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"US 'surprised' Israel did NOT support UN vote on Ukraine's territorial integrity" [link]


    I'll give you Ukraine, you'll let me go in Jerusalem? In the meanwhile the Western Roman Empire (papacy) and Eastern Roman Empire occupying and quartering the last independent territories and nations.

Away From Show of Diplomacy in Geneva, Putin Puts On a Show of His Own


President Vladimir V. Putin talked to reporters on Thursday after a television appearance in which he declared Russia’s claims over Ukrainian territory. He referred to the southeastern Ukraine region’s name from the 1700s, Novorossiya, or New Russia. Credit Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press 


MOSCOW — Even as the world’s top diplomats were gingerly drafting a tentative accord to “de-escalate tensions” in Ukraine, President Vladimir V. Putin was on national television here, brashly declaring Russia’s historical claims over Ukrainian territory, reiterating a threat to use military force and generally sounding a defiant, even mocking, tone toward the United States.
Mr. Putin, appearing cool and confident during a four-hour question-and-answer show, referred repeatedly to southeast Ukraine as “New Russia” — a historical term for the area north of the Black Sea that the Russian Empire conquered in the 1700s. And, he said, only “God knows” why the region became part of Ukraine in the 1920s, signaling that he would gladly correct that error.

Dropping previous pretenses, he calmly acknowledged for the first time that Russian troops had been deployed to occupy and annex Crimea. And in perhaps the day’s most astonishing moment, he took evident delight in fielding a prerecorded question from Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive American who is wanted on espionage charges for leaking documents on surveillance programs.

If Mr. Putin’s show of bravado seemed out of sync with the diplomatic niceties in Geneva, it laid plain his determination to sustain Russian influence over Ukraine and his utter refusal to be cowed by the West. The tentative agreement did not address Russia’s annexation of Crimea, nor did it require the Kremlin to withdraw its troops massed on the Ukrainian border.
While Russia’s willingness to go along with the accord most likely forestalled an immediate new round of economic sanctions by the West, Mr. Putin’s televised remarks made clear that his view of an independent Ukraine as a historical accident had not changed, nor had the existing, narrowly targeted sanctions deterred his plan to reassert Russian power by challenging America’s dominance in global affairs.

Underscoring that his views on Ukraine are still driven by long-held beliefs, Mr. Putin on Thursday repeated his view that the West had lied to Russia about NATO expansion. “At one time we were promised,” Mr. Putin said, “that after Germany’s unification, NATO wouldn’t spread eastward.

He continued: “Our decision on Crimea was partially prompted by this. Needless to say, first and foremost we wanted to support the residents of Crimea. But we also followed certain logic: if we don’t do anything, Ukraine will be drawn into NATO sometime in the future. We’ll be told, ‘This doesn’t concern you’ and NATO ships will dock in Sevastopol, the city of Russia’s naval glory.”
Mr. Putin’s view that the West has lied to Russia and humiliated him on numerous occasions, including its plans for Libya, explain why he will continue to talk — and act — tough on Ukraine even as he takes diplomatic steps toward resolving the crisis, said Samuel Charap, the senior fellow for Russia and Eurasia at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a research organization in Washington.
“They are going to keep the boots on Ukraine’s throat until they are 100 percent convinced that they have gotten what they wanted,” Mr. Charap said in an interview. “They believe that if they completely pulled back from the pressure they are applying, tomorrow the West would swoop in and try to steal Ukraine away again.”

 Mr. Putin’s willingness to challenge the West aggressively also reflects his relatively strong position — militarily in post-Soviet space, and politically on the domestic front. “He’s at the top of his game,” Mr. Charap said. “In terms of the situation on the ground and Ukraine’s future, they have the upper hand.” He added, “There’s a sense you get watching him of someone who has an 80 percent approval rating and has been supported by the people he cares about most.”
That much was clear throughout Mr. Putin’s four-hour session. Although he sat at a desk throughout, he seemed to be strutting the entire time.
Mr. Putin pointedly asserted that he had the authority to invade Ukraine, but added that he hoped it would not be necessary.

“I remind you that the Federation Council has given the president the right to use armed forces in Ukraine,” he said, referring to the upper house of Parliament. “I very much hope that I will not have to exercise this right, and that through political and diplomatic means we will be able to resolve all the pressing, if not to say burning, issues in Ukraine.”
Mr. Putin’s use of the historical term “Novorossiya,” or “New Russia,” to refer to southeastern Ukraine, which he had not emphasized previously, suggested that he was replicating Russia’s assertions of historical ties to the Crimean Peninsula before its occupation and annexation.
Novorossiya generally refers to a broad area, stretching from what is now the border of Moldova in the west to the Russian border in the east, including Donetsk, the port city of Odessa to the south and the industrial center of Dnepropetrovsk to the north. On the question of Ukraine, Mr. Putin repeated his assertions that Russia feels an obligation to protect ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, where they are a large minority of the population. “We must do everything to help these people to protect their rights and independently determine their own destiny,” he said.

“The question is to ensure the rights and interests of the Russian southeast,” he added. “It’s New Russia. Kharkiv, Lugansk, Donetsk, Odessa were not part of Ukraine in czarist times, they were transferred in 1920. Why? God knows. Then for various reasons these areas were gone, and the people stayed there. We need to encourage them to find a solution.”

Mr. Putin took questions from the studio audience in Moscow, but also from various other locations, including Sevastopol in Crimea, where Russia maintains the headquarters of its Black Sea fleet and where the cameras showed a large, cheering crowd, with many people waving Russian flags.
Mr. Putin was at his most determined in asserting Russia’s right to protect itself against Western threats.

“When the infrastructure of a military bloc approaches our borders, we have grounds for certain apprehensions and questions,” he said at one point. “We must take certain steps.”
At another point he said that Russia simply could not allow NATO into Ukraine.
“In this way, Russia may be really ousted from this region that is extremely important for us, a region for which so many Russians gave up their lives during all the previous centuries,” he said. “This is a serious thing.”
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      To start I'll suggest a look at the figure of Alexander Dugin, go to the comments of Hristo Stiliyanov (thanks also to Hristo who brought to me very interesting info) under the post:

Христо СтилияновApril 14, 2014 at 11:00 PM

The book has had a large influence within the Russian military, police, and statist foreign policy elites[1] and is used as a TEXTBOOK in the General Staff Academy of RUSSIAN MILITARY
 Russia should use its special forces within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism. For instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.

The Eurasian Project could be expanded to South and Central America


Religious sentiment, Dugin urges, should be placed front and center: “Russians should realize that THEY ARE ORTHODOX in the first place; [ethnic] Russians in the second place; and only in the third place, people” (p. 255). There is a need, Dugin goes on to insist, for the “total churchification” of Russians, for the Russian nation to come to be viewed simply as “the Church” -

“At the basis of the geopolitical construction of this [Eurasian] Empire,” Dugin writes, “there must be placed one fundamental principle – the principle of ‘A COMMON ENEMY
“Ukraine as an independent state with certain territorial ambitions,” he warns, “represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics” (p. 348). And he adds that, “[T]he independent existence of Ukraine (especially within its present borders) can make sense only as a ‘sanitary cordon’ - 
....." etc. etc. 

Read the comments of Hristo under the post:

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Beware of the blow

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       Satisfied with Vodka? OK, and now the link of which the title, in a comment of mine under the same post. What do you think, was I wrong or right? 

  1. Very interesting and telling:
    "....US 'surprised' Israel did not support UN vote on Ukraine's territorial integrity
    LAST UPDATED: 04/15/2014 18:10

    Ukrainian troops disembark from helicopters in eastern Ukraine in special operation against pro-Russia separatists.
    “We were surprised that Israel did not join the vast majority of countries that voted to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the United Nations,” Psaki said.

    Psaki said the US did not view the issue as a “major concern,” and she said that she also understood that at the time of the UN General Assembly vote, Israel’s Foreign Ministry was on strike.

    Israel did not show up for the vote on March 27 in which a majority of UN member states called on all states and international organizations not to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea. The vote passed in the 193 member UN General Assembly with 100 in favor, 11 against, and 58 abstentions. Israel did not show up for the vote. ...."

    "....".... Russian Jewish leader urges silence over Crimea
    03/04/2014 03:37

    Amid rising tensions in region, Alexander Boroda declares that ‘Jews and rabbis should stay away from politics.’
    Stating that the current conflict in the Crimea is “not connected to the Jews, Boroda declared that “Jews and rabbis should stay away from politics.”...."
  3. Here from the blog of ivar the journalist - every thing fitting

    ".... April 16, 2014 · by ivarfjeld · in 1. ·

    .........Pressure is mounting on Israel, to get a “peace agreement” which can stop this kind if hooliganism. The deadline set for Benjamin Netanyahu is 29th of April.

    The Israeli Prime Minister is in a hurry, because in May the Pope of Rome is arriving. He wants to be hailed as the “prince of peace”.

    I have earlier written that Obama might follow suit. If the US president and the Pope walks hand in hand into Jerusalem, we might see the media event of the century take place. This will be the formal start of the Great Tribulation. We will see massive persecution of Jews and Christians who will refuse to accept this kind of wickedness.

    Be ready for a bumpy road, till the true Messiah return to the City of David.

    Written by Ivar......."
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 Jerusalgrad - III ["shut down under Mr. Yanukovych"]
..... and:

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Within N.A.T.O. [Smolensk and Utøya are linked?]

 Friday, April 4, 2014
From the Strait of Hormuz



    Prior to becoming Patriarch, Kirill was Archbishop (later Metropolitan) of SMOLENSK and Kaliningrad beginning on 26 December 1984;

  2. South korean president - Jesuit Educated:

    is the eleventh and current President of South Korea

    In 1953, her family moved to Seoul and she graduated from Seoul's Jangchung Elementary School and Sungshim (literal:SACRED HEART) Girls' Middle & High School in 1970, going on to receive a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from SOGANG University in

    he university was established in 1960 by the Wisconsin Parish Council of the Society of Jesus to provide education based on Catholic beliefs inspired by the Jesuit education

    On 13 NOVEMBER 2013, Park held an extended summit with President Vladimir Putin, whose visit to South Korea was the first among leaders of 4 major powers including US, China, and Japan. During the summit, Park and Putin had a comprehensive and productive dialogue with focus on improving economic relations such as logistics cooperation projects(through Russia and North Korea)

    Russia's parliament has agreed to write off about $10 billion of North Korea's Soviet-era debt, in a deal expected to facilitate the building of a gas pipeline to South Korea across the reclusive state.

    More from Sogang University

    Notable alumni:
    *Lee Bae-yong, president of Ewha Womans University

    Distinguished Fellows of Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies

    Prof. FRANCIS FUKUYAMA, author of The End of History

    Notable Alumni:

    Han Myung-sook, (1967, French Literature)—FIRST WOMAN Prime Minister of South Korea

  3. Smolensk and 'Kaliningrad' are really telling, and I discovered other interesting geo-politic and geo-religious facts (at least we understand who can be behind Alexander Dugin's 'geo-politic'):

    ".....Still, recent contacts with Benedict XVI have been characterized by great warmth and mutual respect with relations between the churches following. In 2012, Kirill's visit to Poland advanced greatly relations with the ROMAN CATHOLIC hierarchy of POLAND. Visits and encounters with ROMAN CATHOLICs in Russia and abroad continue to enjoy SUPPORT, if tacit, from many Orthodox clergy and lay people.
    Foreign relations
    On 20 October 2008, while on a tour of Latin America, he had a meeting with First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Fidel Castro. Castro commended Metropolitan Kirill as his ALLY in combating "American imperialism".[11][12][13] Kirill awarded Fidel and Raúl Castro the Order of St. Daniel of Moscow on behalf of Patriarch Alexy II in recognition of their decision to build the first Russian Orthodox Church in Havana, to serve the Russian expatriates living there.[14]

    He was criticised by some for the ROC's failures in the Diocese of SOUROZH and Ukraine.[15][16][17]

    Kirill "heartily congratulated"[18] ALEXANDER LUKASHENKO for winning the BELARUSIAN presidency in 2010[19][20][21] by an apparent 80% majority, in elections marred by violence[22] and accusations of intimidation and vote rigging.[23]......".

    Is Alexander Dugin their puppet?

    Look at the allegory - SOUROZH/CRIMEA :
    "........The Russian Orthodox Diocese of Sourozh (Russian: Суро́жская Епа́рхия) is a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church which has for its territory the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. Its name is taken from an ancient see in the CRIMEA that no longer has a bishop. The patron saint of the diocese is St Stephen of Sourozh, an eighth-century Archbishop of Sourozh (today Sudak) and Confessor of the Faith during the Iconoclastic Controversy..........."

  4. Well, I have a question, from the fundamentals of Alexander Dugin:
    "....All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of THREE distinct ideologies: the first, and oldest, is liberal democracy; the second is Marxism; and the third is fascism. The latter two have long since failed and passed out of the pages of history, and the first no longer operates as an ideology, but rather as something taken for granted. ........
    ".......According to Alexander Dugin, what is needed to break through this morass is a FOURTH ideology - one that will sift through the debris of the first three to look for elements that might be useful, but that remains innovative and unique in itself..........."

    And now having in mind that number read here (surely you know that!):

    ".....Who Are The FOUR Horsemen of The Apocalypse?
    January 30, 2013 By Beginning and End ....
    1) "......So in short, by comparing Scripture, the First Horseman can properly be identified as a spirit bringing false Christ figures and massive spiritual deception into the world....
    2) "....The Second Horsemen is given the power to remove peace from the Earth.....
    3 ".....The Third Horseman brings famine and starvation to the world.....
    4) "......The Fourth Horseman...(....)...The pale horse and its rider bring death in various forms to a “fourth part” of the Earth. This distinction is important –as many end times commentaries interpret this rider bringing death and destruction to the entire planet. Rather than killing a set amount of people, this spirit has regional authority over a specific section of the planet to inflict death through violence, starvation and disease. Jesus described this rider as “pestilences.” .....".

    They say that Jesus in Matthew already announced the four horsemen - spirits of judgement from Heaven:

    ".....Matthew 24 is a profoundly detailed series of prophecies given by Jesus Christ directly to His disciples. It is a parallel passage to Revelation 6. In it, The Lord Jesus describes the first four horsemen:.....For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ;.....wars and rumours of wars......there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes..... Matthew 24:3-8........".

  5. A very acute observation! Looks plausible as at least ONE of the applications of this prophecy. I will comment on it tomorrow. Also bear in mind the THREE horns before the one horn of the fourth beast (Look Daniel 7:8,20,24)

  6. "...Also bear in mind the THREE horns before the one horn of the fourth beast (Look Daniel 7:8,20,24)....".

    Even more telling, I ll read again Daniel.


    In his The Fourth Political Theory, Dugin proposes that the best features of the three failed ideologies of the 20th Century – liberalism, communism, and fascism – be selected and joined together to form the political ideology of the 21st Century.

    Revelation 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.(cf Dan 7:3-7)

    I honestly doubt it will be exactly Dugin's person to push this theory to be the NDWG, but it is telling how Satan is being eclectic about his own lies. The allegory of Frankenstein's monster is also fitting here.

    I do not believe a purely fututiristic or a purely historicist approach to prophecy, i believe there are many applications of end time prophecy.

    Recall the 'trinity' or as in the Bible we have the Godhead(Father,Son, Holy Ghost), well in our current realm, IDEOLOGY serves and masks RELIGION, you know in Revelation that three spirits gather the world together. We also know that the last beast has features from the three other beasts.(Rev 13:2,cf Dan 7:3-8)

    As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were PROLONGED for a season and time. Dan 7:12

    This means that there are probably real leader-figures to appear and LIVE along with the "monster" that has borrowed ideologically/militarily? from them.

    Unlike Daniel 7/Rev 13 where the beasts coexist, the language in Rev 17 about the 7 heads/the kings implies succession- the eight king comming as one of the 7 historically. This makes me think that the Dan 7/Rev 13 gives the national/religious/ideological background of the beast and Rev 17 (and the little horn in Dan 7:20) are the corporeal reincarnation of Him as a person be he pope or whatever he is.

    Now, the Satanic "trinity" is constituted by dragon(represents God father), beast from Sea(water=peoples) N1(represents Son) and Prophet/beastN2 (represents Holy Ghost). Naturally those three will have the opposite to God's operation in the world, but notably the Satanic unholy ghost, who is the "substitute" of Christ on earth (Not our Christ) will manifest at the very end via the "great dellusion" (in 2 Thess 2:11). And later as the frogs gathering together the world.

    The spirit of the Devil/Antichrist is contrasted with God's in the images of the 4 hoursemen and the Satanic trinity in Rev 13/Rev 16.

    God will give hints that the Antichrist on earth is NOT from him - God is light and He will turn the skies to Darkness (Rev 16:10) God is life (Rev 6:8) God is love (Rev 6:4) The Son is a true King (Rev 6:2) God is giver of the daily bread (Rev 6:5)

    In essence, the horsemen represent the workmanship of the Devil, with the 4th horse being the culmination of his plan(along with the gathering against God) whereas the plagues(trumpets and vials) following are the wrath of God for the jealousy for Israel and the Sin of the unrepentant world/jews.

    If we interpret the ideologies as 1liberalism (conquering Horseman/false hope/false Christ(mammon)) 2 Fascism(war mongering Horseman) 3Communism(famine inducing Horseman) 4 Something along the lines of Dugin's crypto anti-protestantism/judaism (Death,hell breaks LOOSE - cf Rev 9:11, because tribulation has begun/Israel under attack)

    All this fitting as a succession of shorter events within the Matthew 24:5-8 timeline with the Jewish born again evangelists going around the world just before the end v.14


  8. A very dim/obscure depiction of 4 types of hourses is given in Zech 6:

    1 And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass.

    Iron and Brass are associated with Egypt, Rome and tyranny.

    2 In the first chariot were red horses; and in the second chariot black horses;
    3 And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses.
    4 Then I answered and said unto the angel that talked with me, What are these, my lord?
    5 And the angel answered and said unto me, These are the four spirits of the heavens, which go forth from standing before the LORD of all the earth.
    6 The black horses which are therein go forth into the north country; and the white go forth after them; and the grisled go forth toward the south country.
    7 And the bay went forth, and sought to go that they might walk to and fro through the earth: and he said, Get you hence, walk to and fro through the earth. So they walked to and fro through the earth.
    8 Then cried he upon me, and spake unto me, saying, Behold, these that go toward the north country have quieted my spirit in the north country.

    If the Black and White horses here represent victory and famine(communism), why would they quiet the Spirit of the Lord in the North, except if they are as a punishment for something, maybe the past or FUTURE pogroms against Jews(see Jeremiah 1:14)But we established that white is liberalism which has clearly not been seen in Russia... except if here interpreted as the false "white horseman" the antichrist victor appearing in the north- (Rev 6:2 / 19:11)

    The grisled are interesting in that "grisled" is interpreted as "grey" so most accurately represents "pale". Them going to the SOUTH might mean the punishment of Israel for their apostasy (See Rev 6:8 CF Ezekiel 12:16; 14:21 Jer 43:11)

    The problem is what are we using as a reference point ?

  9. "....Христо СтилияновApril 21, 2014 at 2:45 AM....4 Something along the lines of Dugin's crypto anti-protestantism/judaism (Death,hell breaks LOOSE - cf Rev 9:11, because tribulation has begun/Israel under attack)....."

    I think also Stoltenberg and his link with B. Gates' wife (Teutonic order) and the vaccine campaigns in Africa as you warned me (pestilences - 4° horseman if not wrong)... Or the Dugin's geo'politic' (religious) thought on Ukraine (to be quartered), and the Ukrainian famine of Stalin (red horse/horseman)....

  10. I put this comment yesterday on youtube, also related to the present eschatological discussion

    Today I noticed in my Bulgarian bible that Isaiah 65:11 refers to Meni

    Isaiah 65:11 But ye are they that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for that troop, and that furnish the drink offering unto that NUMBER. KJB

    -------that prepare a table for that troop; --------

    or, "for a troop"; a troop of idols worshipped; or, "for Gad", which some take to be the name of a star; and R. Moses the priest says it is the name of the star JUPITER, in the Arabic language, a LUCKY STAR. The Vulgate Latin(note by me - catholic manuscript) version renders it, "for fortune": and the word is used by the Jewish writers

    . ------And that furnish the drink offering unto that number:-------

    or, "to a number"; to a number of deities, which were as numerous as their which Sanctius thinks the allusion is; or to "MENI", which R. Moses takes to be the name of a star; some interpret it of a number of stars or planets, the seven planets particularly; and others of the planet Mercury. Some think it is the name of an idol, either, of an idol of the Arabians, as Pocock F2; or of the Armenians, as others, Armenia being called Minni

    My name is Legion: for we are MANY. . . . . . . . . .

    So they sacrificed to Jupiter & Mercury.....


    14:11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men.
    12 And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief speaker.

    So they were expecting the Father and Son Gods, Idol and speaker (beast N2)
    This is in contrast to Moses and Elijah who will come back to prophesy and do wonders in Jerusalem during the tribulation (see Matthew ch 17 and the following verses from Revelation 11) The two "witnesses - Jupiter/Mercury" is a pagan twisting of the Divine law for the required witnesses for judgment (Deut 19:15)

    Rev 11:
    3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.
    4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
    5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
    6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.
    7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

    Mercury or Meni or Min is asociated with virility, procreation etc. Notice that mercury is the "speaker" God for the beast i.e the second beast/false prophet. He will probably have a bunch of wives(like Solomon) and be BLACK(CUSH). He will be the "sorcerer" type with all the spiritual power in the world through legion("MANY")while the first beast from the sea (incarnation of Jupiter) would be the "warrior" type. Also they could be a "white-black" duo, the sea beast being white and his speaker/false prophet - black.

  11. Satan's plan will follow the patern of "leader" + "speaker/messenger" seen in the duos of Moses/Aaron John baptist/Jesus, Paul/Barabas etc.

    Also the "phallus" or fertility worship asociated with CUSH/MIN/MENI (recall the handsomeness(according to them) of Will Smith, Morgan Freeman etc) is only a pathetic perversion of the blessing of the seed of Abraham.

    "As a lunar deity Min was sometimes given the title "Protector of the Moon""