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Pitchforks and Pogroms to celebrate the 200th anniversary?


Above image - the actual pope, a Jesuit, member of the same Jesuit order which  in the XIX century was instigating anti-Jewish hate and saluted the first political meeting against Jews in Germany with happiness from the pages of Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica. [  ]

The recent week of protest of movement "Pitchforks" ended with an attack to the Jews. After Beppe Grillo, whose relative builds highway in Iran, Grillo affirming time ago that "Jews control the world information as told me the former major of London", Andrea Zunino, one of the leader of Pitchforks movement born from the middle class troubles for economical crisis came back on the thrilling argument "Jews and banks" (in Italy the middle class must always be Fascistized and in lower measure Comunistized in order to control the liberal Catholicism which is the nightmare of the Jesuits). 

Then add to this my city, Polidori, (a classmate of mine from 6th to 8th school class, i know him personally). Polidori,  a politician of North League, attacked the Jews as to be "behind the Goldman Sachs". Polidori case is the typical case when a Jew basher is hitten in order to fire other 1000 Jew bashers. Is he managed in order to get echo for his anti-Jewish shots?? "Hit a finger of yours in order to have the alibi to cut the head of your neighbor"?? The worshipper of Satan are skilled in such a technique. I believe that Polidori has been managed also having in mind my person, as i was since six years on the web, in public, exposing the policy of global dominion of Vatican, Jesuits and their collaborators. Once i exposed them as generic mastermind of NWO, today, decisively having being converted to the KJV Bible, i expose them as the expression of the Harlot, as perfect incarnation of the Evil of the Last Times, so brightly and terribly described by St. John's Revelation chapter of the Bible.

Not a strange fact happening now. I told you since 2007 in The Unhived Mind forum, that 2014 is the year of the "14" Osiris' Sect, the Jesuit order. A Jesuit pope was not for hobby elected (after having discharged the only possible charismatic competitor, Hugo Chavez???), elected just the year before in order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the  order. They are six, seven years i was telling to you that.... My duty is only to show you the Beast and her servants and how they work. It is a God's will on me.

 And what is going on in Italy today, with all those Nazis, from Ezra Pound movement to Beppe Grillo, from Andrea Zunino to Silvio Berlusconi whose personal mausoleum/grave in Arcore town has, at the entrance door before going down the underground stairs, the Solar wheel ('swastika'), which disgusted Gorbaciov in visit?....., All such  Nazi in Italian sauce are helped and discretely supported by their red brothers, the  leftists and the Communists who are doing the very important job wiping away from the Beast's path of destruction the Bible. Iif you prefer (if you are 'leftist' and are disturbed by that word, "Bible"),  in more secular terms,  denying  the religious question at the center of the actual events (a denial in obedience of the Materialist Dialectic cult of perverted Darwinists, Marx and Engels)....

Well, what is going on now was just contained in that my album online of pictures where i described the Jesuitical city of Trieste, the images on the new stadium inaugurated on the same day of the Lincoln anniversary assassination, images similar to the butchered rests of 'heretics' in the Middle Age..... So expect great (and bloody?) wonders of Satan in the near future, who will surely celebrate the 200th anniversary ....

"......Pitchforks, the leader takes issue with the "Jewish bankers" storm on the move...It was not enough to blame the politicians, "all the same", now in the crosshairs of the December 9th Movement, or at least their leaders, there are also Jewish bankers. "Guilty" to make "slave" Italy.

Statements that immediately provoked the reaction of the Jewish community not only the Italian and Arabic, but also one of the leaders of Pitchforks, Mariano Ferro, who made that bubble as "exalted" and "mentally ill." Andrea Zunino, spokesman for the December 9th Movement, which organized the recent protests, in an interview with 'Republic explained the objectives of the revolt: "We want the resignation of the government. We want the sovereignty of Italy, now a slave of the bankers, like the Rothschilds. "And then adds: "it is curious that five or six of the world's richest Jews are, but it's something I need to investigate."
[  ]
..... In the United States, the Jesuit father Coughlin (the
apostle of the swastika) reached over 20 million listeners by radio,
saying that the German war is a battle for Christianity. He also
headed secret commando cells that were trained by Nazi agents, from
1936 - 1942 in the United States.

Question: If "Jews" are "behind" Jesuits, why the radical right and left wing propaganda dont require the losing of the Society of "Jesus"???

"....But more: it is due just to this Counter Reformation long term strategy all those involvements of Loyola with Jews (even opportunely accused to be him a "marrano", with the intention to allure Jews to become anti-Protestant covered agents of the just born Society of "Jesus"?)......" 


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