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The spy who came - III


    Well my darlings, aren't so today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?

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Egypt: 529 Morsi supporters condemned to death

Minya court sends dossier to Grand Mufti for approval

24 March, 11:11

 (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - The Minya Court of Assizes in Upper Egypt condemned 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death and has sent their dossier to the Grand Mufti of Egypt.
The Grand Mufti has the task of ratifying or rejecting the death sentences. The suspects are accused of the deaths of two police officers, of disorderly conduct last August, and of belonging to a terrorist organization.

The death sentences were issued as part of a trial for disorderly conduct in Upper Egypt on August 14, 2013, in which the defendants are more than 1,200 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Most of the defendants are in absentia. Seventeen of the defendants were acquitted of charges today, while in the next two days 700 Morsi supporters must appear in court, who also stand accused of attacking a police station and of having participated in violence and clashes.

Among them is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie.(ANSAmed)...".

      Notice now how Israel cannot do anything else than to be involved in the happiness to see Morsi and the Islamic Brootherhood condemned to death. It is a well known news to the Jews all around the world and in Israel how much Islamic Brootherhood and Morsi are linked with Nazi-Islam. This is one of the effects on Jews of that partitioning I was talking about in my “Aleksandr Yakimenko's open confession of EU-Putin Pact 2014” of Friday, March 21, 2014 post:

      Israel, cause the terrorist threat of Hamas is forced to take Assad (RC Francis I order member - see References) as the “lesser evil”. Therefore in the Ukrainian deal is forced to make weigh the balance on the side of Putin. Therefore is forced to not oppose the agreement between Putin and pope Francis SJ of 25th November. Therefore is forced to not contradict the popish claim for the Vatican sovereignty on Jerusalem [via UN of course, let's do the business on the usual clean way].

       Scattered abroad Jews, especially in Europe and Eastern Europe are also warned. Now it s the time of Jesuits' cronies as Shimon Peres who ll know how to exctract political profit employing Jewish human capital in a Neo-Nazi Europe.  In the Middle East this was the true political finality of the “Concentration camp Gaza”, and of the blasphemous relations of Israeli Labor Masonic and Shabtai Tzvi ruling elite with the Hamas Nazi-Islam of which Barry Chamish gave to us wide report and since many years. Satan is harvesting now.

       Below it follows something  I wrote the day 4th March 2014 before to become aware of the link not only with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but also with the Vatican claims on Jerusalem. I only added what at the time I wanted still write but couldn't as I am not a professional of conspiracy and haven't time. I leaved all the rest untouched , even if there are some contradictions with what is happening three weeks later - today. But read please, better you open the eyes and exit from that Stalinist brainwash about the “holiness” of Iran & Putin and the absolute “evilness” of the Sunny Islam. And please follow the comments in “Russia May Play The 'Iran Card” of Saturday, March 22, 2014 post:

 Христо СтилияновMarch 23, 2014 at 8:53 AM
Chechen president to dedicate huge mosque outside Jerusalem
Israel-bound Ramzan Kadyrov, whose government was main funder of new Abu Ghosh ‘mosque of peace,’ is a strong Putin supporter
Kadyrov is a supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Last month he offered to send soldiers to Ukraine following the social uprising which toppled its pro-Russian president

PROKHANOV: It is strange that Jewish organizations - European and Russian - support Maidan. They do that? They do not realize that they are with their hands closer to the second holocaust?
Moderator: They also advanced the first.
PROKHANOV: It's dreadful, it is astonishing blindness, which, apparently, is repeated, because until '33 in Europe are very many liberal organizations were fed Fuhrer.
Moderator: Yes.
 avlesMarch 24, 2014 at 1:45 AM

VELCOME TO JERUSALGRAD by Barry Chamish - Russia/Russian Orthodox Church Wants Control of Downtown Jerusalem And Are Doing So
Thu, 06/05/2008 - 09:52 — Arthur Cristian


In mid-1995 I wrote in my newsletter, which later became page 112 of my book, Traitors And Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land;

Beilin announced that negotiations with the Russian Orthodox Church over land claims in Jerusalem had been settled and ownership of prime real estate in Jerusalem would revert to the church. Among the lands now owned by the church are a large percentage of the property housing the Jerusalem Court building and Police headquarters....
Etc. etc. etc.... go to the link.

... as they are strictly related with the present post. I take as sign of validity of what I am saying the fact that I continually am noticing pictures (related to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) missing from my posts.

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Above image - Alexander Lebedev - URL:

Above image - Naguib Sawiris - URL:

The Sawiris family: from entrepreneurs to media owners

Wealthy Egyptian family linked to Alexander Lebedev's bid for the Independent has strong political and business connections
Egyptian billionaire poised to join Lebedev in Independent deal

Share 17

Chris Tryhorn, Tuesday 2 February 2010 18.44 GMT

The Sawiris family is the wealthiest in Egypt, running a conglomerate with global interests that stretch from mobile phones in North Korea a new hotel resort in Switzerland.

One of the Sawiris brothers is also an investor in a highly influential Egyptian newspaper and the owner of TV interests.

The family patriarch, Onsi, was born in 1930, the son of a lawyer in southern Egypt. He started out in agriculture, before switching to construction and becoming one of the country's largest contractors.

But his early business career was frustrated by the socialist government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, which prevented him from leaving the country for six years in the 1960s.

After a spell in Libya, he returned to Egypt during the more business-friendly regime of the next Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat.

The Sawiris family have continued to prosper over the past three decades under Hosni Mubarak's government.

With Osni Sawiris now effectively retired, his three sons – all educated in western universities – each run different arms of the family empire, Orascom.

Eldest son Naguib, who was educated in Zurich, is executive chairman of Orascom Telecom and a media owner in Egypt.

Berlin-educated Samih – Alexander Lebedev's possible partner interested in buying the Independent – is chairman and chief executive of Orascom Development. [note: see Putin as KGB operative in Berlin]

Nassef, a graduate of Chicago University, is chief executive of Orascom Construction Industries.

Naguib is said to be the intellectual guru of the family, with strong connections in the Cairo political elite and liberal sympathies.

He is said to be close to Mubarak's son and heir apparent, Gamal, who has advanced some of the country's neoliberal economic reforms.

Observers of the Egyptian political scene say he is an advocate of a progressive, liberal future for Egypt.

He is an investor in the newspaper al-Masry al-Youm, which was launched in 2004 and has earned a strong reputation for pioneering an independent editorial agenda.

He also launched the satellite TV network OTV, which he describes on its website as a service "for young people, without religious or loud content".

"We want to report on the good and bad qualities of Egyptian society but without being neither vulgar nor superficial [sic]. The aim is to attract the public's attention onto itself and to make people reflect on who they are. Recently, television in Egypt has enjoyed more freedom and, though it's not enough, it's better than nothing."

The Sawiris family's wealth has made them a visible symbol of the huge gulf between Egypt's rich elite and its impoverished millions.

They are drawn from Egypt's Coptic Christian minority, who form roughly 10% of the population, and Naguib has spoken of the importance of faith in his life.

"What gives me strength and confidence is my belief in God," he told US interviewer Charlie Rose. "I'm a very strong believer and this has been always the source of my strength, not the money."

Like his father and brothers, Naguib is undoubtedly a rich man: his wealth was estimated at $3bn, putting him just outside Forbes magazine's list of the world's top 200 billionaires in November.

Orascom Telecom runs Egypt's leading mobile network, Mobinil, and has expanded into Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even North Korea, where it became the secretive communist state's first mobile phone operator.

But global expansion can be difficult: after Algeria defeated Egypt in a World Cup playoff in November, sparking violence in both countries, rioters in Algeria attacked Orascom's offices at a time when the Algerian government had slapped the company with a huge tax bill.

And Naguib sold the company's mobile business in Iraq over concerns about the need for fresh investment amid the country's instability, while he has also spoken of the difficulties of doing business in China and India.

He has also entered the European mobile market, with his Weather Investments vehicle, buying mobile operators in Italy and Greece.

Samih Sawiris has been active abroad too. Responsible for holiday resorts in the Middle East such as El Couna and Taba Heights, he has turned his attention to an eye-catching development in Switzerland, where he is planning to turn a disused barracks at Andermatt into a resort with an artificial beach and a golf course.

To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000020 3353 2000.

...... People, power, or propaganda? Unraveling the Egyptian opposition
Uncorroborated turnout estimates of the June 30 protests have used to justify the actions of the military.
Last Modified: 19 Jul 2013 14:18
The debate over the legitimacy of Egypt's new, military-installed government has become a popularity battle, with some of the most vocal supporters of the coup claiming that the June 30 protests against President Mohammed Morsi represented the largest demonstrations in human history, a real-life Cecil B. DeMille production, with crowd sizes ranging anywhere between 14 to 33 million people - over one-third of the entire population of Egypt.
Baseless claims born in an echo chamber
Among the first major Egyptian public figures to marvel at the historic size of the June 30 demonstrations was the billionaire tycoon Naguib Sawiris. On June 30, Sawiris informed his nearly one million Twitter followers that the BBC had just reported, "The number of people protesting today is the largest number in a political event in the history of mankind." Sawiris exhorted the protesters: "Keep impressing…Egypt."
Sawiris was not exactly a disinterested party. He had boasted of his support for Tamarod, lavishing the group with funding and providing them with office space. He also happened to be a stalwart of the old regime who had thrown his full weight behind the secular opposition to Morsi.
Two days after Sawiris' remarkable statement, BBC Arabic's lead anchor, Nour-Eddine Zorgui, responded to a query about it on Twitter by stating, "seen nothing to this effect, beware, only report on this from Egypt itself." Sawiris seemed to have fabricated the riveting BBC dispatch from whole cloth.

    Sawiris is at the service of Putin. Morsi and the Islamic brootherhood were asking for an "holy war" of Egypt against Syria's boss, Bashir al-Assad, a member of the Roman Catholic Francis I order. In order to avoid the danger to see Assad overtrhown, Sawiris and Obama immediately entered in action and pulled dow the Islamic brotherhood as wanted by Putin and his Vatican Masterminds. Please, appreciate the 'alternative' information how is working to confuse minds and souls.

     American “free” press? Free from any idea different from the WDG religion? Give a look at the following example which values for all the identical ideological Vatican spins fixed in the minds of the world to cover the truth:

......Was Washington behind Egypt’s coup d’etat?
Michel Chossudovsky
Published time: July 05, 2013 13:56
From the outset of the “Arab Spring”,  the Obama administration’s objective was to undermine secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa and install a model “Islamic State”, which would serve US geopolitical and corporate interests
...(.....).....Let us be under no illusions.  While there are important divisions within the military, Egypt’s top brass ultimately take their orders from the Pentagon.
General Al Sisi was in permanent liaison by telephone with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel  (right together with Al Sisi) from the very outset of the protest movement. Press reports confirm that he consulted him several times in the days leading up to the Coup d’Etat.  It is highly unlikely that General Al Sisi would have acted without a "green light” from the Pentagon.

     To install a model “Islamic State”? To undermine secular governments in the Middle East?? But what are you talking about???!!??... The Obama administration acted exactly at the opposite... Only neededs of professionals of the lies, intellectual belonging to the new “anti-imperialist world front” like Michel Chossudovsky.

      Beyond the opium consisting in all that chatting on Zionism, American imperialism, look at the service Obama did to his comrade Assad and the true reason why he obeyed to Lebedev's Putin in to stop the Egyptian support to the guerrilla against Assad's regime:

......Convincing evidence suggests that Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi was ousted from power in a military coup in part because the Egyptian army feared he was plotting to order them to invade Syria in support of the embattled death squad insurgency against the Assad government there. .........
.....Morsi’s call for Holy War against Assad came just three days after US Secretary of State John Kerry, at a meeting of the Principals’ Committee of the US Government, tried to ram through an immediate bombing campaign against Damascus, but had to settle for the option of arming the Syrian terrorist opposition, leading many observers to conclude that the Egyptian president was acting as part of a US anti-Syrian strategy. ......”


         So dont worry if a son of “pillars of the Catholic church”, defense minister Chuck Hagel, will provide Putin with the desired propaganda fire in order to give to Putin's regime the alibi to start the inner repression against dissidence, but without to make follow the words with a true efficient action. But lets tell the truth: they knew the goal of Muslim Brootherhood and of Morsi, the mouse, and built a trap for him. They lured the mouse with the cheese of a “carpet bombing on Damasco”. The mouse smelled the perfume of the cheese and exited out of the den. Then the trap immediately squeezed the mouse: the coup of military in Egypt Summer 2013. And Assad now is safe. The End.


       As regard the harlot “Europe”, you can imagine she jumping on the Russian corpse to devour it. But in the first moment the roles are upside down. It is Putin to give the order to Europe. The gas with which Germans are heating themselves in the cold nights of winter comes from Russia. If Putin decide to close the throttle when outside there are 10 degrees Celsius below zero, you then do everything he ask you. Guaranteed. Then the oil which comes from Middle East etc. is passing through Adriatic sea and with a pipe starting in my city Trieste where the only factory remained, the steel factory “la Ferriera” is 100% owned by a Russian tycoon. Not for nothing the Italian-Russian summit between Gianni Letta and Putin was held in.... Trieste [NOVEMBER 2013....]. A Roman Catholic European 'Confederate' secessionism caused by the economical crisis will so cut also the oil passing through Trieste. Merkel and every successor of her are practically in the hands of others. But for the moment the gas weapon will not used. Later probably the gas-weapon will used to terrorize the North 'heretic' European populations and stir them up against Orthodox Russia. The two general superiors probably chosen to start the hot phase of Third Thirty's year war in Spring when the need of gas diminishes as summer approaches. It could mean that the hot phase of opposition between Russia and EU will start next winter when a blockage by Putin could have serious consequences.

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 The spy who came. Monday, March 10, 2014

 Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?


Saturday I gave a look to the Primorske Novice daily. What did I found? In a daily which is oriented to the local news, (and instead to find a service about Syria), I found the both central pages dedicated to a giant service on a Slovene, volunteer, who works in “Palestine”, helping the “Palestinian children” to whom the Israeli soldiers “shot at their back”.
Well, meanwhile other soldiers, not properly Jews, are killing also other Muslim children, such an article is not a coincidence.
It is clear why the clergy Slovenia maintains today so much monuments of the “anti-fascist” partisan war 1941-1945 with a red star on their top: because it is just hidden in the shadow of those “anti-fascist” monuments that it grows the Slovenian Roman Catholic love for the Fascist Islam, so well represented by the Syria of Assad, to whom Primorske Novice gives a fundamental aid, diverting the attention with services of pro-Islam-Fascism Slovenian volunteers explaining you those Jewish soldiers “shooting in the back of Palestinian children”.
But so goes the world: lets the alibi of an “anti-fascist struggle” to hide the love for another kind of fascism (and anti-Jewish hate). This could be the true motto of today Slovenia, throw the “I feel S-love-nia” in the toilette please!
And in the Second Pontifical reign, the Italy of Jesuit trained doc Monti? Give a look to Comedonchisciotte site: the total void about the Siryan massacre. But an article about the “indifference of Israel about human rights”, it cannot lack!
Massimo Mazzucco of Luogocomune is better. Recently he served as model for the building of the Slovenian Massimo Mazzucco, Ziga Virc who, like the Italian Romish matrix Massimo, is too a documentary-short films director. And sincerely the Italian Roman Catholic Mazzucco (living in America) is also the model of daily Primorske Novice. Like Comedonchisciotte, in his site Luogocomune there’s the total void about the events in Sirya. Meanwhile Primorske Novice are helping Assad with an article about the Gaza stripe and the Slovenian volunteers, Mazzucco’s Luogocomune helps Assad with a video exposing an American war crime:
But why they don’t expose Assad as member of the Roman Catholic order of Francis I?
The Order's Founding Monarch
King Francesco (Francis) I of the Two Sicilies (left) ruled the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies briefly from 1825 until his death in 1830. As Duke of Calabria (the title of the Heir Apparent), King Francesco was an exemplary military officer and regularly acted as the official representative of his father, King Ferdinando I, visiting remote regions of the Kingdom.

Founded in 1829 as a reward for civil and military merit, the Royal Order of Francis I is still bestowed today. Whereas certain other orders were strictly Roman Catholic in nature, characterized by religious rites of investiture redolent of the Age of Chivalry, the Royal Order of Francis I exemplified the "civil" form of knighthood devoid of such trappings.
…........Among the Order's prominent knights and dames are HE President BASHAR AL-ASSAD of Syria, HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark (right above) , HE President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (right below) , former British Prime Minister The Rt. Hon Baroness Thatcher (left below) , His Grace The Duke of Westminster (left above) Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Lord Denman, former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly Lord Alderdice, Sir David Durie, former HM Governor and Commander-in-Chief in Gibraltar, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Belmahi, Ambassador of HM The King of Morocco to the Court of St James and Professor Nasser David Khalili.…….”

Yes, I remembered about that, the threads in the old The Unhived Mind forum, Troy Space, etc. who exposed the Constantine order mafia. Romish mafia of course. And Jesuitical, as the Jesuit bishop of Aleppo – mons. Audo - witnesses.
So lets wipe away the reports, both official as well ‘alternative’, regarding the massacre in Sirya [corrected: Syria]. Because Sirya [corrected: Syria] is today an affaire of Putin’s Russia and Marxist China, and today the world temporal power of the papacy is being imposed to the world with the Russian and Chinese bayonets which are using the Fascist Islam and just that “innocent blood of Arab children” as tool to sharpen their blades. As regard the ‘alternative’ information for the 99% composed by disgusting crypto lackeys of the Jesuit World Order, or as regard the minor official information, this is not difficult to realize. But as regard the big official information, contradictions are unavoidable. So lets solve the problem at the roots. Meanwhile the Gaza “concentration camp/theatre” is the location in the world with the greatest concentration of video, cameras, camera crew, journalists, etc., the Sirya [corrected: Syria] of Jesuit Roman Catholic aided Assad regime, must become the example for the world as the country freed from that “polluting” presence of the informative system. So let’s kill the heretic journalists, because an ‘honest’ professional of the information cannot be else than anti-Jewish, pro-Palestinian, and a deep admirer of the pope:

".....He has hated both Germany and Italy and has looked unceasingly forward to the time when French bayonets should restore the temporal power of the Vatican in the old Roman States......"
[NY Times 1982, quoted by Douglas Willinger in an epochal post:]

Monday, February 20, 2012

"....China accused Western countries of stirring civil war in Syria...."

------------------------------------------ (As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)



    The Holy Grail for Moscow is a natural gas supply deal with China that is apparently now close after years of negotiations. If it can be signed when Putin visits China in May, he will be able to hold it up to show that global power has shifted eastwards and he does not need the West.

    Looks like your "enlargement" or "Dingle bay to Berrng" posts don't seem to be too fantastic as time goes by. . .


  3. Bashar al-Assad of course was happy:
    ".........DAMASCUS (AFP) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the massive protests against his Islamist Egyptian counterpart brought the fall of "political Islam," in statements posted on Wednesday on his official Facebook page......"

    I searched also in the page of Wikipedia on the coupe of July where there was the link, with "find" and "holy war". Total absence from the page, censored - here the excertp from Censor-pedia:
    "....... Syria - President Bashar al-Assad told the newspaper Thawra that "whoever brings religion to use in politics or in favour of one group at the expense of another will fall anywhere in the world. The summary of what is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is called political Islam.[199] You can't fool all the people all the time, let alone the Egyptian people who have a civilisation that is thousands of years old, and who espouse clear, Arab nationalist thought. After a whole year, reality has become clear to the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood's performance has helped them see the lies the [movement] used at the start of the popular revolution in Egypt."[200]....
    This page was last modified on 24 March 2014 at 11:27.

  4. ".....Lebedev, a former KGB agent turned businessman and Kremlin-critic, was not on the sanctions list.....".

    Oh really?????!!

  5. "......Looks like your "enlargement" or "Dingle bay to Berrng" posts don't seem to be too fantastic as time goes by. . .......".

    Just look at Venezuela how they are getting it back again after discharging Hugo Chavez, who died in the arms of a JESUIT seminarian - Castro. One year ago i pointed out as this means that you can have two star on the same stage and one must go. If the only star of the South America stage remained SJ Bergoglio this means he will play soon the role of the "avenger of poor CATHOLICS against the protestant gringos"?

    It a little like Israel with Jesuitical Peres still alive and his enemies in cemetery or in jail. The same in South America. WIth Jesuit trained Castro still alive to preside it. Che Guevara? Gone. Hugo Chavez? Gone....

  6. They are taking back to the Vatican Venezuela because now Socialism is of no use anymore. the church of Rome in Venezuela is traditionally taking the side of the right anti-Chavez.

  7. If organized anti-americanism has to exist, it seems that the Jesuits are allowing it to exist in not-governemental forms, as guerrillas (FARC of near Colombia, etc.). It seems that the states must go back in the hands of Rome now maybe because the hour X for the assault to USA is near. FARC, Chavez, Castro, Sub-comandante Marcos ('former' Jesuit priest) etc. are all phenomena near the border with USA.


    A Southern California immigration coalition is preparing for a trip to Vatican City, where its members will meet with Pope Francis to push for reform.


    Will Petra • 3 days ago

    "catholics and mexicans, not a good combo."

    "The Pope? These illegals are nuts. The Pope has nothing to do with illegal aliens in America. Hopefully the Pope will lecture them on abiding by the law. Their arrogance and sense of entitlement is astonishing. Also, maybe they should learn some basics about the country they are breaking into - a little something called separation of Church and State."

  9. ..especially if you read the before you understand about immigration as army of Rome (therefore the poverty in those countries from where they come fits with the Vatican and Jesuits' plans); then the trouble starts insiide the country of arrival with the Vatican controlling both fronts, immigrants and anti-immigrants, weakening that country and starting to substitute the civil secular administration with herself - the church of Rome:

    ".......A spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform told CBS2 the organization understands the pope’s compassion but doesn’t agree with the coalition’s approach.

    “What the pope and other religious leaders often overlook is the impact of mass immigration – particularly illegal immigration – on struggling workers in the receiving countries. The church can only be charitable with its own resources,” FAIR U.S. spokesperson Ira Mehlman said........"

  10. You have to bring in a country people with complete different mind culture religion custom etc. in order to make collapse the civil connivance ruled by the usual secular laws (more or less by Christian principle inspired).... so you have then to call for rescue a third part, a part over all, immigrants and natives.... that third part is there ready like a vulture: Vatican.


    Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection

    Is obama weakening the US army and NSA to allow numerous fifth columns to appear? Are they building a network for a future civil war/revolution or simple espionage from US enemies that is too large to be "covered" within the ranks of the NSA, so their power needs to be limited? Is Snowden a "hundred flowers" agent to uncover unreliable individuals within ALL security agencies around the world, primarily China and Russia?

    This only intensified the deceptive siren song of the whistleblower protections that were promised during the Bush administration. Obama didn't hesitate to continue prosecutions of inconvenient truth-tellers that were fomented under Bush - as well as to initiate even more of his own. In fact, outwardly welcoming and inwardly hostile approach towards whistleblowers remained the same since the days of the Nixon administration.

    Many stepped into the trap, only to get crushed by the system. Whistleblowers were prosecuted, raided, charged with espionage, imprisoned, nearly de-naturalized, attacked and vilified in just about every way imaginable. Snowden WATCHED AND LEARNED. HE DIDN"T TAKE THE BAIT. The establishment is TERRIFIED by the idea that more Snowdens will step over the line, expose the naked Emperor – and get away with it.

    O, REALLY, MAYBE BECAUSE SNOWDEN IS THE BAIT. They are not afraid, they are eliminating anyone daring to unveil information not fitting in the future theatre. Snowden has a blessing like those chinese nuclear facilities that are safe(not like Fukushima) and those Jesuits appearing from the rubble in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. A man of miracles.

  12. Not only 100 Flowers/Baits, with a Snowden escaped in Russia in time with the Crimean annexation, he could be used also to justify the weakness of Obama in front of Putin ("USA blackmailed by the secrets of Snowden").... Then cause NSA espionage the relations between USA and EU are more cold and a common policy toward Russia more difficult to achieve,....and also here I would doubt about the sincerity of the 'revelations'... exploded just in time to help Putin's attack. Then look at the explosion of the anti-EU sentiments especially among the Confederates (Catholic Europe), other powerful factor undermining a strong policy of EU toward Putin... Or maybe the weak policy (EU-Putin Pact as Molotov-Ribentropp Pact) needed of an alibi and the anti-EU protests fit for the task?...

  13. I think you will find this interesting, although mentioned

    In April 2008, after 16 years of inactivity, work on the building was restarted by the Egyptian company Orascom Group.[21][22] Orascom, which has entered into a US$400 million deal with the North Korean government to build and run a 3G mobile phone network, denied that their telecommunications deal was directly related to the Ryugyong Hotel work.[3] In 2008 North Korean officials stated that the hotel would be completed by 2012, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the "Eternal President", Kim Il-sung.[17] In 2009, Orascom's COO Khaled Bichara noted that they "had not had too many problems" resolving the reported structural issues of the building, and that a revolving restaurant will be located at the top of the building

    What does this symbolise - an Egyptian pyramid?


    confirmation of your words

  15. I already knew about that Egyptian structure but didn't know it was restarted by the group of Sawiris.... I m curious to know the designer... A space-pyramid? could have been placed in one of those typical space science fiction drawings of the forties and fifties, like the one of Charles Bonestell:

  16. Taking in mind that the head of CIA is a RC Jesuit-trained (Fordham university) guy, it seems consequential that all the input started from inside America.

  17. From above article quoted by you: "........Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, made that clear when he told National Public Radio in an interview broadcast Friday how U.S. officials must plan for the possibility that Vladimir Putin's Russia has access to American battle plans and other secrets possibly taken by classified leaker Edward Snowden..........".

    Rome is giving full gasoline to the Kremlin, keeping down USA, cooling or even freezing relations between EU and USA, giving to EU alibi to let Putin do what he wants cause the crisis and anti-EU feelings inside Europe, taking back Venezuela from the once useful Socialist Chavez, etc... Really Russia and China are today the pope's bayonets.