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Oh, only an old surrealist futurist collage [from Futurism, the artist branch, not the theological Jesuit doctrine]....

Douglas Willinger created the very effective term Continuing Counter Reformation. With that I always meant the Second Age of Counter Reformation. With the Jesuit pope it is born the Third Age of the war on Christians:

FIRST AGE. Jesuits' goals of destruction of Protestants (the umbrella for Independent Baptists/Vaudoises/Anabaptists aka Continuing True Christianity) are explicitly declared, and their true goals are openly exhibited. 

SECOND AGE. Born with the American and French Revolution after the defeat of the first phylosophy of religious war. It coincides with the creation of the "modern world", with the first translation of the Chinese war manual of gen. Sun Tzu (to check how much Jesuits are the most cunning in the world of course), where secular ideologies are alibies to target with secular excuses particular religious enemies, without the victims having the least awareness about the true reason they are dying. For example: forcing the Eastern Prussians in the Nazi jacket, their fate was already written and executed by the Red Army. Openly a secular massacre, secretly a religious one.

THIRD AGE. Born from the development of the tactics used in the previous one.  Jesuits target massively Catholic populations, provoking abundant mass murders and widely publicized atrocities. Catholics are targeted to morally legitimate them as "true Christians". As "Satan cannot punch Satan", there's no threat to Catholicism in the world. But Satan has no restrain in to punch the humans praising him. Don't worry, already Jesus Christ told you that sin is the path of eternal death. At the same time the not Catholic are morally blackmailed and intimidated in to not stop the Catholicization of the world and of their lives. In addition to that, the not-Catholic will be - firstly with discretion, later with open hatred - accused to "gain benefit from the murder of the Catholic ones".

  *   *   *

Let's start with a clue to me given by Stiliyanov:

by Juan Zarate: "......
On the other hand, the support ISIS is receiving isn't coming solely from Iraq and Syria.
"There's also this other dimension, sectarianism that's going on in the region," Katulis said. "There's clear evidence there are some backers from Gulf states that are oil rich that have supported some elements of this this group.
"If we want to squeeze this group, we need to deal with all of their sources of support," he said.

Pls, see also my comments about Juan Zarate under his post [comments also here in References]:

 събота, 9 август 2014 г.

Guilty by association - back to the middle ages (pt 9)

Qatar and ISIS....:
When ISIS took Mosul in its three-day offensive, which also gave it control of Tikrit, it robbed all the assets of Mosul Central Bank: around $500 million plus a large amount of gold. Consequently, the Jihadists of ISIS do not have to rely on the deep pockets of Qatar and Saudi Arabia anymore and are no longer the tools of Saudis or Qataris. They have the numbers, plenty of money to make new recruits and buy weapons, and their own agenda. ISIS is stronger and more ambitious than al-Qaeda ever was. ISIS wants to redraw the map of the Middle East.
ISIS: Out of imperialism's pandora's box
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has rightly accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of having sponsored the Jihadists of ISIS for about three years, ever since the start of the Syrian civil war. Al-Maliki should also blame the US and its European allies. By invading Iraq in 2003, toppling Saddam Hussein, and then fostering and sponsoring of the Jihadists in Syria since 2011, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US have opened a geopolitical pandora's box. Out of it came ISIS. United States foreign policy has been schizophrenic for decades, but it recently reached the apex of contradiction: to please Saudis and Qataris, Washington has supported the Jihadist fighters against Assad in Syria, and simultaneously in Iraq, Washington has supported (sort of) al-Maliki's government against those same Jihadists.

That is why Qatar is funding Hamas
28-07 - 2014Giancarlo Elia Valori

What do want then the Emirate of Doha in Middle East from the future system that is emerging. The intervention of Giancarlo Elia Valori

Receive and gladly publish
Qatar, independent from Britain since 1971, wants to mediate the tensions (and sometimes favor them) throughout the Greater Middle East, in contrast to the primary with Saudi Arabia that would like to have the Emirates prone totally to his will.
The Emir works as a mediator in Yemen, Lebanon, Sudan, and supports the Muslim Brotherhood (and Hamas) in an anti-Saudi stance.

Hence the support of Qatar in all revolts of the "Arab Spring", often fomented by Al Jazeera TV, hosted in that 'Emirate, and the covert support to the uprising against the Al Khalifa in Bahrain.

Here's the proof on how works the deception, of the anti-Zionists as well great part of anti-Jesuiters. Meawhile the "alternatives", the "protesters" accuse the Emirate to back Al Qaeda for the benefit of "Zionism" and "USA", the Emirate works for IRAN, supporting Hamas and the Iranian subversion of Bahrain:
Last updated: 03 Jan 2014 15:27
"Bahrain accuses Iran of training rebels
Gulf kingdom's chief prosecutor says Iran's Revolutionary Guard gave opposition fighters bomb training and money."

So, even foreign policy to the whole range of Qatar with the USA and the EU is to be understood as a direct limitation Saudi hegemony in the Arabian Peninsula and in the great Sunni area that moves against the "Shia International" directed by Tehran .
In Palestine, Qatar work for a stable dialogue between the PLO and Hamas, among the heirs of "secularism" and the Palestinian group "fervor" (Hamas means precisely "fervor") religion of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Qatar then work on the economic, outside the logic of many of the oil closely neighboring countries. The Emirate has signed agreements with the American ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, and its natural gas exports permanently to the United States, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and India.

"Pope to boost booming Asia church with South Korea trip
By Jean-Louis De La Vaissiere, Ella Ide August 12, 2014 3:52 AM"

 With the Dolphin Project, Qatar exports natural gas to other countries of the Arabian Peninsula, despite obvious contrasts by the Saudis, who do not want an economy "substitution" between their oil and natural gas in Qatar, which takes away from quopte market to the old "arabian light" in Saudi Arabia.
The Emirate is a stable ally of the USA, without the explicit "guilt" of the Saudis in the preparation September Eleventh and without an armed force capable of changing the strategic conditions of the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf. But Qatar has hosted most of the leadership of Al Qaeda in the 90s.
So it's no to trust even the tiny emirate. And in fact Al Qaeda is the organization trying to achieve the Sunni global caliphate, or the political organization that allows you to create various Islamic states with oil and natural gas, the dependence of Western "infidels" that the Caliphate of Osama Bin Laden want to accomplish with global terrorism.
Qatar has been funded with a billion dollars building the Al Udeid air base in USA, operates in relation to the interests in the USA, and houses, in line with its mediatory tradition of dealing , the "embassy" of Taliban dealing with USA the new configuration after the disastrous ISAF operation in Afghanistan.
And then Qatar, always in the direction opposite to that of Saudi Arabia, develops good relations with Iran, a work for military cooperation between the United States, Jordan and Morocco, the average between the different Palestinian factions.
Even the Sales Office opened in Doha from Israel goes in this direction.
What do you want then the Emirate of Doha Middle East from the future system that is emerging? Three things: a) the exit of the United States from the quadrant of the Greater Middle East, with the EU militarily insignificant and wholly dependent on economic and energy, b) the reduction, through wars of attrition constant, Israel to a negligible militarily and economically, with a Jewish state completely isolated by the United States and Europe (here the key role of Al Jazeera) and therefore destined, sooner or later, to a subjection to the Islamic world , c) the suture, often quoted by Al Qaradawi and other leaders of the Brotherhood, guests of Qatar since the early 80s, between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, to create one large critical mass that can reduce and eliminate the Islamic world hegemony of the "infidels."
Read: to subjugate Sunni to Shia:
Monday, July 21, 2014
The annexion of Egypt to IRAN [= Eastern RC empire South. Province]

Otherwise, there is always the resource of guerrilla anti-Jewish and anti-Western, for shaping the global potential of the opponents of Islam and take measurements of the military and ideological preparation of "infidels."
The guerrilla Hamas has important strategic significance because it forces, along with Hezbollah in the north of Jerusalem, Israel to a military spending asymmetrical and extremely high.
But the guerrilla war against the Jews has a role of effective propaganda, which is often more important than the results on the field.
 Paint the "Zionists" as fierce repressors of civilian populations, and create a stream of anti-Israeli sentiment in the West, serves to isolate Israel and to isolate the West, who is forced to refer to Islam to protect its own interests in the Greater Middle East.
A psychological warfare Islamist great finesse and danger, between the economy and guerrilla religious, that our spineless West accepted without a murmur.

 "...that our spineless West accepted". And Jesuits made him gulp it down the throat. End.

  Giancarlo Elia Valori is Professor of Economics and International Politics at Peking University and president of "La Centrale Finanziaria Spa General.
Peking University (abbreviation PKU; colloquially known by the Chinese as Běidà 北大), is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing, and a member of the C9 League. It is the first established modern national university of China, founded as the "Imperial University of Peking" in 1898 as a replacement of the ancient Guozijian.[3] By 1920 it had become a center for progressive thought. Today, Peking University is frequently listed by many domestic and international rankings as one of the top universities in China.[4][5][6] In addition to academics, Peking University is especially renowned for its campus grounds,[7][8][9] and the beauty of its traditional Chinese architecture.[10]
Throughout its history, the university has educated and hosted many prominent modern Chinese thinkers, including figures such as: Lu Xun, Mao Zedong, Gu Hongming, Hu Shih, Li Dazhao, and Chen Duxiu.[11] Peking University was influential in the birth of China's New Culture Movement, May Fourth Movement, the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989 and many other significant events.[12]

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis travels to South Korea this week with a message of peace for the divided peninsula on his first papal visit to Asia, where the Catholic Church is undergoing dramatic growth
The 77-year-old will fly into Seoul on Wednesday in a trip also aimed at making up for his predecessor Benedict XVI never visiting Asia during his whole eight-year papacy.
Vatican watchers say Francis will address the whole continent on the seven-day trip where the number of Catholics, although only 3.2 percent of the population, is rocketing.
 In January, the pope will return to Asia on a trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines -- the region's largest Catholic country -- to nurture the burgeoning number of faithful and would-be clerics from China to India, Myanmar and Vietnam.
In South Korea he will preside over a beatification ceremony for 124 Korean martyrs and is expected to use his speech to warn of a recent escalation in anti-Christian persecution from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria and Somalia.
In the last census to include religious affiliation in 2005, close to 30 percent of South Koreans identified themselves as Christian. The majority are Protestants, but Catholics are the fastest growing group with around 5.3 million adherents -- just over 10 percent of the population.

"..........Lord Alton is chairman of the British-DPRK All-Party Parliamentary Group, and visited Pyongyang in October 2010[8] when he had talks with leaders of the NORTH KOREAN government including Choe Thae Bok, chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly,[9] the country's rubber-stamp parliament......".

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Jesuit order, Assad, North Korea and Farnese.

".......The Sawiris family is the wealthiest in Egypt, running a conglomerate with global interests that stretch from mobile phones in North Korea a new hotel resort in Switzerland.......".

Well, who is Giancarlo Elia Valori??? Don't be surprised because he is in Peking.... But for a shorter talk, find him here also...:

 ".............This shift is particularly emphasized with regard to Huawei, the largest Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and the second in the world by revenue, landed in 2000 in Europe, including Italy (since 2004). Huawei, of which the honorary president for Italy [read: of Italy `s branch] is Giancarlo Elia Valori, has recently been involved in .......".


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Romish WDG consigning the Western world in the hands of Jesuit-Maoist PRC military intelligence

[Uhhh,... I have an Huawei smartphone... Marxist China, can hear me when I chat with my Philippine mate?]

Monday, February 06, 2012

China & Russia buying the Arab consent for their veto with purchasing of oil and massive investments? [the Stalingrad of Western world is coming]

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un-employed Al Qaeda found second job with [Jesuit-Marxist masterminded] China?


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  1. We can know for certain when we stand before God and the history is revealed.*** Until then we can take the good examples of those preachers and preach ourselves, as much as we can help the Gospel spread.
  2. 1)
    I found tenuous but consistent and telling connections around that. Spanish, Sicily, Muslims and the today Catholic US government. Hope to be not too much intrusive with the following series of comments. I would have done a post of mines, but I think your is the most appropriate (I had to do another post on the same matter this evening, but I employed the time with the following search on web).

    American taxpayer have paid with their money the growing of ISIS, in order to give to Eastern Roman Catholic empire (Putin's Russia) an alibi to see his Southern borders armoured with SHIA steel and CATHOLIC concrete.

    Now they are paying other costs in order to suppress and/or to control this alibi with military intervention. Leving IRAN with clean hands.

    And of course they are paying to transform the cradle of the heathen satanist system of the Catholic church in a "martyr" of the "fundamentalist" of the Bible.

    I 've got another Catholic presence in popish USA government :

    "........."Our allies in the region will be somewhat relieved, because there's been a question as to whether or not the United States is willing to flex its muscles to be an active participant amid all of the turmoil in the region," explained CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate.....".

    ".......Juan Zarate was a Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy NATIONAL SECURITY Advisor for COMBATING TERRORISM during the GEORGE W. BUSH ADMINISTRATION.
    He currently serves as Senior Adviser at the think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, TRANSNATIONAL THREATS Project.
    In his previous role, Zarate was responsible for developing and overseeing the effective implementation of the U.S. government's COUNTERTERRORISM STRATEGY.[1][2]

    ZARATE is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University and a cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School. He studied as a Rotary International Fellow at the UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA, SPAIN. He is a 1989 graduate of MATER DEI High School in Santa Ana, California..........
    Prior to joining the NSC, Zarate served as the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes where he led Treasury's domestic and international efforts to disrupt terrorist financing, built comprehensive anti-money laundering systems, and expand the use of Treasury powers to advance national security interests.[1] He led the U.S. government's global efforts to seize Saddam Hussein's assets, resulting in the return of over $3 billion of Iraqi assets from the U.S. and around the world. [1]
    Prior to working at the Department of the Treasury, Zarate served as a prosecutor in the Department of Justice’s Terrorism and Violent Crime Section, where he worked on the USS Cole INVESTIGATION.[3]
    In June 2014 he accepted an appointment to the Board that overseas the VATICANS's INSTITUTE FOR THE WORKS OF RELIGION ("IOR"), a move announced by Cardinal Pell of the Vatican Finance Ministry as part of POPE FRANCIS's efforts to clean up the finances of the VATICAN. [4] Zarate currently sits on the advisory board for nonprofit America Abroad Media.[5]
  3. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.
  4. 2)
    BASQUE like Adolf Nicholas SJ?

    ".....Where did the SPANISH ZARATE family come from? What is the Spanish
    Zarate family crest and coat of arms? Where did the various branches of
    the family go? What is the Zarate family history?

    The distinguished surname Zarate is of Spanish origin, derived from the
    name place where the initial bearer of the name resided. In this
    instance, the surname is derived from the place-name Zárate, located in
    the district of Zuya (Victoria) in northern Spain
    According to etymologists, the
    place-name Zárate is derived from the BASQUE words "zara"
    meaning "forest" and "at(h)e" meaning "DOOR," thus signifying "opening
    to the forest."
    Zarate Early Origins
    First found in the northern BASQUE region of Spain near the city of Zárate.
    They began to branch out into other regions of the Iberian peninsula
    with the Christian Reconquest of Spain

    ".......Mr. Zarate was born and raised in SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, and he is a member of the California Bar. He and his family currently live in Alexandria, VA. ....."

    Just only check for yourself SANTA ANA see it was SPANISH Mexican territory, and the name of ORANGE COUNTY where is located comes from William III of Orange ...."A Protestant, William participated in several wars against the powerful Catholic king of France, Louis XIV, in coalition with Protestant and Catholic powers in Europe. Many Protestants heralded him as a champion of their faith. " (Wikipedia)
  5. 3)
    "......Not to be confused with the Pontifical University of Salamanca.
    The UNIVERSITY OF SALAMANCA (Spanish: Universidad de Salamanca) is a Spanish higher education institution, located in the town of Salamanca, west of Madrid, in the autonomous community of Castilla and León. It was founded in 1134 and given the Royal charter of foundation by MOORS in 1218. It is the oldest founded university in Spain and the third oldest European university in continuous operations. The formal title of "University" was granted by MOORS in 1254
    The faculty of this university discussed the feasibility of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS's project and the effects his claims brought. Once AMERICA was discovered ....
    [rightly: once America was object of a fake discovery as Spanish and Portoguese at least were travelling there since centuries before - note of avles],
    ...... they discussed the rights of indigenous people as being recognized with FULL PLENITUDE, ....
    [TO TRANSFORM THEM IN THE LEGIONS OF CATHOLICISM AGAINST THE NORTH - the UK too much out of Romish control - note of avles]
    ..... which was revolutionary for that period, economic processes were analyzed for the first time and they developed the science of law as it became a classical scholarly focus. It was the period when some of the brightest minds attended the university and it was known as the School of Salamanca. The schools members renovated theology, laid the foundation for modern-day law, INTERNATIONAL LAW, modern economic science and actively participated in the COUNCIL OF TRENT........"

    ".......The MOORS were the medieval MUSLIM inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, SICILY and Malta.
    The Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and called the territory Al-Andalus, an area which at different times comprised Gibraltar, most of Spain and Portugal, and parts of Southern France. There was also a Moorish presence in what is now SOUTHERN ITALY, primarily in SICILY. They occupied Mazara on Sicily in 827[1] and in 1224 were expelled to the settlement of Lucera, which was destroyed in 1300. The religious difference of the Moorish Muslims led to a centuries-long conflict with the Christian kingdoms of Europe called the Reconquista. The Fall of Granada in 1492 saw the end of the Muslim rule in Iberia.........."
  6. 4)

    "......Mater Dei High School is a private, Catholic, co-educational secondary school in Santa Ana, California in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. It is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. With an enrollment of 2,100 students (Fall 2013) Mater Dei High School is one of the largest Catholic high schools in the United States.
    Mater Dei High School first opened in September 1950 with 111 students. During that first year, a statue of Mary, Mater Dei was presented to the school by the Young Ladies Institute. It was placed in the school's main courtyard, the Grotto, where it remains today. ....
    ......The first principal was Father Joseph L. Eyraud, who supervised a faculty of seven, including the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The first graduating class chose the lion as the mascot, and it was decided that the school mascot should be called the "Monarchs" and wear red and gray.
    In the 1960s, the school had an enrollment of 2,150, making Mater Dei the largest Catholic high school west of Chicago............",_California%29

    See also the recent geo-political effects of the Catholic-led US intelligence and anti-terrorism security:

    Friday, July 11, 2014
    CIA's Berlin outpost: mission accomplished
  7. On Sicily, Muslims and Milan.

    From your above quoted excerpt:
    "........."About the year 1040, a people called PATERINES began to attract great attention in the regions about Milan, in the places rendered subsequently so famous by the testimony and sufferings of the Waldenses. ........"

    See at page:

    Title: "interethnic Respect and interreligious by Roger II to Frederick II * " by Huber Houben

    “.....From this marriage was born Roger II, who after the death of his nephew William, Duke of Apulia, where he was formally vassal, joined the duchy of Apulia and the principality of Salerno to the county of SICILY and CALABRIA, assuming the end, in 1130, not disinterested with the help of the anti Anacleto II, the title of KING OF SICILY.

    In SICILY , the NORMANS were in the minority in comparison with the Muslim majority, consisting of Arabs and Berbers as well as immigrants from Sicily who converted to Islam, and, moreover, a considerable group of Christians of Greek language and culture, residing mainly in Sicily Eastern Europe. The new lords of the island had therefore, for reasons of expediency, respect other ethnic and religious groups. The court of Roger II in Palermo, a city predominantly inhabited by Arabs, was truly "multicultural" Latins worked alongside officials Greek colleagues and Arabs. Alongside products such as Nile Byzantine Doxapatres find an Arab scientist, geographer, botanist and pharmacologist al-Idrisi. Only towards the end of the life of Roger II, who died in 1154, took a few episodes of intolerance: the commander of the fleet director, Philip of Madia, an Arab eunuch baptized, he was executed because he had abandoned the Christian faith to return to Islam.

    Episodes of intolerance towards Muslims in Sicily took place then particularly at the hands of "LOMBARDI", as they were shown the original of northern immigrants in Sicily, while the royal court in Palermo the successors of Roger II, William I 'the Bad' (1154 -1166) and William II (1166-1189) maintained the eastern aspect of the court. .....

    My note: “LOMBARDI” from region Lombardia, whose head city is MILAN of PATERINES/VAOUDOISES/OLD INDEPENDENT BAPTISTS.
    But also the city of Ambrose:
    “...One consequence of this ecclesiastical independence of Northern Italy was, that the corruptions of which Rome was the source were late in being introduced into Milan and its diocese. The evangelical light shone there some centuries after the darkness had gathered in the southern part of the peninsula. Ambrose, who died A.D. 397, was Bishop of Milan for twenty-three years. His theology, and that of his diocese, was in no essential respects different from that which Protestants hold at this day.... “
    by James A. Wylie (1808-1890)
    Quoted in my:
    Tuesday, June 24, 2014
    Anabaptist bread. With Catholic leaven.

    The Arabist Jeremy Johns, University of Oxford, at a conference held in October 2006 in Bari, pointed out that in the Norman kingdom of Sicily took a real "CULTURAL FUSION" between WESTERN culture and EASTERN culture. Sure, the Norman kings tolerate Muslims Sicilian essentially for practical reasons, since they constituted the majority of the population and paid most of the taxes from which flowed the wealth of the kingdom of Sicily. A well-known example of this cultural symbiosis is the Palatine Chapel in Palermo with its western architectural structure, its BYZANTINE mosaics, and its ceiling decorated with ARABIC motifs. ...".

    Of course the Nicolaitane hypocrisy avoid the term "religious" substituting it with "culture".



    BEIRUT (AP) — In the midst of a conflict rife with sectarianism, a giant bronze statue of Jesus has gone up on a Syrian mountain, apparently under cover of a truce among three factions in the country's civil war.

    Jesus stands, arms outstretched, on the Cherubim mountain, overlooking a route pilgrims took from Constantinople to Jerusalem in ancient times

    The statue is 12.3 (23) meters (40 feet) tall and stands on a base that brings its height to 32 (32) meters (105 feet), organizers of the project estimate.

    The project, called "I Have Come to Save the World," is run by the London-based St. Paul and St. George Foundation, which Al-Ghadban directs. It was previously named the Gavrilov Foundation, after a Russian businessman, Yuri Gavrilov.

    On Tuesday a militant Muslim cleric, Sheik Omar al-Gharba, posted a YouTube video of himself smashing a blue-and-white statue of the Virgin Mary.

    Al-Ghadban and the project's most important backer, Gavrilov, weighed canceling it.

    They consulted Syria's Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yaziji. It was he who told them "Jesus would have done it."

    Close to . . . .

    the spelling is consistent with Syriac-Aramaic orthography (with no distinction between "sin" and "sad") of the name for "Our Lady" and refers, almost certainly to the Virgin Mary, a renowned icon of whom is revered in the city's main church by both Christians and Muslims to this day

    Renowned for its faithfulness to Christianity, tradition holds that the Convent of Our Lady of Saidnaya was constructed by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in 547 AD, after he had two visions of Mary, one that indicated where to build the church and the other outlining its design.[3] Justinian dedicated the finished project to the feast of Mary's Nativity, and annually thereafter on September 8, and through to the present day, both Muslim and Christian pilgrims have come to commemorate the feast day of Our Lady of Saidnaya

  2. Regarding the "3rd age", I think this is a very accurate way to dividing the "ages" of the world. Remember the 4th age is the last one (as per Tolkien) with the "united Kingdoms" having no major enemy left on the globe.

    More on jesuit Tolkien<

    Her conversion(Tolkien's mother) incurred the immediate wrath of her family. Her father, who had been brought up Methodist but had since lapsed further from orthodoxy into Unitarianism, was outraged. Her brother-in-law withdrew the little financial help that he had provided since she had become a widow, plunging her and her children into poverty. She also met with considerable opposition from her late husband's family, many of whom were BAPTISTS with strong anti-Catholic prejudices. The emotional strain affected her health adversely but, undaunted, she began to instruct her sons in the faith.

    Tolkien a die-hard counter-reformationist from childhood?

    1. Yes you are right, Jesuit and moreover Satanic Tolkien is a milestone. Maybe it will be a short age, exactly till the year 2017, or 2024 etc., then the Fourth age.

      "Tolkien a die-hard counter-reformationist from childhood?"

      Also here like the child Ledochowsky....

  3. Found in Foreign Confidential - China, with the supporters of Hamas and with Israel:

    "BY: Abraham Rabinovich
    May 27, 2014 5:00 amIsraeli Security Officials Warn Against Over-Investment by China
    China ramps up investments in 'Start-up Nation,' leading to security concerns"

    "China as Netanyahu’s New Friend
    China’s economic and strategic footprint in Israel is growing.
    By Robert Hardy, July 11, 2014".

    "Will Bibi’s Chinese Choo-Choo Train Save Israel and Transform the Middle East?
    A bold new freight railway bypassing the Suez Canal may annoy Egypt and the United States, but that’s not the goal
    By Jon Emont|June 16, 2014 12:00 AM|"