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Time Machine - I


Keep in mind the two layers which articulates the Cult of Time-Travel science fiction. Here i quickly expose the first one, the most superficial and apparent one, the tactical layer.

Above image -  blog "The whited sepulchre" in the typical sport of the Evolutionist mocking. The author of the article mocks the Creationists as convinced that the footprint is only an artificial sculpture or a "fraud". Of course he forgot the faked fossils produced by Evolutionist science but an Evolutionist will never recognize it as to be coherent with the professed Evolutionist religion the only thing matters is to WIN the "EVOLUTIVE competition" and to extinguish Creationism aka a "not fitted specie/theory", and all that at any cost. ... In Evolution science what matters is not to participate but to WIN...  Evolution is a matter of particles, atoms and molecules there's no space for moral and ethic among the Schroedinger equation solutions. In fact moral and ethic are only an obstacle against the effort to win the evolution race. ...   As usually people fearing of God (aka the authors of "evangelical kitsch.", see that post) are not so acccustomed to build frauds as the ones who feel emancipated from the burdens of the God's Judgement usually are,  it is not so far from reality that the Evolutionist ethic, in to magnanimously teach the truth to the Creationist "troglodites", is supplying them (and this since long times) with purposely fake articles as a way to demonstrate them that the concept of "false", being God not existing, is absolutely relative (or in order then to put the blame of falsity on the entire theory??)....  Not honest way to proceed? But my darling candid ingenues!! Honesty is only a moral category and what matters is intelligence in the Evolution race for the survival of the Most Fitted Scientific Theory. Pardon, cunningness of Satan, the most modern evolved form of intelligence since Babel's Tower times.  [screen shot from 'libertarian' blog The Withed Sepulchre:  ]

This is the most urgent reason pushing for the fabrication of the "time travel" science fiction. 

From the once site Cassiopaea of Laura Knight Yadczick & husband to – traveling in the past – the notorious 1800's SF romance about the Time Machine which, even to the most ingenuous and candid soul, appears no else than linked with the satanic Evolutionist "War on Creationism" exploded with Darwin in the same century:

...The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895. It is generally credited with the popularisation of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposefully and selectively. The term "time machine", coined by Wells, is now universally used to refer to such a vehicle. This work is an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre. [Wikipedia source: ]

It suffices to us only to take in considerations the dates of some events.

14 years before (1881) the exhibit of the Guadelupe woman, a skeleton of a normal woman found in Limestone layers dated by Evolutionist science 28 millions years old (note the finesse of those 28 replied in their exact half, 14 years, but we can imagine that such a number, very near to Moon days phases number is also a reference to Manai aka The Numberer) was "quietly taken down to the basement and hidden there" [from the Evolution Handbook – Evolution Facts Inc.].

The perfect allusion to Cush worshiped in the alleged time-line-manufacturing of such events, appears again at the eyes of an honest researcher when he appreciate the fact that after other 14 years (completing so a cycle of 28 referred to the Moon/Manai/Cush) from the date of the romance "the Time Machine" we have the fabrication of a later admitted hoax, the famous Piltdown man evolutionist fraud: "Relating the incident later in December 1912, *Dawson said that that walk on the road took place "several years ago." This would put it in 1909 or 1910." [source: the Evolution Handbook as above. The text freely available also from the site ].

If we take the first date (even if we can imagine it another fantasy) as the most important, from the symbolic perspective, we get other 14 years, 28 years from 1881...:

Above image – historical seat of Il Piccolo, newspaper of Trieste, founded in 1881. Trieste is one of the best examples in the world as regard urban satanic architectural map and the center of many satanic manipulations on humans to create sufferance and hate through the nationalism clash between Slovane, Italians and Germans as sacrificial tribute to the Evolutionist goddess of competition between species/races/nations. To be remarked the not secondary importance of this city as regard Freudism, (whose role in to pollute Protestant faith in the America of the fifties and sixties will never be sufficiently appreciated), with the presence of an important fellowman of Sigmund Freud, Weiss, in the last years of Austrian government of the city. As clearly reported in the same above creationist quoted sources, Freudism is proven to be a  product of the satanic Evolutionist philosophy.

"....The full moon cycle is a cycle of about 14 lunations ..."

[from Wikisource:  ]

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Morgan Freeman the NUMBERER... [short trailer Italian version]

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