Friday, April 25, 2014

"Kaliningrad" given back by Putin to the Teutonic order [possible scenario]


Putin: The Internet Is a ‘CIA Project’

Friday, April 11, 2014

The anti-German propaganda at one of the Kremlin's TV station.

Anti-German propaganda at Russian TV (Ren TV). The program called "The Fourth Reich". That lie aired throughout Russia. At the 20m00s of that video about Königsberg, our friends, me and even about our celebration of the Silvester in Danzig. My words in an interview they mistranslated on purpose, for their Kremlin`s propaganda.

"......A member of the Brandenburg-Ansbach branch of the House of Hohenzollern, Albert's election as Grand Master had brought about hopes of a reversal of the declining fortune of the Teutonic Knights. He was a skilled political administrator and leader, and did indeed reverse the decline of the Teutonic Order. However, Albert, who was sympathetic to the demands of Martin Luther, rebelled against the Catholic church, and the Holy Roman Empire by converting the Teutonic state into a Protestant and hereditary realm, the Duchy of Prussia, for which he did homage to his uncle, the King of Poland. The arrangement was confirmed by the Treaty of Kraków in 1525. Albert pledged a personal oath to the King and in return was invested with the duchy for himself and his heirs."

    A possible variation of what will soon happen. Before a Jesuits' king on the Kremlin's throne.

    The next phase Putin will declare to all the world that "911 is an inside job" and those who were telling CIA and Mossad were behind were right. This would led to a collapse of the political unity of USA and Western world in general. Civil wars maybe arising. What matters is the void of power which will be filled with the anti-Americans and anti-Israeli men of the pope in at the new regimes in the Western world, under direct control of their mastermind and often substituted by them, church of Rome/Jesuits. The others will be punished in various ways, from chronic unemployment to the torture and murder.  Of course such hypothetical (for now) post-911 regimes will persecute true Christians and Jews who respect Torah instead Shabtai Tzvi/Queen of Heaven religious agenda, and generally all the ones who refuses to submit to the new creed aligned with the Vatican and Jesuit paganism.
    In Europe the South Catholic countries (Confederates) will do a secession which will immediately lead to the economic collapse of Germany and the declaration of the Great Catholic Bavaria. In exchange of the North Pole, of Ukraine and maybe of further parts of Poland and Lithuania, Putin - the secular head of next terrorist regime in Russia -  will give back 'Kaliningrad' to the restored Teutonic Order which will reign over the Baltic countries under the formal protection of the Great Catholic Bavaria. Then the Jesuit pope will visit Oslo and end the schism with the (apostate) Lutherans.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 

Russia Duma approves bill with restrictions on bloggers [from online news

 Thursday, April 24, 2014

ROMAN CATHOLIC Romanov soon on the throne of Jesuits' Kremlin [H. Stiliyanov confirmed]
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reformation in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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