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Pedophilia and Genesis 3:15


    The only problem is to be very  careful of false witnesses/victims who could have been purposely sent inside the movement against the Vatican and the Jesuit order with the clear goal to dramatically refute their witnesses and therefore to present also true victims and true witnesses as "fabrication" against the church of Rome.

    From the other point of view pedophilia - of course not only the one of the Catholic church of Rome - in his extension today confirms the religious agenda of Satan. To murder, torture, rape children today it is only the contemporary children sacrifice of Moloch. Who was Moloch? He is only another name for Nimrod, the "mighty hunter", the "deliverer". Immediately after the Flood the Satan's front did everything in order to build around the Word of God a religious system where the role of God and of the Serpent (Satan's embodiment) were exchanged and the message of God totally distorted, with the aim to spread and render acceptable such manipulation and degradation, thanks to the at-those-times 'marketing' strategies. The degradation and perversion of the divine tradition was spread in the large masses in order to spiritually vaccinate them against the Word of God. Paganism/heathenism, Satanism, esoteric knowledge, Masonry etc. were finally born. After reading verse 3:15 of Genesis [KJV] the wicked spiritual content lying under the abuse on children emerges:

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 

    I believe this is the reason for which they have continually to rape children and cannot stop. It is the true essence of Satanism and Paganism that is not well understood and psychologists, sociologists, antropologists etc, cannot substitue the spiritual exposition of the evil phenomena eliminating God from the discourse and therefore doing a service to the same Satanists (remember they are living of secrets and discretions).  If the Seed is bruising the head of Satan, Satan orders to his servants, mostly of the Roman churches, to "bruise the heel" of the greatest number of children, because having children a 'free ticket' for heaven they all have inside a little grain of Jesus, the seed.

 Above image - since the fall of the Babel's tower, 
the Cushites don't forget their origin.


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Kevin Annett Francesco Zanardi . Press Conference Savona 23/05/2013May 24, 2013 - Chronicle News - Tagged: argentina , children, Benedict XVI, boycott , campaign , church, catholic church , citizens, community , condemned, Funds , Francesco Zanardi, genocide , Giorgio Napolitano , itccs , Joseph Ratzinger, kevin annett , Patti , Rome , Savona - commentsPRESS RELEASE OF KEVIN Annett , SECRETARY OF THE INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL ON CRIMES OF CHURCH AND STATEMay 23 2013Savona, ItalyGood morning. My name is Kevin Annett and the Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State , known as ITCCS , which represents more than fifty organizations of survivors of torture in nine countries , including Italy .It is an honor for me to be here today with Francesco Zanardi and organization The Network Abuse, grateful for the invitation to join them in a historic campaign to stop torture forever religious children. For years , Francis led a heroic struggle here in Italy for the same things for which the Court is doing a campaign today : to obtain , via the dissemination of acts of torture of children by the Roman Catholic Church , to bring those responsible to justice. I sincerely hope to work with Francis and many other people in Italy in the coming months .I have been authorized by the Central Office ITCCS to issue the following public statement :1. As the Court of Conscience Town, under the cover of international law , we urge the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to call for the immediate extradition from the Vatican and the arrest of the former Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, to the fact that Ratzinger is a fugitive from justice and a wanted criminal who has been duly found guilty of crimes against humanity February 25 of 2013 by a Court of Justice International Law .2 . Urge , also , President Napolitano and his government to make with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in ceasing any additional aid , tax exemptions or subsidies to an organization guilty of crimes against humanity and children , call the Vatican, and to cancel and annul the so-called " Lateran Pact " between the Government of ' Italy and the Vatican.3 . If President Napolitano celebrates with international law and denied to take these measures, the Court , its worldwide subsidiaries and Italian citizens will initiate an international boycott of Italian goods , trade and tourism and , in Italy , begin peaceful occupations of churches, civil arrests and other actions directed against the Vatican and its officials . The campaign will begin on September 20th 2013, the day of the 143rd anniversary of the liberation of Rome Garibaldi and the expulsion of the papacy.4 . The goal of this campaign will be the one to fulfill the legal verdict of the International Court of Justice of the Common Law of February 25 of 2013 , which condemned thirty officials of church and state for genocide and criminal conspiracy , among them the Pope Benedict XVlI and senior Catholic cardinal . (see ) . This verdict has condemned these officials inmediato arrest and imprisonment for a period of twenty-five years, in addition to confiscation of goods and property of the church.5 . Vatican and the Catholic Church represent a clear and present danger to children all over the world , due to their current policy known as " Crimen Sollicitationis ", which actively protects the abusers of children in the church and pervert justice and the law protection of minors in other countries. The present Pope , Francis, is active accomplice in these war crimes for his position as head of the Church of Rome and its implications for personal crimes of this kind in Argentina. By this law , the Vatican is constituted as a global criminal conspiracy that moves a permanent war against children, the sovereignty and the laws of all nations , and according to the law of nations (ius gentium ) , and obstructed and must be fought should be restricted his power for the welfare of people around the world.The ITCCS and its affiliates and allies in other governments are compromised to do so. Therefore we ask all the people of Italy to withdraw their funds and their loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church to demand that President Napolitano requesting the extradition of Joseph Ratzinger and the cancellation of the Lateran Pacts , and that joins our campaign of September 20 to put an end forever to the criminal actions of the Church of Rome.We also make a formal request to the police forces of Italy, which will help the Italian citizens in protecting their children and their community abusers of children by Catholic clergy , arresting those predators known or suspected , and in denying help or assist the Church Catholic and his officials in the escape justice or judgment for their crimes .The Government 's Italian President Napolitano and have until September 20 of 2013 in order to respond to this statement and fulfill these requests , and a recorded message that has been sent to the Office of the President and Parliament of Italy' s .Posted May 23 2013 by the Central ITCCS in / ICLCJ


  1. I don't know if you've seen this
    Regarding sin, aliens etc:

    is the current director of the Vatican Observatory.

    In an interview in May 2008[1][2] he stated that the possible existence of intelligent extraterrestrials did not contradict church teaching[3][4] and ruling out the existence of aliens would be like "PUTTING LIMITS" on God's creative freedom.[5] He has speculated that such alien life forms could even be “FREE FROM ORIGINAL SIN … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.”[6] Funes' statements have clearly similar points to what the Vatican's Corrado Balducci also previously has expressed.


    Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a kind of paganism – it's turning God into a nature god. . . . .


    we Jesuits are actively involved in the search for Earth-like planets. The idea that there could be other intelligent creatures made by God in a relationship with God is not contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian thought. The Bible has many references to, or descriptions of, non-human intelligent beings; after all, that's what angels are. Our cousins on other planets may even have their own salvation story – including other examples of the incarnation of the second person of the Trinity. We are open to whatever the Universe has for us.

    Apparently the jesuits are taking the future alien contact seriously ..... "ha-ha"

  4. ".......I don't know if you've seen this
    Regarding sin, aliens etc:
    is the current director of the Vatican Observatory..........."

    I remember of him in the old The Unhived Mind forum

    "alien life forms could even be “FREE FROM ORIGINAL SIN … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator" = rebuilding polytheism paganism.

  5. "....Apparently the jesuits are taking the future alien contact seriously....".

    They hope to find a planet where (their) "God" created first the pope and then Adam and Eve.

  6. Yes we could do a comic SF movie... Year 2111 or similar,... The Vatican organize expedition on new discovered planet to check if their 'bible' contains the covenant of God with the Alien Jesuits,... the starship 'Loyola' takes off from Cape Xavier.... but they don't find no life nor their Alien pope and they make a faked one, like in the film Capricorn One.... I have already ready the picture to make advertising of the film, to be presented at Cannes or Venice cinema festival: