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2014 and the "Mexican butchery".


"....... Pope Pius VII during his captivity in France, had resolved to restore the Jesuits universally; and after his return to Rome he did so with little delay: on 7 August 1814, by the bull Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum, he reversed the suppression of the Order and therewith, the then Superior in Russia, another Pole, Thaddeus Brzozowski, who had been elected in 1805, acquired universal jurisdiction........" 

From Wikipedia, the "free" encyclopedia:

Above image - "And now let’s return to the beloved (by new-age boys) 2012. There are some consideration to do with this date. I said to you that if you change 0 with the operator + you obtain 14 (= 2 + 12). So 2012 seems to indicate or is planned to be an important year to introduce the most important 2014, when the 200th anniversary of the Treaty of Verona will occur (and the300th anniversary of the ‘landing of the creatures’ – Hanover on England). But in sequence, just within few years, you’ll have another important anniversary, probably the most important for humanity today, for the consequences it provoked: the 500th anniversary of the Luther’s 95 Thesis drilled on the doors of Worm’s Cathedral, the 1517.
Ok, take the 2012, then add 2 and you’ll get the 2014. then add a 3 and you’ll get the most important 2017. This sequence is similar to another one, the sequence of numbers that go from the 22nd December to the 27th December 1947, when the Italian Constitution (apparently Anti-monarchic constitution) was approved on the first date and then promulgated on the second date (and remember how these dates are linked with the two biggest Italian massacres occurred in the 1980, DC 9 that took off from Bologna and the Railway Station of Bologna, the same city of Uno Bianca gang). If you take only the numbers of the unities, you’ll get again a difference of 5 because 17 – 12 = 5 and 7 – 2 = 5. But where you have seen another time the number 5? You have seen it in the date of the founding of the autonomous Armed Force of Carabinieri, the 5th October 2000, a founding occurred about 8 months before the “Mexican butchery” in the school Diaz. And who was Diaz? I told you that Diaz was the Italian general who defeated the Austrian Army at the end of WWI – first part of the Second 30 Years War of the Jesuits; as I just told, it is of some interest to note that Diaz, after the end of the WWI, became Minister of Defence in the first government of Jesuit supported Mussolini, and exactly from the 1922 to 1924… Again you have here a sequence that goes from the number 2 to the number 4 as I noted above in the case of the future dates and in the case of the date of the Italian Constitution promulgation. Are hidden in these sequences the traces that carry on the future, global events? Is very probable that in the date of the founding of the autonomous Armed Force is hidden a particular task that could have been assigned to Carabineers, maybe from 2012 to 2017. 

And think again to the name of the school where the butchery occurred, general Armando Diaz. Again you have other important dates that repeat themselves after a century. The WWI started in the 1914, but general Diaz took the command of the operations only on the 8th November 1917. And outside Italy, when Jesuits sunk the Titanic in order to start the worst global butchery ever seen in human history? In the year 1912, a century before the 2012.
1912 – 1914 – 1917…..
2012 – 2014 – 2017….".

Above image - "But it is very important to read the revelations of doctor Fournier about the ‘butchery’ occurred during the summit.

“…Sixtythree wounded people. A “Mexican buthchery”, to use the words of the vicequestore (vice = sub, questore = chief of State Police in Italy) Michelangelo Fournier, who was the vice of Canterini. “I never was a butcher”, he says. He insists: “Do you have understood? Who is speaking has never been a butcher. He is a man who is in the police forces since 41 years, he works with the union trade “Consap” (police union trade), and lives in Romania, where the Administration asked him to go. After have said that, do you know when Fournier spoke about “Mexican butchery”? Ten days after that night. And do you know with whom? With the Geneva Procurator where he spontaneously went to refer what he had seen. And do you know who accompanied him to the procurator? Vincenzo Canterini. So, am I a butcher? “…….”

(….”since 41 years”…; change the place of the numbers, and what number will you obtain? And sixty three – 63 – is also related with 7 because is 7 X 9… and the Order of the Temple – Italian edition’s “The Biggest Secret” of Icke page 182 – wasn’t constituted by seven outside circles for “minor” misteries and three inner circles of “greater” misteries? The number three – 3 – is well containded, three times repeated, in the number nine)

But there’s a very interesting term. Why he said “Mexican”? Simple, only to use a “folkloric” term, without sense:

Q.: “…So, the butchery really happened.”
A.: “…The term is folkloric. But there’s no doubt that it was a real bloody night…”

But even in the titles you get an incredible concentration of symbols and numbers:

“…14/6/2007….G8, at the Diaz Mexican Butchery…”

(The Diaz was the school where the demonstrators were passing the night. Armando Diaz was the Italian general father of the final Italian victory in the first World War. Then became Ministry of War in the first govern of Mussolini, from 1922 to 1924…)

It is evident, if the term has no logic connection with the facts and if it is only an descriptive licence of the inspector of the Polizia di Stato as he confirms, someone above him could have him suggested to speak in that way….”Mexican”….
And you know why is important the Mexico, was there that the Habsburg ‘Emperor’ Maximilian - an agent of the Treaty of Verona of the 1814 (again the number14) - should have started the destruction of the Freedom of Speech and the Self Government of the Mexican and American countries. Maximilian sailed from Trieste the 14 April (the fourth month) 1864 (two 14 in the same number, the second is 14 = 8 + 6)…".

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Nueva Italia - Nueva Europa - Nueva America


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From Dingle Bay to the Strait of Bering... [Russia and America sharing the same fate?]

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