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Poland and Lithuania members of EUROGENDFOR [case closed]



  Above image - map of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth reported in Douglas Willinger's

Above image - Smolensk 2010 Crash crime scene.

The EGF is based in Vicenza, in northeastern Italy, and has a core of 800 to 900 members ready to deploy within 30 days. The member forces are:[5]
An additional 2,300 reinforcements will be available on standby.


  • Lithuania Lithuanian Viešojo saugumo tarnyba[6]


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........"  ]

 ....and joined two years after the dead of Lech Kaczinsky:

During the CIMIN conference of December 12-14, 2011 in Madrid the European Gendarmerie Force accepted the submitted application of the Minister of National Defense of RP to grant the Military Gendarmerie of the Polish Armed Forces full membership. ........"  ]
     In to speak about this i fear retaliation on my person. It a total silence on EUROGENDFOR and the national military police gendarmerie at their basis. I believe that the free hands in economy by Germany, as regards the national budgets of South European countries, has been bartered with the silence on the constitution of EUROGENDFOR where Germany is out.

      I tell you only this. In my "
Low Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry)." of June 2007 in The Unhived Mind forum i pointed out as the radical left wing rioters were used to provoke the State Police and give an alibi for the bloody events of the torture and beating of many protesters. From this violences the honor of the State Police, the civil police, has been destroyed. The only other police remained not involved except a dead rioter who with clear evidence was threatening a military, was military police Carabineers. Radical left wing was an essential part in this geometrical work of ideological and political forces which led to the destruction of the honor of civil State Police in 2001 Genova G8 Summit clashes. Today the Italian radical left wing of course is the greatest supporter of Putin in Crimea and Ukraine "tool of EU and Nazi-NATO" and if asked about Smolensk 2010 Crash surely they'll tell you that "it was CIA"...

     As regard Germany, Poland and Lithuania today, read here, (by Douglas Willinger).... Is  someone aware of the games?

 ".........Suggests allowing Kiev-Ukraine to join as a junior partner with Lithuania and Poland, in order to preserve Russian oriented southern and eastern areas of Ukraine for Russia.

Lithuania and Poland are here identified as the two countries at the forefront of pushing EU regime change in Ukraine, with the support of Germany.

Mentions 'sidebar' story of Germany to become more assertive, with the need for Polish compensation to the east............" 
[in D. W.'s "The Reincarnation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth & Eastern Germany"  ]

    From the perspective of EUROGENDFOR membership of both Poland and Lithuania (the latter as partner) the words of Brzezinsky can be tasted with a new South Catholic Europe savour:

".......Brzezinski also argued that political divisions in Poland “suited Russia,” and that attempts made by Polish politicians to “divide society” over Smolensk were “revolting” and “worthy of contempt.”........"

     Read Brzezinsky's opinion on conspiracy theories about Smolensk 2010 Crash and the plausible true scenario of the assassination of 96 members of Polish elite in:

 Thursday, March 13, 2014

A brutal language.

Therefore give a look to this timeline:

2010, April: Lech Kaczyinsky and other 95 high functionaries of the Polish state assassinated.

2011, December: Poland joins EUROGENDFOR in Madrid

2012, November: Brzezinsky accusing the ones who are spreading conspiracy theories about the Smolensk 2010 Crash to put in danger the unity and sovereignity of the country for the benefit of Russia.

2014, February: after the visit of Putin to the pope another attack to the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth natural historical area with the partition of Ukraine.
 Was Lech Kaczynsky murdered to stop the coming back of the Warsaw Confederation? But with this particular scenario of Smolensk, purposely filled with evidences of a plot, and staged as if the responsible wanted to suggest to the spectator that the mind behind that mass assassination could have been a German-Russian cooperation in to again quarter Poland like at the times of the Molotov-Ribentropp Pact??.... In this case what I the same i wrote has to be rewritten, of course we are in presence of a new quartering like between Hitler and Stalin, but with differences - please read this my post but with these new considerations:

 Friday, March 14, 2014

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact resuscitated on Ukraine?

....the survived elite of the country and especially to the military Polish authorities  (except the traitors of Poland within) received a powerful warning.  In fact to psychologically work on the Polish with the tool of the nightmare of a new Molotov-Ribentropp Pact is very useful:

 "......Defense Minister Radosław Sikorski compared the planned Russia to Germany gas pipeline to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga stated that the pipeline was a threat to Poland's energy security......."
From Wikipedia quoted in my:
      Normal to think that they searched at any cost an ally to trust on, in order to escape the nightmare of a new German-Russian grip. And that "trustful ally" was there, the South European Roman Catholic countries military police EUROGENDFOR, ready to welcome a Poland again persecuted by the historical nightmare.
     Therefore the words of Brzezinsky, if appreciated from the perspective of the EUROGENDFOR, are much more understanable and receive their natural context. You have to overturn the reasonament in order to see finally the global picture. Poland didn't join EUROGENDFOR because there was no more a Lech Kaczynzky able to find new and better cooperation (with Ukraine and Lithuania), but at the opposite, Lech Kaczynsky and the other 95 were murdered in such a theatrical "conspiracy" way in order then to push Poland (and Lithuania) in the grip of EUROGENDFOR. Therefore not only to drag Poland away from his history and the present possible alliances coming from that history, but to bury her in another completely different alliance and history.
    And the case is closed.

       See also my "2014 and the "Mexican butchery"."
of Monday, March 3, 2014


  1. Listen to that radio interview right at 36:20- about Germany and Poland

  2. Here's the text from 36:20

    You mentioned Poland and Lithuania pushing for some change in Ukraine…
    What is your sense of the German role in all of this?
    Well that’s the sidebar story but an important one. I can’t claim expertise on it but I looked into it asked people, and it appears to have this pre-history.
    Poland is very nervous about Germany’s growing role in Europe.
    So Poland wanted some empire of its own, like it …[once had]. It wanted Ukraine … to offset German economic and political influence. Meanwhile Germans has been talking about a more assertive foreign policy- taking more leadership. Now you got to remember that the wounds of WW2 are not completely healed; so when you tell a Polish citizen of a certain generation that Germany’s going to get more assertive, they get a little worried. So they wanted to enhance their sphere of influence economically and politically, and Poland was the ticket.

  3. Many thanks...

    ".....Poland is very nervous about Germany’s growing role in Europe.......".

    the collateral effect pursued with the assassination of Lech Kaczynsky. Polish are now surrounded by their nightmares coming back. And the exorcist is the Confederates of South Europe with the pope at their head (like that Pious IX calling Jefferson "my son").
    There are no more mysteries about Smolensk 2010 Crash and about the annexation of Crimea.

  4. Okay, the circus is official, US sanctions are..... visa bans.... seriously.... they are prepping up Putin for a fall from a high place.

  5. I found information about Smolensk and its link to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth:

    Monday, March 17, 2014
    Our Lady of Smolensk 2010 Crash

  6. ".... they are prepping up Putin for a fall from a high place......."


    "....Some Republican lawmakers criticized the administration’s measures as insufficient. Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) called for “a far more significant response,” saying that sanctioning only seven Russians “is wholly inadequate at this stage.” Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) described U.S. policy toward Russia as “appeasement” and called for an expanded American military presence in Eastern Europe.......".

  7. Not for nothing they called it "the Warsaw Pact"...
    Now that EUROGENDFOR-Confederates are inside military Poland they can resuscitate a little of military Commonwealth ( in order to then crush it then ?)

    "...Poland plans to reform military brigade with Ukraine and Lithuania
    The proposal, to be discussed this week, will bring Ukraine closer in to the Western fold ....

    By Matthew Day, Warsaw

    1:56PM GMT 17 Mar 2014

    Poland’s defence ministry has announced it will re-launch plans to establish a joint Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian military brigade.

    The ministry said defence ministers will meet this week to discuss the formation of the brigade that would straddle Nato’s eastern border and bring Ukraine’s armed forces closer to the Western fold.

    Plans for a joint brigade had originally been struck in 2009 but had failed to make significant progress due to foot-dragging by Ukraine’s previous government, and difficulties in Polish-Lithuanian relations.

    But the Ukraine crisis appears to have provided fresh momentum to the organisation of the brigade.

    “Last week Ukraine’s deputy defence minister visited Nato headquarters and returned to the idea of the Polish-Ukrainian-Lithuanian brigade,” said Pawel Kowal, a Polish MEP who, in 2007, was the first to advocate the benefits of forming the multi-national brigade.
    “Now is the time to only to refresh the idea but also realise it,” added Mr Kowal. “Regardless of the result of the referendum in Crimea we have to continue with our commitment.”

    Given shared historical anxieties over Russian intentions Poland and Ukraine have, in the past, pursued good military relations. Some 1,600 Ukrainian troops served under Polish command during the Iraq war, and Ukraine’s forces also co-operated with Poles during the Nato-led peacekeeping operations in Kosovo.etc etc etc