Thursday, December 26, 2013

I expected it


What happened to doc Biglino (threat mail + bullet), i expected it since long, since I started to see the truth behind the "Alien created the Bible" religion. I would be not so cynical in to say that a threat to life is the better means to sell what remained in the bookstore which crisis drags away from purchasers. But, for hypothesis, if tomorrow a mail + bullet would arrive to me, you can everything imagine about that, but surely not the fact that I have many books with Macrolibrarsi that must be sold.... And stay sure also, beside those three or four reading my blog, no other would ever know about that. 

Well, what can we expect in this country in the future? It is not far from reality to expect a shooting at a conference on the "truth" which is "behind" the Bible held by doc Biglino. If with only wounded people or also with murdered people it is a secondary detail. What matters is to find an opportune Grynszpan to trigger the "Italian Kristallnacht" against 'bad' Jews (Zionists) and 'bad' Christians (the ones who doesnt recognize the pope as vicarious).  All that has to occur in contemporary with a deepening of the economical crisis...
     An opportune apparently leftist government led by the Jesuit adviced Matteo Renzi (who practices also spiritual exercises...), with providential government decrees hitting the wallets of the middle class, should, for the Hegelian law of the opposite forces, make rise in the society a raging radical far right wing popular rebellion whose unity would be maintained by the motto "Down with Jews who rules the finance!". 

Of course there are some incompatibilities among the subjects of such peasants' war but what matters is that they are "marching together against your enemy". Then no fear, "we'll get rid of the components no more useful for our goals"....  All that would happen in the general explosion of the "Latin" belt, or in other words of the Roman Catholic south Europe in order to make gulp down also to North Europe a larger influx of the Roman Harlot inside their countries. The Jesuit pope then would arise over the chaos to ask the 'peace' and (like his cunning colleague cardinal Ruffo in Neaple) to be "magnanimous" with those Jews ('good' Jews) who recognizes the international sovereignity of popish UN over Jerusalem and with those Christians ('good' Christians therefore quite also Fascists, atheist positivists, Communists, New Age guys, etc.) who recognizes the falsity or the secondary importance of the Bible respect the material power of the church of Rome and therefore recognizing the importance of the head of it, the pope. Who, don't forget it, is the leading world figure in the future diplomatic contact with the Aliens (as stated in a science fiction 'documentary' seen in FOCUS channel). 

Below, an excerpt from Evolution facts site about the probability organic molecules can be assembled by statistic games  from the mud (a "*" before the name means an evolutionist scientist or organization; numbers followed by other smaller character numbers represent exponential, therefore 1028 means ten elevated at twenty eight, an 1 followed by 28 zeros]

"Here are some other big numbers to help you grasp the utter immensity of such gigantic numbers: Ten billion years is 1018 seconds. The earth weighs 1026 ounces. From one side to the other, the universe has a diameter of 1028 inches. There are 1080 elementary particles in the universe (subatomic particles: electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.). Compare those enormously large numbers with the inconceivably larger numbers required for a chance formulation of the right mixture of amino acids, proteins, and all the rest out of totally random chance combined with raw dirt, water, and so forth..." [from page 1: ]
After using the above method to obtain ONE protein molecule, what would it take to produce ONE hemoglobin (blood) molecule which contains 574 specifically coded amino acids? On page 279 of their Introduction to Protein Chemistry, *S.W. Fox and *J.F. Foster tell how to do it:

First, large amounts of random amounts of all 20 basic types of protein molecules would be needed. In order to succeed at this, enough of the random protein molecules would be needed to fill a volume 10512 TIMES the volume of our entire known universe! And all of that space would be packed in solid with protein molecules. In addition, all of them would have to contain only left-handed amino acids (which only could occur 50 percent of the time in synthetic laboratory production)..." [from page 2:]

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