Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the Origin of Aliens [appendix to previous "Errors I think...etc."].


Above image - a scene of prostitution - URL:

So the perception now is clear and bright. If Evolutionist Taliban Scientist cannot create something (= life...) which is in the  Bible's creation, of course the bon ton suggests him to avoid a too much open exhibition of rage and anger, (which supply the mortar for the building of the phylosophical castle of the positivist atheism with the bricks of scientific terminology). 

Because he is instigated from the desire to be the true creator of all, he cannot totally deny any form of creation. In this case this hate would backfire on his the same desire to be the creator. 

Therefore it is from his perverted immagination that the Alien is originated. Alien is nothing else than the projection of the same Evolutionist Scientist who, on earth is impotent to create anything contained in the Bible but, under the fantasticated dress of the Alien he becomes not only the creator of the man, but of the entire universe (see Isaac Asimov).

Therefore Alien phenomenology not only in not rare case as genuine apparition of fallen angels (= demons), but also like a schizophrenic doubling of the Evolutionist Scientist. As this image (the Alien) is the greatest vector today in to spread the Evolutionist religion, the relation of the Scientist with the Alien has the same moral nature of the relation of a Victorian bourgoise with a Prostitute: desired, wished, loved in secret for the services, but just for this reason despised denied and silenced in public.

Just admire the silence of the 'science' on the today's  brainwash about Aliens-created-men-and-history propaganda. What is worrying them is not the propaganda of Aliens in History Channel, no, what is terrorizing them are the Creationist site, target of many Evolutionist Science sites. If this is not telling....

Because the prostitute does so useful service, why then to risk to appear compromised with her in public?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Errors I think Evolutionist Fundamentalists should never do.



  1. It is true that Discovery channel, History channel that were more "scientific" 15 years ago now are serving as the melting pot for science and science fiction. UFO fanatics that everyone laughed at and mocked just 20 years ago are becoming the mainstream theologists joining hands with their bitter friends the evolutionists. If both darwin's theory and God's creation can't be right, they come up with a Satanic middle way(or synthesis) that explains the questions of the fools who are not completely deceived yet. Richard Dawkins promoting alien creationism is not surprising

    There is yet another dimension to the alien agenda- the one with "good" aliens or "superheroes" or "good gods" like thor, hercules etc as the HELLywood is trying to push. The "bad" aliens will come and try to take over the world (independence day, war of the worlds, pacific rim, aliens in the iron man movie, aliens in the superman movie) etc.And the human race will have to support the "good aliens" to save the world. Even comedy movies are now made to show the end times with the coming "aliens" - see movies "end of the world" and "this is the end" which mock the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The apostate jews at Hollywood are working hard to prepare the world for the supernatural events of the tribulation.

    And of course the alien abductions are well known and not for coincidence in the USA where the greatest amount of people will disappear at the rapture. I have no doubt Satan then can spin some flying UFOS just at that moment to explain what happened.

    In the Bible we are told in Job 15 that
    "They that dwell in mine house, and my maids, count me for a stranger: I am an alien in their sight."
    And it is true that Christians are becoming more and more Alien to the world. And what will happen some day will just confirm their belief.

  2. it is not casual the explosion of the Cult of Alien with the World Economical crisis especially in traditional Christian countries, where Satan need to squeeze people with his economical oppression in order then to allure them with the opium of the Alien religion. Yes, times are here.

  3. I just googled "alien hoax" and found "About 11,900,000 results (0.42 seconds) ".
    then "creationism creationist hoax" and the result was: "About 119,000,000 results (0.29 seconds) ".
    I think the post is confirmed, science today is the mask for anti-Biblical religion and is at least 10 times more afraid of Biblical Creationists than the Alien religion. (I saved pages and did screenshoots maybe i'll do a post in the future).

  4. i have personally seen google translate the KJB and the Lutheran bible into the false translation of my language (Bulgarian). It is Satanic, for sure

    You are right evolutionists(and the whole sinful world) have a "marijuana trip" with their illusions. The Aliens are nothing more than their dreams of being like God - omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. And in revelation 13 and 2 Thess 2 it says they(the "good" aliens) will be capable of many miracles - healing,fire from the sky(like 9/11- the microwave weapons from the sky). No doubt they will do it under the guise of technology or their "evolutionary development" Maybe human technology will be a part of it.