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Do yo remember  my old surrealist collage? Title: ''GO and destroy the Bible!''. From left to right in order: Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke and Mauro Biglino. Hope you dont need of explanations to understand the very fine surrealist message contained in such cryptic photo-collage [kidding]:


I always imagined what happened. Biglino, like Sitchin and Company are great haters of the Bible and of the Jews. How to start the persecution of Jews, Bible-believers etc.? Well, pardon me if the receipt is monotone, but with a Reichstag fire or killing, by an exhibited Jewish hand, an "ambassador" of the "truth". No doubts that Evolutionist Science which is Satan's science is disposed to use every dirty means to destroy the Bible and the ones who believe in God's Word.

Above image - "Spiritual Bullets" surrealist composition of mines. If you want to see the original pic of the threat mail (below i translated the text) received by doc Mauro Biglino "cause his work to expose the truth of the Aliens behind the Bible", go to the site of Massimo Mazzucco who promptly published it in "Minacce a Mauro Biglino" etc.:

"Egregious doc Biglino

"we are tired of your ideas, of the attempt to plagiarize the people with your theories at the limit of the madness, we are exorting you to suspend any conference starting with the one of thursday 12/13/2013 in Milan which MUST NOT BE HELD AT ANY COST.

"If the case you would continue and we would verify the conference occurred in the above date, we will provide to eliminate your person considered, not only by our group, but by many people, scum of a cultura society founded on the fraud, on the deception and control of weak minds.

"After this letter, in the case you would still have the inspiration to do such conferences, prepare yourself to live under guard both You and every single member of the family. A guard which, unfortunately, will be not forever."

The only thing I dont subscribe, except of course the deadly threat to him and the family and against his freedom of expression, but with which now Biglino is become an “hero” of the Bible-haters, is that expression “by many people” which I can easily refute. 
    “By many people”???? Really???, ah, just imagine you, even at Christmas' eve I heavily disputed with the man of my sis to whom I gave a book on Creationism ("How Life Began" by Thomas Heinze). He at the beginning was enthusiast but then after having read it, he became skeptical. You'll never guess why, or maybe yes? But because in the book “...they talk about the Bible which I belive a total fraud!” and because “...I hate the Jews!!”.

No, no one in the family supported me in defense of Young earth age and Divine creation of life in a single instant, etc. (at least the rest of my family fortunately is not moved by anti Jewish sentiments like that guy). So that “by many people” is a TOTAL falsity, the today society is a an anti-semite pot of hate against the Bible and against Jesus the Savior and the ones not conformed must hide themselves. And that pot needs to explode, maybe a providential bullet is one among the detonators. What happened to Biglino make me to think how the bullet + mail scheme offers many points to see it linked with the popish and anti-Jewish movement “Pitchforks” just boiling in the Italian streets in the same days...

..And now it is easy to argue that I am surely under the control of Carabineers and other police forces,  as I exposed doc Biglino's theories [see an example in References] evidently sharing part of the critic of the letter of “threat”, therefore i am among the "instigators" of the "threats" against the "ambassadors" of "truth" in a society oppressed by "Jewish banksters".  
      And this is a great success for you, Evolutionists and haters of Jews, Christians and Bible-believers.

But there's more. Mauro Biglino always  boasted to be "friend of Jewish scholars" etc. Smell nothing? Just for coincidence recently the Jesuit pope exhibited the ethernal Romish Bad Jew - Good Jew  policy of intrigue inside Jewry (more secular term: divide et impera/divide et rule). Not very far from reality to argue that a bullet sent to the "greatest authority on the Bible in the world" (Biglino, sic), show ideally impressed on itself the Israelian flag and therefore it is not far from the truth (i ask pardon to her would-be "ambassadors") to imagine it as coming from the Vatican spiritual ammunition depot for the conquest of Jerusalem:

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Replacement pope


 Biglino's Crusade Against the Bible:

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From Origene to Biglino


".....Mauro Biglino translated for the Edizioni San Paolo nineteen books of the Bible. Twelve published in the book "The Minor Prophets", five in the book "Five Meghillot."

In relation to his work as an official translator of the Bible, Mauro Biglino was interviewed by the Italian National Television and on many national radio stations, also holds conferences and seminars throughout Italy.

The Bible Hebraica Stuttgartensia is the first printed edition of the Masoretic text, the Leningrad Code deducted from the year 1008 AD which is the original text of the Bible reference of the Roman Catholic Church,
for the Bible of the Protestant Christian Churches  (the King James Version), and the Torah of the Jewish religion.....
Publications after the release of the Edizioni Paoline
He has published four books in Italy with the publisher Uno Editori, two of which are dedicated to research and the work of re-translation of the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament, set with the Hebrew text and the literal translation of the Bible Hebraica Stuttgartensia, reported word by word with a simple, understandable for every type of player.

The two publications of Mauro Biglino dedicated to the Old Testament are "The Book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible" and "The Alien God of the Bible" (Uno Editori), preceded by the books, "the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry" and "Resurrection reincarnation". Before turning to writing, the author has worked ten years for the publishing house Edizioni San Paolo, as a translator of ancient Hebrew Masoretic text of the original Bible.

".....The collection Interlinear Hebrew Bible, San Paolo [ Edizioni - publishing house], is published since 2001. Till now  have been published the first 21 books. Edited by Piergiorgio Beretta, contains the Hebrew text of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, with interlinear translation of Christian Duties OCD and Mauro Biglino (the 12 Minor Prophets and Meghillot 5), the greek text of the Septuagint ["of the Seventies" in the original text], ed. Alfred Rahlfs, the Latin text of the Clementine Vulgate, the Italian version of the newest version. Notes and tools that are particularly rich backdrop to an interlinear translation that has caused 'confusion' in scholars such as Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi...".
From: Traduzioni della Bibbia in italiano/Translations of the Bible into Italian


 "...First of all, thank you to dedicate a bit 'of your time. To start I think it is interesting to explain who he is and how Biglino Mauro has approached these issues.

Thank you for your interest. In summary I say that for many years I worked in the publishing world for thirty years and I am interested in the history of religions, I studied Hebrew to get closer to the original text of the most important religion of the West and then I started translating for Edizioni San Paolo who have published seventeen books of the Old Testament translated by me literally for the necklace of the Hebrew Bible Interlinear. The relationship was interrupted when I began to publish essays in which I analyzed the literal translations.
...... Seem to understand that the Vatican has not taken well this  your "turning point". Besides halting the professional relationships with you showed other signs of impatience?

In concrete terms were Edizioni San Paolo that I have given more assignments, disrupting the relationship, because obviously they can not agree or
also indirectly endorse what I write. If they had continued with the tasks someone would have thought that in some way they could support what I say.

Typically those who have most strongly opposed to your searches and what claims?

Undoubtedly, the Catholic fundamentalism which claims the custody of the indisputable truth revealed.



"...The history of the Edizioni San Paolo is closely linked to that of the Society of St. Paul, the religious congregation founded August 20, 1914 in Alba (CN) by Giacomo Alberione. The idea of ​​Father Alberione was to create a "Catholic organization of writers, technicians and librarians" composed of consecrated persons, members of a religious congregation ad hoc.
 Edizioni San Paolo are managed by the male branch of the Society of St. Paul and should not be confused with the Paulist that belong instead to the women's branch of the congregation. Even the libraries, specialized in religious publishing, we distinguish between St. Paul Libraries, managed by the fathers Pauline, Pauline and Libraries managed by nuns....."


"........The Società San Paolo (Latin Societas a Sancto Paulo Apostolo) is a male religious institute of pontifical right: the members of this clerical congregation, commonly called Paolini, postpone their name to the acronym SSP [1]
 The origins date back to the foundation of the institute in 1914 at Alba [city of Piedmont - remember the Vaudoises and their by-Rome cursed Old Latin Vulgate] of a printing school by the work of blessed Giacomo Alberione; around it it arose a congregation of priests dedicated to preaching through the press and other means of social communication, which received diocesan approval in 1927 and the final one by Pope Pius XII in 1949..........."


In 1949 Pious XII consecrated the "Virgo Fidelis" - or: Lady of War - to Carabineers' army. Remember that the army was founded in 1814 in Piedmont by staunchly anti-Protestant, anti-Jewish Savoy king - see link in References].


  1. They will even spill their own blood.... Like those Baal priests and Elijah

    1 Kings 18:28: And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.

    Blood is a magical thing. It can make God furious, and yet it can take away his wrath, it can cause people to fear, it can cause people to be fearless. It curses the land, it removes a curse. Unfotunately, most people don't understand that only the blood of Jesus Christ has a positive power, because it removes your sin and the curse. The Satanic version of this is the many faces of sacrifices - murders,war, abortion, that i have no doubt have huge spiritual power over people.

  2. ....when Alien = fallen angels, 1 Kings 18:28 is the most appropriate!... Probably the "Alien" (fallen angel) "is in a journey" [previous verse 27], sleeping inside a "Black Hole" (bottomless pit)... pouring the proper blood could awake him!

  3. Revelation 16:4
    And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.
    5 And I heard the angel of the waters say, Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast, and shalt be, because thou hast judged thus.
    6 For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

    If the shedding of blood of saints and prophets and of course Jesus, (which brought the destruction of Jerusalem a few decades later) bring a curse on the land, the satanic inversion must be that the shedding of blood is a blessing on the satanists.

    24 When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. (and Pilate(the roman empire) "washed his hands" - putting the whole blame on the Jews)
    25 Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.

    All this ties with the church age - the last 2000 years(times of the Gentiles when the satanic version of "shedding of blood for the remission of sins" is in force, until Jesus comes back to take the kingdom.)