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"Nowhere to run" - 2

       Below, under the "X",  see the rough scheme of a  post I wanted to publish three days ago then I didn't cause lack of time, I upgraded it yesterday, but decided to publish today as I have another post (the one following this) already in my mind, where the connection Israel/Islam war and China etc. are geo-politcally defintively confirmed. As geo-Religion it follows in natural order. I add today only this prologue:

Gaza: 'Bombing children, UN buildings unacceptable', says Mogherini
Italian humanitarian aid airlift to Gaza on Tuesday

04 August, 17:37
URL:  http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/news/sections/politics/2014/08/04/bombing-children-un-buildings-unacceptable-says-mogherini_f045c18d-c1d4-491d-98d1-98700027badc.html
"What is happening in Gaza is unacceptable," the minister told reporters after a parliamentary intelligence committee meeting on the Middle East.

"Striking UN buildings, children, civilians, is absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped". Mogherini went on to say that the only way to stop the war is to reach a two-State solution.
Italy plans to donate a further 2.5 million euros in humanitarian aid to Gaza, the foreign ministry said in a note. The funds will go to Italian NGOs operating in the field with the Palestinian Red Cross and with UN agencies, the ministry explained....".

      Meanwhile Mogherini works to apply to Israel the "two state solution", she is  is a supporter of Putin which is trying to apply for Ukraine the "one state solution" (re-annexation to Putin's Russia);  more: Baltic countries consider her as "bearer of pro-Russian positions":

Sunday, July 20, 2014
"After Italy’s EU presidency began on July 1...".

     Therefore Mogherini is not stranger to the argument of this post:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

      Remember (see excerpt below) also a fact: Netherland is the country from where MH17 took off. Maastricht in Netherland is the center of coordination for civilian air routes.

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Poland and Lithuania members of EUROGENDFOR [case closed]


  66 years of a-symmetric war of Satan:

Above image - Who is the true Gaza? Israel is the true Gaza.

1948. Take the survivors of an Holocaust, put them in the Middle of an ocean of people hating them and who consider themselves the natural ally of the ones who murdered the great part of that people.

Then instigate the hate and the desire of death against the arrived survivors filling that ocean with many criminals who were responsible of the mass-murder from where those survivors fled.

Then  give in the hands of the survivors, who are tens of times in numerical inferiority, the best weapon, but deny the same weapon to that ocean of haters and potential mass-murder.

Then make clash the little nation of survivors which must fight in order to continue to survive, and the ocean of hating people who would "throw in the sea" the survivors.

Then after 66 years of geo-political engineering, keep the great part of that ocean of hate restrained and let only a little part of it to clash against the little nation of survivors. In order people to forget that it is the nation of survivors to be in extremely numeric inferiority, and to convince that the ocean of hate around her is "righteous" and a "victim" of the little ones.

Nothing is changed after 2000 years. In the arena of the Roman Empire they usually implemented choreographed clashes between the gladiators, where a single big gladiator, well equipped with the best weapon, was forced to kill many weaker gladiators if he would not see himself overwhelmed by the bigger number of adversaries. This was the best (and is) to fire people who in great part were siding against the "big" one.

"........Israel has overwhelming military superiority in the conflict, and while that does not make Hamas rockets disappear or obviate their very real effects on Israeli civilians, Israel is strong enough to choose not to bomb a mosque and a center for the disabled in Gaza, as it did on July 12. It can choose not to bomb Gaza beaches frequented by civilians, as it did on Wednesday, killing four boys between the ages of 9 and 11........."
URL: http://www.vox.com/2014/7/17/5912189/yes-gaza-militants-hide-rockets-in-schools-but-israel-doesnt-have-to/in/5655640

       Isn't Hamas financially strong enough to choose not to build so many tunnels only for weapons? 

     And to build instead shelters for civilians?


 Friday, July 25, 2014
"Nowhere to run" [Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, YOU are accusing yourself].

     But why so no one talks about shelter for civilians in Gaza? Because the day when UN authorities will recall to the Palestinian Authority the duty to use financial funds they receive continually from the Western world in order to build shelters for children and old people, the terrorists of Hamas will have no more alibi for death of Arab children in the wars with Israel, and the United Nations will be exposed as a criminal organization, for having omitted continually official acts of establishment of shelters for civilians, therefore becoming guilty for the murder of children whose care in time of war is the principal duty of the United Nation - Uh, only a "coincidence"!... after Srebrenica:

Court finds Netherlands liable for Srebrenica massacre
Update: 13:40, 16 July 2014 Wednesday
URL:  http://www.worldbulletin.net/haber/140793/court-finds-netherlands-liable-for-srebrenica-massacre-updated
World Bulletin / News Desk
A Dutch court has ruled that the Netherlands was liable for the 1995 massacre of 300 Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslim) men and boys in Srebrenica.
The court ruled that Dutch peacekeepers failed to protect the Bosniaks in the town from falling prey to the Bosnian Serb army, which later slaughtered more than 7,000 civilians after the Dutch handed them over.
Dutch forces were condemned for not being aware of the potential for genocide while handing the town over and demanded the government pay compensation to the families of the 300 victims...." Etc. etc.

     Oh, really???.... "Failed",..... "not being aware"..... mmmmmh, do you smell the stench of a secret compliance, first UN allures the Serbs they can do the "settling of scores" with their enemies, the blue helmets turning the head on the other side.... But then... You change the storyboard because you got just what you sought for, the "bloody Serbian".... Don't tell me that after decades of Israeli bombings in Gaza, UN authorities are "not aware" that children dies under the bombings...
Well, let's come back in our days. Worst of all, if UN would constrained to force Palestinian Authority to build shelters, the United Nation would appear as admitting tens of years of dangers under her eyes, therefore in complete collateral compliance with the Hamas cannibal policy which is not  the use of civilian as human shields, but in the purpose of maximization of the victims as a weapon for the world emotional war against Israel and against all the Christendom which refuses Catholicism and her "protestant" as well "anti-Jesuiter" cronies dancing in the disco of the supersessionist hate against Old Testament.

      No alibi no excuse can justify the omission of the duty of the United Nations, even if this sinister organization accuses Israel to openly shell civilians. At the opposite, if even we admit that the Israelian authorities are  implementing  an alleged politic of mass-murder of Arab children of Gaza, (as today great part of the "official" world mainstream information if not openly at least discretely backs, see the article from which i chose the excerpt),  in this case the more the United Nations should threaten the Palestinian Authority to use part of the big flow of money they receives from many "benefactors" in order to build shelters for children as there is long time the UN had possibility to ascertain a simple fact. A fact which every human being on planet heart, who can read newspaper, knows since years and years, i.e. Arab children are the principal victims of the war between the terrorism of Hamas and Israel.

      Therefore Hamas, Palestinian Authority and United Nations are another strict alliance in the name of the "old good" cult of Moloch, threatening both Israel as well the Arabs of Gaza.

      Ah, and now some exercises on the theme "Christian Zionism":

    ".......Zionism’s second objective, along with generating hatred of Islam, is to seed the false notion that God gave the land of the Philistines to present day political Israel. Endnote(2) Roots of Christian Zionism If there had been no Walid Shoebat, Israel would have had to invent him and they are inventing more speakers very much like him........"
URL:  http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.it/2009/09/zionist-evangelic-deceiver-walid.html

     The guy writing about Israel and Zionism, should ask himself: who did give to  his people, to his fellow countrymen, the land where he is living in? USA; Canada, France, Burundi, Vatican....

      If he doesn't believe God gave the land of Philistines to present day "political" (?) Israel , to whom else did God give that land???... If God gave it to the Muslims called today "Palestinians", it means that this is not the God of the Torah, but Allah. Arab Muslims built the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem after an order of "Allah", right? But Allah is only another form of pagan deity.

      From such little details you note the fingerprint of Satan's hoof. The true question is: did God prohibit the coming back of his old chosen people in the old land? 

      Satan is forced to operate in the silences of God, trying to mask himself like Him in order to inject his poison in the human's soul . But God knows about Satan's attempt,  and let purposely the prince of this world to fall in the many void spaces of His word. Satan, falling in, then drags there many of his human puppets who reveal themselves for what they are. God didn't prohibit? No problem Another "God" orders to a bunch of apostates (Islam) to occupy the land in order the old people of God could never come back. If Satan cannot put his words in God's mouth, at least he can put them in the mouth of a fetish, Allah.

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