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Enrico Letta first victim of Nueva Italia...


  ...a Jesuit Reduction.  
Notice please the heavy allegories and symbolism of the visit of prime minister Enrico Letta in Mexico with the contemporary "peasants' war" against a suspicious "Evangelical criminal cartel" in the area of Nueva Italia, and the successive political stab-in-the-back received by Enrico Letta the same from Jesuits' spiritually controlled now prime minister Matteo Renzi [former major of the Medici's city, Florence], a political liquidation formalized exactly a month after the visit in Mexico. Is Enrico Letta the model of an old-type of Catholicism, today an obstacle for the growing fanaticism of an "Leader Maximo" like Renzi, Grillo, etc.?... You can agree fully with me if only you could appreciate some speaks of the Jesuit pope Francis i casually listened to, imbued with a thin but well perceivable "Theology Liberation" spirit.
     Beyond the Italian political chronicle it can be added that American readers surely are enough intelligent in order also to understand that the "Ukrainian crisis" may well be engineered simply to distract their attention from the fact that Vatican and the Jesuits are probably transforming Mexico in a sort of Central America Ukraine where to drown  the USA of the Protestants and of the 'infidel' Catholics who are deemed by the Jesuits more loyal to the flag of their country than the one of the pope...

Mexico vigilantes seize drug cartel bastion

Gunfire erupts in the town of Nueva Italia in ongoing battle between community self-defence groups and a drug cartel.
Last updated: 13 Jan 2014 04:49
Members of so-called self-defence groups entered the town of Nueva Italia, Michoacan on a campaign they say is designed to liberate towns from the control of the Knights Templar cartel. Opponents and critics say the vigilantes are backed by a rival cartel, something the groups deny.
....." http://www.aljazeera.com/news/americas/2014/01/mexico-vigilantes-seize-drug-cartel-bastion-2014112222426570318.html

".........The Knights were purportedly headed by an old lieutenant of Moreno's, Servando Gómez (now arrested), a former schoolteacher from Michoacán's rugged hills, where meth labs abound like hillbilly stills. Mexican police files show that both Moreno and Gómez converted to Evangelical Christianity when they were migrants in the U.S. in the 1990s. Returning to Mexico, they found that religious discipline was a useful tool to keep criminal troops in line........" http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2009/06/knights-templar-caballeros-templarios.html

13 Jan 2014
Enrico Letta in Mexico:
"Italy's Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto walk during a welcome ceremony at the National Palace in Mexico City".

Above image - "Letta visiting Mexico with Italian companies" - 13/01/2014 11.04   Economiaby La Stampa  - http://finanza.lastampa.it/Notizie/0,585839/Letta_in_visita_in_Messico_con_le_imprese_italiane.aspx?refresh_ce
Image from:  http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/16542670/image/103370875-italy-s-prime-minister-enrico-letta-and-mexico-s-president-enrique-pena-nieto-walk-during

13th February, a month later:

"......The growing criticism of the slow pace of Italian economic reform left Letta increasingly isolated.[31] On 13 February 2014, following tensions with his left-wing rival Matteo Renzi, Letta announced he would resign as Prime Minister the following day. The Democratic Party voted heavily in favour of backing Renzi's call for a new government, a "new phase" and a "radical programme" of reform. Minutes after the PD national committee backed the Renzi's proposal by 136 votes to 16, with two abstentions, Palazzo Chigi – the official residence of the prime minister – said Letta would be going to the Quirinale on Friday to tender his resignation to Giorgio Napolitano..........."
From the ''free'' encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrico_Letta#Prime_Minister

"....Enrico Letta: "Matteo Renzi obsessed with power"..........
13 febbraio 2014

 Beaten, thrown, humiliated. Enrico Letta live with disappointment and resentment his last hours as prime minister, before his resignation that will present tomorrow, Tuesday 14 February, Giorgio Napolitano.
The hard attack - But the agencies also tell the black mood [= very angry] of the outgoing premier , bring some of his harsh sentences , handed over to loyal and then exited from the secret rooms in Rome. "This is not a day more or less , even today it is understood that Matteo Renzi has always wanted to take my place",  he explained. To Renzi, according to  parliamentary sources , Letta criticizes "the obsession of power," the "cynicism for having always aimed for the chair of the government." The assessment of the operation of Matthew is anything but positive . But what has literally infuriated Letta is the reference made by Renzi at the meeting to "swamp" when he said "we'll get out of the swamp" . "I was in the swamp - said Letta - and this is the fault of the Democratic Party." A harsh indictment against his party , against Renzi, who would have paralyzed the country for personal gain. Finally, a prediction that was anything but good wishes for the next Prime Minister: "The government Renzi , should be able to be born, can last six months. It is  linked to Berlusconi's choice , which may at any time, unplug it , finding an agreement with Alfano and Casini to go to the elections. "
From:  http://www.liberoquotidiano.it/news/politica/1403879/Enrico-Letta---Matteo-Renzi-ossessionato-dal-potere-.html


Above image - the article from La Nuova Sardegna online newspaper
URL: http://lanuovasardegna.gelocal.it/regione/2013/12/10/news/ecco-la-guida-spirituale-di-matteo-1.8277060
 Above image - SJ Enrico Deidda who leads the now Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in the "spiritual exercises". The article says that Sardinia is the new refugee of the soul of the new head of Democratic party, Matteo Renzi who, since many years, frequents the islands. The intermediary between him and God, explains us the journalist, is the superior of the Jesuit community of San Michele, SJ  Enrico Deidda, who is heading Matteo Renzi and wife since many years in such exercises. SJ Enrico Deidda is a reserved person but doesn't hide his enthusiasm for the election of Renzi as head of Democratic Party saying that "Matteo Renzi is moved by the true love for the neighbour". The only regret of the Jesuit is due to the recent absence of Renzi  from the usual visit to their community due to the larger duties as new secretary of the Democratic party.

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2014 and the "Mexican butchery". 


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"Big Think". 


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