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Italy (Second Pontifical reign) is EXPLODING.


[I would dedicate this blog to the Evolutionism, Darwinism, the Quaternion question in Maxwell, etc. but the facts of chronicle force me to make a parenthesis] 

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A Jesuit pope - a Jesuit mob?
Above image - a demonstrator at an Pitchforks rally of these days, wearing the face of terrorist Jesuit agent Guy Fawks who attempted to exterminate British crown & parliament for being anti-popish. Arrested, the Jesuit agent was sentenced to death. And today, a revenge waiting since 1605?... [URL of article with the picture: see below. URL of picture: ]

 "...Clashes at La Sapienza, the protest of students and Pitchforks widens. Blocks and tension throughout Italy...."
from: Tiscali Cronaca, URL:

In the general explosion of Italy of these days (an intro for the 200th anniversary of 2014?), it is to be observed the very significant case of the recent clashes between Fascist and Communist mob in Venice. The Forza Nuova Fascist party clashed with the extreme radical left wing movement of squatters etc., in order to oppose the changing of the term with which in the documents of city hall (Venice city) are are termed the relatives, once "mom" and "dad", today simply "relatives". 
This is significant as reveal the strategy of Satan from the building of Babel Tower to our days: homosexuality  is used by Satan because it is referred to a powerful material instinct, the sexual one, which is common among both eterosexual as well homosexual. In such a way Satan can involve in his strategies also heterosexuals.

But one of the most important goal obtained by Satan in to use his Fascists, is to expose Christendom as 'satanic'. This works in this way: in the name of a single (of course very heavy!) sin, i.e. homosexuality, an endless number of other sin are "justified": murder, lies and deception, hate, arrogance, BLASPHEMY against God, etc. For this reason Satan employes his Fascists and Naziskins to perform open public act of violence against exhibited homosexuals, not only to obtain a certificate of 'martyrdom' for homosexual sinners, but also in order to suggest to the average spectator that Christendom allows to you to perform many terrible sin if only you pay it with opposition to homosexual fornication.

Therefore they MUST be Communists, the atheist Darwinists, to oppose the Fascists of Forza Nuova ("apparently enemies - secretly brothers"...) , and not Christians, because the atheists will elaborate the concept that "Christendom with his brutal hate against homosexual is a crime"...... Satan's fine dialectical managing of fronts comes soon or later at the light of the sun and the FINAL target is Christendom and of course the Bible, together with Jews as living witnesses of Old Covenant:

".......Venice, community centers against New Force: Two arrested. Another source of tension in Venice, where he demonstrated against the new force "attacks to the family" of the City. To prevent the march of far-right movement, social centers have organized a counter-demonstration: antagonists have clashed several times with the police......"... 
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pitchforks and Pogroms to celebrate the 200th anniversary?



  1. Satan truly only benefits from the dynamics of society. Behind the curtain, the commandments of God are being destroyed in the "political" or "social" and most importantly "scientific" advances.

    There are a lot of "holiday anniversaries" coming for the Babylonian system- 2017 is probably the next big year. I'm not dogmatic on this, but it might be 2017 for the beginning of the introduction of the new world religion with new "Fatima" miracles(with maybe an alien element?). Of course at the end of the age, Satan will come back again to the good old tricks. Now that the Bible(God's word) has lost its influence on society all he has to do is to whisper the new Big Lie to Eva(women and today's men are more and more like women) which might be the alien creation story.

    2017 is the 100 years from bolshevik revolution, putting millions in hell itself. Then we have 500 years from the chief competitor - Martin Luther. And the Fatima apparitions. So we can expect a worldwide theatre.

  2. Surely. Remember women as carriers of virgin Mary's allegory. Moreover as exaltation of the negative side of Eve. Science like the Snake/serpent, which bring "benefits" to humanity. Of course Darwinist Evolutionist false science..... Well, i just opened the Bible, i had something in my mind, a sensation, i searched the Genesis book bcause that "17" was telling me something, i found this:

    "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."
    From KJV Bible, verses: Genesis 2:17 or allusion to 2017.