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    ...It always the same story, and a question of semantic shades, sometimes "to pay the opposition to a regime" it is an elegant way to not be constrained to say "to pay the alibi for a foreign regime to intervene in the country"...:

".....A secretive neo-nazi military organization reported linked to NATO played a decisive role in targeted sniper attacks and violence that led to the collapse of the elected government......."

    NATO paying alibi for Putin?

    It is alleged that Russia and EU acted together. With the most of probability to a Germany which, after the WWI and WWII, has been reduced to a Great Catholic Bavaria, is it now allowed to exercise a diminished form of expansionism or is allured by someone to take pleasure in such dreams. If Putin can bring home Crimea someone can think that then is possible to bring home also the Sudeten and Eastern Prussia. And then there's Italy and her "Crimea" which is called "Istria and Dalmazia"...  If Russia went back in Crimea could Renzi's Italy go back in Istria?... After seventy years of forced de-protestantization of Prussia maybe the Vatican can bear now a Germany coming back in the old possession of East.... Or at least this could be only a bait to further deceive the German foreign policy and distract Germans meanwhile the South European Catholic belt is going to explode in a sort of "South European Confederate popish state" against the North.... 

    Douglas Willinger:
".....It is also a reversal for Russian President Vladimir Putin's dream of recreating as much as possible of the Soviet Union in a new Eurasian Union. Moscow had counted on Yanukovich to deliver Ukraine as a central member........."

   Agree 100%. I add only that at the end of the game Putin (or his successors) will be cheated, and the Orthodox 'heretics' destroyed and metabolized by Rome. Period.

    In any case seems the the question of the Polish Commonwealth is really another important discovery of Douglas Willinger, and this only by the point of view of the general silence on the matter. See for example if this news is or not confirming that:

04.03.2014 10:37
Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski has said that the unfolding crisis in Ukraine could hit Poland's economy hard.
- See more at:,Ukraine-crisis-creating-worst-case-scenario-for-Polish-economy#sthash.IJ0OjGED.dpuf

Ukraine crisis creating 'worst case scenario' for Polish economy

04.03.2014 10:37
Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski has said that the unfolding crisis in Ukraine could hit Poland's economy hard.
- See more at:,Ukraine-crisis-creating-worst-case-scenario-for-Polish-economy#sthash.IJ0OjGED.dpuf
Ukraine crisis creating 'worst case scenario' for Polish economy
04.03.2014 10:37
Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski has said that the unfolding crisis in Ukraine could hit Poland's economy hard...."

- See more at:,Ukraine-crisis-creating-worst-case-scenario-for-Polish-economy#sthash.IJ0OjGED.dpuf
      From the actual news there's No mention of Poland or it is kept a very low attention on that country,  i was warned about Poland only when heard that "Nazi groups" and "Polish groups" were subverting the "legitimate" Yanukovich pro-Russian  government...  OK I suggest to visit his posts on the theme starting from these two:

     Well i've not much more to add if not some old stuff you 'll find at the end in the usual References. Because I want to recall you something that now it seems all have forgotten, once a mysterious event, but today no more so mysterious... yes, not much more to add, except a "perfect job, Putin":

 Above image:

Mar 29, 2012 8:59am:
 "....Polish President’s Plane Crash Was Assassination, His Brother Says.....
MOSCOW – The twin brother of former Polish President Lech Kaczynski believes the 2010 plane crash that killed his brother was an assassination and he wants the European Union to investigate....
..... Jaroslaw Kaczynski lamented that the Polish public is beginning to forget about his brother’s death. President Kaczynski’s daughter, Marta, also appealed for an international investigation. Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk, however, has rejected the assassination theories....

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The spy who came.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


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The Polish Plane Conspiracy Crash (from Barry Chamish newsletter)


Among the greatest enemies of Rome there is her Roman Catholic herd the same.

Destroy the National churches because they (when not manipulated as tool of a deceiving policy of Rome the same) represent the embryo of the independence, of autonomy, in a word:
of heresy.

From the last letter of the Barry Chamish mailing list:


What is the conspiracy with the Polish Plane Crash? How about these facts...

Polish Plane Crash: Two of the identified bodies were not on the list of passengers?

2010 Grupa SA

Among the identified victims of the presidential plane crash near Smolensk two were not on the list of passengers - portal informs, citing the Interfax news agency. Gave similar information portal, citing a source in the Moscow headquarters, where he assisted the families of the victims of the disaster. Russian Ministry for emergency situations said they killed 96 people, and not the 97th. According to the caller's agent, on Tuesday evening 64 people were diagnosed, while two bodies have been identified, "conditionally". It is not known whether a further two people who were on board, but not included in the list of passengers or the crew or cabin crew.
No statement on the event details.
In turn, the Russian ministry for emergency situations said that the government in a plane crash near Smolensk aircraft killed 96 people. - About 97 victims are not confirmed - to inform the representative of the Ministry Jeliena Chernova. - Killed 96 people: 88 passengers and 8 crew members - she added. Rumors about the 97 victims of the presidential aircraft accident occurred yesterday.
Polish flown today to the 32 coffins with the remains of victims of the disaster. Identification procedure, which began on April 11, continues. Specialists from the Russian Centre for Forensic Medicine, carried out by investigating DNA of the dead in the crash. In our center we have the latest technology, but according to the procedures can not be completed before testing April 21 - said a representative of the facility, which relies on agency RIA Novosti.
Here is a video making its rounds on youtube which was taken justminutes after the plane crash. In the background, you can clearly hear 4 gunshots. What is this about?
Ex-KGB Agent and man who was behind Russian Apartment Building False Flag Terrorism which he used to bring himself to power, Putin, is in charge of the investigation into the crash.Why did Georgian TV predict the plane crash? Here is the story on that:
The Polish Leaders were moving to weaken currency, read here:

From our Polish Correspondent:

Yesterday, this video appeared on youtube. This is really shocking. You can hear 4 shots there, at the end, there are Polish words - "Change of Plans."

The cameraman is swearing and scared, before shooting you can here in Russian - "dawaj gnata" - which is "give me the gun." Maybe you know Russian. It's on the website of one of Polish TV channels. It says that army specialists are going to examine that. People are shocked; the situation is getting serious; some people are manipulated and rioting in the streets against burying the President in King's Castle in Cracow. It's awful, it's clear manipulation. Very suspicious and quick changes in the army, lots of hidden bad things happening.
Guy that filmed the Polish crash aftermath has been killed!!
Video redone - you can see people alive and hear shots
Info on guy getting killed who filmed it:
link:,1467054,1,29891999,3,3TRANSLATED INFO - Using Google Translate to English:

The film, which has already zepewne everyone can see, the author
this movie Adrij Mendierej, which was dug in the knife
15 Kw.2010 near Kiev, he was
przewie#380;ony in an awful state to a hospital in
Kiev, where on April 16 two unknown people
od#322;#261;czy#322;o his respirator. J once again dug him
3 times a knife. Andriy died afternoon o15.03 time
Moscow 16 April 2010 year. But
course, this is the case by the Russian government
The previous fatal aircrash and investigations

Main article: < >1986 Mozambican Tupolev Tu-134 crash

On October 19, 1986 Samora Machel was on his way back from an international meeting in <>Lusaka, <>Zambia, in the presidential <>Tupolev Tu-134 aircraft, when the plane crashed in the <>Lebombo Mountains, near Mbuzini, South-Africa. There were ten survivors, <>[10] but President Machel and thirty-three others died, including ministers and officials of the Mozambique government.
The < >Margo Commission, set up by the South African government, but which included high-level international representation,[ <>citation needed] investigated the incident and concluded that the accident was caused by pilot error. <>[10] Despite the acceptance of its findings by the < >International Civil Aviation Organization, the report was rejected by the Mozambican and Soviet governments. he latter submitted a minority report suggesting that the aircraft was intentionally lured off course by a decoy <>radio navigation beacon set up specifically for this purpose by the South Africans. Speculation about the accident has therefore continued to the present day, particularly in Mozambique. <
Hans Louw, a <>Civil Cooperation Bureau operative, claims to have assisted in Machel's death. < >[12] <>[13 ] <>Pik Botha, South African foreign affairs minister at the time, who later joined the <>ANC, said that the investigation into the plane crash should be re-opened. <
In his memoirs, Jacinto Veloso, one of Machel’s most unconditional supporters within Frelimo, sustains that Machel's death was due to a conspiracy between the South African and the Soviet secret services, both of which had reasons to get rid of him.
According to Veloso, the Soviet ambassador once asked the President for an audience to convey the USSR’s concern about Mozambique’s apparent “sliding away” towards the West, to which Machel supposedly replied “Vai à merda!” (something like “Go to hell!”, but more vulgar). Having then commanded the interpreter to translate, he left the room. Convinced that Machel had irrevocably moved away from their orbit, the Soviets allegedly did not hesitate to sacrifice the pilot and the whole crew of their own plane. <>[15 < is the leader of polish army due to the constitution?
Your country's chef of National Bank and Federal Reserve is dead.
Who decides of whom shall come after him?
Since this Saturday, for the first time from mid thirties and Pilsudzki (the only guy that even Hitler was afraid of) ,
one of the biggest countries in Europe is being formally ruled by one man-at least until elections. And now comes the best.
Komorowski is a close associate, friend and a political student of mr
whose name can be easily found on the list of Bilderberg meetings.
...oh, and a member of as well.

My new book, THE conPROMISED LAND can be ordered direct from the publisher Watch me in Hebrew


The first part of the letter of Barry Chamish (related to Barcelona) you can see here (scroll down to the lower half of the page, below my message):

Pull it out, Barbara!

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


  3. Saturday, July 17, 2010

    "I'll tell you honestly what I think of the MVAC. I'm not Slovenian, but also watch the Slovenes and their struggle: MVAC helps us Italians very much ... but among the Slovenes it creates such hatred that in fifty years you will not be able to overcome it. "

    Italian general Ruggero conversation with the bishop Rožman in the autumn of 1942
  4. From the introduction of the book:

    “Again, after more than fifty years, the legendary book “Belogardizem” of Franček Saje has been published. The first edition in 1951 sold out within weeks. Saje wrote the book as a full blooded chronicler and analyst. At more than 600 pages there is: - thoroughly analyzed the pre-war social, political and party image Slovenia; - precisely described and documented the development and work of the Slovenian collaborationist organizations and their supporters; - documented the relationship of the Roman Catholic Church, of the clergy and of the bishop Rožman with the Italian occupants; - All this is seasoned with a number of interesting documents and testimonies which show the hindrance of the political and religious leadership of the Slovenian collaborationism at home and in the London 'exiled' government, knowing that they were collaborating in front of the eyes of the their own suffering nation and of the world anti-fascist coalition.”


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Roman Kat(yn)holic European Order

Hide the grave of Lutheran Prussia with Roman Catholic corpses:

(if you don't see the pic cause the problems inflicted to my blogs, go to page: or type "disaster katyn polish Lech Kaczynski", find an image of the air disaster and imagine it on the above blank space - not for a case the source is the New York Times.....)

It was the same Vatican and the Jesuit order to want the martyrdom of Roman Catholic Poland, that notorius tragedy occurred during WWII and after. Meanwhile it was Rome the same, since the early XIX century, to have instigated, using the Masonic army, the various nationalism in Center Europe as a means to destroy those cursed Central Empires, she was terrorized that the same poison administered to her enemies could have infected her the same church, disintegrating the Roman Catholic European Empire in many fragments of National churches.

The same martyrdom was applied at the same time in Amber Path South, where, since the arrival of the Italians, the execution platoons started immediately to work with the first executions against Roman Catholic Slovenian civilian just the year after the start of the First conflict, in 1915. And well before the end of that first conflict the National Slovenian Roman Catholic priesthood was heavily purged with expulsions and detentions in the Sardinia Island. After the war, you have the Roman Catholic TIGR guerrilla, which was purposely created to gather the most enthusiast, generous and idealist Roman Catholic liberal and national Slovenian intelligentsia of the Primorje in order to comfortable annihilate them. With the second conflict, the remaining National, Modern and Liberal Slovenian elite was cemented in the ideological grave controlled by the Communist party of Tito, who, in his turn, was controlled by the Roman Catholic Joseph Stalin and by the papal-knight-of-Malta British services weapon supplies.

And is it clear now why all those Roman Catholic Germans of Sudetenland and all those Roman Catholic Italians from Istria & Dalmatia went expelled with the end of WWII?

Because now and till-the-end-of-the-times no one, except the ghosts evoked with medium sessions, will ask for a Lutheran Prussia back. But today and also tomorrow and in the next millenium there's and there will ever be the living abominable opportunism of the church of Rome presenting himself as the "moral saint patron" of the tribulation of the Roman Catholic German and Italians expellees. A tribulation inflicted by those “secular ideologies against God”.
That cursed secularism originated from the Lutheran principle of the separation between church and state.

Whose first and most important realization - that first true Lutheran state of Prussia - is lying now in that hidden grave, covered and disguised by the millions of Roman Catholic (and Jewish) corpses of Poland.


I think that neither the most perfidious, putrid, abominable Jewish characters created by the Nazi anti-Semite propaganda of Roman Catholic Goebbels would have been able to conceive such a plan.

And is it clear now why, today, with an astounding timing, those barbarian priests of Rome the same, using their Masonic world media, are waving in front of your eyes the painful memory of those children they the same so joyfully sodomized?

Because if the worst crime is the violence and sexual abuse on children, every other crime can be pardoned, forgiven and forgotten, especially the crime for having instigated two cruel world conflicts, two assassin revolutions and their consequent 80 millions of dead or, is better said, the most horrible religious purge in human history, a continental appalling religious purge which established the supremacy of the papacy in Eurasia and in the world.

Who will defend you and your children tomorrow, from the church of Rome? Erdogan? Ahmadinejad? Obama? Putin? Chavez? Hu Jintao?

The Vatican and the Jesuits arrogantly think to have all under the control, but in the remote case the wind could start to blow in the other direction, they have no else alternative: there are still only three programmed launches of the Space Shuttle to escape from planet earth:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


  1. Reviving the old tensions between Russia and the former eastern block countries (except Serbia) only serves to increase the friction between the catholic/orthodox fronts of west/east europe under the mask of economic/political differences. The "nationalism" that was perfected during the USSR's grip over Poland, hungary, ukraine etc is now presenting them as the martyrs yet again, however this time it is even worse, since Russia does not have any excuse (as it had after the defeat of Hitler, getting territories "liberated")

    The pretences of Putin&co are a sort of a 9/11 for Russia, one that has been catalysed for decades of soviet tyranny. Maybe this polarisation of east<>west will bring another war or another cold war, culminating in the destruction of Russia via revolution (reversal of 1917 toward euro-centrism and catholicism).

    The statements of Putin&co are nothing short of ludicrous(comment about Ukrainians settling in Siberia????,

    but for now Putin does have the upper hand (from the media with CIA involvement etc). Now Putin seems at the top of the world, Obama being indecisive and a weak character for a president. Russia has suddenly become a brother of the USA in it's foreign policy, but Russia, because it's lack of quality of life/freedom of expression(and even climate) and history of tyranny in the doorsteps of Europe, cannot afford this because it only has a stick, no carrot. Ultimately all eyes will be on Putin and the more he and his friends talk the worse it will become.

    At the same time pro-Russia fractions within these countries are probably being monitored and marked for a wipe out, if Russia is to fall soon.

  2. ..... i believe they let Putin & C. to think of themselves "invincible" or something near it... But at the same time Putin's imperialism is a great distraction from USA's Ukrajne i.e. Mexico.... Anyway i should try to read all this stuff from the perspective of the Revelation ... are such events a sort of escape from the saint John prophecy about the final events,... or their fulfillment? If the great army has to be gathered for the final battle Satan is trying, with the unification of the world, to build it right now...

  3. I say of Mexico "USA's Ukrajne" because i believe in the contagious role of Ukrajne as the final weapon to make collapse Orthodox Russia, you provoke an invasion of Ukrajne (hypothesis OK), you start a partisan guerrilla against Russian army, millions of death, economical crisis, protests inside Russia etc... then the collapse and fragmentation in an ethnic chaos with which to disintegrate the unity of Orthodox Russian church... over all the vultures of Vatican and the Jesuits vampires.... I believe that it is possible a future war between USA and Mexico ( i am not the first to imagine this) in order to provoke a political collapse of USA as consequences of the war. Cuba could play a fundamental role and for this reason CIA kept it alive for sixty years.

  4. Anyway i tell no a nowelty, see for example Eric John Phelps and many others before me with similar scenario as regard the USA.

  5. "....Obama being indecisive and a weak character for a president........."

    And Kerry. They are useful sparring partner for Putin now. They give legitimacy for the request of inner repression of KGB/FSB now against the "CIA infiltrations"... Wait one of the next posts... i have something to tell about that... Kerry/Obama, Putin, Lebedev...

  6. I believe that a very plausible option exists of aliens or time travellers or gods (please pick a satanic lie to suit your interest...) intervening to protect us from nuclear war some time in the future, after a series of "proxy" wars, like korea in the 50's. But war and change in the world map seem imminent.
    The question is if USA and Russia fall, then what about China? I think Europe is already spiritually dead and harvested, protestantism only having a historical significance. China could as well be used to reinforce the confidence of Putin&co and them leave them, much like italy did with Germany. . . .A religious revelation (2017)will fit nicely with a poor and torn Russia. At the same time, USA is losing its steam under Obama in every aspect. My american friends tell me he is the worst president, much much worse than Clinton, because of the weakening of the army, healthcare, private interests etc.

    In the meantime "superpope Francis" is salvaging the reputation of the Church....It seems the jesuits have finished their work on the drawing board and are up to work again.

  7. Mexico could explode at some point, if the USA is weakened after a war with Russia. The "madman" Phelps has credibility when he is talking about external threats. But in the states themselves there is a lot of disagreement on a lot of issues and a civil war might be in the cards, to further weaken the country. The thing about USA is that they have become so paranoid about their own government that a few more Snowdens and the loyalty will severly drop.

  8. Don't forget this article:

    I say watch everything being said by Brezinski! Should be an interesting memorable year this 2014.

  9. "...Excellent article!.....".

    No, only excellent my memory... if it was for that moment when in a flash i recalled the Smolensk air crash, it would have been not so exceptional post.

  10. "...The question is if USA and Russia fall, then what about China?....".

    No clue in those 30 Chineses stabbed to death in China JUST in time with the apex of Ukrainian crisis?.... If the Catholic bear (or even an intro in the shape of a revived dimished form of Soviet Union) has to enlarge till Vladivostok, it better to keep Chinese minds occupied with the Islamic threat.... If for hypothesis the crusaders of the pope will shake their hands from America and from Siberia on the Strait of Bering i would start the war between Islam and China.... Or between China and India... In 2008 i imagined India as a sort of safe of Rome in order to control China, if China gets out of control in the economy etc. there's ready the Indian giant to front Peking...

  11. to Start a war between China and Islam (Islam's fatwas would change direction no more against American Satan but against Chinese Satan)... All that because Islam and China (and India) would feel under seize by a Catholic belt all over the Northern Emisphere...

  12. Completely forgot about the stabbing..... Does this mean China is to be silent in the coming conflict leaving Russia all alone, occupied with its "Uyghur" separatist problems?

    If they can make Putin think(at least in the eyes of the media) that an annexation is feasible for the former communist republics, then he will no doubt bite it. Of course the response of the west might be quite slow in order to show some good catholic blood on the cameras, like those vietnam shots.

    "The result would thus be similar to the two phases of Hitler’s seizure of the Sudetenland after Munich in 1938 and the final occupation of Prague and Czechoslovakia in early 1939. "


    "Ukrainians themselves can define the depth of their closeness to Europe and the scope of their economic cooperation with Russia, to the benefit of peace and stability in Europe"

    But how can they be trusted? They are a mixed crowd, so the "banderas" are discredited for Putin, the "ethnic russians" are discredited for the west. The empires never leave the smaller countries decide.... It is a win-lose all situation for Russia and the west, if they don't want to lose face.

  13. ".....Don't forget this article:....."

    OMG,... i forgot it and reading now after four years is scary.

    I now realize also the presence of KIEV in the Chamish' article i quoted above:

    The film, which has already zepewne everyone can see, the author
    this movie Adrij Mendierej, which was dug in the knife
    15 Kw.2010 near KIEV, he was
    przewie#380;ony in an awful state to a hospital in
    KIEV, where on April 16 two unknown people
    od#322;#261;czy#322;o his respirator. J once again dug him
    3 times a knife. Andriy died afternoon o15.03 time
    Moscow 16 April 2010 year. But
    course, this is the case by the Russian governmentThe previous fatal aircrash and investigations


    Andrij Mendierej killed in Ukrainean hospital PDF Print E-mail
    Written by Administrator
    Friday, 23 April 2010 04:56 posted some time ago Video "The Polish president was killed by Russian special services."
    We informed also that according to Independent Polish news website Wolne Media - the author of this video- Adrij Mendierej- was was found killed as result of stabbing. Polish Forum says he was stabbed by knife on the 15th of Apil near Kiev and was hospitalised in serious condition. On the 16th of April he was attacked in hospital, oxygen mask time was torn from him and he was struck again 3 times by knife.
    The author of the clip died on the 16th of April 3.03 PM by Moscow

    Also site GULAG posted comment from the US Federal expert of Special Services who was sure that on the clip was fixed Russian Special Brigade killing those who survived from plain crash of Lech Kaczyński and Polish Leaders.
    Expert opinion is that RUSSIA stands on the brink of war with the civilized world!

  15. Creepy stuff about that crash, man that's serious stuff