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"....Among the population Savinese - especially of the lower class - and the Jewish Nation, there were never idyllic relations. The causes were many and had distant origins, which fall altogether the onset of Viva Maria. Social and economic causes, religious and cultural, rulings and fanatical. -...." [by don Antonio Bacci - Santino Gallorini in:  ]

The Stake of 13 Jews in Siena in June 1799 was emblematic for the Roman Catholic anti-semitism. Roman Catholic anti-semitism is often more hateful than Lutheran one. And more more more cunning than it. The latter is direct and sincere as much the former is hypocrite and moved by the obsession to never appear openly as the agent. Luther attacked Jews without to hide his hate, Rome hides the hate against Jews behind the paternalistic attitude to "correct" and "convert" them. 

Remember that don Antonio Bacci and Santino Gallorini are telling a truth which is used to hide a lie. The truth is that the movement "Viva Maria!" didnt have as first goal the haunt against the Jews. The lie hidden inside is that the finality of the in any case happened massacre of 13 Jews as well the attacks and robbery against many other Jews were pursued in a theatrical way as a way to push then the general "Jewish Nation" of Italy (so paternalistically  but sincerely called by don Antonio?) in the same evil hug of the Romish church.

Jews had to be 'educated' by the hurting events occurred in consequence of the Napoleonic 'Illuminist' occupation that it was far better for them to bow down to Rome instead to embrace radical ideas which in their turn has been fabricated by the Masonic Jesuitism ("Enlightment ideas") in a way that purposely resembled the political implementation in society of the old aspirations of French protestants. 

The many episodes where the ones we can call true ante-litteram actors of Cinecittà (various military and civil and religious Roman authorities) exhibited a theatrical generosity in front of Jews haunted by a bestial mob of peasants searching bloody pogroms, saving not only the lives but especially the goods of those haunted Jews, were the signals emitted by the church of Rome , telling those messages that Jews embracing the anti-Protestant reactionary cause of the Vatican and of the  Jesuit order was more paying and was a better source of safety instead  to run after not certain dreams of contrasting the influence of the Romish church in the society ("Napoleonic enlightment dreams").

Rome always tried (after having abundantly slaughtered them ) to opportunistically drag Jews  on her side in the war against Protestantism and for this tactic the Harlot of Vatican Hill is debtor to the failure of the Jews expelled from Jesuit Catholic Austria and welcomed by Protestant Berlin (then thanks to these Jews Germany became the Germany we know). But more: it is due just to this Counter Reformation long term strategy all those involvements of Loyola with Jews (even opportunely accused to be him a "marrano", with the intention to allure Jews to become anti-Protestant covered agents of the just born Society of "Jesus"?) and even the welcome and the tactical support, by the well ill-famed Jesuits' family, the Medici family,  of the Shabtai Tzvi degeneration, in order to spread it in the German world where the "Protestant Question" needed solution.

When Napoleon arrived in Italy was still young and filled with ambitions. Doing the dirty job of "provocadeur" to satisfy the cunning designs of the Loyolists in Tuscany and the rest of Center-South Italy was a way to repay the Jesuit order and the Vatican for the favors they did to the astoundingly fast career of  their young revolutionary French agent.

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