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Austrian and Italian


 "....... The Russian inferences in the affairs of the central Asia Islamic countries can be seen, from this perspective, as an attempt of Rome to control the continuity between her Eurasian allies, Islam and China, and to prevent an alliance between them at the expenses of Rome, the undisputed leader of this Triple world alliance........."

[Three years old excerpt,  can find it in the References of my "Lady of War flying over Ukraine?" of Saturday, February 22, 2014, URL:]

    Uh!... look at how well fit what I wrote three years ago, on 12 April 2011, in my "From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world"... And what we have now? Creeping  cutthroaters allegedly working for the Islamic secessionists of China, working to impress with an emotional wave 1.5 billions of Chineses... working to distract their feelings away from Russia's enlargement and interference in that Asian Islamic belt from Middle East to China?....:

"...Kunming knife attacks show China has a terrorism problem too

Its past crackdown on the Muslim Uighur minority hasn't helped

By Patrick Brown, CBC News Posted: Mar 03, 2014 7:00 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 04, 2014 1:49 PM ET

After decades of reporting on conflicts all over the world, I am not easily taken aback.
But Saturday's attack at the Kunming railway station in western China was more shocking, even viewed from the other side of the world, than many such incidents I have witnessed up close.
Compared with, say, placing a bomb, the act of walking up to strangers and slashing their throats has an ugly intimacy that is nothing short of appalling.
In this case, a group of men and women dressed in black strode up to the station, pulled out knives, meat cleavers and swords and began methodically slashing and stabbing their way through the crowd
....etc etc etc.
    Just for coincidence all that horror show happened in contemporary with the apex of Crimea crisis between Kremlin and Kiev which was threatening to go out of the local border and to led to a new World War.... I noticed that next 13th March there's the anniversary of the expulsion of the Jesuit order from Russia by Alexander I...

    And then another mysterious accident which appears now as another act of terrorism:

"...Ticket purchase adds to mystery over plane

Many questions still surround Malaysia Airlines jet disappearance

Author: By Jethro Mullen and Jim Clancy CNN
Published On: Mar 09 2014 12:45:35 AM EST   Updated  33 m
  KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (CNN) - Two people who traveled on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight under the passports of an Italian and an Austrian citizen appear to have bought their tickets together.
The tickets were bought from China Southern Airlines in Thai baht at identical prices, according to China's official e-ticket verification system Travelsky. The ticket numbers are contiguous, which indicates the tickets were issued together.
The new information adds to the mystery that has enveloped the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the passenger jet that disappeared over Southeast Asia early Saturday on its way to Beijing.
 Italy and Austria have said that none of their citizens were on board the plane. And officials say the Italian and Austrian whose names were on the passenger manifest both had their passports stolen in Southeast Asia in recent years.The two tickets booked with China Southern Airlines both start in Kuala Lumpur, flying to Beijing, and then onward to Amsterdam. The Italian passport's ticket continues to Copenhagen, the Austrian's to Frankfurt.
.....blah blah blah etc...."
      Interesting, Italian and Austrian citizens... As i was pointing out, seven years ago, ....

[see post of 3rd March 2014 and the "Mexican butchery", URL:

....the importance of 2014 as the 200th anniversary. At those ingenue times i did the mistake and misunderstood Verona's Treaty and Congress of Vienna. The Jesuit order was restored in 1814 in Italy, and the Congress of Vienna was held in Vienna, Austria, exactly in 1814. And if all that sounds familiar give a look to the usual old stuff in References.

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From Dingle Bay to the Strait of Bering... [Russia and America sharing the same fate?]

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140 years after: Continuing Jesuitical Großdeutsche Lösung?

Above image - "Heldenplatz - vonapa/red - 01 - Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012 - Nazi shrine in the middle of Vienna rumors were confirmed. Nazi manifesto found in a hidden capsule - The crypt at the Heldenplatz is a secret Nazi shrine. What for decades as the country haunted rumor has now been scientifically confirmed. A hidden in a metal capsule Nazi manifesto was discovered during investigations. The sculptor William Frass had hidden there in 1935." - URL:
    Kleindeutsche Lösung vs Großdeutsche Lösung: Continuing Counter Reformation in XIX century in the Middle of Europe/Amber Path:

  Großdeutsche Lösung
 "............As a major German solution [Großdeutsche Lösung] of the German question, it was named a, in the Frankfurt National Assembly in 1848 debated but then rejected, German nation-state model, including and under the leadership of the Empire of Austria. She stood in contrast to the small German solution finally adopted, which provided for all members of the German Confederation under Prussian hegemony except Austria.............."
 Kleindeutsche Lösung
 "......The Small German solution [Kleindeutsche Lösung] of the German question was in the Frankfurt National Assembly debated and finally passed in the 1848 model for the unification of the Member States of the German Confederation under the leadership of the King of Prussia and  with the exclusion of the Austrian Empire. She stood in contrast to the Great German solution, which provided for the majority of the German-speaking countries and then locked the German-speaking population of the Habsburg Empire. [Small German solution] was realized by the German wars of unification, with the founding of the North German Confederation in 1867 and its extension to the German Empire 1871st......
Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia, still in 1849 rejected the, offered by the Emperor deputation of the Frankfurt National Assembly, emperor's crown of a small German constitutional monarchy , [the same crown] his brother and successor in office, William I., in 1871 - under the influence of his chancellor Bismarck and changed political conditions - accepted.
Only after the German war of 1866, in which Prussia defeated the German Confederation under Austrian leadership, took the Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck new possibilities for the realization of the Small German solution. First, the German Confederation was dissolved and Austria was eliminated from the pan-German policy. Under the leadership of Prussia in 1867, the North German Confederation was founded, the defensive alliances with the four southern states of Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden and Hesse completed. After the war against France in 1870 when the Alliance started to work, on 18 January 1871, the southern states joined [also] the North German Confederation: the newly founded German Empire that was a monarchy under the presidency of the King of Prussia, Wilhelm I, who took the title of German Emperor. Bismarck became the first chancellor..............."
.....and 146 years after: Continuing Jesuits' Großdeutsche Lösung?
 ".....A hidden in a metal capsule Nazi manifesto was discovered  [in the middle of Vienna - avles]  during investigations. The sculptor William Frass had hidden it there in 1935........
......Specifically, in the manifesto of the "eternal power of the German people," the speech:   "May the Lord God to end, after all the terrible, after all the humiliation, the unspeakably sad fraternal strife and make our great nation is united under the sign of the sun wheel, the Most High! then, comrades, are you not fallen in vain. "........."
[From the same  above quoted source:
    After the defeat of the revanchist popish Great Germany solution of XIX century, the Jesuit order rebuild in XX century again his Jesuit Great Germany solution but, as they couldn't  force  the Protestant Germany to kneel in front of their pope and their church, they had to dress it  with the ecumenical pagan luciferian cult of the 'German arianity'.

"the Lord God" = the Lord of Rome, Satan

"fraternal strife" = the resistance of that Germany who, after four centuries of war against the anti-Christ of Rome, didn't accept to kneel to him.

"united" = and submitted under  the Satanic Great Germany empire of Rome.
 "the sun wheel" =  the ill-famed Jesuit sun
"the Most High!" = so even above the Faith Alone in Jesus Alone
    So it is worth to say: you write "Third [Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, etc.] Reich", but you read: Römische Katholische Großdeutschland!
    Expect also an unending barking of the Marxism in this decaying fin-de-la-civilisation. At the end of all the Marxist and revolutionary dogs have been raised by the Jesuitism as fearsome guard dog of their XIX century and his secret religious core. 

 " the sun wheel, the Most High!" =
 #1 - 10 tops and 10 beams version
 #2 - 16 tops and 16 beams version [CANON32 COUNCIL OF TRENT]
 #3 -  Thule swastika

#4 - Official swastika

#5 - Twelve beams sun in the Sala del Gran Consiglio del Fascismo ("Hall of the Great Council of Fascism") where Mussolini presided the Great Council of Fascist party - Twelve beams = The Twelve Ideals of a Jesuit Education? [see link bottom page]
#6 - The Black Sun with twelve beams: "The form of the symbol as used in Germanic mysticist esotericism and Neo-Nazism is based mainly on the design of a floor mosaic at the Wewelsburg castle, a renaissance German castle. During the Third Reich the castle was the center of the order of the Schutzstaffel. SS-leader Heinrich Himmler wanted to establish the “center of the new world” after the their victory in the castle." - URL:

    #7 - Jesuits'  Reichsführer-SS Bavarian Heinrich Himmler, under the command of 26th general superior the Polish SJ Wladimir Ledochowsky, but quietly above the Austrian  Adolf Hitler.
    Was a fine psychological cunning the choice to put as formal head of  multi-religious  Germany an Austrian Roman Catholic who could recall - especially in the German Protestant ones without short memory - the old threat of the  popish Großdeutsche Lösung?... Threat  against whom the only guarantee appearing at the eyes of such worried Protestants was naturally that  Einrich from Munich,  who incarnated the Roman Catholic South German loyalty to the Bismarck's Kleindeutsche Lösung and her 1867 North Germany Confederation....:
"..........But what is more incredible is the fabricated history that continues to hid the absolute fact that in 1933 after the Reich Concordat was signed with the Vatican, Fr. Himmler was elevated in power, name and status above Hitler. Fr. Himmler S.J. as the Reichführer has superior title (as opposed to plain old führer for Hitler). Fr Himmler had complete independent control over all police, paramilitary, intelligence, scientific research and weapons development and the dreaded elite units of over 50,000 just in 1933—and Hitler had absolutely no authority over him. In fact the proof of the distaste each man had for one another is demonstrated in countless war archive movies showing in clear detail the body language of both men. ..............."
*   *   *


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Twelve beams = The Twelve Ideals?


  1. I'm seriously starting to think the Nazi Germany was a big joke of Satan on his own puppets, a sort of "aborted" mega pogrom, a general repetition they weren't aware of not being the real show. Whether there truly were fractions in the jesuits at that time, or not.....or just a sacrificial disposal of the old rulers, replacing them with the new (Ledochowski, pope Pius XI etc.)

  2. ....but all that is pushing towards the building of that unified army to fight the final battle, in fact many religious and ethnic obstacles were wiped away in that 'big joke':

    Revelation 16:14 kjv - For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

  3. I wonder if "another round" of world conflict is needed before that happens...Russia and the USA must be "reformed" or "counterreformed" before that...

    On a side note - today I spotted among comments of the airplane crashes someone saying the CIA was going to release UFO documents this year and that the plain might be abducted? More likely, it will turn out the islamic terrorists have blown it into the air.

  4. In my opinion, USA and especially Israel are built as a "containment tank" for heretics and jews.It is prepared as big fly trap with the sweet promised land as the plate. Land of freedom. To round them up and kill them easier.

    I mentioned this (can't remember if inspired by one of your old posts from years ago, if so, forgive me) in the comment section of the "From Dingle bay to the straits"

    Considering the christian plague that the Catholic church couldn't remove from Europe, (the small baptist churches/non comformist christians), wouldn't it be a wiser solution to remove the carriers altogether and let them breed? And leave in Europe the lifeless corpse of secularism and roman daughters - state churches, that cannot offer resistance to something that has created it? The enmity of USA and Britain closed the door of Europe for christianity. From then on evangelical"christianity" would always be associated with the "proud" and "evil" imperialistic USA.

    This trick/tactic was used with heretics to be invited in Ukraine/Russia at the time of Catherine 2 only to be exterminated MUCH later by the bolsheviks/anarchists

    "Catherine the Great of Russia issued a Manifesto in 1763 inviting all Europeans to come and settle various pieces of land within Russia, especially in the Volga River region. For a variety of reasons, Germans responded to this in large numbers. Mennonites from the Vistula delta region of Prussia later sent delegates to negotiate an extension of this Manifesto "

  5. "..... someone saying the CIA was going to release UFO documents this year and that the plain might be abducted? More likely, it will turn out the islamic terrorists have blown it into the air.......".

    All is purposely ambiguous in order to use the same event for multiple social targets - to deceive people with Islamic terrorism or with Alien abductions...


    Look the video at about the 1.59 mark the Petronas Twin Towers, the symbol of Chruch and state married happily ,meeting by the bridge. I totally forgot the religious symbolism of the WTC- the church and state separated (no bridge) and Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur (bridge), that you have talked about some years ago.

    Notice the man there, Phillip Wood, an executive of IBM in Malaysia,,20796532,00.html

    He graduated in A&M university with the 5 point star and the Tau logo.

    This university has weird research goals

    Texas A&M's designation as a land, sea, and space grant institution reflects a broad range of research with ongoing projects funded by agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), .....has made notable contributions to such fields as animal cloning and petroleum engineering

    This Phillip guy, could be a honest christian man, but strange t-shirt design by him- looks like a satanic goat and thats the design of Oklahoma Christian University t-shirts 82-83

    apparently inspired by "the police"'s ghost in the machine


  7. You sent to me a comment about the Petrona Towers,... i read it just only at the beginnning . .. you asking me to check dont remember well... i clicked on "publish" and now it disappeared....

  8. Ah ok.... i was only a delay in the publishing... now i see your comment.... mmmmmmmh it seems like they are trying to ....

  9. I think also to a big diversion just in the Ukrainian and Crimean crisis... Then there s also a very thin allusion to the Smolensk 2010 Air Crash as they had to psychologically dissolve the little memory of that crash in the new case of "CIA false flag attack"...... In fact Lech Kaczynsky & other 95 were murdered just in order to avoid the coming back of the Warsaw Confederation which occupied the land to be definitively put under the heel of Rome.

    And 370 is 37 which follows 36....

  10. ...a possible hypothesis for those 82-83 is multiplication which gives 16-24 or the year 1624 - remember India had an Italian most important political figure, Italian RC Sonia Gandhi, who SURVIVED the death of her mother in law, Indira, and husband, both MURDERED...:

    "......The destruction of the Koneswaram temple of Trincomalee in 1624 and Ketheeswaram temple accompanied an extensive campaign of destruction of five hundred Hindu shrines, the Saraswathi Mahal Library and forced conversion to Roman Catholicism in the Tamil country conducted by the Portuguese upon their conquest of the Jaffna kingdom. ............."

    I found also interesting (creepy):

  11. 1624(wikipedia)

    Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible is publicly burned by order of the Pope

    Portuguese Jesuit priest António de Andrade becomes the first European to enter Tibet.

    now if 8283 = 8-2/8-3=65, but 64(32+32) is a far more instersting year

    64 = death of Peter, the Apostle (The Roman Catholic Satanic mockery of Him being the first pope and the persecutions starting the same year)

    July 19 – Great Fire of Rome: A fire begins in the merchant area of Rome and soon burns completely out of control, while emperor Nero allegedly plays his lyre and sings as he watches the blaze from a safe distance. There is no hard evidence to support this claim: fires were very common in Rome at the time. The fire destroys close to one-half of the city and it is officially BLAMED ON THE CHRISTIANS, a small but growing religious movement. Nero is accused of being the arsonist by popular rumour.
    Persecution of Christians in Rome begins under Emperor Nero. Peter the Apostle is possibly among those executed.

  12. flight 239 = 23+9=32 (obvious)

    The anonymous author on the site makes reference to the capabilities of Israel making an attack on Iran.

  13. I noticed that the path of the airplane, if extended straight forward, goes directly to Crimea. An allusion? See the picture: