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Jules Verne.


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As usual FOCUS broadcasted a documentary about "Science Fiction's prophecies". It clearly indicates the reversing of the significance: Old Testament's Prophets with their spiritual prophecies related to God substituted by Satan's Testament based on the cult of dead matter and the 'prophecies' of the Science Fiction. 

But Jules Verne is special. The first part of his life was spent in to serve Satan and the project of positivist atheism. With his romances exalting technology it was contributing to found the New Satanic Gospel based on materialism and especially Evolutionism.

But then it came the second part of the Verne's life. Here you see the Hand of God. A cousin, probably cause envy or a mix of envy and mind illness, shot him in the legs. A week after the publisher of his romances, the true funder of Verne, died. 

Jules Verne remained alone and without support for his creativity. The documentary reveals that at that moment of very deep crisis the 'other' Verne emerged from the sea of the previous infinite optimism in the positivist atheist science.

Verne continued to write romances, but they were not the ones of before, written to exhalt a world without God. They were still technological romances, but with a very pessimist dark atmosphere. The Romance about Paris in the future (about 100 years later i.e. in the 1960s) showed the world of human sentiments oppressed by a monstruous technological world. Then other prophecies about the mass extermination technologies of WWI and WWII. 

God acted on the life of this man dragging him away from to be the tool of Satan's Evolutionism. The accidents in his life cannnot be viewed if not in a divine perspective. Before his satanic 'prophecies' were public and by all known (the well known romances). The other true prophecies were hidden as no one agreed to publish the dark romances of Verne and - so they say - the tale about Paris in the future was discovered only more aftern than 100 years. 

But was it simply the hand of the Devil to order the censorship of second part Verne's life works?

Probably God the same choose to leave Verne in loneliness. His prophecies had not to be known because allowing the XX century massacres God allowed to show to humanity the power of Satan. "And lead us not into temptation....".

See today  from Evolution facts com the case of the age of ice:  

"....."Well, these represent annual rings, because in summer the top layer of snow melts and then re-freezes as clear ice, which shows up dark here. In winter, the snow doesn't get a chance to melt, so it packs -- and shows up as a white layer. These layers of dark -- light -- dark -- light, indicate 135,000 summers and winters."

Hovind looked him in the eye. "Aren't you assuming those are annual rings?"".....
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