at first none but natives of that country were permitted to exercise the office of a Haruspex, which had respect to all the rites essentially involved in sacrifice. Wars and disputes arose between Rome and the Etruscans; but still the highest of the noble youths of Rome were sent to Etruria to be instructed in the sacred science which flourished there. The consequence was, that under the influence of men whose minds were moulded by those who clung to the ancient idol-worship, the Romans were brought back again to much of that idolatry which they had formerly repudiated and cast off. Though Numa, therefore, in setting up his religious system, so far deferred to the prevailing feeling of his day and FORBADE IMAGE-WORSHIP, yet in consequence of the alliance subsisting between Rome and Etruria in sacred things, matters were put in train for the ultimate subversion of that prohibition. The college of Pontiffs, of which he laid the foundation, in process of time came to be substantially an Etruscan college, and the Sovereign Pontiff that presided over that college, and that controlled all the public and private religious rites of the Roman people in all essential respects, became in spirit and in practice an Etruscan Pontiff.
      [from Alexander Hislop The Two Babylons]

    2. (it continues from above).... "Still the Sovereign Pontiff of Rome, even after the Etruscan idolatry was absorbed into the Roman system, was only an offshoot from the grand original Babylonian system. He was a devoted worshipper of the Babylonian god; but he was not the legitimate representative of that God. The true legitimate Babylonian Pontiff had his seat beyond the bounds of the Roman empire. That seat, after the death of Belshazzar, and the expulsion of the Chaldean priesthood from Babylon by the Medo-Persian kings, was at Pergamos, where afterwards was one of the seven churches of Asia. * There, in consequence, for many centuries was "Satan's seat" (Rev 2:13). There, under favour of the deified ** kings of Pergamos, was his favourite abode, there was the worship of Aesculapius, under the form of the serpent, celebrated with frantic orgies and excesses, that elsewhere were kept under some measure of restraint.At first, the Roman Pontiff had no immediate connection with Pergamos and the hierarchy there; yet, in course of time, the Pontificate of Rome and the Pontificate of Pergamos came to be identified. Pergamos itself became part and parcel of the Roman empire, when Attalus III, the last of its kings, at his death, left by will all his dominions to the Roman people, BC 133. For some time after the kingdom of Pergamos was merged in the Roman dominions, there was no one who could set himself openly and advisedly to lay claim to all the dignity inherent in the old title of the kings of Pergamos. The original powers even of the Roman Pontiffs seem to have been by that time abridged, but when Julius Caesar, who had previously been elected Pontifex Maximus, became also, as Emperor, the supreme civil ruler of the Romans, then, as head of the Roman state, and head of the Roman religion, all the powers and functions of the true legitimate Babylonian Pontiff were supremely vested in him, and he found himself in a position to assert these powers. Then he seems to have laid claim to the divine dignity of Attalus, as well as the kingdom that Attalus had bequeathed to the Romans, as centering in himself; for his well-known watchword, "Venus Genetrix," which meant that Venus was the mother of the Julian race, appears to have been intended to make him "The Son" of the great goddess, even as the "Bull-horned" Attalus had been regarded. *
      [from Alexander Hislop The Two Babylons]

  2. "Because the Pontifex Maximus (Roman Emperor or actual pope) comes from there - even pagan ancient REPUBLICAN Rome was a "fundamentalist" power, but these Satanists broke the resistance and their 'holy' whoredom became the rule of Rome:"

    Satan is intolerant to unyielding religions. That reminds me of an article on shoebat's page about Japan:

    Buddhism will soon be just as dangerous as Islam, and will be a threat to all of Christendom. Just as the threat of Islam will reach its peak through Turkey, the threat of Buddhism will reach its summit through Japan.

    The purpose of Zen is not relaxation, or “inner peace,” but to make yourself absent of all desire, all love and sympathy; its ultimate intention is to make oneself utterly indifferent to human suffering. In other words, the goal of Zen is to make one callous.


    Catholicism (and jesuitism) cannot allow anyone to be indifferent to their machinations. If a person is as unsympathetic to the blood of children, media war etc, he cannot be used by Satan efficiently and "blasphemes" his methods.

    Notice that he says one will have “no good or bad,” indicating the belief in no absolutes within the Zen system. After Saburo Aizawa, a Japanese soldier, murdered a Japanese general by hacking him with a Samurai sword (because he supposedly was jeopardizing the military), he explained that Zen training empowered him to commit the slaughter because it enabled him to forget about good and bad, and right and wrong:


    Because in Satan's world black is white and white black, the absence of these inverted moral categories in one's system is a capital offence.


    In Meiji Japan’s war against Russia, called the Russo-Japanese War of 1904, Inoue Enryō, one of the most influential Japanese Buddhist scholars authorities of the Meiji Era, deemed Russia as an enemy of the Buddha and Buddhism as the religion of the Japanese warriors:

    In Russia state and religion are one, and there is no religious freedom. Thus, religion is used as a chain in order to unify the [Russian] peoplе

    If we are to learn from history, then we should expect this same antichrist spirit to inundate Japan.

    Much evil has been done because of Buddhism. It is the religion of the careless, the apathetic, the callous. The sword of the Samurai will soon unite with the scimitar of the Muslim Turk, and it will only take the Sword of the Savior to vanquish them, for “with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron” (Revelation 19:15).


    Yeah, it is evident nothing good is in store for Japan, a historic enemy of Russia and China - the to-be lair of antichrist and his swarm of priests.

    1. I published a comment in that page - and saved the page.... it has to be "approved" by Shoebat...

      Avles Beluskes • a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Walid Shoebat.

      Ah, the massacre in China by Japan? I guess inspired by the Crusades and the Counter Reformation...:

      Jesuit Superior General Claudio Acquaviva (1581 - 1615 ) soon put
      this to good use when in 1580, he ordered Fr Vilela S.J. to purchase of
      the port of Nagasaki from a local Japanese warlord. General Acquaviva
      then sent Alessandro Valignano S.J. back to manage the new commercial
      The Jesuits promoted heavily the growth of their wholly owned port of
      Nagasaki, to one of the most profitable trading ports in the world.
      Jesuit ownership of the port of Nagasaki gave the Society a concrete
      monopoly in taxation over all imported goods coming into Japan............"

  3. By the way my captcha was "313" . . . . .

    The Edict of Milan refers to the February 313 CE agreement to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire

  4. Well, first of all, understand that ISIS/ISIL/DAISH/DAASH/al Qaeda is nothing new. It is a "blown cover, as cover" of largely a "witches brew" rogue elements of the CIA, Mossad, and Saudi intelligence services. And it appears that Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (retired) is at least one overseer. Vallely worked with Michael Aquino (Temple of Set), who many say is still an active general in U.S. Army PSYOPs, HQ in the Presidio, CA. (see for support documentation). So are we dealing with "Satanists?" We probably are, understanding who the head Satanist/Luciferians are. [1]

    Now if we understand Saussy (I had an email rapport with him when alive), the Roman church does operate the govt. of the U.S. If we understand the S.J.s to be the Roman church (operationally), then yes, the S.J.s do have a significant hand in the operations of ISIS/et al.

    Understanding eschatology, Christ Jesus is our best source and clue in his sermon in Matt. 24. "As the days of Noah." We have yet to see a 15 foot tall, 3000+ pound Rephaim employed with ISIS/whatever. When we do, then yeah; we are most certainly getting there ..

    [1] Some suggest and say have proof, that the one really in charge of ISIS (and still operational al Qaeda) is Leonard Millman. Millman a former OSS officer, and later CIA. That he is not dead, and largely resides, and his base of operations is Havana, Cuba, sanctioned by Castro himself. Others working with him, including Mitt Romney, who has a mistress by the name of Andropov, and the big Daddy himself, POTUS #41, together with this likes of Heinrich Kissinger, the Rocket-fellas (American agents for the European Rothschild), et al. And if we understand Freemasonry, and the Mystery Religions, via their own scholars, it goes back to the Rephaim himself -- Nimrod. And then to the -- Nachash. Yes, we are in the final analysis dealing with a cosmic conspiracy.

    1. I would ask myself why CIA wants to manage ISIS when after 50 years was not able to overthrow the regime of Fr. Fidel Castro SJ in Cuba. CIA must exhibit herself in order to hide FSB in the "alternative" media and if possible to continue to instigate hate against USA, the greatest Protestant/Baptist country in the world:

    2. "CIA, Mossad, and Saudi intelligence services".

      You missed THE financial, logistic true creator of ISIS, you omitted QATAR who is in good relation with Iran. American taxpayer are paying to help the formation of terrorism which is the alibi for Iran to intervene in Iraq, is the alibi for greatest instability in Turkey via triggering the Kurds, is the alibi to present Assad as "savior" of Sirya, is the alibi for Putin to do anti-Western and anti-USA propaganda, and at the end is the alibi for the Jesuit pope to be a 'martyr' of "USA", "Protestant" "Jewish" aided terrorism.

    3. Anyway thanks for the info.

      " the Roman church does operate the govt. of the U.S.".
      I believe CIA was only the lesser part in the game. Qatar is in good relations also with Jesuits - pls, if you are interested to know more check this comment's URL ----->

      maallikkoapuriSeptember 21, 2014 at 1:05 AM

      The Jesuits obviously have a foothold in Qatar:

      "Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, also known as SFSQ, is a branch campus of the Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service situated in Doha, Qatar. The satellite campus, which joined Education City in 2005, is a joint venture between Qatar Foundation and Georgetown University."
      "Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (Arabic: مؤسسة قطر‎) is a semi-private chartered, non-profit organization in Qatar, founded in 1995 by Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Emir (the current Emir is His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani), and his second wife Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned. In addition to private funding it is government-supported and in some parts government-funded. Qatar Foundation is chaired by Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, and it has spearheaded Qatar's drive to make itself a leader in education, science, community development and the arts in the region and beyond."

      in my: