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IN MEMORIAM [by Barry Chamish]

   "...... To foment the idea, life had to made so intolerable for Europe's Jews, that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The Jesuits had done more to spread communism, beginning with their feudal communes in South America, and now they wanted to punish the anti-papists of Europe by imprisoning them behind communal bars. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the Cossacks, the Frankists, the communists. And naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the moolah..............."
[see entire Barry's article and References' old stuff about Herman Van Rompuy and Beppe Grillo below the image]

Above image - the chief staff of EU paying homage to their emperor, the Jesuit pope.

From Barry Chamish:

                                                                                    IN MEMORIAM -SHABTAI TZVI AND THE LOSS OF RABBI MARVIN ANTELMAN
                                                                                                                           by Barry Chamish
         Before reading another word, please look at my new lecture on You Tube;
         Trusting someone actually heeded my request, you saw my speech based on my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, available at
That book and therefore that lecture would not have been completed without my good friend Rabbi Marvin Antelman, who died earlier this year. His time had come but we had spoken at least once a week for over twenty years. He was my soulmate and my mentor. I'm still alive and the best I can do for you Marvin by way of epiteth, is reprint the admiration I felt for you when we were both younger and in my case, while you guided me, more hopeful:

       In 1932, how many organizations in Germany represented German Jewry? Over 250. In 1933, how many? One, and one only; Labour Zionism. We will return to the significance shortly.
       First, Rabbi Antelman's account continues. To corrupt the Jews, the Frankists adopted, at first, a humane policy of sorts. With Rothschild money and Jesuit power, the so-called Enlightenment was initiated by the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn. Napoleon was financed to liberate the Jews wherever he conquered and from Germany, the Reform and Conservative movements were financed to further dilute the faith and introduce totally foreign concepts to their congregations. But the pace wasn't fast enough. The ornery Jews just weren't cooperating with evil, so those stubbornly accepting Torah morality would have to be removed permanently and only those practising Shabbatainism would be permitted to survive.
        Yes, in the 2000 years of European Jewish history there were pogroms, Crusades and Inquisitions, the latter aided and abetted by the Jesuits. But compared to what happened from the 1880s on, life was a tolerable picnic. The turning point in the final war against the Jews was the founding of Zionism by the Shabbataians. The final aim of the movement was to establish a Shabbataian state in the historical land of the Jews, thus taking over Judaism for good.
        To foment the idea, life had to made so intolerable for Europe's Jews, that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The Jesuits had done more to spread communism, beginning with their feudal communes in South America, and now they wanted to punish the anti-papists of Europe by imprisoning them behind communal bars. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the Cossacks, the Frankists, the communists. And naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the moolah.
         Once the situation turned foreboding, the German-writing intellectuals took over. In Vienna in 1885, the journalist Natan Birnbaum fired the opening salvo which successfully planted the fast-growing seeds of Zionism. He was followed by another Vienna writer, Peretz Smoleskin, who provided more intellectual justification for returning to a safe home in Israel. However, neither man had the charisma of still another Vienna writer, Theodore Herzl. He could rally the masses as neither of them could and he was chosen to be the spokesman and symbol of the movement.
          Read any honest biography of Herzl and the same quandary appears. Herzl claimed he wrote the Judenstaat one summer in Paris. But Herzl wasn't in Paris when he said he wrote the most influential book of Zionism. It had to have been written for him. Anyone who reads Herzl's dreadful plays, has to doubt his sudden departure from literary mediocrity.
          In 1901, Herzl appeared in Britain where he was not well received. We are told he backed another option, creating a Jewish sanctuary in British - controlled East Africa. If the idea caught on, it would neutralize the Shabbataians' game plan. Herzl died not long after and not one biography of him tells us how. He entered a Paris sanatorium for a not known condition and never emerged. This was highly fortunate for the British Freemasons doing the Shabbataians' bidding, for they replaced Herzl with one of their own, a German-educated Jew named Chaim Weizmann. In time, a cockamamie legend was fabricated involving the Balfour declaration creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine as a reward for Weizmann finding a way to make acetone for explosives from dried up paint. Not one explosion in World War One came from this magic process. But the British took great pains to capture Palestine from the Turks and appoint the leaders of the upcoming Shabbataian state.
           Meeting in London during the War, Weizmann and Balfour had to deal with the problem of the people already living in Palestine, most of whom were religious Jews, who were the majority in such major centers as Jerusalem, Sfat and Tiberius. The myth of an ancient Palestinian Arab indigenous population is belied by any number of reports by visitors as talented as Twain and Balzac, who accurately noted the paucity of Arabs in the land during the 19th century. The later economic success of the new enterprise drew hundreds of thousands of Arabs from as far away as Iraq to the region with consequences the Illuminati were possibly well aware of.
         To neutralize the religious Jews, many of whom had been living in the land since antiquity, Balfour and Weizmann inducted Rabbi Avraham Kook into the fold and after the war, he was appointed the first Chief Rabbi of the enterprise, while Weizmann was made the first head of the Jewish Agency. Kook proceeded to strip the landed Orthodox Jews of their real estate and political rights, while introducing a new concept into Judaism; the purity of land redemption. His philosophy was based on profound historical truth, nonetheless, his followers don't understand how he and they are playing out the Shabbataian nightmare.
         Stage one was complete. Now the real business at hand was revved up. Rabbi Antelman proves that the American President Woodrow Wilson was thoroughly corrupted by the Frankists through their agent Colonel House. It was Wilson who put an end to America's open immigration policy. Until then, despite all their despair, most Eastern European Jews rejected Palestine as an escape route, the majority choosing America as their destination. From now on very few would enjoy that option. It would have to be Palestine or nowhere.
         We now jump to 1933. Less than 1% of the German Jews support Zionism. Many tried to escape from Naziism by boat to Latin and North American ports but the international diplomatic order was to turn them back. Any German Jew who rejected Palestine as his shelter would be shipped back to his death.
          By 1934, the majority of German Jews got the message and turned to the only Jewish organization allowed by the Nazis, the Labour Zionists. For confirmation of the conspiracy between them and Hitler's thugs read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, Perfidy by Ben Hecht or The Scared And The Doomed by Jacob Nurenberger. The deal cut worked like this. The German Jews would first be indoctrinated into Bolshevism in Labour Zionism camps and then, with British approval, transferred to Palestine. Most were there by the time the British issued the White Paper banning further Jewish immigration. The Labour Zionists got the Jews they wanted, and let the millions of religious Jews and other non-Frankists perish in Europe without any struggle for their survival.
           But not all Jews fell for the plan. A noble alternative Zionism arose led by Zeev Jabotinsky. He led the Jews in demanding free passage to Palestine and a worldwide economic boycott of the Nazi regime. The Labour Zionists did all in their power to short-circuit the opposition. First, they forced all the German Jews in Palestine to use their assets to buy only goods from Nazi Germany. This kept the regime afloat. Then Chaim Weizmann and his Jewish Agency employed their appointed agents in the US to neutralize Jabotinsky and his followers using any means at their disposal. This culminated in Jabotinsky's suspicious death in New York in 1941. Later, Jabotinsky's most literate advocate, Ben Hecht, was run over by a truck on a Manhattan sidewalk. His crime was being the first to widely expose the Jewish Agency-Nazi plot.
         Into this plot against the Jews we add the Jesuits, who wished with all their hearts, to wreck the land that produced Luther, but the Vatican's role in the Holocaust is not the focus of this overview. We now return to America where the Jewish leadership used all their contacts and resources to make good and certain that the unwanted non-Shabbataian Jews of Europe never again saw the light of day.

My book, based on your initial research, led to this Christian understanding. We both shared a career of Christians getting us more than our fellow Jews.

But all was not lost. One Israeli did get us. Listen to Elad Pressman:
Here is an alternative address for the Shabtai Tzvi lecture:
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Why fear truth? [Jesuit soldier Van Rompuy knows why]


     Van Rompuy openly pushing for the cult of the Jesuitism:

"....."But it is not in this place, at the Pontifical Gregorian University, that I need to convince. And it is no coincidence that the '" acclimatization "of the Christian message in different civilizations is more than four hundred years the way, I dare say the" brand factory ", the Jesuits, to conceive in a globalization of particular cultures. a religious globalization, through faith, hope and charity, but through faith combined with the reason why the contribution of the Society of Jesus to the sciences is absolutely prodigious.
 .......This is why I do not believe that individual rights or human rights may, tomorrow, alone constitute a transcendence or, as Régis Debray, a vertical axis around which the Europeans can find each other.....".


sabato 6 aprile 2013

Il Soldato dei Gesuiti Herman Van Rompuy loda l'Europa della Compagnia di Gesù 

 The Soldier Jesuit Herman Van Rompuy praises the Europe of the Society of Jesus

     Practically Van Rompuy  is openly telling you that the modern world  "without God" is a creation of the Jesuitism, the SS of the Roman Catholicism. I says [and others before me] this from years, and his finality is the total destruction of the Creationism, aka of the Bible. Ledochowsky's XX century crusade simply wiped away from Eurasia the un-wanted modernism, the modernism not-controlled by Rome.             
    Please, see a (false) enemy of Van Rompuy, the lickers of Jesuit popes, Beppe Grillo, how he praises the new pope:


".... Here is the opening words [of the post of Beppe Grillo]:
"The Importance of being named Francis. No pope has ever had the courage, because of real courage is, his name is Francis."
Dear Grillo, we would like to respond as follows:
"The Importance of Being ass-licker. No
comic leader of a movement-party-sect has never had the courage, because of real courage is, to be called ass-licker"
Beppe Grillo, the billionaire, then continues:
"Politics without money is sublime, as it could become a church without money, a return to the origins of Christianity."
"There are many similarities between the Franciscans and the M5S [Grillo's and Casaleggio's personal political 'movement', now a party]. Is there anything new in this spring 2013, a
sweet earthquake . The name Francesco chosen by pope Bergoglio, a Jesuit of Genoese mother, is already a lot, for now it is enough to me, then we'll see. It 's the first pope "low cost". They are already digging into his past, letters from school companions, his life before becoming a priest, relations with the Argentine dictatorship, to find every little shadow and this makes me funny. "...."

    Please, note the 'finesse' of such Jesuitical snakes, when they talk about the "return of the church to the origin", and at the same time they hide some 'details' about the "difference" of the today's church and the "origin's" church: just only to remain in recent times, the Jesuit and Vatican tens of millions of murdered of the Second Thirty Years war in Eurasia.

    Therefore,  "Why fear Jesuits?": 

martedì 2 aprile 2013

Grillo: L'importanza di Chiamarsi Leccaculo 

 Grillo: The Importance to be named Ass-licker

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