Saturday, December 7, 2013

Errors I think Evolutionist Fundamentalists should never do.


An example of refined Evolutionist Religion hidden under Biblical terminology.

".......So what’s the difference between the creationist explanation of people groups (‘races’) and the evolutionist explanation of people origins? Answer: the former involves separation of already-existing information and loss of information through mutations; the latter requires the generation of tens of millions of ‘letters’ of new information. ....". [the source: see bottom of post].

The error Evolutionist Fundamentalists should not do is to imagine to be like God and to create the universe and life with the few biological and physical laws they thin k to know. 

Such Evolutionist Faith assumption, likewise the assumption that the "only 8 people genetic pool is insufficient to contain the genetic variety of six billion humanity" betray a desire, the desire of scientist to be like God and to be able to make humanity starting from 8 people. Of course the Evolutionist Taliban Scientist cannot create humanity from only 8 people's genetic pool but in fact it was God to do it. But as Taliban Scientist is unable to do it he is angry with everyone else able to do it and - like a vicious child - his best way to express the rage is to deny that it is possible to happen: therefore God doesnt exist. If an Evolutionist Taliban Scientist then answers to my objection saying that "God is not a way to solve a problem but to escape from it" i readily answer to such Mullah that to affirm that a thing is impossible to happen only because Evolutionist Taliban Scientist is unable to produce or conceive it in his laboratory is the greatest form of escape.

Evolutionist Inquisitors in fact are against the God's Creation for a fact: because they cannot do it. They dont believe in Divine origin of the living beings as they aren't able to create the cell in their laboratories and if they aren't able no one else has to be able to do it (because then they become frustrated and angry). This is a typical feeling of Satan who rebelled against God cause his envy for the God's ability to create the Universe and life and the fallen angels the same. The Evolutionist Scientist as perfect allegory of a fallen angel.

But there's more. Paradoxically the Talibans of Evolutionism contradict themselves because when they say that something is impossible to happen in their laboratories and therefore it must never happen, they firstly opposes to a further evolution of their the same Goddess Evolutionist Science. So we assist to the paradox for which meanwhile the void can generate something (this is the Evolutionist dogma of the Big Bang-ology physic), what we can consider already something, this is believed in the dogma of the Evolutionist genetic as able to produce nothing (the eight of the Ark who cannot give birth to humanity genetic pool). But i leave this contradiction to the brilliant minds of the Evolutionist Talibans as surely they will solve them.

I extracted the above excerpt from a page where there's a pollution of this soft evolutionist bold thought, where you can find a general application of the above mentioned mind mechanism:

It will follow in this blog also some reflections about the Moon Dust problems who reveals that Earth & Moon have an age compatible with the Biblical text.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

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